World’s Biggest Pitbull Hulk Stars In Rap Video | DOG DYNASTY



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    MOVE aside Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz and Bow Wow, there’s a new canine at the top of the rap game - superstar pit bull Hulk. The 175lb giant had a starring role when hip hop duo Usual Suspecktz visited dog breeders, Dark Dynasty K9s HQ to film the music video for their new song ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’, inspired by the life and success of Hulk’s owner Marlon Grennan. And Hulk almost proved too much to handle for Usual Suspecktz members Bobby O and Medisin, who were pulled along the driveway when the colossal 175lb canine took off after a stray ball. The rap pair visited Dark Dynasty K9s HQ in early November 2018, with the shoot featured in the second episode of season three of Barcroft TV’s hit digital reality series Dog Dynasty. **Dog Dynasty season 3 is available on Barcroft Animals US-new page and the Dog Dynasty Facebook Watch page, with new episodes weekly.**
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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Demarcyo McGee

      Dude you have some beautiful dog's tell the truth sometimes you do not have real american pitbull terriers you have bandogges cause that's what you really have the lying needs to stop.

    2. BillNyeYourMomsA Guy

      14:45 Wait he’s dead?

    3. Ryan Pendzik

      You dog is a massif type

    4. tasha bourbonnas


    5. Robert Carr

      That video made me smile from ear to ear i love the hulk

    6. kutit kutit

      Nice song 👍👍👍👏👏

    7. car-nl


    8. MK Billions

      A dog has its name and the name Hulk the pit bull

    9. Jon

      This hulk dog is not 100% Pitbull...Pitbull r terriors and not over 100lbs

    10. DeriesBoss YT

      Me:I fear no man Me (see’s hulk) but that thing it scares me 😳

    11. Siyabonga Nhlakanipho

      Bro can i have one dog I love dogs so much and i watch hulk each and everyday....I'm from South Africa

    12. Carole Jean

      Wow this is dope

    13. Yo Boi Sunset

      Definition of hulk being revelant compared to most "rappers"

    14. MJP HOHAIA

      Love dat beat yo..lyrical flow f G 2

    15. Tobi Jones

      I liked the rap! I didn't see any faggets dancing. You can't discrimate

    16. Chris Nunya

      Never heard of those rappers and there's way too many pit bulls in shelters instead of paying thousands for a pitbull that's most likely mixed with mastiff I'd rather adopt one for at the most 150 dollars.

    17. taino morales

      14:48 he died

    18. Something Sumn

      3:05 there have been some minor trembles in my country these past few days and I live in the coast... as you cena probably tell i got a fight or flight instinct right away

    19. KSPredki

      rip ace we love ace!

    20. NoPulse Drizz

      Damn I’ve never seen a dog more dedicated than ace he’s a legend never forget him R.I.P

    21. Lily Rose

      Was hulk a mix or full

    22. Barbara Collins

      you guys better not give this video a thumbs down.Who ever have negativity stop watching these videos and get out of here with all that negativity

    23. Joey F

      That is not a pitbull bro come on !

    24. Milica Dumanovic

      Rip ace I LOVE YOU😢😭😭😢

    25. Brenda Morris

      Loved this !!!

    26. XizoNico Games

      Rip general 🙏🏽

    27. Lizzy Kimmy

      Marlon is the true og😌

    28. Iyanna Nash

      That music video was so dope😍

    29. emergency response

      That roar of the mustang dang

    30. King James

      These rappers are trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣🗑🤡

    31. Dominique Cardinal

      RIP Steve, you were like your friend HULK a big guy with a gentle Soul! RIP General

    32. Jai

      Rip ACE the ultimate DDK dog🥺

    33. Jai

      What does DDK stand for

    34. Daniel Gutierrez

      Rip ace

    35. Daniel Gutierrez


    36. It’s Kiana

      Did anyone notice when the man was like sssshshshhhhh and the lightskin dude blew the smoke out at the same time😂

    37. Jr SHIZ NIK

      the real question is yh why did it say in memory of the wall

    38. Stefanie Oliveira

      Steve Ace Maia and General are chillin in Heaven now and protect ddk from above😪🙏🐕

    39. Julianna Madddox badilla

      My German Shepard might be the biggest one he's huge

    40. CrownedZ0

      I dont even like rap i just came because of hulk

    41. Melinda Aflague

      Any one hoo likes dogs 🐕 like commment and vid

    42. Cyndia Dawson Hammonds

      I feel blessed to watch your dogs and your family in the crews that you run with.. I love when you explain it to people he won't hurt you because you're the pack leader. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing this with the public. The most misunderstood dog in the world. Thanks to you and your family again

    43. Marcus Fajardo

      That’s so freaking dope how rappers do those moves thoe

    44. Jp Eljer

      Could I come over

    45. john romano

      Pit bulls are 40-50lb dogs, lightning fast, and animal aggressive. These dogs you have are straight mixed breeds . If you breed a horse with a donkey it will still look like a horse but it is no longer a horse or a donkey. Nice dogs but calling them pitbulls is wrong. You are either full of #!@! or to dumb to understand this

    46. Shrimp

      My mom isint letting me get a blue nose pitbull plz coment if hes aggressive or not

    47. Kindra Wilcoxon

      I cant find the video, but that beat killz! I listen to a lot of Strange Music artists and Tech N9ne. If they collabed, that would be fire.

    48. Dominique Cardinal

      Hi,guys does anyone know what happened to Steve Schwartz (The Wall)Thanks in advance ddk9 fans!

    49. Lilly Grilliot

      Hulk isn't even a apbt, he's just a fat bully mix.

    50. Blas robles

      It’s a bandog

    51. Blas robles

      Nice bandog

    52. Golden State warriors

      Damn I want that Mustang and those dogs


      Hulk is already a superstar Only right he is in a music video HULK 👏

    54. Ava Montoya

      Aww ❤️😭😢🥺🥰💕🐕🐶👍🏻🥺

    55. Toni Mehmeti

      Rip ace Pin my comment plz

    56. SSN GRINCH Yt

      Ace you were a super dog we miss you

    57. Finley Watson


    58. Marsha Marklin

      Do you have

      1. Marsha Marklin

        How many 🐕 do you have

    59. horor gaca

      Rip ace 😥😭😢😠😌

    60. SloTh


    61. Lucy Griffith

      Come to barbados tomorrow morning please petty please petty please petty please and hulk cute

    62. Chasen Casen

      It's like someone touches the stang besides their family hulk ganna go after u

    63. Valerie Benjamin

      I wanted to send out my condolences to Marlon and the DDK9 crew because they have lost a lot of legends and Marlon keep on tracking that speak volumes to this young man. And to have a beautiful hard working wife by his side, he can't do nothing but keep going Up. Marlon if I can say anything to you is to keep always remembering who was I your corner I the beginning and always give GOD the praise for the thing he has done in your life as well as your dogs and lastly do not read those comments because you have so many wish they could have done to your dogs what you have done and getting paid for doing what you love to do.from Detroit Mi RIP Steve(wall) Ace ( super dog)

    64. xo xo

      ACES death still freaking breaks my heart man, he was my favourite😭😭😭😭😭 RIP ACE RIP STEVE 😭😭 so sad man.

    65. Leah Kemp

      RIP Steve never meet you and all the Pits you had have a Blessed Year

    66. junar duran

      Who is steve is he the dog?

    67. Lekita Malbunka

      I never seen a dog that big 😍

    68. Taylor Jackson

      We’re can u find their merch

    69. Billy bounce Chaser

      Hulk you are the cutest k9 I Ever seen