White Castle Cheeseburgers (Copycat recipe the RIGHT way)

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    EDIT: It was brought to my attention that I never explained how to remove the burgers at the end. For this, I am sorry! What you do is once you take the burgers out after the final step (which was putting the cheese and top buns on) you cut in between the buns to separate them. Then you slowly go in with a small spatula and lift each burger up individually and place them on the bottom buns. I hope this makes sense!!
    Delicious White Castle Cheeseburgers Copycat recipe. You will never use another recipe or method again! Forget those silly recipes that require "secret" ingredients that do NOTHING for the taste or flavor, and forget the recipes that don't cook them properly. These babies are STEAMED in the oven, and no other way will get you the same results!
    3/4 LB of Ground Beef (80/20)
    1/2 cup of Beef broth (or more depending on your meat)
    1 additional cup of Beef broth (for the steaming)
    1/2 Cup of Water (for the steaming)
    12 Dinner Rolls (small sized)
    8 to 10 Thin Sliced American Cheese (DELI NOT PROCESSED)
    3 to 5 TB of Minced or Chopped Onions (DRY)
    Salt and Pepper (to taste)
    Cookie Sheet sized 17x11
    Parchment Paper

    Published on 5 years ago


    1. Numb American

      Pizza cutter to make line

    2. Klaus Heissler

      A New Yorker making white castle hamburgers is like asking a Chicagoan how to make a New York pizza.

    3. TrippinWithTracy

      You’re so intense

    4. skittlebeezy

      I just made copy cat white castle burgers the "Binging with Babish" way. It was a flippin' mess and about a third my damn onions kept burning before the meat was fully cooked. The buns didn't get steamed very well and there was next to no onion flavor. They were still good, but not at all what I remember eating at white castle when i used to live near one as a kid. I'm definitely going to be trying this videos method the next time I make these. This method looks so much better. Thank you!!

    5. M.G. Umbras

      Some should avoid caffeine before making a video

    6. JCraig

      OK. I'm a little slow to find this recipe. I made this and it was fun, easy, and tasted great. I'm addicted. My biggest problem was finding rolls with the right amount of sweetness. I used bakery white rolls, but they weren't sweet enough. King's Hawaii rolls might be too sweet. Any ideas for the right mix? Next time I make these I'm adding mustard and pickles, maybe ketchup. I have a feeling they're are going to be good no matter what. PS--people in the state of Wyoming don't know what White Castle burgers are. I feel sorry for them..

    7. RubyDee

      Tried it twice. This is my 2nd time. About to take them out of the oven. Great recipe. Thanks! Enjoying our crave.

    8. Jeff Murphy

      I’m not even American and I know that ain’t no White Castle. They steam their burgers on onions so ok whatever

    9. Ron Cornett

      your way off the bottom bun is put on the meat and the top bun is laid in the cracks between the bottom so the steam is kept in also they can be cooked on top of the stove

    10. Joe Masters

      The oven option is a great idea! I'm definitely trying this. Thanks :)

    11. Scoutz

      White castle does not use Hawaiian rolls, those are nasty,theres only one place to go for a slider,and lady ..it isnt your kitchen

    12. Adam Goodword

      Video is missing the final part, the separating and assembly with the bottom half of the bun. :(

    13. 摩天楼オペラ

      Just missing the liver. Their burgers are 18-20% liver.

    14. SmiTTyy 1967

      You nailed that 👍

    15. Jacob Abrams

      Who would even want to eat this dogsh*t?

    16. gear head

      Uumm I need to see the final part it just skipped right to the end. This recipe is very good but the video was not good at all.🤔

    17. ghost rider

      Born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio ...and you are definitely not making White Castles ...the hundred billion times I walked into the restaurant...they don’t bake them ..there fried on a grill with water and Dehydrated onions ..with a bun on the burger while cooking never flipped ....just had hydrated onions that have been soaking in water to the ground beef ...smash them thin ....put holes so they cook fast and even...then freeze before frying

    18. James Carter

      Maybe that's why I never liked White Castle burgers cuz I don't like boiled meat it wasn't stained it. Steamed you wouldn't have put the meat in the water you would have put it above the water on a rack of some kind so that the steam goes through the meat not soak the meat.

