Women Answer Questions Men Are Too Afraid To Ask



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    "What happens in the girls bathroom?"
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. • frostedjosieos

      I see you style swap challenge

    2. Sineade Williams

      Jesus boob sweat is the BANE of my existence

    3. 4L13n

      Am I the only one who legit thinks this video is stupid?

    4. •ラーク•

      Bathroom chat is neat. Thats where i learned how to apply make up

    5. Tara Tidoni

      Fellow Libra who doesn't make the first move either!...😊...lol

    6. Aerin K

      Anyone knows where I can find Jazzmyne's shirt? Really love it!

    7. SalLee Paradise

      LOL “Mommy issues, Insecurity, issues with fathers and brothers, immaturity, emotional unavailability, lack of an emotional intelligence, emotional baggage piled up since 3rd grade, communication issues, hero complex, commitment issues”

    8. Heavenly Castillo

      Libra bonding is a Stan from a Libra myself 🌞😆

    9. StaringanimE1


    10. Izzy Stelling

      Fun fact: I hate going to the bathroom with other women. I much prefer going to the bathroom completely alone. Idk why though, I just really, really hate it. Anyone else?

    11. Summer Rose

      Thumbnail: lyndsey and jazz sitting next to each other Actual video: they don't sit next to each other

    12. Jahnysa Hope

      4:28 😂🤣

    13. Kelly /

      These questions seem so normal to me. If these are the questions men are "afraid" to ask, y'all need to grow up

    14. insta kittylover

      Jazzmynnnnnn looks adorableeeeeeeee i lowkey wanna hookup😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    15. Alphadog1645

      Who said guys don’t talk in the bathroom. I literally see packs of guys galavanting towards the bathroom. It becomes a full stampede. Then when I open the door they are all talking and spilling tea. Then the see I’m there and I run out of the bathroom. All of the sudden.... ohhh no... it’s them.... They start leaving at the same time in a big flash mob. It is wilddddd

    16. Shathai09

      this is so like... not real... i mean, go ahead and do the same questions in the street t a typical girl, not you girls... and answers will be SSSSOOOOOOOO different...

    17. bballforlife1231

      keep the leopard dress girl on the lesbian side, please... she is a nightmare

    18. Desiree  Cowling

      Yes, lots of bonding in the bathroom.

    19. Jackson Beamer

      Why is no one talking about how sexist this is

    20. Briana Moore

      We need a whole show about men issues.

    21. ms.katie.wright

      Joyce needs her own inspirational talk show.

    22. Latunsha Griffin

      Now we need questions women are afraid to ask men I'm very interested in hearing the answers

    23. Luey Sixty-six

      I don't want to be mean, but the "big fat friend" is not the one we care what they think(!) - but they're the ones doing all the talking!

    24. ThunderWitch010


    25. ural wong

      Women: Men lack emotional intelligence Also Women: I hate when they talk about their insecurities and relationship with their family

      1. ural wong

        @Tamera Pratt I was talking about these women in the video :)

      2. Tamera Pratt

        Depends on the woman... We could say the same about guys. You can't generalize a whole gender, we all aren't gonna have the same outlooks

    26. stinky stuf

      Do a lesbian edition pls

    27. Lydia Lewis

      I feel like at least half of girls would be grossed out by a guy being with a guy before lol

    28. Meghaa Gobi

      They spoke such facts, considering the fact that I dress nice and try to look nice to impress myself and boost my self-confidence, not to impress others.

    29. Pene Bempah

      Joyce gives me life 😂❤

    30. By Berserk

      i didnt even watched the Video … but i know one Thing. men are not to afraid to ask those Questions, if we would you (feminists) would say we are rapists rct!

    31. Robs

      ''The fact that one girl breaks their heart ONCE and then it's an emotional issue for LIFE'' 3:54 GIRL, I LOVE YOU!!!!! YES!!!!!

    32. idontknowa goodusername:/

      Why do you wear makeup? Because it's fun to experiment with different looks. And before anyone comes at me about how its catfishing, and wrong and unnatural keep in mind I'm happily married and not going on dates. when I do wear makeup it's so exaggerated that no one for a second thinks, "shes born with it". I'm part of that small percentage of girls that when we wear makeup we don't do the natural look and cannot literally trick anyone.

    33. Brian Gannuscio

      whats wrong with dating a guy ThEY ARe EMoTioNAl

    34. Fallen Angel

      Question: What about men scares you most? Response: Everything? Me: Big mood

    35. jon holloway

      I don't know if I,d sleep with any of those Bovines, Maybe the Asian

    36. skoo woP

      Women go to the bathroom together because they need backup. Not just gossiping guys don worry but it’s situations like “emergency period and don have the cookies”, “on the edge of a mental breakdown and I don’t want to embarrass myself”, and just sisterhood. There are unwritten rules here that we can’t really explain (unless someone else does :/)

    37. Karen Ly

      This sounds interesting

    38. Adriana Vasquez

      The truth.

