Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

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    AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Arvin B

      Shocking. The market is efficient with sufficient competition. Econ 101.

    2. Margo Parts

      Excellent comparison for a budget PC builder - Thanks!

    3. Miguel Mayol

      mitigations=off (without internet) vs on in Manjaro Lignux with this same CPUs as now Intel is 40% worse after mitigations. Plus, of course, MS WOS and wine. Perhaps some games performance and video editing and rendering performance increases with Intel make worth to play - or render - wine - or Lignux native games or video editing software - offline and with mitigations=off, as it is 66% faster (60%x1.66=100) much more than any overclock

    4. Sinclare

      There's one thing wrong with intel, there boards. 1156, 2011...... Most people get what I mean. Amd cpu's does not require you to get new boards to keep up with there growth. I could be wrong.✌

    5. Chocolate dragon

      I used a 2600x because you of the value. I own an i7-8700k as well. Both are fantastic

    6. Rctk Radeon

      nice video.

    7. GhostlyGhille

      talked about not needing cooling on intel proceeds to use A.I.O. lol

    8. James Gray

      One of the best videos my family has watched from you. What if you were using a 590 graphics card. Would AMD perform better in some areas?

    9. Ball Race

      Intel is cheaper than amd.

    10. Oakaxe

      Is the 750$ budget USD or CAD?

    11. mariozeferino

      here's what I'd like to see: an explanation on Why my brand new Ryzen 7 2700 is twice slower than my extremely old I7 920 on Lumion rendering software. when it should be 3.5 faster. Ifeel like i am being scammed by AMD.

    12. montyman montyman

      I lov my AMD

    13. Kenshin Himura

      Yes AMD is for poor people

    14. RockManDo KeeperOfTheStones

      Save a buck, get a bucket of regret.

    15. Mike Mckay

      This is just needlessly complicated Cases and PSUs work on both, so those could have been excluded especially as they don't impact performanceSo the "budget" could then have just been for drives, CPU, motherboard, cooler, ram and GPU but with a reflectively smaller budget and with an identical case and PSU being "assumed" for each build

    16. matt karl

      I own both intel and AMD systems. For my most recent build (after years of not gaming) I went with AMD and I have no regrets. I have been an AMD fan since I was 14 when I built my first gaming system (33yo now) I am into this build for under 1k and not completely finished with it, however it is finished in the aspect of being a respectable gaming system. -ASUS Prime X470-Pro - $150 -Ryzen 5 2400g - $150 (because I wanted to wait to buy a card - will prob upgrade to 7 2700 eventually) -Sapphire Nitro+ RX590 - $229 -16GB Crucial tactical 3000mhz - $100 (will add another 16) -FSP HYDRO GE 550 - $75 -Crucial MX500 1TB SSD - $120 -Metallic Gear MG-NE510_SR01 Neo Series ATX Case Silver - $110 ***Total $932 I big part of the cost went into the aluminum and glass case which I forget exactly the cost but it was something like $110 and a 3 year warranty on all of the hardware. All things considered I still came in well under 1k and absolutely love the way the rig turned out. I am not a hardcore gamer by any means. I mostly just been playing Paladins with my g/f. With gfx maxed out the game is capping FPS solid at 175..which is totally overkill because I vsync 144hz.. but from the research I did prior to this build I should be able to see 60+fps max setting / 1080 on mostly any game that is out right now.

    17. The Bo

      Double channel ram has a bigger impact on games than one could think. Comparing single channel 1bank 8GB vs 2x4GB could be not so fair. Maybe Comparing them the same ram config could show more differences

    18. DaviT

      I wish that dude could loose weight... :-( Dude is talented we don't wanna loose you broand it would make a huge difference to your presentation look

    19. Th3HotRed

      why Ryzen Graphics card was not used?

