X-Men: The Last Stand - Nostalgia Critic

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    One of the most hated X-Men movies might not actually be as bad as you think...I mean, it's still bad, but fun bad...maybe? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at X-Men: The Last Stand.
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    X-Men: The Last Stand is a 2006 superhero film based on the X-Men superhero team introduced in Marvel Comics. It is the sequel to 2003's X2, as well as the third installment in the X-Men film series, and was directed by Brett Ratner and written by Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn. It features an ensemble cast including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Anna Paquin, Kelsey Grammer, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn, Shawn Ashmore, Aaron Stanford, Vinnie Jones, and Patrick Stewart.
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Channel Awesome

      Is X-Men: The Last Stand the worst X-Men movie in the franchise? Catch all the crew at C2E2 this weekend - www.c2e2.com Support this week's charity - healthright.org/

      1. Leonardo Crocetta

        I just noticed: did your father composed the x-men/critic theme? Because of the last 'Barney' review... Am I right?

      2. SickBoy

        Xavier came back to life in this one?

      3. Channel Camden

        No it was origins wolverine but now dark Phoenix is the worst

      4. Dade Lee Murphy


      5. Dino Productions

        Oh no, no, no Critic. That title goes to Dark Phoenix

    2. Cameron Varner

      Review the leprechaun movies

    3. Jeremiah Hessian

      Tamara as OG Dorothy...is epic! She just nailed it. Oh, and I agree with your assessment of X3.

    4. Swagmite 3000

      It would've been great if it was a comic book

    5. Jake

      Brian singer said once that her using cerebro in xmen one triggers it in x 2

    6. Matthew Cooper

      While I like the cure story, it has a pretty simple solution. Let mutants have the right to choose the cure if they want it. For a school that literally teaches kids how to control their powers, the teachers (especially Storm, fuck off with your clouds) seem very ignorant of the fact that a lot of mutants don't want their powers and many are too destructive and SHOULD be taken away. See ROGUE DAMN IT. A better story, and this could have been the whole movie and forgotten about the Phoenix plot, would be the government debating whether they should MAKE every mutant take the cure. It would be especially interesting given that Beast has a position in government, and both sides would make a lot of sense, just like in Captain America 3. Storm's position would make sense because she knows that powers can be controlled and she helps teach that herself, but Rogue's position would make sense because she has a power that can literally only destroy. They could do something like the government can't decide so they scrap the idea pf forcing everyone to take the cure, then the final fight could be the mutants for and against the cure fighting each other like it already is, but it would have a TOTALLY different context. Maybe the ones against the cure are just trying to destroy it so no one has the chance to take it, and the X-Men want to save it so they can protect the freedom to choose it.

    7. Matthew Cooper

      "This better make more sense when you're Sansa Stark." Whoops it didn't.

    8. luke atkinson

      you should review Dark Phoenix, as you said you reserved it a spot for future botched sequels.

    9. Vincent DiPietro

      jean just thanos snapped professor x

    10. Calum J G

      So I'm watching this just after having seen Dark Phoenix.........last stand really makes you appreciate Dark Phoenix a whole lot more

      1. Calum J G

        The Phoenix is actually developed a little bit in the new one 😂

      2. Brian brush

        How come?

    11. BaZERGer

      Jean Grey's power was already mentioned growing early in the second movie, whatever the trigger was, i doubt the water did more than perhaps hasten the inevitable, if anything at all.

    12. Vincent DiPietro

      -i enjoyed this movie-

    13. whatsmy nameagain

      I thought this film was ok for xmen

    14. Matthew Jones

      I'm sorry, I see Archangel and all I can think of is the love interest from a teenage girl's fanfiction. xD

    15. Eamonn Dillon

      The gritty reboot of Sonic the Hedgehog? Doug must have a crystal ball

    16. Ross DiamondThief

      I literally do not care what anyone thinks, I liked this movie.

    17. Syed-Hasan Naqvi

      Don't come in here dad! I'm printing stamps

    18. Ethan Deroche

      I can easily say X-Men: The Last Stand is not the worst X-Men movie ever made... Dark Phoenix is.

