YIAY have an announcement



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    Tickets NOW available!! REEEEE www.jacksfilmslive.com

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Marcelo Ozorio

      The tour: 1. SF 2. Tokyo 3. Sao paulo 4. London

    2. Pointless

      So is it just that Jackbox game: Quiplash

    3. A Different Channel

      Y = yesterday.

    4. Benjamin Kovitz

      Do a live show in Philly, coward :P

    5. Bianca Jo

      it was so much fun!!!

    6. Lightning Powered Films

      I’m here at yiay live the show

    7. weekmemes

      the word dab is in the url

    8. Michael Hanna

      I’m glad you’re not Jake Paul nobody would go be at his 21 and up show

    9. Ben Goodwin

      The fact that I can't tell if this is real is a credit to how good Jack is at what he does.

    10. ichi

      damn wish i lived in la

    11. joei blatt

      People go to his show, I'm too poor to go to any other youtube shit. I know his will be the cheapest tour.

    12. Anønymøus -

      the title actually makes sense because the way YIAY is pronounced is the same as the the word I is pronounced in danish. So, to me, you are just saying I have an announcement.

    13. I’m Not Funny blind

      I’m broke

    14. Huston Manning

      That suggested videos card is way too eerily similar to what mine actually looks like.

    15. Milly Robinson

      Best I try ever

    16. The End

      We all know he's just gonna set it up so that he will win. I mean if he can't show us he's funny he can atleast try to convince us.

    17. Shay. W.

      John we all know no one is showing up to the 21+ show. Your entire fanbase is 12 year olds.

    18. L3Dominus

      At 17th of November is my birthday

    19. Hjimpie_splatoon

      Imma explain why there are two shows All ages: its simple, just a family friendly show 21+: or you can call it: “furries only” Have fun there... Me? Oh i cant come... im not a furry... and im from Holland...

    20. Manuel escoto Jr.

      We Wey you Boy Pretty

    21. Epic Bean


    22. Who is joe?

      Phase one: yiay live live Phase two: yiay 500 Phase three: the kidzbop quiz 2 Phase four: minecraft let’s play

    23. Carl Z

      You shitheads better go to this so he comes up to Canada. Or at least near the border.

    24. Csörgő Bercel

      Is this the secret project?

    25. I barely upload

      The yiay game is happening on my b-day

    26. Nicholas Ryan

      Stop copying pewdiepies show lwaiy

    27. Spooky

      Anyone else get jabaited @ 0:10?

    28. Lol2heaven

      I want this in Ireland 🤣🤣

    29. Blur OverDrive

      Its funny how only the All Ages version is the one sold out but not the 21+

    30. Eliott Lally

      Fucking shave you furry

    31. koala201211

      Unfortunately, I don't have airplane money

    32. Mr. Beleidigung

      the url has dab in it lol milennials amirite?

    33. Moo0505

      Love the beginning! I’m glad he started addressing us properly!

    34. Luna Lovegood

      I love that jacks like the one us youtuber who would actually come to Ireland if he went "beyond" a national tour😀😀

    35. alex

      Why do you have a beard

    36. Gavin Heimann

      Now you get to pay to not get picked

    37. Amy Mitman

      great, another chance for my submission to get rejected IN PERSON.

    38. Josh Meadows

      Im going to atholton in a few years im in middle school

    39. Symphonia16

      This is fantastic!

    40. Casey Actually Draws


    41. Mimi Do

      Finally I can use my fake ID card for something good

    42. sad and impromptu covers


    43. Terra Elizabeth Liegh Webber-Haas

      my pills coos mi to sfur my sfpaech, me bran doenst do well rn

    44. Ace Diamonds

      yiay live reboot.

    45. Alice

      Bitch forgetting the uk

    46. FBI BOI

      I wish i can go BUT I LIVE IN GERMANY 😭😢

    47. Aayusssh Pokhrel

      Hate from nepal

    48. Mohammad


    49. swdisk 300334920

      Wrong grammar

    50. Sel


    51. Forest Fire

      Please let a tour happen

    52. Turney

      I want standup jack, I can't lie to you. Tour too

    53. Chubby Dubby

      I fricking hate your beard

    54. treb M

      m.us-new.com/online/video-CgFvSxIq-Z4h.htmlttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.listenerkids.jlm&hl=enI just won: 79 Playing 'Tutorial' with Yokee™ www.yokee.tv/piano/c/SmKDwjmMdf

    55. Mr. Andrew

      Sorry I was watching in it on my phone, 0:09

    56. NextBigHit Music

      Mo(clap)bile(clap)pe(clap)pel Shut it i spelled people wrong...but its how i say it okay?

    57. Katherine E.

      petition for 18+ instead of 21+?

    58. Deepseagoblin

      I just watched the odd1sout video about you!

    59. Aldranster50

      Come to the UK next year if you don’t your a sin

    60. Jake Henwood

      Oof im Australian


      who watched this video till 4:47 waiting for jack to pull the screen down

    62. Jubilee Baptiste

      I’m digging this new beard so much

    63. Aaron Curtis

      He came out of the closet again...

    64. Madhuri Hasan

      LA people and the other citizens of the US if you don't make this worldwide tour happen imma be hella mad

    65. Cold Ones


    66. Mahan DmC

      To infinity and beyond

    67. Grace D'Mello


    68. Mizu, o peixinho

      yiay HAS an announcement

    69. Harmanpreet Sekhon

      You should also do one in Toronto!

    70. Сергей Боканов

      yiay live. live. *smiles*