    39. Isabel Henley

      This rots of Ebola

    40. Mira Puppy

      Jazz and Lindsay are from the swapping styles video. I honestly love those outfits lol

    41. The GamingKing

      first off i feel like that one woman with the drag on is a man not a woman

    42. Andy Gonzalez

      I wanna try to answer questions, women in the comments, ama

    43. ettaex

      I’ve definitely been asked why girls go to the bathroom together. But it was by my brothers and by my dad who’s a teacher.

    44. Sabrina Acid

      I answered every question an i feel i should be on this dam panel of questions, cause I had some dam good answers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm deying

      1. Perurita Perurita

        Sabrina Acid There is a question that will always be difficult for us to answer and I have heard guys ask it. We know masturbation is natural normal and healthy. Everybody does it. Why is it impossible for any of us to ever dare ourselves to be honest enough to admit it? Hahaha!

    45. MoonlightJewel Aka Cynthia

      I came here to understand and...im even more comfused. Like do you want me to connect to you emotional or skip that and be super comfortable with each other. Plz help

    46. Panda Cake

      What about men scares you the most: that this question should have to be asked. It shouldnt. But men are scary sometimes

    47. sourcescience

      It’s quite amusing that they think that if they are attacked by a guy their keys will somehow be useful.

    48. Alice Jiang

      "They don't even look at each other? WoOoOoOoOW" Mood right there

    49. Kay Owls

      Going to the bathroom with a friend/sibling is always what my family told to do since i was elementary, warning the dangers of guys hurting me

    50. HeyitsTay Marie


    51. Jennifer Frith

      I love how a lesbian did this🤣😂

    52. jcfreak2007

      What scares you most about men? The possibility of violence because they are not taught that it's acceptable for them to have emotions other than anger.

    53. Apple Hearts

      One girl breaks their heart and it's sadness for life. lol damn, that hit hard. Every dude has a story like this!

    54. Sara Anderson

      Why do you wear makeup? Me: I don't cause I can't figure it out...

    55. fannilou u

      I love how jazz and liz are in their style swap outfits🌺

    56. WolfieSmurf Devilie

      Lindsay and Jazzmyne switched styles in another video before

    57. ohhirenee

      Lmao you could film a whole video on what happens in the girls bathroom! Especially when we’re drunk 😅😂

    58. Caitlin Eva

      the girls rant that starts at 3:16 is quite strange. it’s as if the worst part about men in their vulnerability’s and insecurities,, bit of a ‘mr struggle’ comment lmao let men be insecure and emotional too they hate toxic masculinity just as much as u do xx

    59. Lord McBucket

      Wow! We men grow up with the thought of respecting women and it is drilled in our brains then they just go and say that we are dangerous. I also think that men should be able to open up about their feelings because we are human too and we should not be restricted or judged for it. Sorry I just get upset at these comments.

    60. Rohit Shah

      6:29 ....damn m a libra too and wat ever she said was true 😂🤣😂.....we all like to be impressed

    61. Kusa

      the girl in the leopard shirt was spitting straight facts

    62. •Al3X the D3MON•

      "What about men scares me the most?" Me: ........................................................My dad..........nothing else just my dad *insert flashbacks of screaming and yelling*

    63. rudeboymon

      Asian girl looks delicious 😋

    64. connyc23

      to the woman with the glasses: i want to be your friend! you're so smart and eloquent, and funny.

    65. kcl060

      Stop wearing your stupid $500 Nikes that are worth $5 bahahahahahaha!!!

    66. Sarah W

      6:30 Same! Im a Libra ♎ too! Would never make a first move lol

    67. Raccc000nnn

      I got a brain tumor watching this

    68. Scott Allen

      Her describing all of men's emotional baggage.... she's describing women.

      1. Claire

        Nah. I've seen men like that. I once saw a man have a crying fit after a company dinner because his dad was the owner of the company and his dad played pool with the man that was going to take over the company because the cry baby pot head 27 year old son didnt want to take over the company. He was literally rolling on the ground saying "Hes your new son. You don't care about me anymore." Like ya your dad is supposed to be super proud you are a jobless pothead. Men do let childhood issues translate over into their older adult life. They will be still stuck on things using them as an excuse till 40 and up. Alright your dad cheated on your mom and left. That's an excuse to do cocaine. Alrighty then. I'm talking about mostly coworkers I've spend a lot of time around and observed.

      2. Scott Allen

        @mera No hurt feelings in the slightest, I've just legitimately never known any men with issues like that. Nor have any of the women in my life ever known any men with issues like that. So, as concisely as I could, I shared my opinion that she is incorrect. I'm curious now what it was in my comment that indicates to you any hurt feelings?

      3. mera

        wow it's almost like everybody deals with that and she's just listing the emotional baggage she knows men have from her experiences with them! Literally no one said women don't experience that. Your feelings seem a little hurted :( sniff sniff

    69. Stet Koenig

      3:00 and then 5:17 she contradicts herself

    70. Jahnavee Palsodkar

      Did anyone notice that Jazzmyne and Lindsay are wearing outfits from the video where they swap styles?