    19. SelLillianna

      Douglas 1 "Douglas, I like pointing over that way for some reason." Douglas 2 "Woooaow!~"

    20. Riley Bursey

      The only reason Logan works is it had more time to build up these relationships with these characters and it made it all the better and sadder to see them all go

    21. Nate Macrae

      22:40 there could have been a mutant with the power to affect when sunrise and sunset happens

    22. Lu1z 4 3v3r And the voices

      Wheres X men Apocalypse?

    23. Sean Murphy

      One is an X-Men movie, the other is a Wolverine movie. That starting comparison comes off as slightly stupid.

      1. Yamadiyoo

        Tbh, most of the xmen movies has wolverine as the star so its pretty fair comparison. In fact Logan is basically Days of Future Past but the sentinals were gmo crops and they won since they were passive mutant killers.

    24. Lego Art boy

      26:17 that’s kinda disgusting because thanos is played by josh brolin and josh brolin played cable and cable is the son of Jean

    25. Mikron20

      It wasn't water that triggered her to awaken... it was the end of Xman 2 she broke through Xaviers mental barriers he put in her mind to access her full power and potential holding back the raging river after the dam broke and lifting the plane to send everyone to safety.

    26. TurtleSauceGaming

      what was the sit com music?

    27. domidium

      16:56 "You don't know what its like to be afraid of your powers." Um, your talking to the guy that has indestructible claws come out of his fists, sometimes spontaneously. Or have you completely forgotten that time he accidentally stabbed you?!

    28. Brendan Geier

      The Phoenix’s revival was caused by Cyclops’ blast into the water.

    29. Anything. Lucy

      Also Ice man is supposed to be gay

      1. kory stephens

        Anything. Lucy only because Bendis canonized a Family Guy cutaway.

    30. Galactic pirate

      Critic: “X-men the last stand is the most hated x-men movie” Dark Phoenix: hold my beer

    31. Ashannemarie ON HIATUS

      I hope he's does first class through dark Phoenix next x month

    32. Gavin Jones

      Again yes they get blue character spot on

    33. Alicia Nelson

      Why didn't wolverine just inject jean with the cure? 🤔

    34. Bryan McCormick

      the golden gate bridge scene was one of several scenes that made whichever characters deus ex machina the plot along... whereas iron balls took time and cooperation convening in the blood of an unwitting security guard... three has solid moments but x2 is under-rated (and x1 is over-rated)

    35. Silent Assassin

      tbh i liked it too (except for the....you know what scenes..)

    36. andrea argena

      i'd never really hated X men 3, i still find it really funny to watch. is not a perfect movie, but come one we live in a world where batman and superman becom friends just because their mothers have the same name, so it couldn't be worse

    37. Delvy

      Ironic Archangel would lack an arch.

    38. Michael Rene

      Even though its the worst, there are some cool elements like the action, and beast etc.

    39. sonicjrjr14

      No one is saying this movie didn't have moments. The reason people hate thisis because it's cool moments wasted on a forgettable film.

    40. Tomball2468

      2006 x men 3 came out But so did the IPhone 8 that’s why Tamera has one

    41. craig /super craig

      26:09 yes I think so I think it is thanos porn

    42. Kevin Harris

      20:51 character development?!? Berry said "Damn yo' African Accent!"

    43. RockerMicke1

      Years later when dark Phoenix comes in and because of it the piece of shit makes the last stand look like avengers endgame critic you are a monster for liking the last stand you monster

    44. Michael Iv

      This is kinda my stand on all the X-Men movies (maybe not Logan) they're ok, just not good

    45. William Ozier

      Watch the X-Men Web Series!!

    46. William Ozier

      This one was so bad that the entire franchise is still suffering from it.

    47. David Harrison

      My older brother used to be a huge fan of comic book movies and this was literally the movie that ended it for him. Kinda sad.

    48. KnightRaymund

      I didn't know about the meme until tonight. I never care much for Juggernaut. So when I saw that, I thought it was funny and it's so memorable, sorry. I so wish the Phoenix stuff wasn't here. The cure storyline had so much potential. Most of the stuff around that is pretty good. But the Phoenix stuff is such a huge distraction and takes time away from fully developing the cure story. Ugh. And how the hell did they hire the guy who wrote this to do it again!?

