Your Dog Is Better off Not Knowing About the Existence of These Breeds. The Most Dangerous Dogs

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    Since we were kids, we've been told that dogs are man's best friend. And it's often true. However, you should stay away from some dog breeds, at least when they're not in the mood. Many of these breeds are not only considered dangerous, but are banned in some countries. In today's video we'll tell you about 10 breeds of dogs that can become real monsters if you don't train them properly.

    Published on 22 days ago


    1. Wolf Beast9000

      Uhhh I have a American pitbull terrier but it's good

    2. IndigenousBlack Jaguar

      Fucken crazy ass dog @5:01 bit his own tongue up. That alone says stay away.

    3. kat Mac

      My dog is half pit bull, before her I had a pit bull named patch, he was the most amazing dog. Pit bulls are really good dogs. They are strong and can be complete nightmares if raised wrong, but so can any breed, so can people actually. But pit bulls are typically very loving.

    4. Tyrex Dragon the #1 bonnie fan!


    5. Izzy H

      Listen I have a blue noise pit bull and he so nice and very protective. He has jumped on my bed and has just laid his head on my pillows and his paw on my arm. He is the most loving yet protective animal. I also have an American bulldog mixed with a pit bull he also is so nice and sweet he is a wanna be lap dog and loves being around me and is also protective but they both get along. It hurts to see that people would rather see sweet innocent dogs get hurt and killed in dog fighting.

    6. ary with aY

      Pitbulls are not visits I have one my grandma has three and my dads friend has two

    7. Vlad Neacsu

      There are many powerfull dogs even including Newfoundland. If a Newfoundland is trained to be more agressive than the vast majority of the breed it can destroy a pitbull or even bigger dangerous dog breeds

    8. Clayon Campbell

      Infinite is that your voice

    9. Swedish Girl

      the dog is man's best friend is that the dog protects people from the danger, because the dog should be outside the house as a protector, not have inside and play and learn tricks. You should never trust a dog

    10. Michael Greco

      I’ve got a 290 pound hybrid wolf

    11. Bernadette Fall

      Y’all need to stop with the “my dog is not like this or that”. He’s not explaining how your dogs act (selfish much?). He’s just telling us how an untrained dog will act. I mean they aren’t lies. Half of y’all saying it’s because of the owner. You just proved his point. He’s telling people how certain dogs would act if they weren’t trained. Now can you guys stfu about your dogs not doing that? We get it. They’re trained 🙄

    12. Radioactive Killer

      Guys at 2:30 is the worst breed Heh did I get you?

    13. Stephan Kettle

      Why wasn't the akita on this list they're something else I tell you😩

    14. ElBaka Bey

      This video has false information.please study your k9s.. fighting dogs never attack the human in master they want only to please there masters and catch hold of what you hunt them for

    15. Victoria Holt

      I hate to see videos like this! I had 4 pits and an English black lab all together for 12 years. My lab was more protective and aggressive than my 4 pits combined! But none of my dogs EVER bit a person and we're very loving and sweet to my infant granddaughter.

    16. Rain

      It's 100% all in how you raise them !

    17. BefitAcrobat431

      My dog is part chow chow and rot rialer boxer and German Shepherd and he is the calmest dogs on the block and he wants to play with strangers

    18. Natalie Arbis


    19. ThePuffyrule

      Tosa inu, is not illegal in Romania, or Norway, a lot of the dog's u say are illegal are not,get your facts straight before you post a video

    20. angie Kaltreider

      My 2 pitbulls and my boxer are the most loyal things in the world it just depends on the owner

    21. bullylife 414

      My 2 American Bully boys r so well trained. They listen 2 every command I tell them but I did start 2 train them at a very young age. I would not own any other dog. My dogs r trained by a certain noise I make with my mouth and hand gestures and not words.


      Some of these clips are just dogs being trained to guard and of dogs being mad with no back story at all to why it is

    23. sonar fox

      Why all the hate be on pitbulls???? Like if u don't think pitbulls shouldn't get hate

    24. M4 RK


    25. Pagrick B

      I really miss the American bulldog

    26. Defeat Ignorance

      I've had the pleasure of having numerous breeds of dogs, and without question the most loyal, loving and caring breed is the American Pit Bull. Any dog can be violent if raised improperly, but if they are raised right most will be your best friend. I had my first encounter with the Pit Bull when I was 3. My uncle had a very large male, about 160lbs and nearly 3 feet to its back. The dog wasn't mine but it would guard me like that was its sole reason for existing. It would come to me, lie down and wait for me to hop on its back like a horse. It would then stand up and take me wherever I wanted to go and loved doing it. I've had a couple of my own since and all have been the most loyal and loving companions. The only reason they are demonized is because assholes bred them to fight and they treated the animals like worthless objects for their entertainment. If you were stuck in a cage and only got out to get beat on you'd be pissed off and dangerous too.

    27. Blaze Bringer

      I own a band dog and from the time she was a pup she would retrieve a toy and bring it back to me all on her own plus she makes other breeds look crazy walking past crazy barking dogs as she is the most calm angel going past them she also knows sit and lay down as well as to stay by her owner off leash all done by me a 19 year old when I got her to today and I’m now 21. She keeps strangers out the backyard for sure and does have a protective nature when I’m around as she should but is so social with any new dog and new person she is around a lot. Please don’t listen to these lies on this strong beautiful breed I was dying laughing watching the first part!!!

    28. cano malo

      Where is the Bully Kutta,CAO,kangal , Alabai and Boz Sheppard?

    29. P Herron

      1:57 to 2:11 were Boerboels numb nuts.

