YouTubers React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)



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    US-newrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van, Jennelle Eliana. Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    Van Tour
    How I Shower Living In A Van
    Why Do I live In A van
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    Reactors Featured:
    Jenelle Eliana
    Jordan Maron
    Daisy Marquez
    Tiffany Herrera
    Veronica & Vanessa Merrell
    Molly Burke
    SungWon Cho
    Sam & Colby
    Ian Hecox & Noah Grossman
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    US-newrs React To Girl Who Lives In A Van - Van Life (Jennelle Eliana)

    Published on 2 months ago


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      1. SwagMinY00ngay Gacha


      2. F L O R I E S H

        I was with her before she hit 1mil

      3. Bony- B

        She was modell before famous get famous

      4. Jesse Hatred

        why not ask about mah boi Philly D being the shadowy mastermind haha

      5. Juan Cortez Muro

        This Baby Video🤣

    2. Tara Smith


    3. tia wallace

      i just watched for sam and colby

    4. ItzChadTheKidGames


    5. Tay mora

      I love Sam and colby

    6. TiffanyWengIsAwesome


    7. Nirvana

      Wait...wait...wait...isn't Molly Burke blind,how can she see a video?! i love her so much tho💖💘💝

      1. Mona S

        she has ears fam,

    8. Isabelle Dachoute

      It’s because the one time US-new put something in my recommended it was actually good and hilarious 💀

    9. Allyson Estes

      lmao what- why is molly "watching" this video?

    10. Jaylah and rain

      No offense but you should have Sam and colby in more of your videos because they are amazingly and make the videos so much better (Videos are still good tho they just make it better)

    11. Rihan Lagarde Vlogs

      I thought molly burke is blind How can she watch the video

      1. Zef Diamond


    12. Crosby May

      Kaia cloudsurfer lives in a van and does US-new and she doesn’t have 1.4million subscribers I don’t understand why everyone thinks her videos are so special

      1. Melodramatic Melissa

        Stop being a hater god damn

      2. Melodramatic Melissa

        Stop being a hater god damn

      3. v knox

        @timestamp queen tons of people live in a van. Its not her fault her vids in everyone recommendation

      4. PhNx_ Kasidia

        Crosby chill out and stop being negative

      5. timestamp queen

        Crosby May gosh can you stop being so negative??!!

    13. Crosby May

      Oh wow she is so quirky cause she lives in a van with a snake and films US-new videos how impressive

    14. Xxkolax X

      US-newrs i know in this vid Sam and colby Dangmattsmith

    15. Lauren M

      I see Colby... I click

      1. Nobody.

        Lauren M Lmaoo

    16. Kim

      Ummmmmm so we just gonna ignore the fact that STEPHIE LEE doesn't exist!?

    17. Dong Sicheng

      Omffg I remember watching her video right when it came out in so glad I started watching and I can call myself an OG I love her we Stan yee yee

      1. Jay Wrx

        Literally 1.6 million people are og lmao

    18. Claire Bear

      7:16 is literally me when I hear the first note of black parade by my chemical romance😂

    19. Shad MadRad

      She is baddddddddd 🔥🔥🔥

    20. SimplyxLily

      The striped shirt is rude

      1. Leslie Guzman

        It’s just his personality

    21. Marya Xx

      I’m so confused .. isn’t molly burke blind? How can she see a video ? PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN .. did she regain her eyesight?

      1. Brianna Huling

        She can see some vibrant color she just can’t see dark colors

      2. Jorja Blue

        She's hearing it that's how she can understand what's going on....I think🤔

      3. Ritesh Thapa

        She can hear the sound plus,the fbe people probably explained what was going on

    22. hannah Nicole

      Sam and Colby were just confused the entire time

    23. Wendy Githinji

      hahahah at the begging did u see the marrel twins reaction omg i love this

      1. Wendy Githinji

        @arianna martinez oops sorry

      2. arianna martinez


    24. Rough Black Dark Wolf

      The US-newrs I know here Sam and Colby🖤 Dangmattsmith❤ Tiffy Quake💜

    25. Lazae Jenkins

      Striped shirt was getting on my nerves

      1. BTS ARMY

        Lazae Jenkins sane he was being a real big jerk

    26. Bleh Human

      Smoosh was low-key throwing shade

      1. Garrett Brando

        Lol. Smoosh

      2. Curtle Turtle

        Bleh Human smoosh 😂

    27. cindy valencia

      this just shows how youtubes behind this

    28. Mia Marcelino


    29. yeahwella

      Is anyone confused that molly is there and said I HEARD of this but have not WATCHED no hate btw

      1. Emmarie

        Shes blind

      2. RosesareRosie

        Yeah so am I. She also said that 'For somebody's first time filming, she's pretty natural in front of the camera' or something along those lines.

    30. And i oop Sksksksksk

      Why are Smosh so rude? Even though I love them

    31. celery

      matt lowkey has a crush on her

      1. Hayle Boutilier

        so did Colby

      2. lyrikheavnly

        sunnyXkiki he has a crush on everyone😂

      3. Veronica duran


    32. Fantasize Reality

      Everyone says people being rude? But I really don’t see it. I’ll edit it if I feel she did. Edit: Uh no? I just seeing people Joking and siding with her?

    33. Shane B.

      4 videos and she's already got 1.8 million subscribers lol.

      1. Shayauna Van Zile

        Don’t worry boo I subbed 😊

      2. Galaxy Husky

        Ikr i have 18 subs and 32 vids!!!!

    34. Freddy Fazbear

      Anyone came here just for Colby and Sam?

    35. BTSfan


    36. Sandy jiang

      For y’all that are confused why Molly could watch, She can hear, and she stated in Shane Dawson’s video that she can see a little.

