Wild Dog Plays Dead To Escape Lion

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    Calvet, a forty-nine-year-old African Bush Camps’ guide, and his guests from Somalisa Camp were on a game drive in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, when they came across a pack of wild dogs that just finished eating a kudu but ended up being too close to a lioness!
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    There was another vehicle from Somalisa Camp at the sighting (it can be seen in the video) and both vehicles had around 4 guests in it.
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    The wild dogs had killed a kudu and spent most of the day resting and cooling off in the pan. However, in the afternoon they were spotted by a female lion. The lioness is one of Cecil's daughters who is nursing cubs not too far from Chris pan, where the sighting took place, and she is a bit of a celebrity there in Hwange National Park.
    With her eyes fixed on the pack, Cecil’s daughter crouched and started to stalk, and in the flash of a moment, she pounced and managed to grab one of the dogs. As you can hear on the audio of the video, the Somalisa guests were in a slight state of shock, as the attack of the lioness came rather immediate and as a surprise.
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    The lioness held onto the wild dog for a long time which seemed lifeless in her grip and many already believed it was already dead, as it stayed completely still. The Somalisa guests felt helpless for the captured wild dog and had almost given up hope for him. When another member of the pack approached the lioness, she sprang into action, attacking the other wild dog ferociously.
    Then, to the surprise of everyone watching, the previously caught wild dog got up and was able to make his escape. The guests were very relieved at this and were amazed to see how the wild dog was able to pretend to be dead for so long.
    Both wild dogs have been confirmed to have survived the attack unharmed. This incident took place two or so weeks ago and our follow up sees that the wild dog, named “Notch,” is still alive and seemingly healthy, which is a relief as he is the alpha male of the pack, which we call the “Kennedy pack.” The alpha female, called “Storm” is very pregnant, so some pups are hopefully on the way as well. We couldn't identify the second dog grabbed but it has also been confirmed to have survived.
    This is an extremely rare sighting and Calvet himself has never seen such a scenario in over ten years as a safari guide. His advice to someone who might have this same experience one day is to “keep an eye out for the underdog and to never underestimate wild dogs!”
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. andon angel

      That lucky dog just lost 9 lives so careful next time 😆😇😊

    2. All Things My...

      *GOT EEEM!!!!🐎*

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    4. Raymond Perrelli

      Dogs are smart animals

    5. Patha Karai

      Twist plot: lion also know this dude alive because they have sensor hair part

    6. Mo Garcia

      The dog didn't realize it but his carotid artery had been nicked, and died later that night in his sleep..

      1. Raptor302

        For real?

    7. Mo Garcia

      And the Academy Award for best actor goes to "the dog"....

    8. mustafa sanane

      Man plays cameraman which he isnt

    9. julian alberto giraldo giraldo

      Lastima que se le escapo

    10. Pretty Girl

      Hyena: let my ass play dead...I'm bout to shake dis Foo bruh! Hyena: eh he he haha eh ehe ha... Lion: 🤔💭 TF? Hyena:😏

    11. Wade Sharp

      Bye bye sucker

    12. veda pierce

      And the Oscar goes to... 😂🤣👏👍

    13. Kawaii CrownAJPW

      Lion:ITS DEAD ALREADY?!? THAT SUCKS! but...atleast it'll be easier to eat and it won't fight back Wild Dog:NOOOO! *yeet*

    14. ryanrey D.

      The vehicle is not safe

    15. Sherry Mcmillon

      Very good actor playing dead

    16. Lone Dinosaur

      That wild dog is smarter then me.

    17. smalltownmoto 1

      I’d be confused too wondering why I’m still alive!! Lol

    18. Stacy Pappas

      I must correct myself, it is not a hyena, I was wrong. It IS a wild dog, sorry.....

    19. Stacy Pappas

      that's funny, everybody thinks it's a dog, it's a hyena (lmao) hyenas and lions are natural enemies

    20. Shiela Santos

      That dog was already dead until something bite his balls.

    21. tjs4

      Stop zoom at this moment!

    22. alen Sam

      When its not ur day to die

    23. Vue Xiong

      Liars are shit, never will be king. Got fooled by a DOG! 😂😂😂

    24. rdmo83

      Let this be a canine lesson: There are consequences for working with the police as a drug-sniffer/snitch.

      1. rdmo83

        @Collin G and so are the snitches who beg for stiches.

      2. Collin G

        Drugs are bad

    25. Damarion’s Channel

      Dang that wild dog is so smart lol

    26. Keano K

      Well his a smart one aint he😂😂

    27. Johnny Yang

      I hate you lions. leave the dogs alone please attack the people watching in the jeep instead

    28. Tiagito P

      Wasn't going to escape that grip. Once it let go it got up with the quickness.

    29. Facundo Kar

      Thats actually a hyena

      1. Gi Gi

        Nope, cape hunting dog (aka African hunting dog). Hyenas have sports too, but they are quite different to look at

    30. Winston Niles

      us-new.com/online/video-VKCWFOKbqOM.html and another........leave em so people can see a Lion at night in there natural favored time please.....don't hide the truth like a politician now......

