Wild Cat Fanatic Lives With 14 Felines | BEAST BUDDIES



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    A 58-year-old woman from Czech Republic, has turned her suburban home in Prague into an ultimate cat-haven. Ivana Čákorová, who works in a clothing store, lives with a total of 14 cats that she calls her “babies” - a puma, caracal, four servals, a bobcat and seven house cats. She hasn’t taken a single holiday since opening her home to her furry friends, and says it would be “punishment” to do so. In the house, the big cats have their own individual bedrooms to sleep in and they are free to roam around the house as they please.
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Will See

      I'm allergic to cats... living there is my version of hell.

    2. Clee Torres

      What do you do to stop them from all having some type of who’s the most dominant brawl

    3. Lexi Marable

      I love carcal

    4. mehdi jbuji

      Her house is hell for rats and birds

    5. JungleINSECt Spikewall

      The final form of a crazy cat lady lol

    6. Lindsay Margarita

      I can't help but feel like this is my future. 😂

    7. Miss Jackson

      That woman is amazing! If you are going to keep pets like this. That is how you do it 👌💕🥰

    8. SooooWhat?

      Freakin nut, men run, run fast and stay away from cat women.

    9. Robzilla

      This lady is on another level of crazy cat lady. Godspeed ma’am, Godspeed.

    10. Chris Nixon

      I just died

    11. Dana H

      I know what it feels like cause i have 18 cats myself and it's hard to have vacation even if it's just for half a day and I'm still in college too. Sometimes it become stressful, but I just let it go and deal with it and remind myself that they're all my babies and they makes me happy, although in the morning i have to deal with all those poops... bless you people who have pets 😊

    12. Emilee Schlifke

      How amazing is her home. Ugh if only. This is my dream.

    13. Teo

      1:15 Cheever LaFlame lmao

    14. M ¡ne ™ Sch

      Crazy Cat Lady 🤣 ( in a good way)

    15. Ryuichi Tanemori

      Now this, is a crazy cat lady

    16. three legged cat Dog with two sacks

      She is lovely ❤️❣️❤️ her life is like heaven 💙

    17. Lilith Greenwood

      Omg našla jsem tu něco v češtině 😂 jsem ráda že někdo z ČR exceluje v něčem takovém 😂♥️

    18. iWillWakeYouUp

      The bobcat is beyond cute.

    19. shontal goodwin

      This lady is so lucky. They are so well looked after and have loads of room to run and play. I hope to have loads of cats one day. She is great with them

    20. André Fabillio

      The lady love cats Also the lady wears leopard fur 🤦

      1. shontal goodwin

        André Fabillio Can tell its a fake fur onesie

    21. Karl Fernandez-Cao

      Beautiful and an amazing women, is she considering housemates?

    22. techno_ chrat

      This is what borderline crazy with lot of money looks like.

    23. Pikachu_Royale_YT _

      sihdfishrfshfsrhf viva el maicra wismichuu uto calvo

    24. Yadev K

      She's literally the old crazy cat lady.

    25. CJ Colvin

      58 years old dang she looks great for her age.

    26. Blake Smith

      i wonder why the wild cats haven’t at the domestic cats yet

    27. Scott Harrison

      Lol, did the camera crew have to wear a leopard onsie too?

    28. Shrikant Nikam

      She is big cat

    29. Lukáš M.

      Paní má doma Caracala! Musím ji navštívit!!!!

    30. Роман Капітанеч

      This is a perfect definition of a cat lady

    31. Annie Rain-man

      I am proud on her. But I think she maybe dont live in czech anymore? I mean house like that would be like win a lottery in czech republic. Still. Proud to know czechs can be like this too >w

    32. Petr Hoang

      Je tu někdo Čech??

    33. Fiona Wong

      Living the dream

    34. DiamondBones007

      This woman is sick. Put those back in the wild and adopt regular cats.

    35. Jordin Jackson

      Who likes dingos? Their like a friend to me!

    36. Wendy Goje

      Of course servals are the friendliest and playful mid sized cat well caracals are very shy they are not aggressive

    37. Aqua_Ocean

      I wish I was that lady

    38. Victoria Troianas

      I love this lady, would love to see these beautiful kitties one day, god bless this women

    39. ericting2020

      are those cloth make from real fur?

    40. Chase Sienna

      Comrade like my wild cat

    41. Jakob Hanssen

      Workds cutest cats

    42. Antonio Q

      I think these cats will be fine but I still think she has too many for even the size of her home. The bobcat probably is overkill

    43. Tarzan Punisher

      I be too high to read these closed captions dude.

    44. Cannabis & Conspiracies

      I hope thats not real cat fur she is wearing

    45. Gabriela Alvarez

      I love when people treat whatever animal well and love them like children 😍💖

    46. Vines & Memes

      Talk about a crazy cat lady there life looks AMAZING

    47. Noor Hawre


      1. Lilyo so

        Bobcats are smaller than lions and tiger there was never a record of bobcats attacking lions and tigers lions and tigers are really strong,smart,big cats they don’t belong in the same category as puma,bobcats,ocelot

    48. Chill Vibes

      The ultimate cat lady. What a blessed lady to be surrounded by animals. Lucky.

    49. ReptileLee

      that cat room was amazing!

    50. The Boar For A Month

      Love this. I feel the same way 🙏❤️

    51. Sugarsail1

      taking crazy cat lady to a whole new level.

    52. Juulgender Pride

      Bro I just want two bobcats and they can be pretty kitties who leave me little dead birdies

    53. Cat isa Funnies

      I mean there’s literally a savannah and that’s like 100,000 dollars

    54. Cat isa Funnies


    55. Ajw Wtsl

      what's a puma caruso

    56. Vivid Sniper

      She's doing such a great thing taking care these cats, good for her.

    57. Nuša Sykes

      Nobody: Ivana: *wears leopard print onesie*

    58. Noora Alqahtani

      I agree with her when you have a cat and love them uncontrollably you will take a bullets for her or him

    59. Sam Bab- SVD

      Veľmi zlaté 😄

    60. Drac xoxo

      Robber: nice mansion, probs got lots of jewellery Ivan’s house: 🐅

    61. 123 456

      The ultimate hooman slave

    62. jujasnames j

      Dang, this woman has 14 cats amd she takes so good care of them, and look at me, i own a caracal and i can't take good care of him

    63. EliteMatt

      Cat woman 100

    64. Saed Magaag

      She took the crazy cat lady to a whole new level 😂

    65. Michal Viktorin

      Na můj vkus málo hraček a důmyslných prolézaček. Alespoň z videa jsem to nepoznal, ale neviděl jsem to ani v žádném videu s domácím chovem tygrů a jiných větších koček. Měli by mít nějaký rychlý naviják na kořist aby mohli cvičit běhání nebo iinak sportovat.

    66. Jamil Boykin

      Damn she’s rich that’s a cool set up

    67. Marchela Dimitrova

      Can somebody tell me the name of this women on Instagram?!

    68. Henrik

      Ur keeping a fricken puma@? Holy balls

    69. Frances Elliott

      My ideal life!

    70. Condor

      Imagine it’s pitch black and a robber breaks in and sees like 30 eyes just staring at him