    37. Kaiya Golnick

      I thought molly burk was blind

      1. Pogi

        She is blind. If i remember correctly, she can see reflections of light. She cannot see the video unfortunately

      2. katelyn

        Kaiya Golnick she can see a little

    38. tia warren

      She has a snake

    39. Jocelyn Richard

      Yaaaaassss COLBY!!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😊

      1. Rough Black Dark Wolf

        @Angel Melon I was talking about Colby and Sam.

      2. Angel Melon

        w h a t a b o u t s a m

      3. Rough Black Dark Wolf


    40. Leah Christine Burian

      I LOVE Matt in this 💚✨

    41. Kamya Got7&twice&bts stan 4L

      How can molly watch the video she's blind

      1. Pink Pretzel

        She can see the reflection of light.

      2. PeachCatDoll

        Kamya lovely some videos describe what’s happening in the video for the blind

      3. danyelle

        She can see a little

      4. Shanks Legendary

        Ok? And?

    42. 50shadesofloneliness

      Molly is blind- how can she see?

      1. Kannedeen

        @50shadesofloneliness, are you stupid? ... BTW it was just a question 😂

      2. 50shadesofloneliness

        Ugh Ok! Thanks.

      3. Ugh

        She sees shadows

      4. juicy bratz

        Shes said before that she can see a little

      5. 50shadesofloneliness

        Shanks Legendary It’s just a question.

    43. Naila Appiah

      omg i love jennelle i just finished watching one of her videos

    44. tea time

      Isn't molly blind? Or am I confusing her with someone else

      1. Shayauna Van Zile

        She can see reflections of light and she can hear that doesn’t mean she can she the full video definition but she has an idea of what it is

      2. tea time

        I'm dumb I should have watched the whole vid first SMH

    45. Chubbachuubs

      Its because shes authentic when a lot these youtubers out here are faking for views

    46. skarlet main

      Omg sam and colby!!!!!

    47. Ms.Bubs4fun

      Some folks are so jealous of Jenelle's instant fame.

    48. RDF ISLAND

      I love her personality

    49. Luna's gacha studio

      Us watching Molly: How can you seeee

    50. Sophiegamer Tv

      I only recognised Dangmattsmith and Sam and Colby

    51. Itzelizabethxxx

      Sam and Colby❤️❤️❤️

    52. T3R3Z1 PYROP3

      the dudes bro, one of them was pretty rude

      1. Abstract Kitty

        juicy bratz oh

      2. juicy bratz

        @Abstract Kitty none of them were mean adjskska

      3. Abstract Kitty

        T3R3Z1 PYROP3 blue hair and blonde dudes?

    53. deanna Brock

      i wonder what her job is

      1. Rᴇᴀʟ ᴍᴇ

        @Rampus Adler i heard that she works in an office

      2. Rampus Adler

        deanna Brock she's a youtuber

    54. Sydney Markello

      Of course you haven't watched the video molly🙄🙄

    55. AmealonRBX

      you botches invy her .

    56. stainthegemini

      Yes we need more black female youtubers💞

      1. youre still on the property

        oh no people that make everything about race, run.

      2. Okaylah

        humudu why not, does race make you uncomfy??

      3. lyrikheavnly

        humudu because it’s true

      4. Jibril K

        humudu “wHy MaKE tHiS a RaCiAL tHiNg” ugh log out pls

      5. Shem Hyppolite

        humudu b/c representation in media is important

    57. Daria Al Jallad


    58. Unicorn Aaliyah

      Who else watched Janelle before she was trending? Reply this emoji if Soo -->🙋

      1. Brian McKay


      2. Brian McKay

        I did.

      3. Layla Girlie


      4. Dani Buildz


    59. Xxarmy. JinxX

      SAM AND COLBYYYYY edit:wth how did i get 49 likes😂💀bro im famous!😂😂

      1. T3R3Z1 PYROP3

        Xxarmy. JinxX YES

    60. Alexis White

      i thought molly couldn’t see ummmmmm

      1. rachael

        she can’t but she can hear

      2. lucious liaa

        Alexis White but she can hear

    61. Echo 666

      Sam and Colby ♡♡♡

    62. lucy g

      I came for Jennelle

    63. Filipa Marques

      One of many who came for Sam and Colby

      1. reggie’s stinky

        Katharos Kills they explore haunted places

      2. T3R3Z1 PYROP3

        Yes yes

      3. Katharos Kills

        Filipa Marques oop is it the two people with one of them looking somewhat Emo ? What do they do

      4. Katharos Kills

        Filipa Marques which ones are they

    64. xxsxd_ jxllxx

      i just came for sam and colby 😂

      1. Katharos Kills

        xxsxd_ jxllxx which ones are they??

    65. XXXKylineXXX PlayzxX

      She has a albino snake

      1. chapter13_13 fan

        @XXXKylineXXX PlayzxX It's all good

      2. XXXKylineXXX PlayzxX

        @chapter13_13 fan Thank you for the grammar check 😂

      3. Kenny Le

        @chapter13_13 fan lol

      4. chapter13_13 fan

        An albino

    66. some person

      Many people watch for sam and colby but im here for prozd

      1. Katharos Kills

        Though they’re barely in the video

    67. 1 Floofyfox

      I just came for Sam and Colby ✋👏🏻

    68. Galaxy star

      i just came for sam and colby lol

      1. jungkookswifey

        Who’s that?

      2. 1 Floofyfox

        So did i

    69. Frankz Marz

      Seeing this kinda hurt me for jennelle😢

      1. Idk & idc


    70. Jana Ayman

      I love her