    19. soda head

      Yeah sorry. Idk what went wrong here. Ours came out blandish, also our bottom bread was soggy and top bread was toast crunchy. I need to tweak it to actually steam for us.

    20. carolina beacher

      i grew up on white castle, you grind some good cuts of meat and if you d0nt have that option, you get a good butcher to grind you some prime rib, sirloin and round, then you make meat balls, fire up the griddle, throw the balls on the griddle (smash with spatula) Not bake, add dehydrated onions soaked in water, salt pepper, topped with buns so they get that soggy insides, then if you like cheese, add it, if not, dont. use a straw to make the 5 holes in the meat. and i personally use potato buns, its not what they use, but youll love them trust me. the EGO in this video is astounding. man7y videos out there much closer than this.

    21. Rapheal Francis

      BAJA. ID

    22. Mendy Coker

      Quit talking already...😬

    23. kresta leonard

      Made me so hungry I wanna run out and get these ingredients. Good job lady! smiles

    24. Derek Johnson-Coulter

      Wow wow I didn't know how to make that. It's a great recipe.

    25. Bill B

      i use to make them with out the baby food.. and used hot dog buns cut in 3rds

    26. Francis Saint

      Thank you for saying No Onion Mix, don't people know thats for long stewed meats like beef and etc

    27. Timothy Gravesande

      U sound sexy asf

    28. That Mosierboy

      Had to start a new comment...sorry...I am saving this recipe! Easy! Looks awesome mam! New subscriber here! Feel free to return the favor! This will be great for a bunch of us fellas get together for poker or game nite!

    29. That Mosierboy

      We use 80/20 for everything...

    30. NotaBRZ NotaMiata

      Try "Better than Bouillon". It's a paste that comes in a jar. Got that tip from Pressure Luck's channel. Really good stuff and readily available at supermarkets. Thank you for the recipe.

    31. Tina Sally

      Man!!! I want to try those!!!

    32. San Francisco

      The curl should be down on the paper then it won't roll up on you.

    33. Joe G

      Too many steps for not too many burgers... this one is more geared toward stoners in their bachelor pad who crave White Castle but live too.... ah you know the story.

    34. Lex The Lion

      Did Harold and Kumar show up?

    35. oDieseLz

      I just wonder if the aftermath is the same as White Castle.

    36. Omar Gonzalez

      The man married to her is extremely lucky and happy.To be sure.

    37. Sung Mook

      Looks legit asf to me 👌

    38. BirdieandShelly

      Do this lady got a cold damn

    39. tmmurphy

      I wonder if these will tear up my colon the next day like the genuine article? I love WC's and get them a few times per year as a guilty pleasure but boy do I pay for it the next day. AOC talking about cows farting? That was me.

    40. Ron

      Another video with 3 minutes of recipe and 8 minutes of rambling.

      1. carolina beacher

        its called EGO, white castle dont bake their patties, this isnt even close, trust me, im from where they came from. i should make a video, but im more of a hook my fellow people up kinda guy, when you bash everyone else who makes them, its all about their EGO.

    41. Traci's Tube

      I have White Castle by me however I don’t feel like it’s very clean. I would love to be able to make them at home.

    42. Wally Smitty

      Did she cough onto her gloves, uh oh no....

    43. Okay Love

      Your voice is annoying af and you put the cheese on after! Not before. I worked at Krystals when I was ten in HS years ago.

    44. Butterfly Goddess

      Dehydrated meat is JERKY. Not sure why that would be added EVER.

    45. Kenny H

      I thought they steamed their burgers!

    46. Proverbs Lady

      What kind of rolls did you use for the burgers?

    47. Melissa J

      You should def spray your roller with nonstick spray...

    48. green machine55

      That looks yummy 🤤😋 I saw you only put the top bun in I saw a video from a trip to White Castle one of the chain restaurants and they steam both the top and bottom bun but still when I get a chance can’t wait to try this.

    49. Clutch Hawks

      I trust you.


      You sure THOSE are not white castles burgers ok then I will take a dozen with cheesec😆😏 I'm so hungry now I'm Atlanta Georgia they don't have white castles 😔😭😢

    51. Glenn J

      Thanks for the recipe! I followed it and they came out so delicious. Used real onions instead though cause dehydrated onions are disgusting.

