Wild Cat Fanatic Lives With 14 Felines | BEAST BUDDIES

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    A 58-year-old woman from Czech Republic, has turned her suburban home in Prague into an ultimate cat-haven. Ivana Čákorová, who works in a clothing store, lives with a total of 14 cats that she calls her “babies” - a puma, caracal, four servals, a bobcat and seven house cats. She hasn’t taken a single holiday since opening her home to her furry friends, and says it would be “punishment” to do so. In the house, the big cats have their own individual bedrooms to sleep in and they are free to roam around the house as they please.
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Noor Hawre


    2. It's Whatever Vibes

      The ultimate cat lady. What a blessed lady to be surrounded by animals. Lucky.

    3. ReptileLee

      that cat room was amazing!

    4. NerdyGal Art

      Love this. I feel the same way 🙏❤️

    5. Sugarsail1

      taking crazy cat lady to a whole new level.

    6. Fangirl over Everything

      Bro I just want two bobcats and they can be pretty kitties who leave me little dead birdies

    7. Cat isa Funnies

      I mean there’s literally a savannah and that’s like 100,000 dollars

    8. Cat isa Funnies


    9. Ajw Wtsl

      what's a puma caruso

    10. Vivid Sniper

      She's doing such a great thing taking care these cats, good for her.

    11. Nuša Sykes

      Nobody: Ivana: *wears leopard print onesie*

    12. Noora Alqahtani

      I agree with her when you have a cat and love them uncontrollably you will take a bullets for her or him

    13. Sam Bab- SVD

      Veľmi zlaté 😄

    14. Umut Omarhoja

      Robber: nice mansion, probs got lots of jewellery Ivan’s house: 🐅

    15. 123 456

      The ultimate hooman slave

    16. jujasnames j

      Dang, this woman has 14 cats amd she takes so good care of them, and look at me, i own a caracal and i can't take good care of him

    17. EliteMatt

      Cat woman 100

    18. Saed Magaag

      She took the crazy cat lady to a whole new level 😂

    19. Michal Viktorin

      Na můj vkus málo hraček a důmyslných prolézaček. Alespoň z videa jsem to nepoznal, ale neviděl jsem to ani v žádném videu s domácím chovem tygrů a jiných větších koček. Měli by mít nějaký rychlý naviják na kořist aby mohli cvičit běhání nebo iinak sportovat.

    20. Mike Espresso

      Forget to feed them, wake up without legs

    21. Jamil Boykin

      Damn she’s rich that’s a cool set up

    22. Marchela Dimitrova

      Can somebody tell me the name of this women on Instagram?!

    23. Henrik

      Ur keeping a fricken puma@? Holy balls

    24. Frances Elliott

      My ideal life!

    25. Conrad Squad

      Imagine it’s pitch black and a robber breaks in and sees like 30 eyes just staring at him

    26. De Sietse

      Rich lady

    27. MrAkaalis

      As a man, that is *WAY MORE* pussie than i could ever handle...

    28. ASMR Page

      She's not crazy, I have 2 bobcats I live with, they are not pets because they are family, some people call me crazy too, but it's like you're in fluffy heaven when you have your babies

    29. Jasmine Agrabah

      My future!!!! I LOVE cats!!!!!!!! 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😻😻😻😻😻😻

    30. Sadia Saeed

      Wow... the woman gave them a house, well that was unexpected ._.

    31. Tatiana Bbyyy

      Her cats are living the life like Oml where does she get all this money her house is huge and those cats are EXPENSIVE and the feeding for all of them... I’m dizzy

    32. s H o o K

      Whoaaaaaa she rich

    33. Tay

      I need to go to prauge and meet a girl who would be beautiful like this is her upper ages

    34. Ace

      this made me cry because i just realised this is what i truly aspire to be

    35. Tabitha Brennan

      Good for you. Your living the dream. Thats awesome

    36. g a

      Caracals and servals. Two peas in a pod.

