You Have To LOOK TWICE To Understand



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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellOoOoo FRIENDS happy Thursday did any of these confuse u????

      1. leslie montgomery


      2. Gregory Gibbons


      3. Lilly Raines


      4. Dad Long Legs Ya


      5. Maverick Smith

        I had to look 3 times

    2. belen automotive

      I'm confused and mad at the seagull if i had a ice-cream

    3. Richard Watters

      It is sunday for meh and I love your vids😍😍😊

    4. Khanh Dong

      im pretty sure that the one with the baby is a beluga 🤔

    5. Jasmine Dean

      "This creature is so ugly" Me: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, THAT CREATURE IS ADORABLE

    6. epic dragon9566

      5:03 that's a beluga whale

    7. Pugtato S

      with the bird eating the fish I think that not it the bird did not eat the fish the fish jumped up then the bird put his head up at the right time so it looks like he ate the bird but NOPE but if u do look close you can see both of the birds beak so yeah ps. LOVE ALL YOUR VIDS

    8. Ganimete Dullovi-fejza

      Its a baluoga i know bad spelling

    9. Lily Christianson

      hills have eyes isnt that scary

    10. gamer Girl

      The sea creature is called a bluega whale and IT IS Beautiful

    11. Sweaty Tman

      SSSniperWolf you didn’t even notice the girl at the pool she had 4 fingers

    12. Marilu Kelly Hernandez kuj

      Hi do you have a twin

    13. Amy Williams

      Uh excuse me! Manatees are adorable, and you crazy if think other wise. I’m just kidding. I love you Sssniperwolf! Your videos always make me laugh and make my day better. But for real manatees are super cute. Love you!!!

    14. jessssy24

      The first one the man held a 🐟

      1. jessssy24

        I ment fish

    15. Joshua Asher

      You should wach the hilda house

    16. iiTypical Toxic

      You were mean back these days but now you're a queen

    17. kalea Burnley

      Girl:Ashley Boy:Billy Dog: Cooper Grandma: Gurtrude

    18. Rylee Smith

      Beluga whale is the albino whale

    19. Jayla Mooney

      They're supposed to be white

    20. Jayla Mooney

      It's called a beluga

    21. Alfonso enriquez

      5:39 dragons are real it says in the bible

    22. vivienne shi

      It’s a beluga whale and it is cute okay

    23. tresyer honey

      That "creature" is a beluga whale. My fav whale

    24. realOMGits ALI-A

      432 wtf

    25. realOMGits ALI-A

      Wtf the fricking houses has eyes

    26. Tiasa Chowdhury

      The bed is lava 5 4 3 2 1 Prove your laziness by smashing the like button if you didnt moved from your bed...

    27. Sameerah Begum

      That white whale is my favourite animal

    28. Marley pie

      5:00 it's a beluga whale lol

    29. Flame666wolf Spark

      The sweet potato next to the pen.... I looked at it for a second and... SEAL ON A SKATEBOARD!! SOMEONE TRAINED SEALS HOW TO RIDE SKATEB- oh

    30. Gracey Hill

      You got Bikini Bottom under there too? 🧐🧐 Hmmm...

    31. Grace Holden

      SSSniperwolf: it looks like a dragon egg at first. MEEEEE: it looks like lava

    32. FunTime Troyer Channel

      Person:cheats on girlfriend House:I know you cheated I’m always watching

    33. Ruby Playz

      5:-14 the white creature looks cute

    34. Lps. Rainyday

      Oh just so u know the white whale that u really hate it’s called a beluga whale

    35. Ashley Fernandez

      SSSniperWolf is the BEST

    36. Natasza Pawlowska

      Strange aquarium creature = dolphin

    37. Ikean Lucas

      I love it

    38. Khary Byrd

      Rip Cooper

    39. Génesis jeraldin Aguilar

      That was amazing 🤩🤩🤩

    40. Wynterhawk Carter-Harris

      me too...i am on my gerandma's computer

    41. itz_blair

      Lia:hahaha a man is falling down from the second floor? Me:maybe someone YEET him from somewhere because i usually ask my uncle to yeet me across the pool

    42. Nyesha Young

      Yeah Aquaman lives there

    43. Caroline Chin

      SSSniperwolf i wacth a movie and then he said he have a crush you and when i say you i mean SSSniperwolf the name of the movie is Lele pons the character's name is Twan

    44. Max Munoz

      It's a value

    45. Allyson Hamilton

      Why is you makin fun of the cutest lil Beluga whale!

    46. Rosalie Stann


    47. Rosalie Stann

      They don't have teeth

    48. Rosalie Stann

      You're just dumb

    49. Elaine Lee

      LOL (its a buluga whale)

    50. Yaritza Patino

      My dog is named cooper

    51. mrinedit


    52. shane joyce

      How dare you

    53. Jeremy wylie


    54. Cammy Cakez

      its call a blooga whale at 5:05

    55. Kay Star

      I will shove it in that boards face I mean the flying kind of flying kind of bored 😂😂😂😂😂 yeah

    56. zartensia Willey

      i love you vid1ios1

    57. Unicorn Whines

      Why you calling beluga whales ugly? they are le best

    58. Herogirl Gacha


    59. Monkey Man

      The "ugly" animal is a dolfin

    60. watch this video

      That's not albino that's a beluga whale

    61. Violet Motuku

      I stole an animorphs books from the public library not comin back

    62. Lindsay Evans

      I brought my Iphonne to resses and I got into truble😢😢😢.

    63. Jack Julian

      Hey girlfriend

    64. Jessa Anderson

      Hey SniperWolf can you possibly not say any bad words because I honer God so could you not please thank you

    65. Katie Vatzlavick

      I thought the potato was a seal

    66. Wesley,s tv Criss


    67. Arlyne Baltazar

      Love you SSSniperWolf

    68. Arlyne Baltazar


    69. Kelly Dixon

      Why you?🤣🤣🤣🤣