YouTubers React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)



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    US-newrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van, Jennelle Eliana. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Van Tour
    How I Shower Living In A Van
    Why Do I live In A van
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    Reactors Featured:
    Jenelle Eliana
    Jordan Maron
    Daisy Marquez
    Tiffany Herrera
    Veronica & Vanessa Merrell
    Molly Burke
    SungWon Cho
    Sam & Colby
    Ian Hecox & Noah Grossman
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    US-newrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)

    Published on 11 days ago


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      1. F L O R I E S H

        I was with her before she hit 1mil

    2. Ella M.F.

      awwwww i love herrrrrrrr

    3. TheBruhNetwork

      Who the fuck still watches smosh?

    4. Maggie moooz

      ...............molly can’t watch the video.................

    5. Aida D

      I didn’t even know daisy was daisy until I read her name

    6. Reghan Cossin

      I clicked bc of Colby

    7. Galactic Donuts

      Im a simple person, I see Colby Brock, and I cliccc.

    8. kholoud ashraf

      @1:06 he's the only one who asked that 'cause he's the only black person there he knows the struggle

    9. Gabriel Perez

      I watched her when she had 20k


        i remember i watched her first video @ 5 subs

    10. acid 101

      i just luv alfredo

    11. Galaxy Dragons

      How did she watch the video of she’s blind

      1. IMVU Dress Up

        Literally what I was thinking

      2. Breanna Barnes

        She's not deaf lol

      3. breathing is harder without roblox

        Um she can hear still

    12. Bob Ross

      Isn’t molly blind

      1. Breanna Barnes

        She can still hear a video

      2. FairyTails

        yeah but she isn’t deaf

      3. 키위


    13. Riley Piazza

      I was just watching for sam and colby 😂

    14. Jeff _roblox

      Who only watched because of Sam & Colby

      1. Bob Kenny

        Jeff _roblox me

    15. Selina Begum

      Who else came here for Sam and Colby?

    16. C

      Sam and colbyyyy my fav I love u!!

    17. Krysuna

      5:15 😑

      1. Breanna Barnes

        Literally they're two different things and snakes are so cute

      2. Breanna Barnes


    18. Mya Harrington

      16:46 #sendit @eltoncastee @tfil 😂❤️

    19. Ariana Gonzalez

      Jannelle has gained so many fans , who else agrees :)

    20. hocus pocus .

      *Everyone else:* OMG IK HER! *Sam and Colby:* ......

      1. ωοτ_ωθτღ

        hocus pocus . 😂😂 I love them

    21. ethan bs

      i hope shes safe

    22. Banana K

      3:28 does anyone else wonder how Molly can see how organized she is. (I LOVE HER BUT I AM JUST WONDERING!)

      1. Dakota Chapman

        Reghan Cossin oh ok I didn’t know that

      2. Reghan Cossin

        Banana K Molly can see certain colors and bright lights

      3. Dakota Chapman

        alissbliss farewell She said that she was natural in front of the camera.

      4. alissbliss farewell

        molly didn't say anything about her being organized

    23. XoXo LA’s gacha

      Who was here just bc of Sam and Colby♥️❤️♥️

      1. IM_THE_EMO_ GOD!

        Heck yea!

      2. Avinash Maikoo



      I only clicked because of Colby and Sam😂😂❤️❤️

    25. shannie Sayers

      She said it was her first US-new video not her first time in front of the camera 🙄

      1. Kupid'Rosalinda Vateri'

        Very true

    26. Simran K.

      that van would make a good vsco hangout

    27. Fox Headquarters

      Dangmattsmith is here. 😍

    28. Teff Woff

      ok but cuándo van a reaccionar a Sergio ramirez teniendo 1 millón de sus sin ningún video posteadoJAHDJA

    29. MrsClarissa3112

      1:06 asking the real questions !

    30. Mya Bertram

      Honestly, I clicked for Sam and Colby.

    31. _Jazzy_ Holmes_

      Did they have the accessibility on for Molly? Since she’s blind I was just wondering

    32. xXNoah lopezXx

      yes i've seen her feel in love w her lifestyle i love u Alfredo 💕

    33. Kitten Samantha

      7:13: 1.3 or 6 million The twins: SHOOK

    34. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

      She started with a regular van life video, now she has 1.7 million subs. WoW

    35. kaylee Briscott

      I love watching her I watched the first video

    36. Jayden Gacha

      Now she's at 1.7million subscribers

    37. Spilling Spree

      I love Jennelle and Alfredo sooo much 😭💕

    38. Marija

      I'm a simple woman,I see Colby,I click

    39. my name is not important

      How is Molly watching if she's blind...

