Why This May Be Our Last Corgi Con || Extra After College

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    Here's our Corgicon video about our experience at the #Corgi Convention in Ocean Beach San Francisco with 1000 dogs! See all the work that went into creating our booth and all the crazy behind the scenes stories that took place! ALSO Summer Merchandise Preview and Drop!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Sid

      So it's finalized, Corgi Con: my resting place.

    2. Carrizzy

      Legend has it, corgi con cures all diseases

    3. Daniel Young

      You are the best

    4. Oof Hyunjin

      I didn’t recognize the beach until I saw the stair lmao 😂

    5. Michealgaming

      ive got a question what happens when gatsby dies

    6. third guy from the left

      i read the title as “why is may be our last corgi” i was like wait whyy nooooooooo

    7. Andrew DC TV

      Omg there is a corgi con

    8. Sophia_Playz

      This is how many times Ryen is wearing corgi merch 👎

    9. serg

      More people went to this event and not even that much in area 51

    10. Kata Jelínková

      Wwa😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍gatsby so cool wow ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆:) ;) why corgi so cool and 😄😄😄😄😄

    11. Bianca Armstrong

      Question, can I buy your products in PayPal? I wanna buy that cute bag and shirt

    12. Vincent Comments!

      Dad: how much does this cost *points to gold gasby statue* Customer: $2.00 Dad: ok how much change? Customer: 1.99 Dad: ok

    13. Meklit Tita


    14. urjs

      Who else thought he said “This might be our last Corgi”

    15. Gaming Guys

      Your dog is sooo cute

    16. J Glass

      Your dog is sooooooooooooo cute

    17. Angela Quinn

      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😫😥😓😰😭😢😨🙁😞☹️🤯

    18. sofia elena


    19. Danielle Rickel

      Gatsby so cute

    20. Macross

      This guy has everything on his channel, dogs(cute),aquarium (how to),food making (nice recipes),games(mainly nintendo),gym (workout help),restaurants (local),business (self employed),pokemon (well you are in to it)....need i say moar. one of the best channels to follow. Gaaah so much content. =)

    21. Seven Teen

      SuPeR CuTe I lOvE CoRgIs GaStBy HaS BeEn A gReAt DoG

    22. Kay Cee

      Don't give up. Gatsby is such a cutie.

    23. Unknown Mr. Gaming

      gatsbi is the cutest corgi

    24. Roberto Castaneda

      I wish I can go to Corgi con🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

    25. LeFilou *_*

      French Gatsby Lover 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

    26. Longinus blader

      Corgi con without gasby isnt corgi con

    27. Kitteh_Ipsul

      Plz plz plz get the XXL back in the Japanese corgi shirt in black 😭😭😭 I can’t wait to wear it as a dress. I have a Corgi and will be going to japan next year to visit family and well.... it’s needed haha

    28. Bonnie Lulham

      sorry I missed c Corgi con

    29. Rene Villar

      Im not look at Gatsby's face at the thumbnail 😂😂

    30. Yu-feng Chen

      Can you make a Gastby plush?

    31. Efraim Perez

      Why didn't you rent a u haul?😊 Gatsby

    32. Marisol DiPaolo

      Gatsby for life

    33. Chong Burns

      I have a corgi to

    34. Juan Diaz

      Just have a stand were people can get pictures

    35. I can See you look out you window

      My corgi died yesterday 😔 I miss him

      1. juniorjrg1000


    36. Raphael Schuler

      Chilling Corgis us-new.com/online/video-VF57F2ZDjII.html

    37. arielzshell

      Hi, I saw you and Gastby at CorgiCon this year, my friend introduced me to you guys and I started watching your videos. I like you guys a lot and your video provide a happy vibe. I also did a short video on CorgiCon and you guys are in there for a little bit, hope you don’t mind... it’s the first in my channel if you want to come take a look :) Keep it up!

    38. Omgleepop XD

      Is this event FREE 0o0

    39. Butterfly12

      You have awesome parents and sister. I wish I had a great relation with my brother like you have with your sister. Also thank you for everything that you do, Ryen. I love you and Gatsby very much. ♡♡ Your vlogs always manage to make me smile no matter what. Thank you. ♡

    40. コーヒー乳牛


    41. dang0088 da

      idk why this dog is famous.

    42. vera persinaru

      i thought cogi is gonna die

    43. Sarah Walkky

      i think for your first experience as a vendor was awesome! don't let a few minor issues dissuade you from doing it again

    44. Priscilla Martinez

      So cool to get the whole fam involved and gratifying to see how many people appreciate your efforts by being loyal fans! Your merchandise is really awesome! I'm more of a Doxie lover but I do enjoy the Corgi breed too! ✌️🐶🐾

    45. ทวีศักดิ์ ธนูศร

      You should have corgi phone cases if you already have it my apologies

    46. Turts321

      Gaspy is so friken cute

    47. Phillip Elliott

      Only a both right☹️

    48. Lol Lol

      His Corgi is so chunky

    49. Roxy Lacerna

      We all love you and Gatsy, no matter what!!!

    50. no longer in service


    51. Olivia The Corgi182

      CORGI CON WAS AMAZING! SORRY IM LATE ON COMMENTING! It was so much fun and I met you and it was awesome 👏🏻 I go to corgi con every year and it’s so much fun, thank you

    52. rytis krasauskas

      do you remember first gatsbi video link hear all chekit us-new.com/online/video-pBQbq3Lxxuo.html

    53. Dejae Pacmann

      Hey Ryan...What's Going On With These Guys??? us-new.com/online/video-P9SVYxU9a9U.html

    54. Yo NuG

      This video was funny and also very cute!❤😂

    55. Andy Mations Official

      500k subs congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊

    56. Robo Slayer

      Im gettn some of this merch for Christmas

    57. Turtle Human


    58. Zakiry

      I feel like they should do this with the common “dangerous” breeds like pits, staffies, bullys etc

      1. Its Peaches

        Fr though

    59. Sierra Fitzgerald

      Is corgicon only for pure breeds? My girl is a corgi mix

    60. T Vu

      500K WOO HOO

    61. Vicky Bui

      Loved that Gatsby got to have some bit of fun at the end and so sorry to hear about all the troubles you had as a vendor! From previous experience helping with a booth at conventions, its less hassle if theres less merch brought in. Like limited on the amount of items and bringing more of a specific type of item. It might have made things a tad bit easier on you, like just the new shirts and tote bags and key chains. But first time for everything! It was a success though so huge kudos to you and your family on being a vendor!!! :D

    62. Nicole Love

      I didnt know you were still posting videos! I thought the only channel you had was the one with gatsby, i didnt know u had this one lol


      how much money did u raise

    64. Ck Crown

      Look at those Thicc corgis

    65. jtw2006

      Do have tips on how to get corgis not to shed as much? Like is the little vacuum robot thing well worth it? And how much is it? I want a corgi really badly when I’m older 😁

    66. txt gamerz

      I could not come because I live in the Philippines not in your state :(

    67. Narwhal lee

      Please do more corgi con 😭😭😭😭

    68. calvin doan

      Youbshouldnof got a UHaul