Zion Williamson Been BUMPING Lonzo Ball's Music in the Locker Room?! | SLAM Point 'Em Out



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    A new era of New Orleans basketball is here, headlined by the exciting core of Zion Williamson, Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram. Get to know the squad in a game of "Point 'Em Out." Who's the most likely to pop out at Mardi? Use a Drake lyric as an Instagram caption? Pour their milk before the cereal? Find out above.
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    About Point 'Em Out:
    The TRUTH comes out in this series. We've sat down with some of the top hoopers in the country and had them reveal the juicy details.
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    Zion Williamson Been BUMPING Lonzo Ball's Music in the Locker Room?! | SLAM Point 'Em Out

    Published on 22 days ago


    1. SLAM NBA

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      1. maddy4heisman


      2. jacob crabb

        My man Zion the Lion

      3. Osh Ick

        Wow!!! Completely different side of Lonzo Ball as opposed to when you see him with his dad around 😳. Look up Authoritarian Parenting VS Authoritative Parenting...Lavar is Authoritarian. It’s his way or the highway which is why you don’t see Lonzo having much of a voice when Lavar is around. Also, I’m wondering if when asking students that went to the same high school as Lonzo, if they would consider him to be a bully? Because in the video, Lonzo comes off as extremely confident and a little cocky...which are signs of an emotionally abusive parent. All that being said...heck of a player! Remember...think south to north on the 3 point shot Lonzo.

      4. Staakcs

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    2. Graeme Wightman

      Real talk my man is masssssiivvveee! I knew he was big but my Lord Zion damn

    3. Marlon.T Robinson

      Poor ole Dru just look so outta place lol!! HD did not wanna bender wit dem damn kidz lol!!

    4. Straight Up Statz

      Zions superhero voice sounds exactly like his normal voice

    5. Emili Rebeca


    6. A. Rain

      Zo personality low key trash

    7. BasicPawss TV

      Bruh I go to the concerts by myself at 16 because all my friends are broke lol😂I ain’t paying shiii to buy them a ticket

    8. Johnny

      Crazy how much AD had been carrying this team from being the worst in the NBA.

    9. Bart Samson


    10. Piero Valentin

      Haven’t been watching basketball. But is homie as bad as y’all make him see ? Or is it cap. Ball dude

    11. BBALLSHAP9

      @4:09 well whats happens now????

    12. Andy Batko

      Zion is fat as fckkk. Overhyped and overrated

    13. Jaza

      You can literally fit two Ingrams in one Zion

    14. sam abril

      Lmao he gottta get use to this life

    15. Yahya Hussein

      BI always looks high

    16. Alex P

      Stupid ass questions🙄

    17. jackson tamati

      Zion and his lil brothers

    18. SlaughTer 19XX

      I love Zion hes always so happy.

    19. T Fox

      Zion looks like the hulk. Actually theirs a Black Panther. Why not a Black Hulk?!

    20. Eddie E

      Zo is a clown! Lol

    21. Blake NORRIS

      Why does Zion look like the Michelin man lol

    22. Blake NORRIS

      Why does Zion look like the Michelin man lol

    23. iAmClutch

      6:52 lonzo looking out for his teammates on and off the court

    24. Fam Squad

      Zion’s bicep is bigger than my torso

    25. JX2Mtv

      Shit I go to concerts solo and I go to some with bitches so what’s up Lonzo


      Zions voice and body don’t match in the slightest

    27. MrJreed1000

      These guys sitting like a double stuffed oreo...

    28. MrJreed1000

      I feel like if Holliday ate Lonzo and Ingram u get Zion....

    29. Tyson Bowen

      Jrue looks the youngest lol

    30. Josiah Proffit

      Never realized how big Zion is till now

    31. ItsRaidennn ツ

      Wtf did the barber do to zions hair look at 2:43

    32. Simeon Friedman

      Zions arms compared to Brandon ingrams arms

    33. chedda 3000

      This interview would be better mid season or something. When they get to know one another better

    34. laabitres

      I like this Pelicans team, in a couple of years, they gon be a problem

    35. A W

      Those 3 dudes, with the most contribution from dumbass #2, are going to be the reason he’ll be considered “mediocre” for 3 years. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    36. rashad swann

      Is it me or Zion was feeling none of the Rookie hazing lol like I’m better then y’all I shouldn’t do none of this 😂

    37. B Sim

      Come on, let's be honest. The pelicans are going to fuck this up somehow.

    38. Rayhan Khan

      Now who's on the bench? : Zion

    39. Bryan Sells

      Zion is built

    40. Danny Jones

      Zion built like an avengers super hero

    41. Danny Jones

      Zion makes everyone else look small

    42. ILL TRILLZ

      Dam Zions arm bigger than ingrams whole body😂

    43. Albert Dago

      Yo Zion.. Zion is hulk

    44. Honza Ehrenberger

      Love this team ❤️💜

    45. Cherie Hobbs

      I have lonzo’s song called ZO2

    46. Zach Zhu

      OMG, can you guys believe that Jrue is 10 years older than Zion?!😱I was shocked by this comparison cause it doesn't seem like they have a 10 years age gap...Maybe Zion grown-up too mature to be an unbelievable 19-year-old boy/man

      1. Zach Zhu

        Now, I fucking believe Zion is definitely at least 285 pounds! Damn, what a beast! He's a tank, man!

    47. Air Bacon

      Why Brandon look like he hates Zion?

    48. mo rothenberg

      Ingram looks like a STICK next to Zion! LOL

    49. Zy Welch

      Not Blake lonzo ain with that fruit

    50. ipwnukazu

      bruh ingram looks soooooo skinny next to him lmfao

    51. John Russell

      Brandon Ingram doesn't look like someone you could trust.

    52. Fellatio Horatio

      0:15 Lonzo looking like Drake in the wheelchair in Degrassi

    53. KINGROZE

      I like they chemistry

    54. Just A Regular Gamer

      Man look how big Zion is than the other 3 in them chairs Bumping Lonzos music is why he's on injured list Knees look like they were failing him in this video I hope they thanked Zion for this air time.

    55. Tru1ne

      Zion is giving me Kawhi Fun guy vibes 😂🤭

    56. jlee222ballin

      they lucky zion a nice dude. otherwise they woulda punched em out lol

    57. how2trainurPhoenix

      zions arm bigger than brandons waist🤯

    58. Kingston

      Guy is built like the hulk and Ingram is Bruce banner

    59. Harambe Hooper

      This is the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen

    60. Darryl Council

      When you find out that bullying actually has nothing to do with size

    61. Izza Rant

      Bro’s a real life monstar

    62. David Robinson

      Seems like they gave Jrue new life. I know he wants to win, but having good guys on the journey will make it that much sweeter. Not a Pelicans' fan, but Ingram and Zion are NC boys. Yes, Zion lived in South Carolina, but he's from NC. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Best wishes to this team, and may they have more days on the court together than on the training table.🙏🏽

    63. suacy

      Zion looks like Khalil Mack but 2x as big

    64. i_isaac

      its true, zion eats cereal with two bowls

    65. Noahburley21

      It’s either Ingram is smaller than I thought or Zion looks bigger than I thought

    66. feelsgoodman

      Holiday be looking 19

    67. Elias Contreras

      I hope the pressure doesn't get to him. Zion seems like a humble and down to earth dude. Wishing him the best this season

    68. HTChamber

      Josh Christopher said he’d go to concert alone just be chillin

    69. Tyler Princee

      Zion built like a Monstar 😂😂

    70. cland123

      Jesus Fing Christ... Look how big Zion is compared to the other 3