    49. ajddavid452

      this was the first and only x men movie I've seen, I watched it as a kid because we owned it on dvd

    50. Makuta S-V

      Out of the 3 the first one is still my favorite.

    51. TheBlarggle

      Hey check it, the movies complaints are about the abhorrent plot line and the contrived way they killed off characters for no good reason. No one's complaints about the movie was "the visuals weren't cool enough" and your sarcastic condescension about how "I'm just trying to find something cool in this movie!" is so fucking stupid and misses the point entirely so you can cram in your own pretend version of what the complaints about the movie are. I mean, unless you think the visuals are the way to tell a story.

    52. The Legit DERPY Squid Guy

      Is he just against story lines coming to a close I mean he just keeps saying “that’s what it’s all about!” I still love you man No homo

    53. Dru Blood

      If magneto wanted to kill the cure kid and could lift a fucking bridge, why didn’t he just destroy the building he was inside? Most large buildings have a steel frame, he could easily crush the frame of the building on everyone inside killing them all in 5 seconds. Movie over.

    54. Dru Blood

      I just noticed that when Tamara was on the phone there was bloody rags hanging on the mirror behind her! Were they implying that she was on the rag when she was ranting about the movies?

    55. childlogiclabs2

      X3 is the best X-Men Movie ever

    56. Harry Mathers

      And then dark Phoenix came out....

    57. Jesse Says

      I just realised Beast "You dont shed on the furniture." I always thought he said shit.

    58. Jacob Whitfield

      Thanos's porn hhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahha 😂😂

    59. saidi7975

      The most incredible thing about this movie is that Mags and co left a naked Rebecca Romjin behind...

    60. ansiaaa

      and now we have Dark Phoenix... they can't really make a good 3rd X-Men movie!

    61. Michael Garcia

      I just think the only problem with this is they just Crammed too Many characters in this movie & Juggernaut's outfit was bad and why they did not put pyro with his suit in the comics they could made look so kick ass. But that's just my opinion.

    62. Avery Merrick

      Vindicated by History: For a long while, it was considered the lowest rung in the X-Men movie franchise by a lot of fans for one reason or another (Change in directors, wonky writing, Cyclops getting shafted again and killed off, the Phoenix being Jean's Split Personality instead of an initially good cosmic being that was just corrupted by evil forces, clashing the storyline with one about a mutant cure). But over the years, fans eased up on the movie and admit it's not as bad as initially viewed or word of mouth would suggest. Especially true after the mess that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and, years later down the line, the second attempt at the Phoenix Saga, Dark Phoenix. The latter film, while trying to be more accurate to the comics, didn't do the story any better and is actually compared unfavourably to The Last Stand by both fans and professional critics, who cite that its middling tone fails to match the fun and energy of its predecessor.

    63. Brandon Jones

      And yet this is still the best cinematic version of this story.

      1. Pandiac

        Dark Phoenix was pretty much just as good as this which isn't saying much.

    64. boop AGM

      To be fair Jean dying and then coming back and then dying again is pretty much her shtick in the comics

    65. Bryan Egelhoff's Animation Tech Nation

      It's the Nostalgia-Naut b@$tch! Yeah, I'll get out....

    66. Michael Smith

      8:49. (Coughs awkwardly)

    67. Stefan Gingrich

      I must admit I did not like this movie it was not in anyway good.

    68. Takeshi Kujo

      Oh Douglas, don't listen to Douglas. Watching envelopes is just as normal as watching stamps. Now postcards on the other hand... they're just too exotic.

    69. Asylum117

      Let's be honest, X-Men 3 is basicly like Spider-Man 3. Despite these movies having really stupid moments and scenes, you are also lying by saying that these movies didn't have good moments either. X-Men 3 for example didn't really hold back with Magneto's abilities and that bridge scene was pretty awesome. Spider-Man 3 also had some memorable scenes, especialy I really liked Sadman's first introduction despite the movie being the worst one in the Sam Raimi trilogy. Both movies are bad, but at the same time they had some good ideas as well. So calling them the worst movies ever made is a bit of an exageration.

