Yankees set new franchise HR mark in win | Yankees-Red Sox Game Highlights 9/8/19



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    Condensed Game: Gleyber Torres, Mike Tauchman and Aaron Judge homer to smash the Yankees' single-season home run mark in the win at Fenway Park
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Kenneth N

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Yankees set new franchise HR mark in win | Yankees-Red Sox Game Highlights 9/8/19 weaknesses.Focus on your character, not your reputation.Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.” “It's never too late to change your life for the better. You don't have to take huge steps to change your life. Making even the smallest changes to your daily routine can make a big difference to your life.” “The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.” “Life is what

    2. Luis Fernando

      Boston campeón Luis Fernando

    3. Striker 333

      All Rise...

    4. Mark Symbala

      Steroids yankees

    5. Genesis

      Meh, barely watched this game. Was more into the US Men’s Final anyway.

    6. Brayan Piñeiro

      Seek God

    7. good good


    8. Esti Bleich

      Go Yankees!!!

    9. Michael Wang

      fainbory.com/9dQT 走鐘獎頒獎典禮表演節目_-_Luxy_Girls - 567盘

    10. Jh0001471

      Glad to see the yankees winning against the red sox. Judge made history today as well


      Gleiber la está reventando

    12. rick mann

      Red Sox should've gave CC some Slim Fast❗

    13. sports talk showdown

      Balls sounding like gun shots coming off the bat

    14. Eric Cartman

      #34 on trending

    15. Glitter

      Antonio Brown is a racist and gets away with it because white people are pussys.

    16. Gedalyah Reback

      Are they editing in a different sound for bats connecting with the ball?

      1. TheGHunter

        Nope, this game was broadcasted on ESPN and their audio is amazing unlike the usual networks, you will hear these noises a lot in the post season, when the players slide into the base, it also sounds sick

    17. titusho2

      @1:41 Tuakman hits a home run out of the Strike ZoNe !! ..an inner ball off the strike-line about an inch!😀

    18. Steve Garcia

      Juiced balls this year. FOUR teams will break the all-time record. So many HRs on half swings. MLB will set a new record for total HRs. With weeks to go in the season. It's bull.

    19. Postposterous

      "The Yankees beat the Red Sox so bad that Dave Dombrowski was fired after the game ~~~~~~"

    20. Daniel Berri

      I would have so much fun with that gap in Judge's teeth.

    21. JC-130

      97k and it’s #19 on trending. If that’s the case, then small US-new fortnite people (which I hate because they’re so toxic) should be trending too

      1. Huntero

        JC-130 Uh ok

    22. Eric Cartman

      #19 on trending

    23. Jaymizzles87

      Dis dude Torres gonna be a great one

    24. Zorro de la vega

      Thhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeee Yankees win! BAJ getting his groove back.

    25. June Ortiz


    26. ASMR Classic

      80k views......... on trending........wow very fair..... 🤦‍♂️

    27. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      💓 game recap just super 🔥

    28. Giorgio Lucio

      The ball is flying off the bats!!!!

    29. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      Yankees trying too win the division 💸

    30. Chevy Lover

      While watching the ESPN late game between Yankees & Boston I couldn't help but notice what a terrible announcer Alex Rodriguez is.He tries to sound so smart and winds up sounding like a idiot. 🤡

      1. wsmokr

        Hate watching the ESPN Sunday Night Game.The announcing is the worst I have ever heard.They talk about everything but the actual game.

    31. Abstract Mind

      This is hard to watch for a die hard Red Sox fan. Hate the damn Yankees. Blood is boiling.

    32. forreal pat

      We stay up. ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️lol lol lol Go Yankees. KING real

    33. Hippy Hor

      Ballgame over, Yankees win ✌⚾

    34. John_Sauce_

      Can someone tell me why the ball sounds weird when they hit it

    35. Nehemiah Howard


    36. nathan j

      Nobody is going to talk about the Astros scoring 21 runs? That's the best team in the American league easily. They're going to be a formidable world series opponent this October man.

      1. wsmokr

        Type in Houston Astros score 21 runs,there everyone is talking about it because it is a video about the Astros.

    37. luckybestwash

      Loving Gleyber's cerebral look with the glasses

    38. Mr. Zay


    39. Sean Havey

      Fenway has an awful lot of yankee fans these days....

      1. alexgaming HD

        Band wagons

    40. Louis Desanti

      We got this. Boston done Houston your next the Dodgers

      1. L6NDZ Pray4Kory

        Louis Desanti Braves v Yanks

    41. Reagan Ching

      I really like espn's echoing sound.

    42. Marco Deo

      Susan Waldman was the only announcer that knows the 52 given to CC was supposed to be a replica of the Green Monster.

    43. Darrell Cass

      Dombrowski gave the Sox three Cy Young pitchers and the best hitting team they ever had. The players bailed out every bad move Ferrell made his first year (who was supposed to make Toronto a powerhouse) and the 18 Sox made Cora look good. His antics from day one of spring training continue to this day using a minor leaguer hitting .125 for Holt when he was the hottest hitter in the league and Betts at leadoff during the most crucial time of the year. Lay blame where it belongs - Cora and his pitching coach.

