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    A GIANT WOLF dog’s striking looks - and resemblance to a Game of Thrones dire wolf - have led to it becoming a viral sensation. With a DNA mix of 87.5% Gray Wolf, 8.6% Siberian Husky and 3.9% German Shepherd, it’s no wonder giant ‘dog’ Yuki, has caught the attention of social media. Amassing over 40,000 Instagram followers, Yuki’s fame stems from a photo taken by a volunteer at the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Florida, where he lives. The giant wolf dog, who now weighs 120llbs, was rescued from a shelter where he was abandoned and left for dead as a puppy by his previous owners because of the wolf-like (rather than dog) tendencies he displayed. To find out more, click here:
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    Videographer / director: Gerrit Messersmith
    Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Sonia Estal
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Bookbird MLG

      My brother found a coyote/shepherd pup 10 years ago and he's been living a happy life. He's small, smart, and very defensive.

    2. Timtam

      Kwento mo sa pagong

    3. Holyhallie

      he would probably attack someone because he's a wolf :)

    4. Rin

      clicked on this cuz my dog's name is also yuki, but the was she pronounces it... hhhh...

    5. Freestyle Rolling Media

      Real life heroes right there

    6. vishal mopari

      that's a direwolf, GoT should have used him to reduce CGI cost and give us a better ending.

    7. George Fitness

      Or this girl is really short or that wolf is massive!

    8. Calvin

      how does she pronounce jetski? jetsky?

    9. Yellowish Green Dragon .-.

      Please stop calling him Yukai. The name Yuki uses the characters ゆ (yu) and き(ki -pronounced like key) His name should be pronounced like (you-key) It's a Japanese name that means snow and can be used for both male and female.

      1. Its Me

        Don't think ppl care

    10. Lindsay DeClute

      God they are so amazing & beautiful🐺♥️🐾

    11. Loadbread60 Rogers

      I likw jasper

    12. Juni bihhh !

      Wait I thought owning these are illegal ?

    13. ezisfreshh

      Lmao 14 weeks?! I lucked out w/ my husky/wolf

    14. Jeff Calvin

      yan pala..........mmm

    15. Ashnaia Project

      [85.7% grey wolf] LOL

    16. Charles Bronson

      Holy shiiiii that things huge

    17. Mr. Caveman

      I’m from Florida and I like how everyone from Florida is crazy even tho it’s illegal to own wild animals and some other states like Texas and Pennsylvania allow u to own wild animals without permits 😂😂😂

    18. kradhax0r

      Such a cool dog. I hope you guys keep doing what you're doing and you get to build that larger facility you want to build.

    19. david graham

      I moved to Florida a few months ago. Can anyone tell me how long it takes before "Crazy" sets in, or was I already proven crazy by moving here? PS, I brought my Wolfdog with me when I moved down here.

    20. Nicholas Waldrop

      Next step, repopulate

    21. ill change this later

      Grey wolf: One of the largest and srrongest Species of wolf. Me: wha...

    22. Olivia Marie Correia

      I admire what they did for the wolf dogs and puma...But they require a lot of exercise every day I hope they did take them to a walk on leash behind the screen ❤

    23. Krengket Bingkut

      far cry primal

    24. Khôi Ngô

      Wonder if he meet hulk :v

    25. Jay Shizuran

      2:09, u dont want your fingers anywhere near wolves mouth. *Puts her fingers in the wolves mouth to feed*

    26. Neil Pyrex

      *just imagine her Instagram pictures*

    27. Chris Roubis

      bless you all for loving animals

    28. Tyler Campbell

      Forced perspective, and the main guy doesn’t sound like he knows a lot...paw size doesn’t equal large dog. I had a pup with huge paws and turned out to be 70lbs...not the 115 I was expecting

    29. DoogelyJim

      god wolves are so cool

    30. The Kids Nice

      Idk why this entire video makes me cry

    31. Kanal Semi gelap

      So big son

    32. Jay-Ar Ongco

      girl: have a big Dog Kevin Richardson: Hold my beer,

    33. Kar3n

      I jut met a puppy i thought was a husky but shes hybrid wolf is so beatiful i fell inlove.

