When Ichthyosaurs Led a Revolution in the Seas

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    The marine reptiles Ichthyosaurs arose after The Great Dying, which wiped out at least 90 percent of life in the oceans, changing the seas forever and triggering a new evolutionary arms race between predator and prey.
    Thank you to these paleoartists for allowing us to use their wonderful illustrations:
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    Franz Anthony: 252mya.com/gallery/franz-anthony
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    1. //////

      Absolute UNIT

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    3. ihatemeisuck

      Could someone please tell me whats the name of the song that plays in the first minute?

    4. Rosa Diamonds

      That Bill Wurtz easter egg tho :)

    5. Arianna Silva

      I was just at the Cleveland natural history museum and they have a fossil of this there!

    6. Chris Haugh

      We need a video solely focused on the "king" of the Dinosaur, T-Rex. Please.

    7. Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito

      Communist Revolution?

    8. guerreiro943

      This channel is amazing

    9. Kubix!!

      5:19 with captions on it says worlde not world

    10. Yora

      "This golden age wouldn't last long." 100 million years.

    11. Ray Seijas

      Imagine how life looked really deep under the ocean millions of ago, if any change happened that is.

    12. chicken foot

      Yo I just realized you look a lot like Scott The Paleontologist from dinosaur train.

    13. Kamolika Bose

      Please make a video on details of the ice ages

    14. Nathaniel Hinz


    15. Eamon Ahern

      It's amazing how familiar the body plan is to modern creatures and that's the thought that made me want to watch the video. Interesting how there aren't any primate-like body plans on land back then (or are there?), especially homo-like body plans. Perhaps that's an idea for a future video.

    16. Sibs X3

      Pls do a vid on how pterosaurs, marine reptiles, and dinosaurs are different pls

    17. Qaibstreetline Asianredneck

      A lot of these sea creature disappear because the Earth oceanland was reshaping reforming releasing a lot of chemical gas underneath oceans floor polluting the ocean so these big sea creature couldn't survive the changes because they were a lot bigger

    18. peter desposito

      mabey one day years later when we discover the rest of the sea , we will find the rest of the surviving trilobites. all we can do is hope and search

    19. william nicholson

      How much tea did they dump into the river?

    20. Theresa May

      *communist ichtyosaurus noises*

    21. Theresa May

      Joseph stalichtyosaurus

    22. sean williams

      great video, but the backroundmusic makes it unwatchable

    23. Dan Theo

      This is vain fanciful scifi fantasy wrapped in a thin pseudo-Scientific skin of inellectual entitlement. Theres no such thing as an objective "Reptile" to begin with. We made comparitve categories of classification to aid in our own understanding (Linnaeus' system) No animal "Pushes for, pioneers, creates, achieves, etc." an "Evolutionary result" according to NeoDarwinian processes. Its all blind chance. "Cambrian exposion" was coined to describe the total lack of evidene that any of these creatures ever evolved from anything. The Great Dying is the only interesting bit of history in this otherwise shrill regurgetory parrotry.

    24. Yunosuke Asahina

      Sharks (fish), dolphins (mammals), ichthyosaurs (reptile). Look how similar they look. Perfect shape for the ocean

    25. Hưng Duy


    26. Cassandra LuvLee Hyde

      Icky's are the Nevada State Dinosaur (fossil). There's also a tasty beer called by the same name, made right here in the Great Basin!

    27. Vincent X

      That spiny dogfish you showed as the example for thunniform swimming is more like a sub-carangiform swimmer

    28. yosapol pratyawiwathanadacha

      *~the Cambrian explosion~*

    29. david hollyfield

      I find it awesome how body 'plans' repeat themselves across different species. From lizards to fish to mammals, all with the same basic form.

    30. Dino Bomb Cake

      Could you guys make a video on theropod lips? Did they have them or not?

    31. David Martinez

      Please make Ichthyosaur sticker decal!

    32. Passive Giant

      I came to see some aquatic reptiles incite a class revolt among the sea creatures

    33. sef man


    34. Alex L

      Okay but why didn't anyone ever show me the adorable cartyrhynchus before???? I've been missing out

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      I just clicked on the video because I just got done playing ark lol.