    20. I don’t know what my name should be

      I wanna see this video but for a 1000$ budget

    21. IdDuncan

      Maybe add also a prductivity task load testing, Image, & Video édition etc... Just an idea to cover also multitasking behoavior

    22. Dj Sharpe

      Try and match price to performance of this build... uk prices £1200 full build including monitor keyboard mouse... uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/4VRKzY

      1. Dj Sharpe

        Also keeping it aesthetically pleasing... certainly you can pick cheaper components... but would you really want that! What would you build for yourself with £1200 $1300???

    23. AegisHyperon

      Xeon is significantly cheaper than Epyc, easy choice if you want ECC

    24. Brian Jobim Tan

      PART LISTS Would this work? Linus Tech Tips Challenge Component Selection Price CPU AMD - Ryzen 7 1700X 3.4 GHz 8-Core Processor $169.88 CPU Cooler Cooler Master - Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition 57.3 CFM CPU Cooler $36.99 Motherboard MSI - X370 GAMING PLUS ATX AM4 Motherboard $111.98 Memory Corsair - Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-2133 Memory $72.89 Storage Western Digital - Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $45.40 Storage Western Digital - Blue 500 GB M.2-2280 Solid State Drive $64.89 Video Card MSI - Radeon RX 570 8 GB ARMOR OC Video Card $139.99 Case Cooler Master - MasterBox Lite 5 ATX Mid Tower Case $49.99 Power Supply Corsair - CX (2017) 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply $49.89

    25. SaltyScrubLord

      Can ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING, i know its not posible but can it use Ryzen 7 processor? i overheard some1 pairing it with it, and i coundlt find anywhere the answer. And i asume its a no but wtf are they doing then? and if it is posible, how?

      1. Midsummer Night's Dream

        As far as I know, that's not possible.

    26. Shokwavx

      I'd love to see this at different price points: $1000, $1500...

    27. Михайло Заклецький

      650w? Really? :)))

    28. Erick Harianto

      Strange I tried to build all new pc...AMD is way cheaper for entry-med level PC build, I did a performance and price research

    29. Vert343

      The other thing useful on AMD based systems, I could chuck a Ryzen 3 3300x in my current 1300x motherboard without a problem, I couldnt chuck an Intel i3-9100 into a 7100's mobo with just a bios upgrade

    30. Vert343

      Intel top CPU in the UK: £500-1000 AMD top CPU in the UK: £300-500

      1. Vert343

        +Divine Elite Then go ahead and buy it, it will get better performance, by a little, but not twice the performance by any means

      2. Divine Elite

        I pReFEr thE £1000 0pti0n 1!1!1

    31. John E

      My $1000 AMD build is just as fast as my girlfriend's intel and nvidia build. And costs $600 less..I actually bave better performance when Im multitasking because of the 6 cores and 12 threads of the ryzen 2600 paired with the 16 gigs of 3200 RAM.

    32. Yeets In Blyat

      I’ll save ya 12 minutes. It’s because they provide similar performance in the low and mid range, for a good bit less.

    33. You Don't Need To Know Sh!t

      i am poor i stuck with my i3 6100 and gtx 960 :D

    34. Evan Gangle

      yeah but you can get the r3 1200 on newegg for $80 and that creams anything intel has to offer at that price.

    35. sKyRyu

      I hate when someone goes like intel totally suck.. Not worth it.. Amd is better.. Intel suck.. I personally bought a pc in late 2012-13ish.a i5 3rd gen.. And it is still freaking working right now... It sometimes have load pressure and lag a bit... But It is old AF.... I think if u got a pretty good budget.. Then intel is one of beat.. But budget pc amd is ruling rn

    36. Tobias Stamenkovic

      Was "allmost" interesting... Would have loved to see both rigs with a 1660, and figure how much additional goodness you get from the CPU side of things. I mean, if your looking for sort ofa game console replacement that was actually not bad, but alot of us arent just interested in gaming performance "only". You see, when half my cores and clogged up by some VM running in the background etc i DO care for them cores and RAM. Oh the sweet RAM... :P

    37. John Doe

      What would life had been like if Cyrix lived.