    52. Bill Farmer

      I worked at Krystal when I was 15 YO way back when. These burgers came hard frozen in a carton of maybe 100 patty's, so how the meat was blended. I can offer no help but honestly they looked like maybe an 80/20 beef, surely no leaner than an 80/20. I never once noticed any spice in the meat mixture. They, nor I, never smelled like garlic either, simple mix probably and this one looks as simple as I could imagine. We never placed them in an oven, may be fine & taste the same, IDK. First, prepare dried onions in water and allow to hydrate with excess water (we prepped this daily, dried onions & water nothing else). Place the burgers on the greased griddle, 24 per each griddle, back then anyway. Sprinkle salt & pepper on patty's, grab a hand full of wet hydrated onions and place on top of each patty. This will cause much steam, cook for 1-2 minutes on one side then flip, approx. 1-2 minutes burgers are cooked. Place bun on top of cooked side of patty . Drop a thin damp towel on top to steam the buns. Remove burgers from grill, drop raw hydrated onions on top of patty, add cheese & M,M,K to taste. I must have made millions of these. Enjoy. Opinion: these things were great as a young, always hungry kid. The size and shape were a novelty and they were cheap, and the taste, well, you can only pack so much taste in a 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/16" thick piece of meat, the pickle, condiments & onions were required for taste. Tried them a few years ago when a Krystal opened up locally, not quite as tasty as I had recalled but great for a stroll down memory lane. Only thing missing was my best friends & their '68 Chevelle, '69 GTO Judge, '70 silver Cuda, '70 Chevelle SS 454, '65 Impala that could raise the front wheels 3" or better through 1st gear and my friends '71 yellow 3-speed Duster, now that is missing a lot.

    53. Phoenix Rising

      I hate to watch a cook who talks about other peoples recipes. don't worry about it, just do what you do

    54. Maine Magic

      The ones I had in Hempstead NY were outstanding...Cheeseburger, Chick Fillet, Fish fillet were 2.5 blocks from where I lived. The onion rings were always ready and I think they would create a large flatulent cloud. The shakes were great and the fries were ok. Always a line come Friday Night and the bars let out. They stayed open till 12 midnight...just on Hempstead Turnpike, at the fork in the road. When they put in the drive thru, only @10 parking spots but still long lines...to this day, we always get burgers there on the way to Islanders Hockey game down the road going east. After the game we would go to the Belmont Inn for a Pizza...lots of fun.

    55. David McHenry

      Broth or Bouillon? You say Broth but it looks like you are using bouillon.

    56. Robbie Green

      This shit is thin as hell!! I like to taste my burgers!! No Way!!

    57. scottybroker

      TWO WORDS You're GREAT!!!

    58. You're Welcome

      *White Castle SLIDERS*

    59. Russell E Simonetta

      They are steamed!!! Beef stock and onions with the meat on top when the meat gets gray,,, done.

    60. cp canadian

      hey women where is my burger, i'm only waiting for a minute

    61. scorpiuss10

      no pickles and ketchup?

    62. steelermule

      when do the bottom of buns go on

    63. EastCoast Podcast

      Sam the cooking guy has the best way to do it. It’s crazy too how amazing he makes every step look. Check out his videos and you’ll see what I mean. Every square patty is perfect and every hole in place. The meat is bright red and nice. He uses real onions and also adds jalapeños on a flat top

    64. Jay Carte

      great work. I did this back in the day, and found it helped to run the beef through the grinder again or possibly a processor? I am fairly certain that they add a coloring agent. I remember doing a batch under the broiler for char, but it lost the fragility of what they do serve Wonder how they prepare in house

    65. Just Meechie

      Can probably cook them on a grill and steam them that way

    66. Raymond J

      that looks so good im going to try it !!!

    67. handsfreekvm

      listen to that Jersey accent, you know this lady knows her stuff.

    68. Matowix

      I made a cardboard cut out white castle room that I sit in when I eat these to replicate the true experience

    69. Cindy Beer

      I have made this recipe many many times, and i swear you cannot tell the difference. the only thing i do different is no water. i use all beef broth. and dont forget the pickle. ummm good

    70. Smartana Jones

      Good video if she didn’t waste time gossiping about other US-newrs recipe videos