Women Wear Expensive Lingerie For A Week • Ladylike



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    Wait…these are crotchless?!
    Big thanks to Serpent Lane for providing all of our fun clothing options!
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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Samantha Renae

      Am I the only one that thinks that Kristen is a pure little bean ? She's got that kind of innocent southern girl vibe

    2. Ava Dahlberg

      omg you can tell this is old cuz saf still works at buzzfeed! lol.

    3. Emily Clairmont

      I never tryed lingerie

    4. Emily Delamar

      I wear thigh highs all the time because tights are always too short (I'm over 6ft). My skirts and dresses all have a decent length so you can't tell those aren't thights^^

    5. Kristen Whitley

      According to Kristin my bank account number is lingerie

    6. Elli Johnson

      With Kristin's definition of lingerie, if you changed mom to grandma, lingerie is pentagrams, rappers, and ripped jeans.

    7. Zoe Star23

      Freddie was wareing a bts shirt #army

      1. Silver Røse MMD

        No she wasn't you know army is a group of people who fight for countrys right

    8. Lily Gordon

      Ana oop-

    9. aubrey manry

      Who else know that Saf has like 9 million subscribers now ???

    10. Gacha Nugget

      Omg Kristin u have lipstick on ur tooty

    11. xX Crockpot Xx

      0:15 ITS OUR GOD!!!!

    12. Julia Paszkowiak

      “I think lingerie is anything that your mom will be mad at you for showing to other people” So do dirty memes=lingerie?

      1. Silver Røse MMD


    13. Kayla Without the first a

      Omg sayfia is in a long term realtionshio she’s married

    14. flashy

      i got hard xD idk hwy

    15. pale_nail_art palenails

      Kristin speaking the truth in the beginning... my mom would KILL me 😂

    16. XXXJádé BłøødwølfXXX

      “Lingerie is something that your mom would be mad at you for showing to other people”. Me: So my bikini top which isn’t even that bad at all is lingerie?

    17. Sophia The bunny lady

      Btw the chemise is a loose dress that was worn as underwear In the 1800s

    18. Ain’t no

      Pianie PANTIE

    19. Becky Anders

      At 1:38 the girl in the black dress did the fakest laugh ever

    20. Kaidence Medina

      Kristen had lipstick on her teeth (no hate)

    21. Kalentine

      I love babydolls they're my favorite lingerie item they're so flowey and pretty

    22. Jaelle Lundy

      The one girl is a US-newr!!! She does makeup stuff sometimes!

    23. My name is Jeffrey ;D

      Kristen never has her lipstick on right😂I love her but her lipstick is on her teeth, a chunk of it is missing and the rest is on her chinnnn

    24. bailey

      Episode 2791019474629 of: Kristen still not knowing how to apply lipstick

    25. Blue_Angel

      3:37 Freddie shining like the goddess she is

    26. Stephanie Luna

      Idc what anyone saaayyyyyssss matching bra and pantys are life!!!!! Even if no one sees it, i just feel sexy, like yeeessss i match under these clothes ! I walk w an ommmfff w confidence ! Rather when i got blue undie and a faded sports bra eeeehhh yall should got out and buy yourselfs at least one matching set

    27. Luna Rivas

      4:03 Tyler is such a mood 😂

    28. Šhÿ Åñgēł

      “There’s a Nidoran in our apartment” -Tyler 2016

    29. Chelsea Jean

      3:00 the video was cool and all, but Shinobi was the best part


      4:52 Anna oop

    31. Fujoshi Chic

      My first experience with a matchy-matchy set was when i was 13 and mymom just handed me them witha smile

    32. Sophia The bunny lady

      Being an Aussie it’s a big struggle when not hearing about the brands you know like what is Victoria’s Secret

    33. Keira DeWit

      Love your slides freeddy!i have the same ones!LOL!

    34. Idek Help

      Omg at 1:56 😂😂😂

    35. Nacho Gurl

      I see ARMY does that mean she likes BTS?

    36. jennTwaambo

      I love lingerie regardless of my small boob's. Lingerie makes me feel good. And I live for it.

    37. Payton Hall

      Was this before they were their own channel

    38. Aneeqa Irfan

      Anyone else notice Freddie wearing a shirt that says 'ARMY' ???

    39. kyuu akamashi

      I’m scared of lingerie 😂

    40. Amelia Bahr


    41. coward Joseph

      I love how Saffs just wearing lingerie and Tyler's playing Pokemon Go. That's the normal first then. Saffs doing something weird and Tyler's playing Pokemon Go

    42. MorningStar Kematch

      Freddie doesn't want chain link lingerie, she wants the whips...rowr Freddie. You go girl!

    43. Christina Dcruz


    44. Poker Fanatic79

      I'm straight but Saf is hot

    45. juliet B pusheen


    46. Jenny Yunxi

      5:32 you can see the lipstick on her teeth and a little lipstick has vanished on her bottom lip

    47. Viixera

      5:58 OOF!!

    48. Kenna Rose

      I love Kristen so much! She is so funny and real

    49. Mariah Ponchot

      Team sleep naked all the way Also, did the thigh highs help with chaffing or make it worse??