    30. hhh ppp

      Friend has a band dog and it acts like a golden retriever

    31. Mario Cristian

      I am from romania

    32. Riccardo Sfeta

      What about cane corso

    33. Mocha Wolverine


    34. Julanee Davis

      I will never stop loving any of these SO CALLED "DANGEROUS" DOGS 😘😝😏 I own 3 big sweethearted pit bulls

    35. Angela Read

      Dont you just HATE video's like this!! There's no such thing as an 'UNTAMEABLE' dog, just untameable HUMANS!! These video's should be banned!!

      1. Rain

        Angela Read Yes I do, it's Fear mongering on dogs and it's wrong.

    36. rghr yuj

      11:36 theres my boy

    37. Aaron Naylor

      Dogo argentino are great with kids . But do take a firm handler . I have one myself, he gets along well with my gsd. The more you expose them to the better off they are.

    38. Homemade BMX

      I have owned more than 4 chow chows and they r the best

    39. Aspen Dellipoala

      We should throw these peices of devil out and drown then 😧😈 or not but it would be kinda good🦂🐬🐍🐊vs thse dogs🐩🐕🐶🐶🐕🐩

    40. Dylan Botha

      I have two pitbulls and the male is aggressive but my female is full of love

    41. Lil Suarez

      None of these scare mexican grandparents they will take.a escoba and scare them if they dont behave Watch Out Dogs

    42. Chaz Jones

      Thank you for for presenting the facts, good and bad, about these breeds without trying to sway people's opinion in one direction or another. Informed people can make their own decisions about which dog breed is right for their situation. Especially when given the facts without conjecture.. So thanks again for doing just that.

    43. Susan B

      Walk through any S.P.C.A. Any day of the week and EVERY kennel has a pitbull type dog. It's really sad how over bred that type of dog is. People that have no idea how to handle any type of dog in general think the dog will teach itself how to behave. Mini dachshunds included.

    44. Pony Town

      I believe that it is 90% of the time it is owners fault, as a toddler I had a tosa inu and a tosa inu/ pit bull mix. They were both great dogs and would let me as a baby climb on them and play with them. They have a very intimidating look, just like pit bulls but are very sweet dogs!

      1. OOF FOR LIFE


    45. Green Bean

      What about cane corsos?

    46. Brayd Brayd


    47. Nathan Ping

      Them dogs is about as ugly n sick as his owner lock there asses up they no sense in this shit

    48. Jean Felix

      I like your voice a little better

    49. Rainbowzz In Roblox

      I have a shih tzu and she is a capricorn, so I looked at a chart and it said that capricorns were demons and I started laughing so loud. XD

    50. roddy mac

      Only bad uneducated owners that dangerous. Know the breed and look after correctly

    51. Lamp

      6:17 who made this contest? Whoever did it You should be ashamed of yourself

    52. M.K YourHelper

      I wonder which Dogs are not banned in Norway

    53. Josiah Minor

      I have a pitbull and she is so cute and nice

    54. Lilly McLaughlin


    55. Anthony Kerry

      The title of the video should be *Dogs that get dangerous when improperly trained* since that is what am getting or improperly handled. Anyway, I have never liked dogs but wolf dog looks so beautiful

    56. Sophia’s World

      what if my dog is one of these dogs?

    57. Kathy Sharpe


    58. Sawyer Cammarn

      Hey my Polian mastiff is the best master ever and sweet

    59. JJ Cracker

      Canary Mastiff? Presa Canario?

    60. grumpy old fart

      I have an english mastiff someone dumped on me, when she was very young. She is the best mannered, well behaved , friendly, funny animal I have ever met. She has had absolutely no training, not even housebreaking, but . . She faithfully goes to the far side of the yard. If you accidentally use the words "go" or "ride" she makes a mad dash for the truck. I left the door open once, and found her hiding her head under the seat. When I got down the road about a half mile, she bounced up in the seat as to say "guess who". She actually thought she was hiding from me.

      1. Sawyer Cammarn

        Me to

    61. Elika

      I have a American bully and he is very friendly if he don’t know u he will still love u

      1. Harry Halliday

        It depends on the personality of the dog and how he is brought up. Not always the breed. Most people assume that a dog breed E.g a pitbull will act the same as others and that they are all aggressive. What a myth. And social media makes it worse to the point where police are shooting dog's for "being dangerous" even though they have no evidence. Human's don't act the same. Why should dog's? They are both living creatures with personalities.

    62. Dogs 4 Home protection

      I have several of these breeds Fila Brasileiro Cane Corso Presa Canario American Bulldog Bandog mastiff Top guardians , I breed and train only for home and family protection

    63. Dogs 4 Home protection

      The Bandog is absolutely Not a fighting dog, it was always bred to be a guard dog!

    64. David Gibbs

      People make these breeds dangerous I have a pit bull and she’s sweet to all people she meets people abuse dogs or make them fight

      1. Dogs 4 Home protection

        Even fighting dogs are sweet and loving, just not to other dogs

    65. Patty Hufstedler

      pit bulls are the most amazing family dogs. the owners need to train and socialize starting at an early age. loyal and loving, they will give their lives defending their loved ones.

      1. Dogs 4 Home protection

        True, although they are by no means a guard dog

    66. Lebron and Friends

      It’s the owners faults for not training those dogs good, they trained them to be bad

    67. Ana Contreras

      i have a dogo argentino and he is the sweetest boy ever but he is really strong and when he jumps he does knock us down 😂but love him

    68. Ricardo Wilson

      What if yo dog is one

    69. Noah Vaz

      My dog can rip ur arm off xD

    70. Nickey Wade

      And it won't hurt a fly