    44. Iggy Pimental

      Keep the D Train going!! Let's go Yankees 👏👏👏👏👏

    45. mortimer zilch

      a DECENT TRAINER would NEVER let outfielders come up with hamstring pulls....make them run BACKWARDS in warmups like basketball players on defense....no more hamstring pulls. Yankees need a new trainer. Period. Remember the pitcher WANG? He was mishandled and ruined. The Yankees are just plain DUMB.

      1. Lou Gehrig


      2. Babe Ruth

        This Yankee team has more injuries than a football team. It’s not being unlucky. It is the trainer or conditioning coach who should take responsibility and be fired.

    46. Austin Ahern

      Another loss for the Red Sox, and Dave Dombrowski was fired after the game. Tough loss for the Red Sox, but move on to the next one, and thanks to Dave Dombrowski for helping the team win a World Series last year.

      1. Mickey Melendez

        They fire him too soon.

    47. 1967tuncay

      Would be so great to see boston Not in the playoffs

      1. anthony risola

        It's going to be so great to see New York choke in the playoffs.

      2. Jh0001471

        @J M they arent making the wild card

      3. J M

        They prolly wont be in the playoff

    48. joe paulie

      Bronx Bombers!!!!!!

    49. Matthew Wiley

      Gleyber Day Parade!!

    50. kev127

      Great win good job gang. Grab the series tommorow and get out of beanville. Won't be hearing from them anymore this year.

    51. Ray Scott

      The twins have 7 more home runs than us we have this 7 more boys

    52. 이동건

      Daaaaaaaaaaaa redsux LOSE Again😛

      1. 이동건

        @Daniel Berri 😛😛😛😛😛😛

      2. Daniel Berri


      3. mortimer zilch

        hard to belive the Twins have so many MORE homers than the Yankees...but it will be hard to hit homers in 25-degree weather in MinneSNOWta in October.

    53. bulls on parade

      My Bronx Bombers dropping bombs on Boston ✈ 🔥 🔥 🔥

      1. Daniel Berri

        Killing in the game of.... Baseball.

      2. Eric Cartman

        bulls on parade 🔥🔥🔥

    54. Babe Ruth

      Gleyber had a great game tonight. The look Porcello gave on the HR was priceless! Gleyber is great for only starting in 2016 and he should win Rookie of the Year!

      1. Lou Gehrig

        @Daniel Berri CHUMP2020 HAS NO LIFE BUT HERE!

      2. Daniel Berri

        Comment enough? Geez.

      3. Electro Ball

        Trump 2020 The Red Sox are also Priceless

    55. Babe Ruth

      Judge finally looks like 2017 Judge again. Not the Meathead that takes pitches right down the middle. Welcome back Aaron!!!

      1. Lou Gehrig


      2. Babe Ruth

        Daniel Berri so 65 million other Americans opinions are invalid too?

      3. Lou Gehrig

        @Daniel Berri He's (TP2020) SYCOPHANT WANNABE!

      4. Daniel Berri

        You support Trump. Your opinions are invalid.

      5. Babe Ruth

        Not really weak, Judge in right, Gardner in center, Stanton in left.

    56. Andrick Son

      Bad edit

    57. Shawn Jerome

      Mookie Betts has really improved on his hitting I almost wonder if he's on roids

      1. Card for World Series

        Shawn Williams yea he isn’t on roids I just seen a opportunity to make a joke so I did

      2. Shawn Williams

        I'm sure if he was on roids he would be a lot bigger than he is.

      3. Card for World Series

        Yo eyes are juiced shoot wish I had juiced eyes

      4. Shawn Jerome

        All of me is juiced boy's,just saying

      5. Card for World Series

        Yea his balls are juiced

    58. davyt0247

      That's another notch in the win column. A nice mix of power with a little small ball, couldn't ask for more really, besides better pitches, but at least they didn't let the game get out of hand. Thank you to the Red Sox for honoring CC. #LegaCCy

    59. Lou Gehrig


      1. Babe Ruth

        Zinc- cross. Don’t retards use capital letters? Lol

      2. ZINC-CROSS

        @Lou Gehrig Wrong! The Yamkees are going to beat the Dodgers this year in the World Series. Your writing in cap letters proves how immature you are.

      3. Lou Gehrig


      4. Lou Gehrig


      5. Daniel Berri

        Chump2020. Lmao.

    60. NYRfan10

      The Yankees beat the Red Sox so bad that Dave Dombrowski was fired after the game 😂😂😂

      1. Big Neezy

        @darren donovan Who's talking about football? Lol

      2. WolfLightning777

        @darren donovan nobody cares guy that is football this is baseball do you understand ok?

      3. Gamblo Duck

        Dombrowski firing has more to do with his re-signings priorities, and also his demeanor around his team. Ego maniac. Betts not extended yet. A few other free agents coming up in their roster. Firing was dumb if you asked me, but this makes Cashman's job easier in the division. He was a worthy adversary.

