You Have To LOOK TWICE To Understand



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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellOoOoo FRIENDS happy Thursday did any of these confuse u????

      1. Princess Cutie

        You inspire me in some way

      2. Marcin Jurkiewicz

        SSSniperWolf hi bestie

      3. Emma Travatoski

        It was jessusssss

      4. Kaitlyn Kirby


      5. Gacha life sunflower 6789

        SSSniperWolf I love ur videos ur funnyyyy I watch u all day long!

    2. Sophie Horbury

      The sea creature is a Baluga whalw

    3. ict Student


    4. jhon rendel alpuerto

      Thats a baluga whale

    5. Gabby & iya iya

      That animal you don't like is a balluga it's in the movie dory or dorie i don't know how to spell it but that thing is a balluga

    6. Victoria Logan

      Hit the like button if you thought the island and the waterfall is stingrays

    7. Bunny Boo

      U gotta watch what u say

    8. The gamerbrother

      I woke up When outside Saw sniper wolf Said hi I cried

    9. GIR 19

      I read one animorphs and got so traumatized

    10. Chorok Kim

      5:00 it's a beluga

    11. small heart big brains

      That animal is from finding

    12. Demond Wolfx1x

      At 5:12 it was a baluga whale

    13. Stella Murphy

      She means a dog behind a seagal

    14. Carol Hadaway

      its called a beluga whale

    15. Wolfy Wolfy Gatcha

      It's a bulega whale

    16. Greg Curry

      One time a seagull took my sandwich

    17. Toy Angel


    18. Melody Couley


    19. sonny pet


    20. Christi Manalo

      "that animal is ugly" she says. Poor Mrs./Mr. Baluga Whale

    21. Ezah Pallera Manaloto

      I bet Aquaman's home is called *AQUAPLANET*

    22. Rachael Charter


    23. Gabriela Macia

      1:18 i got confuse

    24. Linda Cedeno

      And that waterfall is not going underwater I know that for a reason I saw a video that saying that is not a waterfall

    25. Linda Cedeno

      Sssniperwolf you are wrong the seagull is behind the dog no the seagull is in front of the you dumb

    26. Mariyah Clayton

      That big headed whale is called a mantissie

    27. Kawaii KitKat

      8:53 is that a bts guy?

    28. David Kline

      Beluga whale

    29. Bilqees Hope

      your the best at this😋😋😋

    30. Sister_Robloxian.Girls

      The animal you said is ugly and you dont like is a beluga whale

    31. Eden Lake

      8:08 is nobody gonna mention the leg on top of his head?

    32. Izzy Remedios

      5:08 was a BELUGA WHALE

    33. Izzy Remedios

      I thought the potato was a seal

    34. Zeno Creater

      I read animorphs

    35. Panda gotcha Weber


    36. The Blackouts

      5:10 It’s a dolphin

    37. Neve osborne

      It is not ugly it's adorable and it's called a beluga whale no hate

    38. Ravinder Thaper

      This happened to me I was eating ice cream and this bird landed on my shoulder and ate my ice cream I threw it on the floor it was traumatising THIS BIRD ATE MAH FOOD

    39. Mariam :3

      5:12 ....your insulting a balooga whale

    40. sic puppies

      The beluga whale that you sed was ugly I've kissed two of them

    41. Trish Gordon

      Hi I❤your videos

    42. Natalie Rodriguez

      No it’s not 😂😂😂

    43. Hydra The Seamonster

      The sweet potato looked like a seal at first, then she said a seal potato and I was sad because my joke will not be original. :(

    44. Gacha Shelby wolf lol Yt

      When you got to the avocado I was eating avocado toast! XD

    45. Hunter Burrows

      The damn fish is behind the bird

    46. iupcabe

      I love you

    47. Mark Godbee


    48. Space Unicorn


    49. Megan Kester

      She called a bulga ugly

    50. Galaxy Girl

      5:03 SniperWolf : This sea creature is soooo ugly Me: wHy U cAlL tHe bElUgA uGlY!!

    51. Gaming with Audrey Constantin

      You are amazing

    52. Reena Balkaran

      Aquaman can be flouder as mera can be ariel

    53. Abigail Tynan


    54. Aisling Treacy

      Go look up the2johnies

    55. piper batcheller

      Hi you people

    56. Serenity Fry

      I have watched hills have eye I fell asleep lol



    58. Natalie Elkin


    59. October Bagwell

      Issa beluga whale

    60. Kasia Scontsas

      one time my sisters english muffin got stolen by a segale at the beach she started to cry

    61. Lacretia Careathers

      Lol I’m 0:13

    62. Natalia Carlson


    63. Vanessa S.

      This was made before my birthday!

    64. Kawii Roblox

      I’m finally blessed comment what u got in royal high 👇🏻and press this if u got lik devil headband like me

    65. FirstZoom _


    66. Rosella Caldwell

      Mrs.Sssnifferwolf I believe that "ugly creature" is called a Boliga Whale my mom's a marine biologist and she is discovering weird looking halve man/woman with fish bodies pin mine to the top if u want more stories

    67. April Givens

      I dont get it why does people unlike videos if they know they shouldnt watch it if they don't like it...BRUH

    68. Justin Walker

      Beluga whale🐬🐬🐬

    69. DD_world love

      I see it