    34. Bakul Donald

      Plz feed them alot

    35. 42590 72791

      Remember this, food on the ground is different then food in your hand...

    36. David Percival

      All I needed to hear was ur statement alone, you have my subscription. Much respect to you all and I hope you get there with your bigger property... ✌️

    37. Crissy Curtis

      Beautiful babies all of them

    38. Artis Johnson

      Wolf's are remarkable animals but always get that bad rap at times when there out in the wild because of what kind of animal they are. But there No different from most animals are even people trying to live and servive in this crazy world. I'm a true fan of this animal of the Wolf 🐺🐺🐺 I like the way they live in the wild an the way they are when it's a pack of Wolf's 🐺🐺🐺. They are my favorite wild animals of all...🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 All day every day...


      Ummmmm processed dog food instead of what he needs

    40. Jonnie Stpierre

      Give yuki a like for this video ❤️❤️💜🧡💛

    41. Jonnie Stpierre

      My squirrels is named Jasper

    42. Supra_ Waiffu

      i want one

    43. Syn

      He looks like those fake wolve props they use in movies for wolves

    44. Yuki Ng

      having her pronounce my name as yukai is just weird

    45. Alpha von ChessenMuscles

      Ja, I'm very disappointed I was expecting this mutt to be gigantic but he's a manlet.

    46. God of F.

      This old grandpa still has a V-8 engşine under his coat :)

    47. Anthony DiPietro

      0:01 I want one.

    48. Scott Bynon

      he is so beautiful and he knows you love him I guarantee you he would risk his life to save you without any question I love wolves I mean I think they're absolutely than one of the most beautiful intelligent and gorgeous creatures on the planet next to Cours to my Gwen which is my dog laying on my lap

    49. barnabas tambun

      Nymeria, is that you?

    50. Nur Wahyu

      That animal sick or something seems skinny

    51. Rob Smith

      We call them mutts where im from

    52. Rayna 1834

      So it’s a wolf, but dire

    53. NêXûS ĞamînĞ

      That's Seth 😂 or Jacob? Oh wait Jacob is brown-ish....

    54. Suman Nath

      That wolf yukai looks like a monster. Twilight should cast this animal....

    55. Hitech

      Your doing a great job. Thank God there are folks like you.

    56. DR M

      I think he might be saving you for a later meal

    57. black2blue _senpai

      adapting animals then abandoning them when they get bored . 😐

    58. Christian Neil Garcia

      Wow, look at the size of that animal!😂😂 it could literally decapitate a human's head with that biteforce and mouth size😂

    59. RBG02005

      Dafuq is that thing?

    60. full throttle 2

      Florida a different breed 🤦🏽‍♀️

    61. Antwon Lembrick

      Thank God he is not around my husky my husky would get mauled and I love meh husky bc she has blue eyes and all white😭😭😭😭😫😭😭

    62. Jeremy Domingo

      You know what dire wolves are? They’re like wolves, only dire.

      1. Sempronius Densus

        LOL 😂 that’s a good ☝️ pal

    63. jimipurple123


    64. poop jeans

      First off, Dire wolves went extinct with the last ice age. 2nd, that's an irish wolf hound.

    65. Lilith

      A dangerous one but a precious one nonetheless

    66. Sasha Jade

      He's just a big good boy 🥺

    67. David Hernandez

      The size of OMG appears that it's going to turn human at any moment now.

    68. Gav Triggs

      good job of looking after him and making sure he had a life,and the mountain lion it's great you do what you do as I couldn't l,it would break my heart,God then you say he has cancer.now I'm snivelling

    69. Barlowjmb

      Florida gets a bad wrap, the more I see the more I want to move there.

    70. Colin Barrineau

      Unless there is an actual reason for these dogs, I believe it should be illegal to make a wolf/dog hybrid