      4. Huntero

        NYRfan10 It’s really not that funny dude :(

      5. darren donovan

        we hold on to the patriots around here get back to me when your quaterback wins 6 superbowl rings

    61. Javier Sánchez

      While the yankees fans say farewell to CC. I will be glad to be saying farewell to Ric Porcello😂 Porcello can dominate a team 1 game and look like trash the next game. Boston can find somebody better than him.

      1. Javier Sánchez

        @Hippy Hor He was a beast! I remember him when he use to play for Seattle. At one time this year, Boston had 2 out of 5 starters pitching good. They was barely getting by then it went down to only 1 starter pitching good. In the American league you at least need 3 out of 5 starters pitching good. That will keep the ship afloat.

      2. Javier Sánchez

        @VMan29397 Pitching can be up and down. That's expected! I think our starters can bounce back. Find somebody to replace Porcello. Mainly they need to upgrade the bullpen, and hope the starters bounce back. If they could find 2 decent bullpen arms I think that would help out a lot. One out of the 2 needs to be a closer. You see some pitchers win 20 games 1 year, and barely get 10 wins the next year.

      3. VMan29397

        @Javier Sánchez Let's see your over the luxury tax you have no Talent in your farm System Tell me how you gonna fix this

      4. Hippy Hor

        Get Randy Johnson out of retirement

      5. Javier Sánchez

        @kev127 Boston can still win another title with this team. They have to get the pitching fixed to do it. Just hasn't been good enough this year.

    62. Jared Williams

      Only 6 more wins to number 💯 keep it going Yankees.

      1. Dave Wolf

        "100" is just a number if it doesn't include home field advantage.

    63. Metra BNSF Rails

      A Perfect night for me Cowboys won Yankees won just a great night for me to enjoy.

      1. Blazing Corsair

        A cowboys Yankees fan?

    64. Metra BNSF Rails

      Interesting Fact Did you know that Rick Porcello has a 12.00 ERA in 4 starts against the Yankees this season? That’s the highest by any Red Sox pitcher vs Yankees in a season.

      1. Memorex996

        Id think it was sale

      2. Electro Ball

        Trump 2020 The Yankees have two more games against the Rays. Maybe Tanaka’ll start on one of those.

      3. Babe Ruth

        Tanaka’s ERA has to be close if not worse against the Red Sox as Porcello’s ERA is to the Yankees.

      4. c

        Is Rick considered a top notch pitcher?

    65. Metra BNSF Rails

      THEEEEEEEE Yankees Win and Beat the Red Sox Against Rick Porcello Because he has been bad this season And Gleyber Torres on A School Night becomes the player of the game driving in 4 runs in the game and Judge drove in 2 along with Tauchman who got injured and Encarnacion with another RBI what a perfect night.

      1. Devinthedude 915

        Is this MLB history or what 🤦🏻‍♂️

    66. Metra BNSF Rails

      Looks Like somebody is going back to School to do some Defense Lessons 😂😂😂😂

      1. Expertfrank13


      2. Babe Ruth

        Clint Frazier?

    67. Metra BNSF Rails

      THEEEEEEEE Red Sox Lose And Rick Porcello continues to Do what he does is Throw batting practice like what he did against the Bomba Squad And this time its the Bomber Squad also Devers made 2 errors 😂😂😂😂 PS Dave Dombrowski got fired after the game ended. #Hatetoseeit

      1. Babe Ruth

        Yussep Garcia. Nothing gets worse than Ellsbury and Stanton contracts. The Sale contract could be bad, but who knows.

      2. Yussep Garcia

        As a red sox fan I would like to see that 😁 wile his doing a disaster like he did w red Sox

      3. Babe Ruth

        If you hate to see Dombrowski fired, well maybe the Yankees will fire Cashman and Dombrowski can be with the Yankees next year!

    68. MrUHOH415

      Looks like the Yankees beat the Red Sox to a point where the Sox decided to fire Dave Dombrowski as president. I mean, I saw this coming since he didn’t do anything to address the dumpster fire that is the Red Sox Bullpen.

      1. Vern Pascal

        @Mike Watson -He shouldn;t have been fired. Sale and Evoldi looked like good bets before the season. Porcello has been absolute garbage, and Price mediocre-couldn't for see that. Anyway..who is going to wave the magic wand and be any better?

      2. Trent Onnewjersey

        That's what she said!

      3. Babe Ruth

        Cashman should be fired because I’m an asshat? Ok where do I sign???? Lol

      4. TheBatugan77

        @Babe Ruth Because you're an asshat. That's why.

      5. Mike Watson

        DD was toast at the end of the season anyway...poor judgement to spend 6million on Pearce when that money should be spent trying to replace Kimbrel and Kelly. Handled the Kimbrel situation badly and threw a ton of money questionably at Sale and Eovaldi. A better bullpen would’ve seen 10 more wins and a playoff place. However, he’s been a bit unlucky that Sale and Porcello stank so much, he couldn’t have foreseen that.