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      Could you make a video about the tuxedo birbs? I really wanna know how penguins came to be well... penguins.

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      I'm going to be honest, I only watch this show when the ladies are on.

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      You could’ve stretched it another 3 seconds to get more ads.

    39. travis whaley

      Dude your talking at warp factor 9 slow it down a bit lol

    40. Haruki Nanashi

      It would be so sad if marine life had to evolve just to digest plastic ☹️

    41. BloxyGurly

      The names of the species are such tongue-twisters. I try to give trivia and end up looking dumb cuz of the darn pronouncations.

    42. King Tiger The heavy

      More importantly does the Mesozoic Marine Revolution cause autism?

    43. Barry B Benson

      2:21 He said it

    44. Surfside Arms

      interested in the earliest form of folklore and drawings of prehistoric creatures found in caves BUT ALSO speculative evolution if possible ;) love you all at PBS Eons so much, thanks for giving me hours and more likely days of entertainment and insight. Really its become one of my favorite things in this life and it gives me such peace while making music to you all playing in the background and filtering through my mind. love you all forever

    45. Beneko '11

      Dolphins: we’re the coolest-looking ocean-dwelling critters with a bottle-nose Ichthyosaurs: hold onto my extinction and watch this

    46. Blobbert Mcblob

      How amazing it would have been to see these creatures in person.

    47. Coelophysis

      Extinction: exists The Great Dying: Its free real estate

    48. Mr. Black

      Can we get a video on the common ancestor of cats and dogs?

    49. Maximus and Seneca Global llc

      The narrative is made to fit your opinion, however my theory is , it has always been a marine mammal, and at some point the Ocean shifted underneath them and they rejoined

      1. JD

        This is not opinion- it is what the fossil record tells us. It is literally written in the rocks.

    50. Kyle Murphy

      I would love to see a video on the evolution of echolocation. :)

    51. Master Mercury

      Yes, they finally pronounce 'niche' correctly. Awesome Video

    52. MikeRunsNY

      Why dont animals have the "osaurus" in the name anymore? Wack

      1. JD

        Many do. Many lizards' scientific names actually end with "saurus", meaning lizard, and in some languages, certain lizards' common names even end in "saur" or equivalent (eg. the frilled lizard in Spanish is called clamidosaurio).

    53. Guard Your Heart

      Wait, so we know ALL OF THIS, just by looking at old broken fossils we find in the dirt? .....wow

      1. JD

        Not by just looking at them. By studying them in depth, by comparing them to modern day animals, by using sometimes very sophisticated technology to analyze them inside and out. It's not as simple as just looking at it, which is why there's an actual science you have to learn in order to make sense of the fossil record.

    54. Icestorm Tundra

      I love how it had now becomes commonplace to sing 'the Cambrian explosion', nice going Ghegis!

    55. snow flower

      Anyone know the host’s name? I want to go back and watch all the videos he’s been a host on :) i love it when he’s in the video 💓

      1. John DC

        Iirc I think his name was Brady but im not sure

    56. ariel

      “They just kept moving forward and ate whatever was scooped up in their mouths. Which is usually what I do.” LOLLLLL

    57. Volt ayre

      It's okay. We have dolphins now.

    58. CJ GAMING

      you should do the north american lion(unless you've already done it)

    59. Fandom guy

      Human (Sapiens) may have also lead their own revolution, that is creating a new niche that may be filled in the future, or may not. The global generalist specialist.

    60. Fandom guy

      "You can say that the oceans, even now, continue to respond to the disaster of the great dying" Well I hope they are ready for Great Dying 2: Human emission CO2 boogaloo.

    61. Gloria Rios Andrade

      Could we do a video on Alligator gar I would love to learn more about them..

    62. Charlie O'Connor

      If specialization was their downfall, why were the generalists the first to go?

      1. John DC

        Possibly because there wasn't actually enough food for them in general. Some of the specialists may have survived because the niche that they were specialised in still survived the extinction, which also meant that they would have outcompeted the generalists that tried to occupy their niche.

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      1. JD

        Yes, they breathed air like dolphins.

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