Your Dog Is Better off Not Knowing About the Existence of These Breeds. The Most Dangerous Dogs

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    Since we were kids, we've been told that dogs are man's best friend. And it's often true. However, you should stay away from some dog breeds, at least when they're not in the mood. Many of these breeds are not only considered dangerous, but are banned in some countries. In today's video we'll tell you about 10 breeds of dogs that can become real monsters if you don't train them properly.

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. karel Gonzalez Rondon

      bro nearlly all those dogs are prohibited in denmark

    2. Jesper_117

      2 things people should take from this video utter idiot narrator and big dog breeds are not the problem but bad owners are. People need to know about the dog before they get it and the dog needs to match their own energy level if you like to sit and relax maybe not get the dog that keeps running back and forth, what does a dog need besides affection and exercise and some dogs need a LOT of exercise to avoid the dog from eating the furniture, most of the big dogs love a good tug of war and some of them love jumping and running around, they all love a cuddle until the dogs then stands up and walks away then it is time to let the dog be, and always a good idea to train the dog with commands so the dog also learns it is not the boss of the house but it is living in your domain. Same as with humans, at times a dog needs their space and people need to accept they are not toys and accessories, they also have needs and that sometimes is just wanting to rest in peace.

    3. Itz Really In The Wheelie

      i have an american bull dog hes bit 14 people sending them to the hospital

    4. Martin Mellembakken

      In Norway some people have Wolf's and they are usaly animal activists, they are releasing Wolf's into the wild every time the government takes out some Wolf's because of complaints from sheep farmers

    5. Gustav !

      Best watchdog in my opinion = boerboel

    6. Jackie Peters

      You people are so full of sh*t

    7. Ostentatious Savant

      Why do you have a video showing Boerboels when talking about Bandogs? Completely different dogs.

    8. Murphis55

      I had a dog that was one third timber wolf German Shepherd and chow. She was the best natured fun girly girly dog ever. My mom had her sitting at the kitchen table to eat with her. This dog weighted 90 lbs so how she sat on the chair was funny. I even used to get her to sit on a chair to cut her nails. Unfortunately the poor pup got bone cancer at 6 1/2 yrs. I still miss her. A lot depends on how you train them and treat them. This dog acted more like a kid than a dog.

    9. Noneed Toknow60

      Seriously my ex wife is more scary than all these dogs put together.

    10. Jeff White

      More opinion than truth.

    11. Okram Vinci

      Pitbulls are like honey badger, freaking tenacious!

    12. jackie b

      I heard the mastiff breeds are actually very protective over their human families. Hardly any dog breed are illegal in the US. The only dogs with restrictions are wolfdogs. They have to be a certain generation to be legal. Same with some cat breeds. The Savannah is one of those breeds.

    13. Robert Dircks

      Got two pits and six kids one 15 year old yes 15 year old and a two year the 15 year old is a make my first kids and six kids after him and he's never hurt none of them has tried to eat two people both strangers and wierdos my two year old is a female and she is a lil miss priss loves the kids I know in my heart both would die for any of there family

    14. Jasemine_Hyena

      Sure, some breeds are more powerful than others and require experienced dog owners, but there is no such thing as an "aggressive breed". The only "breeds" that are dangerous are hybrid breeds, such as the Wolfdog, because they aren't dogs!

      1. Ostentatious Savant

        Disagree completely. Terrier breeds are far more aggressive than the vast majority of other breeds. Not even close.

    15. michael young

      Most Dangerous Dog in the World is the One that just bit You.

    16. Paska Niska

      Seriously. Bandogs untamable? I've got one, know breeders etc- Theyre very obedient dogs, but they will defend you with force.

    17. cyril wingnek

      Don't confuse love with training people. You can give a good home, feed it ,sit and watch TV with it shelter it hang with it take it places.does not mean it's trained

    18. Lets_Get_Faded 18

      The breed was bred from breeding a wolf and it’s wild ansectors?? Wtf does that even mean

    19. krzysiek zmora

      Perro de presa canario, dogo canario or presa canario are more often in use than canarian mastiff.