      1. Breanna Barnes

        She's not deaf

      2. Lauren T

        She's listening

    40. Jacob Solis


    41. lil meow meow

      I really forget why I know colby. I know him but idk why I know him

      1. Nora O.

        from vine maybe

      2. Alicia A.

        Aye another ARMY

    42. watis up

      Mmmm molly what

    43. CrystalPaint [Official]

      COLBY!!! SAM!!!

    44. Sødapøp

      Every time someone mentions the Illuminati I get Chills!!! wHy thooo -

    45. Sødapøp

      I love herrr

    46. Kiana Hayward

      I thought molly was blind

      1. Gemlovers7

        She can see shapes of light tho. Watch shane dawsons video

      2. Julia Farrell

        Kiana Hayward she is there’s accessible options for blind people

    47. China Lynn

      Emma chamberlain and jennelle would get along

    48. Payton Thingz

      I only clicked cause Colby

    49. Laila Cabrera

      Omg it’s ihascupquake 💗💖

      1. qottonish

        i luv tiff

      2. Teejy the cutie

        Laila Cabrera I knew I recognized her

    50. Aaron Fontana mega fan

      Who else click on this bc of Colby Brock

    51. Namjoon's Trash

      I clicked for Colby

      1. Evil Elmo

        And I liked your comment because your ARMY

    52. Mak Baldwin

      who else watched bc of sam and colby

      1. Nayyirah Respes

        Me lol😍

    53. Bruh

      0:54 molly how can you wat-

      1. Its Grhegg

        TEA but if u watch Shane's video she can see the shapes of figures

      2. hanifahlove

        Bruh that’s what I said 😭😭

    54. aphrodite

      why is that burnt out smosh guy so mean

      1. aphrodite

        A M I A Y A they could have been jokes but the way he presented and went about them seemed very condescending and rude

      2. A M I A Y A

        @ThatOneLousyGamer Yeah ok I see it but I just see the other parts as jokes?

      3. ThatOneLousyGamer

        @A M I A Y A 3:09 is the one that really sticks out for me. I almost stopped watching the video but there are a lot of moments.

    55. Apol Baladad

      colby 😂😊

    56. Jessie Salmons

      wait, could molly see ? i thought she was blind (no hate) jw

      1. Breanna Barnes

        She's not deaf

      2. Phoeb M

        She can see shadows off things, so if someone was stood in front of a mirror she would see the shadow of them

      3. S.Z.V S.Z.V

        She can see a tiny bit

      4. Twins Slimes Vlogs

        She is

      5. Nikalena Benson

        Jessie Salmons exactly what I thought

    57. tacha363

      After watching her videos you get it. She’s charming af and just pulls you in.

    58. Lilac_TheWolf :3

      I’m a simple person I see Colby Brock I click

    59. fika dlodlo

      Shes so gooood!

    60. Eves Cabrerz

      Loving ur shirt Matt 🙌🏽💞

    61. Shooketh

      It’s simple, I see colby brock I click.

      1. Chloe _B1101

        thats what i did lol

    62. Its hippo Lover 2 XD

      I remember when it first came out now it's viral .-.

    63. aura

      i hate the fact that they rarely add Sam an Colby clips of them talking or reacting

      1. Naomi Grant

        They weren’t talking that much tbh but I do love them

      2. Shooketh

        aura seriously 🤦‍♀️

    64. Cherry YouTube

      Dangmattsmith with the naruto shirt yeaaaa i see u😎🤣

    65. Classy Queen

      Which one is molly

      1. naseyani on ig

        Classy Queen purple hair

    66. TheTyeDyeGirls


    67. ummno


      1. TheTyeDyeGirls

        ummno reeee

    68. Mithila Farzana

      I’m happy that sam and colby is here ❤️

      1. Jaslene G

        Mithila Farzana that’s the reason I clicked the video

    69. Azia Ross

      Hiiiiii dangmatt!!!

    70. g e m i n i

      Ok so apparently that one chick is blind. But hers eyes focus on the screen pretty intently... CONSPIRACY?!

      1. Andrew Pickens

        g e m i n i sadly no if u seen the video she did with Shane Dawson she can see shapes in light