    37. Zoey Livesay


    38. supernova girl

      This woman is an absolute legend

    39. Ashley Faith

      i have a serval and for his birthday we got him a $18,000 custom cage

    40. 4 Subscribers without any videos

      She wants them to be happy I mean just look at her house wow she really outdid her self

    41. Pinkametal

      I am watching this because of kemono friends

    42. Jade Blim

      If she needs a helper, i volunteer

    43. Lukas Koudelka

      Můžu mít dotaz

    44. R

      Why is it always Czecks or Russians that have these wild exotic cats. People with too much money , I can’t even imagine the cost of buying these exotics never mind the fortune it would cost to feed them. And what about vet bills? Also seems unfair to only have 1 puma and one Caracal and 1 bobcat etc but several servals. Cats in captivity big or small need a friend or partner they do better in pairs and that’s a fact. If all these cats were raised together as kittens there’s no reason they would have to be segregated. She better not get a Lion or Jaguar next or I bet they would attack the other cats. The Siamese, Oriental and bengal domestic house cats are cute also

    45. Büşra Kaya

      Caracal seems so majestic. 😍😍

    46. Krishna Verma

      It's really nice ,but the question is what happens to the cat when she is no more ,as she said they would die in wild ,I love my cats and I have this constant fear of loosing them or them being without me ,so I trained them to be a cat who can survive outside as well.

    47. Rostyslav Pron

      After you defeat all cat ladies, she is a final boss. But in all seriousness, she created better conditions for those cats than any zoo would, good for her.

    48. Mehdi La

      she's very loving and caring and very wealthy to have all those things for the cats which is necessary

    49. J Cali

      I ❤️ u Ivana. I are a wonderful human being and take such good care of your cats. You’re an inspiration for all cat lovers around the world. Sending you love from Southern California. If you need an assistant I’ll be there. ❤️

    50. Rayarena

      Now that's what I call a "cat lady!"

      1. My dude

        Pffft a real cat woman have tigers and lions

    51. Bk R10

      What does she do for a living to have all this nice stuff and free time i wanna learn shoot

    52. Djalu Yudhistira

      The real life Catwoman

    53. e.t.

      I wouldn't wear my "buddy"s skin which flayed

    54. Ericka Hoskin

      You are living my dream OMG thats what i want but add a lynx in there!!

    55. Owen Chua

      The Czech Catwoman!

    56. tommy Dawson

      Son magníficos los caracales

    57. tommy Dawson

      La loca de los gatos :v

    58. lalka554

      I feel like a lot of folks here, I don't normally like people keeping wild animals, but this place is awesome, there is enough space and stimulants for the cats and most of all it is clean!! You can tell straight away that the mum loves them to bits and you know that the cats are save with her... unlike many wild cats kept by wealthy Arabs or Russians. Often when watching a video of lions or tigers kept by rich Arabs, I can't help but to feel sorry for the animals, something doesn't feel comfortable.

      1. My dude

        They're just salty Peta supporters ignore them

    59. Fiqi Tutorial & Vlog

      the point of this video is : if you rich you can do anything

      1. My dude


    60. Emma Meacham


      1. My dude

        @ProspectiveCorpse you're correct you really know your cats huh😂

      2. ProspectiveCorpse

        I think it might have been an Oriental.

    61. Misa Bhanana

      These women are one big cat.

    62. Official Maryam


    63. JuivinileMalone

      Crazy cat lady level ..........over 9000 ?!!!!

      1. My dude

        No no if she had leopards and tigers and ligers then it would be over 9000

    64. Davie Dianco

      She must be rich!

    65. Anthony S

      I'll finish the neting there gonna crawl over

    66. Anthony S

      The cats go outside

    67. Anthony S

      You need help I'm 41

    68. Mysanthropic ́ntropophagia

      Why this woman have this at home? Every time I see this kind of vids with animals like toucans, monkeys, porcupines, coyotes ... I wonder the same thing. Someone think that an animal like this is happy in a house? Someone think he is genetically prepared for that? Cats and dogs have evolved since tens of thousands of years ago with us, and even so they are not really adapted to live in a house, although they can do it fairly good. Someone think a savannah big cat is able to live in a house, eating chicken breasts and playing with the yarn ball? Surely with this type of vids she and those who have exotic animals will become the kings of US-new and their neighborhood, but (unless you have powerful reasons to have animals like that in a house) for me they are just unscrupulous selfish narcissists, and those who see and applaud these vids aren´t better, although surely many go to manifestations in support of the nature and those cool things...

    69. Jocelyn Monrial

      Im literally like her twin. The way she interacts with them is how I am with my normal domestic cats lol. And the "go limp" thing when they grab you or bite you is true. They dont like playing with things that dont move, so dont move.

    70. Raikenden

      lol seems nice but i didnt like how the cat struck its clows on her hand and didnt let go... my cat and dog both stop doing what they are currently doing when i say the magical word but i guess its harder to teach these bigger cats? they what around 15-20 kg cats rly lovely lookin