    38. CRAZY TV

      Im using Ryzen 3 2200g with 8gb DDR4 dual channel ram without a dedicated GPU still I can play most of the modern titles without any issues.Its great APU if your budget is low

    39. Rajesh Mandal

      No you are wrong it's all about money.. if i had lot's of money i m not buying shit to play Games 🤦😂

    40. dapper mole-rat

      Please focus more on CPU heavy tasks, games rely too much on GPU performance.

    41. CSHARP

      Find them.. SURP-RYZEN!!!!

    42. Edward Aquilina

      Can you please redo this test with high end parts?

    43. Houze

      This would be more fun to watch if it was used parts off of ebay.

    44. ravenwda007

      My i7 3770k 4.4ghz is still going strong. Might go amd in a year or two

    45. Rami Bos

      New title: is AMD more consumer friendly? - cheaper processors - cheaper motherboards - good cooler included with the most processors - all unlocked - years long chipset support for future upgrades AMD lacks a bit in IPC but all we "poor" folks need is 60-100FPS so no need for more than 4Ghz.

      1. Vert343

        AMD also has backwards compaitibility from Ryzen 3000 to 1000 series motherboards and the other way around, making it even more pro-consumer

    46. F A T A L - T λ C O

      Yeah as an AMD owner, I am a bit on the poor side. And I am happy!

    47. Mathew Leonard

      why the hell would you do a budget of 750 before taxes and shipping ? everybody is going to have to pay for that

    48. bafare25

      I've been using AMD for 18 years and I'm not poor.

    49. jonzuk

      Who's the guy with Linus does he have his own channel

    50. Warsun

      Its at times like this i wonder if they even know AMD exist. Look. pcpartpicker.com/list/F2MNdX

    51. Art None

      In Russia amd 1.5 times cheaper than intel, and u can buy oem

      1. Ulaş DOĞAN

        And just by paying 500 rubles more you can get a decent cooler like Gammaxx 400, instead of using stock cooler.

    52. Zoltoks

      I love my i5 8400 :D

    53. Yusuf Sulaiman

      The value I believe is not in the gaming for AMD. I would choose Intel over AMD if I want to create a gaming PC only. Period. But, if you have other things that you have to do with your pc such as video editing or programming and occasionally gaming, I would choose AMD over Intel.

      1. Rane MstSage

        With Ryzen, AMD is great for gaming, they have come along way.

    54. Generic Scottish Channel

      I like the physical representation of the 2 with their laptops.

    55. Judge Dredd

      5:52 incompatible issues ??? what was wrong?

    56. BroToPro

      for me intel is only good if you can get like a 6th-7th gen system that's used for very cheap

    57. Renato Lizardo

      You gotta buy the monitor though, gsync is way more expensive than freesync monitors.

    58. Michael Davies

      First world problems aye , I wanna buy 3rd gen ryzen but I love intel

    59. Dor .Eilon

      I would love to see a video like a 1500$ price

      1. Dor .Eilon

        *a video like this for 1500$

    60. wizardmole

      I use AMD, and I can agree its for poor people XD

    61. wizardmole

      Ive been using an Athlon 200ge paired with a 1050 ti, and it does the job, for the price that is..

    62. twertygo

      I'd like to see a mid range graphics cards performance

    63. Bloodk

      Honestly I think you should've benchmarked inside a case instead of a test bench since temperatures and airflow can play a huge role in a budget build like this.

      1. Thino Kemell

        there's not much difference, if the case has well planed good airflow then it can actually outperform an open air test bench but i do agree that the airflow can play a big role but it's a simple thing to avoid bad flow

    64. Qta

      my overclocked 4770k is laughing at every AMD CPU.

    65. xterva PC

      that won't happen in my case with 500 dollar budget

    66. Earls jr Computer

      i like intel better support in windows

    67. Timothy Girdwood

      Was he limited to Nvidia for some reason? He could have bought a vega 56 ($299) with that $40 left he had on his budget.

    68. Raptore eninefour

      How much for an Anthony?

    69. Splash _CSC

      So do a video where you have 70 dollars in your pocket at the 10th of the month! For food water and to live off! Then buy a computer from some stupid used place! Wheres there some real important parts missing! Reality bro! Love your content! have a good one! Peace!