    20. Bill Heuber

      I gave you a like up until the Pitbull! There were few dogs on this list that I didn't know oh, so I have nothing to say about them. But I've known pitbulls! I had a Jack Russell Terrier that was more aggressive then the two pitbulls my sister had and has!! I can't wait for my days off so I can hopefully go over to my sister's house to visit her precious pitbull rescue Athena!! I have never seen a happier dog in my life!! And she is nothing but muscle! And she has a few scars that we think may have come from fighting. But all she wants to do is love!! So I'm sorry, but you were wrong, oh so wrong about pit bulls!!!!

    21. Bill Heuber

      I knew two wolf dogs, when was the sweetest animal on the planet! And the other one was sweetheart but a little scary! They were both ridiculously friendly! Though I do agree, wolf dogs can be vicious!

    22. Rick Block

      Where’d u get ur facts from, ur ass?

    23. Michelle Monique

      It's a Presa Canario and they are very dominant. They are extremely protective & territorial. I have a six year old male who is the most loving dog I have ever owned. I've had him since he was 12 weeks old. He has been wonderful to my family (all the way to my grandkids). And he is as big as my husband (6'1 on his hind legs & 180 lbs). I will always say that all dogs, no matter the breed, react according to their upbringing meaning it depends on the owners!

    24. bowlerwildcatGaming2016

      No dog is Dangerous if there trained well

    25. Fractured Opinion

      Bad dogs dosent exist, only owners

    26. Jere Salonen

      Please fcking apes! Do not slander the most compassionate breed in the world APBT!! It was not originally bread for fighting it was AN ALL PURPOSE FARMDOG!! Get ur facts straight..

    27. etherealnine

      Training matters and nature matters, people in here need to stop being ignorant. Certain breeds have certain traits and a greater disposition towards those traits, it's simple genetics.

    28. Ursus_VF Ursus_VF

      3 words: VERY STUPID OWNERS.

    29. Zucc Deez

      You say all these scary looking dogs then for #1 you mention the one right next to me the sweetest boy to everyone ever

    30. E.J. James

      Your segment on wolfdogs is completely off base and full of misinformation. Wow.


      Forget these dogs

    32. mrsjokerstout

      Just finished this video, and it is completely invalidated by not including the most naturally aggressive dog breed known as the Caucasian Mountain Dog.

    33. emlix1

      I have a wolf hybrid, He's very scary looking because he's huge, 80kg. But he's an absolute marshmallow.

      1. emlix1

        @TheTerranscout I totally agree. You need substance to wrestle with!

      2. emlix1

        @mrsjokerstout he truly is lovely, your doggo sounds like the best as well!

      3. mrsjokerstout

        @emlix1 he sounds magnificent! I had a wolf×husky... wouldn't mind having another. They are so funny, and amazing members of the family.

      4. emlix1

        Mine's half king shepherd and half Alaskan timber wolf, I wish I could post a photo because he's lying on my king bed in front of me just now and seriously, he takes up half of it.

      5. mrsjokerstout

        I had a Wolf hybrid when I was 9 years old. She was the BEST doggo ever. She was smart, protective, and loving.

    34. SHADOW26913 BRB

      Who else is mad that the doberman is not in the list?

      1. Jack Tabery

        No dog breed is dangerous it’s the owners fault

    35. Real Mart

      Pits are the best

    36. Pink Panther 420

      I have a Dogo Argentino, He loves people but not other dogs. Hugo loves kids as well.

    37. Alejandra Martinez

      I owned a czechoslovakian wolfdog. She was a beautiful and very loyal! Sadly she passed away last year.

    38. Pouya Oskouie

      wtf why put a jump scare in a vid like with 2:30

    39. Crystal Thompson

      My pit loves the mailman jumping and playing all the time

    40. THE boss Boss

      I have à dogo argentino

    41. Babush Babushi

      @#Mind Warehouse i think you are more aggressive than dogs, because you say things which are not true, or small problems you make big.

    42. ginniejo D

      If pit-bulls are a banned breed in the UK why are there loads of them on council estates (with the majority owned by young thugs) I love dogs no matter the breed, if a dog's aggressive I'd look to what the owner is like before I judge the dog.