    50. RedPotato4Life- I do ROBLOX :3

      nobody gonna talk about the fact that Saf had that awkward moment where her dress flew up and everyone saw her *jelly*

    51. Molly Brooks

      The person in the ad I think is the person who does the lunch box vlogs

    52. BreAwesomeness

      The gay in me was flared up while watching this video

    53. Lilli Johnson

      DEVIN!!!!!!!!! I HEARD DEVIN!!!!! When Christina said Serpant Lane focuses on lingerie and pole dancing clothes, I thought "Devin probaly lvoves that website" THEN I HEARSD DEVIN!!!!!!!

    54. Nila Cameo

      I wanna try this- looks so liberating

    55. Je n

      Freddie is so cute I love her

    56. Sophie Ho

      how do y'all read "lingerie" like i read it as lin-jer-ē but i pronounce it as "laun-jür-ey

    57. Lilli's Realm

      Does saf still talk to you guys

    58. CAMILA vlogs/challenges/and more

      I feel sad for saf lolz

    59. Sharlize Jull


    60. Sophie McLeod


    61. cali crocodile

      i was at my moms bridal shower. *yep.*

    62. randomfandom kiddo

      When I was a little skinnier I used to wear thigh highs and garters all the time.

    63. Hana Duus

      Okay 4:06 killed me so bad

    64. Madi McDonald

      did anyone notice at 5:31 kristen had lipstick on her teeth 😂

    65. Kittene Exe

      When I think lingerie I think of laundry

    66. Jordan Walker

      Freddie’s favorite word is va va voom 😂

    67. Cute Weirdo

      I hope none of them were on their period

    68. Julie Tibbetts

      A pole wear line?!?!?! Sold.

    69. Madeleine F

      I thought the title in the video said wamen try expensive lingerie

    70. Spider Girl

      2:58 me everyday

    71. Mochi Chimchim

      Lmao Saf is about to wear lingerie and Tyler is just like “ I need my Pokemon!!” XD

    72. Jimin -ssi

      I'm screaming bc Freddie has an Army shirt

      1. Otaku 4 life


    73. kimchiflavourred mochi

      Freddie is Army?! Omg

    74. Charlo P

      My fave part of this vid was the Tyler playing Pokémon hahahaha

    75. Tiggy Tu Tu Jonesie


      1. Otaku 4 life

        No. This is an old video.

    76. Erin Morton

      Kristin is a mood ❤️

    77. Emily O'Sullivan

      *clutches panties*

    78. Sophie Olson

      Safya vid: Why I left buzfeed.... This is y. She doesn't know what's happening anymore

    79. Kokou Ogouibi

      When Freddy shirt said army I start up was like bts for life bro

    80. cow

      The bigger woman is so bubbly I love her 😂😂😂

    81. vinita siew

      who is watching this in 2019

    82. Soso N

      Ketty cat

    83. hannah elvidge

      ughh i hate kristen she is so annoying

    84. Ellie May

      I don’t understand people who say “I’m in a long term relationship I don’t have to impress anyone.” Like, no, I WANT to impress the person I’m with! They are the most important person in my life why wouldn’t I want to impress them?

    85. Gabi Green

      *me removing this from my watch history*

    86. DaniKat21

      Lol PRIORITIES! She’s gonna wear it all night but a Nidoran will only be there for so long 🤣 (sorry if I spelt that wrong)

    87. J U N G S H O O K

      Didn’t Saf leave ladylike? Or was i just misinformed...


        J U N G S H O O K she did this vid is old

    88. Olivia Wall

      Bralettes are so amazing

    89. Freya Green


    90. Aleyna K

      When bts fans think, when someone mention army or wear something where is standing “ army “ they are Bts fans. Just chill out, not everyone is a Bts fan

    91. Namjinisrealok

      Freddie's shirt says army.... ARMYYY?

    92. Morning Rose

      Girl in blue dress should close her legs when she sits!


        Morning Rose maybe because she’s comfortable....

      2. Morning Rose

        BRENNA COLNER why not? It looks tacky


        Morning Rose uhh no she shouldn’t...

    93. Šhïvâ

      Funny that Safia is marrying Tyler (sorry if I miss spelled her name oof)

    94. Kylie Arizona

      Kristin is the cutest person like for real💜💫💜

    95. Nati Kitty

      What is Safya doing there lol

      1. Jenny Gardiner

        Nati Kitty she used to work for buzzfeed

    96. yeet yeet ho

      Panty=pansexual tea

      1. yeet yeet ho

        @BRENNA COLNER that works to


        a pet named Steve yep u mean bi

    97. Aly and Eve Kenny

      i like how the girl has lingerie on the chair with her

    98. Autumn Gorgonite

      I’m 14 and my mum always comes shopping with me and we find some nice lingerie for me aha! I have a burgundy lingerie bra and it’s so cute!

      1. Lauren Hastie

        Do u ever feel uncomfortable? And aren’t u a little bit young?

      2. Dark Alessa

        Jessy KiwiXx yikes

    99. Doge of Random

      Omg Saf!

    100. Lindsey Sawatzki

      5:30 .....

      1. Lindsey Sawatzki

        If u don't get it she has lipstick on her teeth