Women Wear Expensive Lingerie For A Week • Ladylike



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    Wait…these are crotchless?!
    Big thanks to Serpent Lane for providing all of our fun clothing options!
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Baleigh Nielsen

      0:01 so my bag is lingerie? Don't like bc I will get a notification and my mom can't find this plz

    2. Iyodya Wijesundara

      5:38 lol Kristen has something on her tooth

    3. Theaccountonly4books :D

      I just realized Freddy and I have the same army shirt

    4. sans24

      There is no difference between panties and underwear it’s just what you say

    5. Aferdita Kosovrasti

      It sounds like they say laundrey

    6. Aferdita Kosovrasti

      Wait...did they just say lanjurae ummm it’s acually ling-er-ie

      1. gabby dellawood

        Aferdita Kosovrasti actually they said it right....

    7. ʝιмιи'ѕ Hσlу WaTerEU

      That girl has a army t shirt lol

      1. May Lil

        ʝιмιи'ѕ Hσlу WaTerEU I thought that too haha my biases are Jimin and joon

    8. Becky Wolf Gaming

      Ob my goodness safya nygard!

    9. KC Jung

      Black girl has 'ARMY' in her shirt. BTS ARMY?

    10. Ella Mitchell

      i wear lingerie pretty much everyday anyway

      1. May Lil

        Ella Mitchell ok ?

    11. Sara Alkiesoum

      Freddie has shirt says army

    12. Zeeshan Nisar Ul Aziz

      Freddie's shirt said ARMY so is she a fan of BTS? Any ARMIES over here because I am

    13. Jemimah

      Since this video came out I have tried to wear at least 1 item of lingerie a day. Deadass have never felt better - 3 years and counting!

    14. Ash Spenst

      Omg I didn’t even know safyia was incorporated in these videos.

    15. sora xxforever

      "Fashion before function"

    16. Sushi The Weirdo

      3:14 this, is why I love Jen.

    17. Meike C

      FREDDIE WEARS A ARMY T-SHIRT💜💜💜💜💜💜😂😂😂😂 i know i know😐😂

    18. Dara Daskalova

      Am I the only one that saw that one of the girls wore an ARMY T-shirt...

    19. Avi Du rand

      Did u guys see that Kristen has lip stick 5:33

    20. Hedwig The grey cockatiel

      Rip for anyone wearing skirts/ dresses: wear bike shorts underneath. That way if it flies up ur not exposed

    21. I Dino

      For me, lingerie is any bra or pantie made with a superior quality, that feels softer and better at the skin.

    22. mindu nimsandi

      ARMY TEEEE!!!!

    23. Random Piggy

      Saf:wearing a sexy outfit Tyler: OMG THERES A POKÉMON IN OUR BACKYARD

    24. Ananya Singh

      Freddie is wearing ARMY tshirt

    25. I'm a teen, so angsty

      I feel like lingerie would be a total confidence booster

    26. Aesthetio Moo

      Who wants Saf back on ladylike?

    27. Megan Greene

      I would like that little nighty, but there is absolutely no possible way that I would ever wear a thong or G string.

    28. Rae Cowan

      I am wearing Victoria secret

    29. IndigoBlue Gacha

      Me thinking about the song salt when they said thigh highs 🎶🎵Got my thigh highs on feel like wonder woman, but I'm not your woman🎵🎶

    30. Laurie Livingston


    31. Captain Sprinkles

      50 of these comments are about saf and tyler

    32. Debashree Das

      And am here wearing the same torn bra for 3 long months....just kidding i do have 3 complete bras in total

    33. Kawii Cafe

      Omg! Sophia is here! This is old....

    34. Alyssa Ruma

      Saf has her own channel

    35. Spider Girl

      Who's only here because of Safia Nygaard?

    36. Kitty _Onlinexox

      *_wow this really works_*

    37. Ladybug girl 35

      Kristen Your very aware about sitting on a chair Kristen is the funniest 😂😂😂

    38. Midnight Mangos

      I died of laughter when it just cut to Tyler catching pokemon in the bathroom. 😂😂

    39. • Dead Roses •

      I think thigh highs look sexy 🤤

    40. Anna’s world

      Freddie has me dead

    41. Sam King

      “Lingerie anything your mom would be mad at your for showing to other people” well I guess my grades are lingerie now

    42. Samantha Renae

      Am I the only one that thinks that Kristen is a pure little bean ? She's got that kind of innocent southern girl vibe

    43. Ava Dahlberg

      omg you can tell this is old cuz saf still works at buzzfeed! lol.

    44. Emily Clairmont

      I never tryed lingerie

    45. Emily Delamar

      I wear thigh highs all the time because tights are always too short (I'm over 6ft). My skirts and dresses all have a decent length so you can't tell those aren't thights^^

    46. Kristen Whitley

      According to Kristin my bank account number is lingerie

    47. Elli Johnson

      With Kristin's definition of lingerie, if you changed mom to grandma, lingerie is pentagrams, rappers, and ripped jeans.

    48. Zoe Star23

      Freddie was wareing a bts shirt #army

      1. Silver Røse MMD

        No she wasn't you know army is a group of people who fight for countrys right

    49. Lily Gordon

      Ana oop-

    50. aubrey manry

      Who else know that Saf has like 9 million subscribers now ???

    51. Ari The fluff

      Omg Kristin u have lipstick on ur tooty

    52. xX crøckpøt Xx

      0:15 ITS OUR GOD!!!!

    53. Julia Paszkowiak

      “I think lingerie is anything that your mom will be mad at you for showing to other people” So do dirty memes=lingerie?

      1. Silver Røse MMD


    54. Kayla

      Omg sayfia is in a long term realtionshio she’s married

    55. omgx.lil.j

      i got hard xD idk hwy

    56. pale_nail_art palenails

      Kristin speaking the truth in the beginning... my mom would KILL me 😂

    57. XXXJádé BłøødwølfXXX

      “Lingerie is something that your mom would be mad at you for showing to other people”. Me: So my bikini top which isn’t even that bad at all is lingerie?

    58. Sophia The bunny lady

      Btw the chemise is a loose dress that was worn as underwear In the 1800s

    59. Getmypastamasta

      Pianie PANTIE

    60. Becky Anders

      At 1:38 the girl in the black dress did the fakest laugh ever

    61. Kaidence Medina

      Kristen had lipstick on her teeth (no hate)

    62. Gray_justGray

      I love babydolls they're my favorite lingerie item they're so flowey and pretty

    63. Jaelle Lundy

      The one girl is a US-newr!!! She does makeup stuff sometimes!

    64. My name is Jeffrey ;D

      Kristen never has her lipstick on right😂I love her but her lipstick is on her teeth, a chunk of it is missing and the rest is on her chinnnn

    65. bailey

      Episode 2791019474629 of: Kristen still not knowing how to apply lipstick

    66. Blue_Angel

      3:37 Freddie shining like the goddess she is

    67. Stephanie Luna

      Idc what anyone saaayyyyyssss matching bra and pantys are life!!!!! Even if no one sees it, i just feel sexy, like yeeessss i match under these clothes ! I walk w an ommmfff w confidence ! Rather when i got blue undie and a faded sports bra eeeehhh yall should got out and buy yourselfs at least one matching set

    68. Luna Rivas

      4:03 Tyler is such a mood 😂

    69. Šhÿ Åñgēł

      “There’s a Nidoran in our apartment” -Tyler 2016

    70. Chelsea Jean

      3:00 the video was cool and all, but Shinobi was the best part