    43. Misaki Hayato

      Another word for agressive.... Chihuahua's

    44. Teddy Molnar

      Fila is the only dog with the heart of a lion.

      1. Ostentatious Savant

        That's simply not true though. There are many dogs with the heart of a lion. Technically, you could argue that a pit bull has greater heart than a lion because a lion will retreat when injured due to self preservation instinct, but a well bred pit bull will fight to the death.

    45. Elum James

      No credits for any of the videos either by dogumentary tv

    46. Elum James

      All dogs are unmanageable if not raised right

    47. Elum James

      He used a video of a boerboel in the bandogge part. He has no experience with any of these dogs in the video so he has no ability to give information

    48. Elum James

      This video is shit don’t listen to it

    49. Alex Santos

      I have a dogo

    50. Willie D

      I have two rescue pit mixes. Excellent dogs. .one needing lots of reboot time and training. Like everyone says it's the people not the dogs. Yet ,these massive breeds are very dangerous on there own . The sheer size factor is very real. I have seen a pressor canario breeder having females up to 100+ and a fawn male named Ace ..,pure devildog. 240 lbs of terror. Imagine a chiwawa jumping up like they do. This pressor would do the same thing he stood 6 feet plus and would jump at least ten feet up. Crashing the roof on his fenced in pen all to shit! So scary and I'm not afraid of any pit,Rotty,chow,or like dogs. Drug dealers from Miami would pay thousands for the large males. If the females wouldn't eat there young. Using riding lawnmowers for chew toys. So point is some breeds like these ARE mentally problematical. Bad people or not

    51. Oakley Swinford

      Bro that guy has the same last name as me

    52. Fuzzy Butkus

      Canary Mastiffs== Presi Canarios’ Yes,No,Maybe??

      1. Fuzzy Butkus

        Stick18 thanks.

      2. Stick18

        Yes.They have 3 different names Canary Mastiff,Presa Canario or Perro de Presa Canario

    53. Erick Parra

      5 commercials 12min video

    54. Pat Lamb

      This guy knows nothing about dogs

    55. Romaine Louis Aka The Arachnid

      My cousin has a gull dong and I out ran it no cap

    56. 2plan King Fast at 38

      Yes please send

    57. Morgan Howard

      My dog is bigger than all these dogs

    58. Field Lion YT

      I have a dog MUCH MUCH bigger and stronger than those it's one of the top3 biggest and strongest digs in America

    59. crowndkng1


    60. a regular guy

      My grandparents had a American red nose pit. Zeke.... He was the kindest most well behaved dog. He would protect them with all he had but yet the grandkids could crawl all over him and he would show a bit of aggression. It gave me a sense of security knowing he was with them. So my stance is a day is only as bad as it's owners/trainers.

    61. Totoplay MC

      My family had a pitbull when me and my sister were babies named Tequila and she was the sweetest thing me and my sister would ride hsr like a horse

    62. Danielle Williamson

      The people with the ban dogges are making them that way. Protection work.

    63. Denise Uhlry

      This is just SAD! God did NOT create these animals! Many of these DOGS will bring even further hatred and fear of the breeds they are derived from.Half of what you are reporting here is bull.As most of them are being FORCED and TRAINED to be aggressive.Why ANYBODY is breeding any ANIMALS,other then of COURSE money is beyond me when there are hundreds of thousands dying in facilities and streets around the world.Just STOP,find another way to measure your importance!

    64. Waleed Qureshi

      Its nOt gull dOg its buLl dOg bRo 😂

    65. P M

      I want 1 each of them

    66. Annette Grondin

      @1:58 they show Boerboels but are speaking about bandogs.... Good job. 🤦‍♀️

    67. André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'

      All dogs can become monsters when not trained well.

    68. Westcoast iEgangbangbang!

      I had a 95pd pittbull half koby and half Gotti one of a kind dog he wasn't a dominant dog but if another dog would try to show dominance towards him they will pay the price if a dog came play it's all good

    69. Bilal Sfarijlani

      Those weren’t bandogs they were South African mastiffs smh

    70. Barbara Kurtz

      "I wanna make the best guard dog." "I'd like to be sued."