Why This Supra is TOO Fast for the 1/4 mile | Bumper 2 Bumper

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    Thanks to NOS Energy Drink for partnering with Donut and Up to Speed! To find out more about NOS Energy Drink or locations near you to pick up a can, go to www.drinknos.com/
    The Toyota Supra is single-handedly one of the coolest and fastest JDM cars ever made! So how do you make it cooler and faster? Well, you build it to demolish supercars on the half-mile by building an engine that makes 1,300 HP! Join James Pumphrey as he goes Bumper 2 Bumper on this A80 Toyota Supra built for the half-mile.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Donut Media

      What's your ultimate 10 second car?

      1. TeRRa

        1988 nissan stanza wagon

      2. Fernando Gomez Cruz

        Donut Media a inline 6 Prius

      3. MultiGamerClub

        My volvo.

      4. Creeping Edge

        ALL R PUNISHED surely a joke,

      5. Sansthehuman 42

        Supra of course

    2. Daytron

      I dont know whats more unsettling, the NOS sponsorship or the fact that you had a heart attack soon after receiving it.

    3. Alam mo baket baket?

      Unbelievable 😯, almost stock exterior

    4. Anthony The Gamer


    5. TheMkdAndrej

      Hey, is that a supra?

    6. Emmanuel Ponce

      So You Like To Race Vin Deisel?All Right New World Series!!THE QUIK AND THE DEAD 2

    7. Fernando Gomez Cruz

      Best 10 sec car is a inline 6 swapped Prius

    8. eurosonly

      I just got me a supra........in forza horizon 4

    9. boosty boi

      What’s the music at 4:30?

    10. Laurenz

      Nobody: Germany: Do u have an E Number for this paintjob ?

    11. S4lami_gr GAMES

      does anyone know the song at 7:19 ??

    12. Andy Denzien

      Bleeped cockpit???

    13. ese War


    14. Tim Lee

      What’s that app/program he uses to select different rear wings please????

    15. t_mmey


    16. Takumi Fujiwara

      The nos energy car. By toyota duh.

    17. Julio Moreno

      Celica,supra,mr2 are all nice

    18. SOULTAKU 100%

      No offense, but have you ever just sat back while watching B2B and wondered, “How tf do these editors turn what’s probably a really stupid looking VHS hodgepodge into this beauty of a video?” Have ya?

    19. ZenMisu

      "Buff Butts" This shall be my new motto

    20. Ace

      Like seriously, why he is drinking that energy drink. Even as commercial - he has heart issues.

    21. Oliver Dalsø

      IS THAT A SUPRA?!!!!

    22. HX3_EnFr

      Mhhh yeah


      It’s not as fast as my 2001 s10 turbo charged nitro injected diesel Cummins.

    24. Cory Greer

      Why was the volume up animation necessary? Lol you think I’m watching this on mute?

    25. Ulrich von Liechtenstein

      OKC racers still don't know the really fast Supra) the saw, we all saw the one that COULD make a really nice race. but it was broke at the start line)

    26. tafik 3212


    27. Artur Karpinski

      That's a sexy fuckin car!!!!

    28. Inebriated Engineering

      All of that work, and the throttle cable is loose. 6:37

    29. killercivic2001

      that alien would have FREAKED me out had I been on anything "special" AAAAAAAAAH !!!

    30. 유핰쿤DevilishMike

      7:55 ... nice

    31. JR Crafter

      Did you say supra????

    32. vandallokz14

      I’d kick my granny in the head just to sit in that car

    33. OneRussian Boi

      Me: Sees under the hood of the Supra Me: my wiener just got a little bit harder

    34. jason wolfe

      dude you have a joke every 10 seconds. Maybe start your own act..?

    35. Maher Gritli

      I will give you a like for the way you drink the juice 🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫🥫👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

    36. big cheeto


    37. Javier Flores

      I need the name of the track playing in 7:20

    38. canine commander

      The fire extinguishers useless

    39. Priyo Nugroho

      Remembers you put 2 Jay-Zs to the hood, really dude, that was epic! XD

    40. moschops2002

      6.11. Watch the door gap. Is this car still in one piece? :O

    41. HaixMen

      I live this guy

    42. Kasun Madusanka

      Can i know how about price rage toyota supra in U.S.A

    43. ian lourenco

      7:55 very clever on the cup holder quantity

    44. David Smith

      Cool video guys I'm learning a lot while staying entertained.

    45. Garou The hero hunter

      But in robox my Subaru goes 5 seconds at the air port

    46. mtsurov

      I love NOS. Especially mango flavor. Bring it back to Walmart please.

    47. SwaffyX

      S... s... s... SUPRAAAAA!?

    48. DFB58

      2JZ-GE is the best 2JZ tbh. It sounds better.

    49. Royce Verus

      06:06 HOLY SHIT how the chassis twisted without the roof rigidity!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    50. Jasin Mac

      You and Nolan are great! Sponsors are cool and honestly this is the best damn channel on US-new.

    51. J.A.M

      Wow... completely stock rear end

    52. Kyle Dupont

      That car is so sick but I would be scared to go that fast I've never been past 135 in a car couldn't even imagine hitting almost a hundred 90 miles an hour every run something bad's going to happen lol

    53. Tang Tang

      That's my dream car that I want, not that bullcrap BMW Z4 hand me down that Toyota is trying to lazyly pass for a Supra

    54. Moises Duarte

      spicy snail lol oh god kill me so good

    55. Chad Valliere

      How about they paint that car with only 1 shade of red......

    56. Davy Pig

      Did you have to apologize to your girlfriend/boyfriend after you found out what love really is?

    57. Josh Cleghorn

      So you could spend 120000 on a car to go 187 or you can buy a motorbike that does 200+ mph stock 😂😂🤷‍♂️

    58. ian okeefe

      someone has an exhaust leak 6:05

      1. Tj Long

        Wastegate dump.

    59. A Wahl

      This guys not funny, dumbass really

    60. Anthony philleo

      Spotted the Scosche phone mount 🤘

    61. Basd_XGT4

      I saw a fully stock teal blue supra one eBay for 16k

    62. Basd_XGT4

      *DADGE DIMAN* Sorry wrong video


      Is that a SUPRA!


      Why not be sponcerd by a beer or vodka co?

    65. Lester Piglet

      Jeez this guy is hard to watch.

    66. Amano Yuuji

      That is a big eff you on V8

    67. Muema Muema

      The matty of the car world

    68. rafey khan

      3:55 body flex though

    69. QTM WRAITH

      In 1995 my dad used to own a supra

    70. Alex Ortiz

      @jp more than the Dodge demon ? -,- . . . . . . . Shiiiiiiiit 😬😬😬😅