    70. El Schaefer

      Just got an ad for Dark Phoenix before this... God I hope that's not an omen of some kind

    71. Dade Lee Murphy

      Let's be honest; the only reason why X-Men Origins: Wolverine is better than X3.... Ryan Reynolds doesn't talk.

    72. Trevor Phillips

      31:18 his smile reminds me of the kid who played gay and depressed on shameless then grew up to be joker

      1. Trevor Phillips

        That sounded like an insult but who doesn’t love that smile?

    73. Daniel Codd

      Watch this become a cinematic masterpiece once the new Woke Phoenix film comes out. In any case I enjoyed it regardless despite it's faults.

    74. gor9027

      Having just seen Dark Phoenix, I’m stunned to say that Last Stand did a better job adapting the Phoenix Saga.

    75. I Am awesome

      They all got dusted.

    76. Rai Mou

      Rogue giving up her powers was actually a really interesting plot point and choice. Playing it as if she just wanted to touch Bobby and there was no prior history or the fact that she literally can't have physical contact with anybody, and not only for sexual purpose is a bit shallow. People need contact with other people and Rogue was struggling with her powers since the first XMen movie, was used by magneto because of them and almost killed and still doesn't have a grasp on them. It's one of the best moments in the movie for me, because Rogue made a mature and difficult choice.

    77. hikoritoken

      Wait....... They made a sequel to NORM?!?!??


      Kinda funny I agree with most points in the Nostalgia Critic X-men review. I disagree with almost every point in the X2 review. But I agree with the points in this review and have a soft spot for the third movie.

    79. A.J. Norman

      I just realized the kid cutting off his wings is from Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

    80. Go Time Now


    81. B-FliP

      Amazing animated intro guys that was epic!

    82. Donna Dotson

      You can't stop him, he's the Juggernaut bitch!

    83. gor9027

      Been looking forward to this review, especially since Doug openly admitted a few years ago he actually likes this movie so this makes for a unique perspective on the most controversial X-Men movie.

    84. Little Devil

      One X-Men character I'm partially thankful didn't make it into these movies was Sauron. For those who don't know him, which is probably a lot of you, Sauron was a minor X-Men villain who was inspired by Lord of the Rings, hence his name. He resembled a humanoid pterodactyl and had the powers of flight, energy absorption similar to Rogue, and hypnosis via eye contact. He was a really cool character, and I feel he could've added a lot to these films, but I also feel they would've ruined him

    85. Lebogang Manne

      It would be awesome to see a team up of Ash and wolverine.

    86. Matthew Snider

      9:34 When I saw this in the theater back in the day, roughly a third of the audience laughed aloud at this line (including myself, because it just felt so forced and written rather than convincing dialogue, even coming from a great actor like Stewart). It's the first thing I think of when someone mentions this film.

    87. Manic Amza

      "Just add water, boom! Crazy😅"

    88. Blake Jones

      Wow-i-wow-wow! Nuf said

    89. Hunter Webster

      Did NC just convince me this movie isn't that bad?

    90. Allan Kear


    91. Ross DiamondThief

      Your not alone Critic, I liked this film as well.

    92. full metal horseman

      I like it alot. This movie makes me think I'm being shown a history. things happen that people won't like. People make decisions that they feel is right. It's not perfect and I don't care.

    93. Jonny Morris

      26:00 - >SNAP!

    94. ThePurpleFoot

      lol Douglass

    95. Anthony Barratt

      Also we're Nightcrawler?

    96. Strong dud Zack

      This is only good because of the action

    97. TheNerdyBirdyShow

      I still don’t know why he needed the whole bridge when his army was like 100 people. Do you really need a mile and a half of city infrastructure for a small crowd? He could have just used like three trucks to move everyone.

    98. Starman Gaming


    99. Victoria Menendez

      This movie came out when I was a kid and honestly I didn’t know it was so hated, I just thought it was a cool flick. Even thought Magneto getting his powers back was an awesome twist


      I’m the germinal bitch