    70. Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname

      "So that means I don't need a cooler anymore" Intel stock coolers, eww

    71. Javier Godoy

      For CPU go for ryzen they are the best For GPU go for nvidia a 256 bits Will be good

    72. Robert King

      Seriously? 6 cores at half the clock speed is comparable? In what universe???

      1. Kretie gaming

        well it all bout the gaming

    73. Not Given

      I'd like to see you guys do an analysis like this but for a Linux server build (nothing having to do with gaming, nor with video performance in general). I'd like to build some servers to use in-house (on-premises) to experiment with developing fast (no Internet-related speed restrictions) shared database applications and for other things that I don't want to have deployed in the cloud. Reliability and storage redundancy would be very important, whereas, CPU performance wouldn't be. A discussion of RAID controller options as well as JBOD controller options would be very nice also, as would issues pertaining to disk drive choices. Slower cooler-running and quiet drives would be my choice over louder, hotter-running, high-RPM drives.

    74. Andrew Davis

      A good cooler might let the 8400 stay closer to its 4ghz boost clock for longer

    75. MyFestivus

      AMD has always been for the "budget minded".

    76. M Z W N

      Can you make budget gaming pc amd r5 2600? And rx580? Plsssss

    77. Wut

      Well amd is much better and cheaper and I play amd supported games


      All hail the PC Master Race! Whether you're a fan of intel or AMD.

    79. Nanta

      That AMD rig is almost the same as mine



    81. foosfighter

      no SSD is a fail build

    82. Matthew Friedley

      Hey guys. I love your channel. I'm clueless when it comes to what to get for a computer gaming build. What would you suggest for around 500 to 600 dollars. (American) dont know where to start other than just checking out PC part picker and watch a lot of videos on builds. Thanks.

    83. Broken Piano Tunes

      Just finished building my friends PC with an Ryzen 5 QED it runs smoother than my i5 8th gen build, not faster, just smoother in game.

    84. Wade Carlson

      Overclocking doesn't get you much... The i58400 route would beat the amd hands down

    85. Wade Carlson

      The i5 8400 beats most amd chips in gaming and it's super cheap... You can get an Intel motherboard cheap that runs the i5 8400... No reason to spend more on amd lol

    86. FORS4TAN

      5-10% is still a benefit. Benefits not the logo win.

    87. Benjamin Frost

      Do this again for AMD vs Nvidia graphics

    88. vmws

      What about a ryzen5 2600 and a gtx 1060

    89. Jonathan Padron

      Just built my first pc with more or less the best I could’ve bought 2080, 9900k, 360mm cooler. I’m planning on doing a cool cheap build in the future so I wanna go the amd route and build a good rig for maybe 500$

    90. Antti Tolamo

      There is also TOC. Intel has bit harder upgrade path for CPU's and motherboard than AMD. Costs more as you may need to change motherboard if you get new Intel CPU. If both are close otherwise it makes more sense to buy AMD as it gives you more options to upgrade.

    91. MIke M

      You are building a budget air cooled pc and you are worried about overclocking lol.

    92. Rné S.

      Ryzen 7 3700x or i7 9700k for gaming ?

    93. Shaun Anderson

      Where was that cooler on the AMD price list? Bullshit.

    94. whssy

      Anthony should expand into ASMR videos. Such a calming voice.

    95. Wil Post

      Anthony needs to do something about that comb-over. Just own the hairline, dude.

      1. Sang Kim

        Ahahaha that made me lol

    96. Real Solid Air

      Here is what i put together for 750 (prices may fluctuate) pcpartpicker.com/list/XpQNtg

    97. Alkhemist 95

      So Linus from the past already knows the result of the build-off all along.

    98. Blurp Bibablobop

      Amd is the way to go for ECC ram.

    99. Eric Broderick

      Bcause you can get a 6 core R5 2600 for $169?

    100. Rui Kazane

      *"Budget Option"* Thumbnail shows no money in wallet And Intel's quad core was faster with the FX processors(CPUID CPU-Z benchmark)