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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellooOoo friends like for chum bucket comment for mcdonalds

      1. Gabrielle Croll

        SSSniperWolf mcdonalds

      2. Sharp Knife

        Mac doinald roight

      3. Akirayonna Johnson

        McDonald's I did both😝 actually

      4. Ellis the kitty queen

        I love McDonald’s

      5. Salon Evergreen

        omg i love mcdonlads and i love SSniperwolf :3

    2. Aiden Sowers

      Anyone see the glitch

    3. Carly Gacha

      ”wc” means toilet but it is Dutch.-just so u know

    4. Cordelia Hurwitz

      Sink for being to small

    5. Jaime Toledo

      Why did they make McDonald’s sign a round thing?

    6. Leah Baker

      Um trash is not good for animals

    7. MintyDrops ETN

      I will not shove my opinion up Cinderella

    8. Pencu Sebastian


    9. 13 years old and no subs.

      WC stands for water closet Here you go you're welcome Sniperwolf ♡

    10. Alex zamberkides


    11. Surub

      once i went into the girls bathroom cause yeah no signs. JUST TOILETS IN BOTH like regular public bathrooms.

    12. Shawnata Marshall

      For good give up don't quit

    13. Stefan Dennis

      Who else saw the glitch ?

    14. charmaine perry

      Hi Sssniper Wolf

    15. Brian V

      5b months agui

    16. Amelia Wills (Student)

      I think this: # don't quit # give up # for good Is because he's listing things not to do


      it said (don't give up quit for good)

    18. Victoria Speakman

      WC on the back of their shirts is Water Closet. = toitet 😆

    19. Sawyer Smith

      WC is wash closet

    20. Rainbow Dash

      The relaxing chair is a car seat kids

    21. Liam Reilly

      America trying to kill us

    22. MonkeyJanet

      Do u just ever look at something and say... *I'ɱ α ϝυƈƙҽԃ ɠιɾαϝϝҽ*

    23. garrett murphy

      It’s don’t quit, give up, for good😜

    24. Juliette Cooper

      Liaaaaaa I'm saving up my moneys 💰 💰 to get some of ur merch. Imma be do happy when I get some Btw Lia u encourage me to do better, and care about myself more in life, I love u♥️♥️💓💗💕💞💖♥️❤️

    25. Blanca Portillo


    26. Muhammadh Saamy

      Get the suggestion non English bit I do since it's maldivian And I live in maldive

    27. Miles not elijah Ok

      More like nc donalds lol

    28. lolita martin

      she or he

    29. Buddy Huey

      Sssniper wolf

    30. Maria Lopez

      For give don't good up??

      1. Maria Lopez

        For give don't quit good up??

    31. Grace Overton

      Ohhhhh for the two toilets ones For short people and the other one if for y’all people

      1. Grace Overton

        I meant one is for tall people sorry

    32. Madilyn Pietrzykowski

      I know right

    33. rakima mcgough

      They are says give up for good

    34. Lily land

      I think that they mean give up as in give up your bad diet healthy thing

    35. Bubbles_myway

      Whoa that tapppp

    36. Hanane Sadikoune

      10:57 I saw that in a sore before.

    37. aubrey calash

      its is don't guit don't give up for good

    38. Royal Baby

      Hey! You're beautiful SIKE >:> you're amazing :>

    39. Nichole Bisby

      Its not the sink and its not the fosset ITS THE GOSH DARN FREAKING PERSON WHO BUILT IT SO FREAK THEM?????

    40. Jenni D

      Wc means water closet

    41. Angela Nancollis

      That is not a dab

    42. Katlynn F

      When I was 7or6 at camp and a boy walked into the bathroom and I thought it was the girl's and he walked away

    43. Day Dreamer

      I am so scared

    44. AvaTalksToMuch-UwU Queen

      Do you have wolf merch?

    45. Crystal Hitt

      Omg. The Mc Donald's???Ma They STUPID

    46. Pitama Corporation

      The sink is wrong cuz it's not big enough !

    47. Erin Harding

      WC = water closet

    48. Denki Kun

      8:48 WC is an acronym (idk what it means) but it means restroom in French.

    49. Wolfie Playz

      Me: sees the wrong McDonald's sign 5 yr me: TRIGGERED

    50. Chicken Nugget Squad

      Don’t give up for good, quit?? Is that what they meant

    51. Jasmine Mhoon

      5:31 anyone noticed that Fred wasn’t the only one with the messed up ice cream look at the other dudes hand

    52. Itz Debz

      8:51 WC is Water Closet

    53. J_English Jr17

      The single arch is supposed to be like that I think it's supposed to be like a rare logo

    54. galaxiana aka shari the galaxy wolf

      Everything you said made me laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    55. syeda khatija

      its that figure mr sausage

    56. {.AnimeNerd.} •

      Instead of McDonald’s we got *NcNonald’s-*

    57. Alisa B

      Lia; you heard the sign! Me; 🤦🏼‍♀️ y. WHY Also Lia; ew I hate when this happens Me; WHAT???

    58. Brenda Alvarez

      Hey did anybody see a glitch when she was dabbing

    59. Mack Animates

      I’m in Sadona Arizona right now and there’s this McDonald’s and in stead of yellow for the arches it’s BLUE

    60. Tiger dodo

      I literally DIVED down my stairs yesterday after tripping😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    61. Lana Le Roux

      Don't give up for good Quit

    62. Demi Caleb

      Wc means water closet

    63. Victoriarose


    64. Bella Ojeh’s WORLD

      Your so funny 🤣😂😇🥳💵💵💵💵💋💸

    65. Anaysia Nelson

      When she said “it’s a mini tsunami” my heart went: 😤😤🥰🥰🦋🦋🥺🥺🌹🌹

    66. LPS Yorks

      When SS sniper wolf was talking about the eggs in the bag I just started thinking) wait I’m allergic to eggs!!!). I’m seriously allergic to eggs it’s not a joke.

      1. Isabella Patterson

        It’s sssniperwolf not ss sniper wolf

    67. Jazmine Molina

      omg hi

    68. Pigeon Lover

      The toilet with the guy is the girls because the baby changing sign

    69. Meenar Ahmed

      *giraffe Cinderella? ummm.....ok?*