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    A GIANT WOLF dog’s striking looks - and resemblance to a Game of Thrones dire wolf - have led to it becoming a viral sensation. With a DNA mix of 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky and 3.9% German Shepherd, it’s no wonder giant ‘dog’ Yuki, has caught the attention of social media. Amassing over 40,000 Instagram followers, Yuki’s fame stems from a photo taken by a volunteer at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Florida, where he lives. The giant wolf dog, who now weighs 120llbs, was rescued from a shelter where he was abandoned and left for dead as a puppy by his previous owners because of the wolf-like (rather than dog) tendencies he displayed. To find out more, click here:
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    Videographer / director: Gerrit Messersmith
    Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Sonia Estal
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. jeremiah jayaseelan

      You should get his teeth cleaned.

    2. Sweet Psycho

      Not a dire wolf

    3. xXwolfboyXx

      There so cute and kind wants they get to know u

    4. xXwolfboyXx

      I want a wolf but my mom won't let me get one but I'm a get a wolf when I grow up

    5. Cicamica 26

      HoW dArE tHaT wOlF nOt Be VeGaN. I hAvE a PaCk Of WoLvEs In My BaCkYaRd AnD tHeY lOvE tHeIr FrIeD ToFu SaLaDs wItH eXtRa QuInOa

    6. Iori Yagami

      It's Yuki not Yukai

    7. Bee Zava

      That's a horse.

    8. Kaitlen Love

      Of course it’s Florida

    9. Mike Bradshaw

      Dire wolves are much bigger. Yuki is a Japanese word pronounced yu-key not yu-ky

    10. Cris Vega

      Can you guys re-film this video please? With someone who can pronounce Yuki; hearing Yukai made me pause video at 1:04, write this comment and rage with US-new for the night.

    11. Stanley Sallee

      Rapters are the smartest from dinosaurs did you all see the 1 2 3 4 5 ones? From Jurassic parks movie? They know they know it all.

    12. SwiftRaptor

      87.5% wolf u say? where r my 86% wolf friends at!? ik ur out there still waiting for episode 2 XD

    13. Christin Nordberg

      Ever since reading Little Red Riding Hood as a kid I have hated wolves...they scare me

    14. Peggy Little Dragon

      Wow, amazing!

    15. yaikss

      Yuki in english and Yukee for asian call.. ✌🙏

    16. Luke Camp

      Sweet wolfdog ..beauty !

    17. Monae Blackwell

      When the girl said that yuki has cancer I started to cry. :(

    18. Angel Trujillo

      That dog weighs more than me omg

    19. ProjectPhroRegal

      Does anything strange Happen on full moons

    20. jippun

      yukai?? how on earth do you get that from “yuki” LOL

    21. Sage Nolasco

      Only in Florida

    22. spjunkies

      Can I buy one on Amazon?🤨

    23. Isaac Oni

      It seems this animals ain't later returned to the wild why's that.

    24. Lia Besaleva

      My dog (a huskimo) is named Yuki too but we pronounce it “U-Key”. Wonder which pronunciation is more accurate.

    25. Jhon Sauceda

      They just seem to be outside with a pack, not an inside pup at all.

    26. Miguel Gomez

      Looks like a big rat

    27. Social Democracy

      Only a wolf can assosiate with a wolf except Satan 🐺👹

    28. TheEpileptic marshmallow

      Knock it out give it some narco berries and raw meat

    29. El Demonio

      I’m pretty sure it’s pronounced “You key” rather than “Yuke eye*

      1. TGabrielC13

        They're not pronouncing their OWN rescue animal's name wrong. The spelling might be weird or whatever

    30. KT Productions

      God he’s gorgeous. Glad you got him before he was put down. He loves that RAW diet!!

    31. Aaron Elizondo

      “You don’t want your fingers near a wolfs mouth when your feeding it” Proceeds to hand feed wolf 2:09

    32. taffy playes

      I want to be bitten by a dire wolf and turn into a ww

    33. Simon Gutierrez

      So beautiful 😍🤗😻🧝

    34. Stiiizyboy420

      Good scary boi

    35. Loegen LM

      I have so much respect for people in the animal care/saving field. Why is it the people who do the best things in this world are always the people that get looked over and underrated. Much love and appreciation for everything you guys do!!

    36. Jack Benimble

      I would love him so damn good.

    37. Maranda Miller

      Damn when it said giant wolf I thought he would be a lot bigger but my dog is 135 lbs

    38. Sparrowpelt 20XX

      In GA you can’t even own a hedgehog...

    39. steve kingston

      She says "you don't want your fingers anywhere near a wolf mouth when you're feeding it", then proceeds to put finger near it's mouth while feeding it 2:10 ... damn badass.

    40. Ajax Z

      The dog who impregnated the wolf must be a true mackerel

    41. Killerspider762

      “We need to save this half wild animal instead of just saving more domesticated dogs”

    42. Bryan Lemus

      I wanna meet him😪

    43. Golden Tash

      Cimmeron looks lonely 😞

    44. Ouaychai Pomling


    45. Erin K

      This hits home I had my wolf hybrid, who I rescued, for almost about 14 years, she got cancer too. She was my best friend, and it’s been 4 yrs but I miss her every day. She was the most loyal companion ever.❤️ I’m also in Florida btw 🌞

    46. RLC Aquatics

      Thats awesome!



    48. Leroy Ski

      Greetings from Germany and a big thanks to all of u

    49. lucycat667 :3

      one like = 1 dog/wolf saved 🐺🐺🐺🐶🐶🐶

    50. Jaden Forshaw

      I love animals but you don't need to be that big hun! Probably gonna look at me like I'mma snack

    51. Will Davidson

      He is adorable. And I wish I could have one. Jasper looks like ghost from GoT

    52. Graphi Graphi

      He looks less giant in the viral picture

    53. Taliyah Rose

      So they're comparing it to a game of thrones creature, and his name is yuki. Which sounds similar to Yunkai which is a city also from game of thrones.

    54. Z ed

      He look like Dog Wolf more than Wolf Dog

    55. Copeland Lo

      This dog looks CGI

    56. Harpreet Singh Toor

      Why is yuki a wolf-dog actually bigger than a real wolf?

    57. Rizwan Shams

      I have one russian dog and one sun conure bird in my home i am very passionate about my animals but my mom dont give me permission to have wolf. Thats why i cant.

    58. Daniel Perez

      “You shouldn’t want your fingers anywhere near his mouth while he’s eating” while giving him food with her fingers

    59. RadioactiveHallaway

      I wish I had a wolf dog

    60. brindle buckskin

      the wolf dogs are great but the silver fox at the end 🥰

    61. That'sstupid

      Every time they say Yuki wrong it hurts my soul.

    62. Mac Robson

      i hope you get more land

    63. Tu Ch

      soursop kills cancer as well as dandelion root I would see if the wolves are able to eat it first

    64. The Dro

      Glad you guys could save them. Luna says hi!

    65. Samantha Rose

      God bless these animals and it's rescuer's. :)

    66. RighteousCaliKid420

      Delicate species

    67. Mike Marshall

      愉快 not 雪 (^。^)


      Why would you torture a wolf like that keeping him in Florida

    69. Paulo Fernando

      why is he so thin? Honest question.

    70. Sidney Coad

      I always wanna to help wild dogs. I love wolfs