Worth it - Fifth Harmony ft.Kid Ink / May J Lee Choreography

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    May J Lee teaches choreography to Worth it by Fifth Harmony (feat.Kid Ink).
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Izameri Shangdiar

      I've learned this choreography 2years ago

    2. Lily Elena

      It's just perfect ❤️🤩



    4. K-POP_ My_Life

      us-new.com/online/video-b9r3U4G8mOc.html Bu mənəm♡♡🇦🇿 Bu benim♡♡🇹🇷 This is i am♡♡

    5. Mr Hèll & Báck Gamer

      The Last 3 of em was in so much Fire that if their hand hit each other's by mistake, there will be an Explosion 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    6. Puri Churtin

      I need to know the girl’s name with the red top in the middle... that smile really makes me melting

    7. Dead E

      September 2019,anyone?? Plz tell me that I am not alone here😫😫😫.

    8. Abinash Tamrakar

      why do korean guys have such a girly steps ? and why do women cheers when boys shake it like that? just curious no offense..

    9. Helsy Zahra

      Me Bae naw

    10. Helsy Zahra

      Watch wesap trip gurea Korea whose name singer koi

    11. Ciprii

      Me encanta

    12. TAJ AMYR

      wOw ThE fiRsT GroUP wAs FIRE🔥

    13. Dmitry Ivaniuk

      доски пляшут

    14. Sheila marie Sanico

      Watching until now... Super like😍

    15. Zoran Nikolovski

      !?!?!?!? How do u Guys do that i do creepypast song Ane a dance but not like u Guys AOL od u are so Cook im going to animet as a US-newr im so Aldo love u vids!!!!!!!! °^°~°^°~{©®©®}~°^°~°^°

    16. mango butt

      this has more views than a lot of actual music videos. i love that haha

    17. Grace gotchu

      Everytime I hear this song I can only see the I didn't get any sleep cause of yall meme

    18. Varghese Ninan

      It's very satisfying... All the dance movements.... That's all is what I love about this dance...

    19. valeria quimi


    20. choi eunhye

      춤으로 생긴 근육보소 ㅠㅠㅠ

    21. Manisha Chouhan

      Best part of this video starts from 0:00 ends on 1:23

    22. Clinton Pachingel

      Watching on October 1... For the future likes...

    23. lejindary Army

      What shampoo do u use?

    24. Kawsar Shihab

      Fifth Harmony Cover dance Outstanding

    25. otaku de kokoro

      quien habla en español (who speaks Spanish?)

      1. otaku de kokoro

        como me incluyo a esto

    26. TheNuggetBoi69

      2:54 I THINK the guy in the middle was trying too hard 🙄 props to him thooo

    27. Hok long

      Who is the lead girl on the second group?

      1. thegr8me

        yeji kim ... she's become an official choreographer here 🙂✌🏻

    28. Lys Rose

      What kind of dance it is please ? :)

    29. poo nam

      May j jee is worth it

    30. Trong Duong Nguyen


    31. Zaynah Khan


    32. Ali Ali

      شكرا على قناة

    33. Jesslyn Carlina

      Woww!! This is so good! Love it 😘🥰

    34. Sumbul Firdous

      Really 0:47 ........I like that girls dance.......how can they dance so perfect.........by the way I really love it

    35. Rodo Pakpahan

      September anyone? ♥

    36. Goosey Geese


    37. Nini ddd

      The three last dancers slayed🔥

    38. Berenice Romero

      Esta padre el vídeo puedo bailar así xd pero necesito ensayar xd

    39. Paul Rice

      These girls could stamp out a fire 🔥 ant 🐜 bed 🛌 if you speed the music up

    40. laisa jayne DE LEON


    41. Yasmien Chien


    42. Yasmien Chien

      The boy one was savagr

    43. Taeri나인틴

      Why do I found this just now?!! It’s cool thooo🔥🔥

    44. 꺙꾱이

      복근이랑 팔근육 개발려...

    45. Jeongseokpark Jiminhoseok

      The views😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    46. eylia shukaimi

      Me: trying this step My body : Am I a joke to you

      1. Nej Ray

        eylia shukaimi so true I always crack my legs 🦵

    47. Karim Nerima ing pandum

      Kk no 84

    48. Ailee

      The first group remind me of BlackPink

    49. Vincent Rani

      U can put tutorial... Plz...?

    50. morgyoara


    51. Ernest James Gozo

      Anyone know the girl with the dark grey sweater in the middle of the second group? It's been two years already

    52. xia chen

      anyone else tried to dance with them?

    53. negima112

      One of the best still

    54. Namrata Sahu

      If fifth harmony were dancers:-

    55. maharun reemi


    56. Ajungkook kookie

      May J Lee Choreography always f**King lit💯👑🔥

    57. jalilah caluya

      on the second one the girl with black pants is good at dancing I cant take off my eyes in her

    58. Rodrigo Conti

      Yeji Kim was killing it even back then... Best dancer by a mile from this studio. There are very good choreographers, but regarding dancing, Yeji Kim has the gift.

    59. anne galpa

      i like it

    60. Bootyfull TV - first korea dancehall movement

      May j lee's arm muscles look like bodybuilders.🔥🔥🔥

    61. Namjesus

      *I don't get no sleep cuz of y'all, y'all ain't never gonna sleep cuz of me*

    62. Alem Z Gaming

      It’s not beginners class

    63. an087 CP


    64. Zahra Rahmah


    65. Subah Samin

      The third group killed it

    66. Eloise Avery

      This song is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of eternity after watching this. Great.

    67. Adonait's life

      😎 dance moves who agrees

    68. General Phoney

      Asians doing stuff better than us. Again

    69. Alerquina Game free fire

      E bom tirar a mas magrinha tá rendiculo