    31. Winston Niles

      us-new.com/online/video-QiHvEhTB-qg.html. Here's that proof you deleted when I posted it that you wanted....😉

    32. Taima Irohan

      Wtf how this ppl enjoy watching animal haunting.. i didn’t search for this some idiot sent it to me in WhatsApp. Terrible we know it’s circle of life but doesn’t have to see it everyday

    33. warnerbeachful

      Die Kommentare hier sind von extrem geringer Qualität. Ich bin sicher, dass die Gesellschaft ein großes Problem hat, wenn Kommentare wie diese von anderen geistig zurückgebliebenen Kommentatoren gepriesen werden, die sich alle einig sind und auch miteinander kämpfen.

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    35. virbahadur jain

      How great luck of mine that I am human in this birth. I will do such that I don't get again such animal births and deaths. Very fearful horrible and senseless is the wildlife. As are one's seeds and deeds so are the fruits one gets. LIVE AND LET LIVE ALL is now my life because causing sufferings fetch sufferings and mercy pity fetch mercy pity. I repent my all old birth's sins. All feel pains exactly like me. LIVE AND LET LIVE all living beings with full courage. This is really something great to make one real great for the success of this great human birth. This will bring an end to all my sins of old births and future sufferings for ever.

    36. Winston Niles

      I don't deny that animals are smarter than humans give them credit for......problem solving mentality....strait up....but what we've got here in my opinion is an opportunistic wild dog. Once in the death grip.....animals tend to go limp for two reasons....it hurts to struggle....and loss of consciousness.....the lioness dropped the limp dog to chase another and that dog took advantage of the situation......not without traumatic damage though....it'll be a while before its brave enough to get that close to a lion again......it just knew it was dead......lol if that lion was a male.....it would of been....period

    37. Nitesh Vallabh

      Lioness will preach all men are Dogs....😂

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    39. Don Carbon

      Believe me, that Dog died the same day

    40. mikhiel troyah

      That's the best acting I've ever seen! Around 4:44 the lioness tightened and repositioned the choke hold and hyena didnt flinch! That had to be scary and painful and he didn't drop character!

      1. Denia wiseone

        Wild dog hun :)

    41. Scott Feuerhammer

      I thought that was a hyena.

    42. _Shadow ツ

      That a HYENA NOT A DOG

      1. Cathy Martens

        Definitely a dog. I like your profile picture❤

    43. free loaders shouldnt have access

      Months past & the Wild dog had kids. Wild dog (that played dead): hey kids gather around I want tell you of a time of how I single handily outsmarted a vicious lioness tight death grip around my kneck and how I survived it! Pups: oooowww awww your so amazing (wild pup noises) The uncle that distracted the lioness in the background like😒 (neega I saved yo life fuk is you talkn bout) 😂😂😂

    44. Pain

      He was probably holding his breath too...

    45. Joshua John

      The world where dogs run away from cats 😂

      1. Gi Gi

        Ever own cats & dogs at the same time? Some cats run, but others know they are the cousins of lions lol Nothing funnier that a +100lbs dog scampering away from a puffed up kitten!

    46. WWE Lover

      Dog took a peaceful nap in the lion's mouth

    47. j s

      Lioness: stay right here am going to catch some more for later Wild dog: Not today b*tch, am out

      1. Denia wiseone

        j s lmaooo

    48. Deepak Sharma

      Oh shit 😡 I hate wild dogs. 😡

      1. Gi Gi

        Why? Dingo are your baby?

    49. Al-Jafar Enidal

      That wild dog will have a legendary story for his cubs and to his grand cubs in the future. 'The art of fooling an apex predator'.

    50. Tamang Jivan

      Mr camera man u don't no how to click video?????

    51. Sprite Bonn

      Alright a video of somebody missing the action. Why put these stupid videos on if you know the person behind the camera end up capturing video of a truck and it's tires🤣

    52. Diontae Daughtry

      The dog was practicing to be in the Lion King.

    53. Sean- E

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    54. Faico Hernández

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    56. J.R. Productions

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    57. Adiastra Teja

      1:04 Thats how do you run from your responsibility

    58. what the Phu Qouc

      Can retard youtube poster say " hyena" ? Poster must be a moron Democrat! Trump 2020!

    59. transamericasec

      Exit stage right even! Nice try!!

    60. Anubis that dedly Doggo

      Goddamn thats cool they drew its attention away for him to escape these dogs are clever af

    61. icesco415

      Dog was not playing dead. Dog knew it was helpless. It was just lucky enough to escape because lioness let go its neck to attack other dog.

    62. Blazko612

      Tricky dog !😁 Hey camera-man ! Nice video 👌but in a critical momment you lost the focus, 😴too bad !😣

    63. Vic Solvalu

      that looks like a hyena to me

    64. Tony Montana

      Lost your lunch you dumb ass cat



    66. Aux X

      She says “no, no, no” like the wild dogs would be her friends if she was left alone with them. Btw, worst lion. She’s for sure getting roasted by the rest of her pride. But c’mon lady. This is nature. I’m on team “gotta eat”.

    67. Terell Nelson

      It's amazing how that wilddog played dead to escape the lion

    68. Gwil Roberts

      I wonder if the wild dog will die anyway from the injures from the lions fangs puncturing the dog's neck despite escaping the jaws of death with a sheer bit of luck. I hope the wild dog will heal from the wounds.

    69. jodvix

      lycaon = wise. queen lioness = dump