When all your friends are turkeys

Feeding our chickens, broken-down mowers, harvesting from the garden… the beauty of farm-life is monotonous and simple. But the more we grow our own food and care for our animals gives us new appreciation for the life that we chose.
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Published on Year ago


  1. Why do you treat me this way Ehlinger

    Turkeyssssssssss:() yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Besmir Nezha

    That chicken tho 4:37 with broken finger

  3. Depppz TV

    Lol I feel you

  4. Anime Aunty

    Kids r so cute b4 they get hormones & cell fones.

  5. RAINBOW Poptart

    Man its Not fair I wish I lived in a farm with my Mom cooking homeade food and Not hanging with guys

  6. Fernando Barajas

    Do you guys eat your animals

  7. Richard Moore

    Those kids need to go to school. They both sound like babies

  8. holly dykes

    What do you do with your turkey eggs?

  9. Saloni Salvi

    Great way for kids to grow up👌🏽💕

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Saloni Salvi - thank you!

  10. Designsby RareBeauty


    1. White House on the Hill

      +Tammy Halbig Designs By RareBeauty - thank you!

  11. Shanthi Dairy farms

    How to identify male and female Turkey chicks?????

  12. gerldine rice

    A stressful day , but... A wonderful life.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +gerldine rice - thanks, Geraldine!

  13. Bethany Harpster

    So I have 2 Turkey's and in the back of my mind I remember that the old folks fed nuts and beer 4 weeks before culling. Do you have an idea what that is about

  14. Angela Denny

    Can you get the sprinkle out lol so cute

  15. Collin Castille

    What do u do wen y'all have a sick chicken cuz I have a sick one

  16. Kattra Blake

    8:28 if a storm takes down your shade cloth again you might just put chicken wire between those poles and grow your beans over there lol shade beans and pretty all in one.

  17. Kattra Blake

    6:56 so they eat like teenagers huh? >^_^

  18. Elizabeth Jones

    ugh. Your channel is so soothing. I love watching your videos as I do my homework.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +AnxiousSpaceBunny - thank you so much!

  19. Anna Dela Cruz

    Seems like one of those days, but you handled it well. It's like that having a normal life, things just happen. But it's the way you handle it that really counts. Being around animals is fun, silly and truly amazing if you really can laugh at how they react and what they do. I think a frown would turn into an instant smile. Take care and Becky I agree with having the green beans hanging, the cucumbers where you can see them...Yep, definitely would work for me!. All smiles, hugs to you all. Anna Banana

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Anna Dela Cruz - very well said, thank you, Anna!

  20. Sony H K

    What a cute family, God bless you

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Sony H K - thank you so much!

  21. Jacky Waldon

    Your poor white turkeys they were born to be killed and eaten. I came close to death and I have a new profound respect for farm animals, I have to admit it's hard for me to raise them up and kill them later. I'm getting too soft Jake. LOL.

    1. Jacky Waldon

      @White House on the Hill My girlfriend wrote this Jake. I don't have a problem killing animals for food. I hunt and fish as well and grow chickens and turkeys another farm animals for food. I know exactly where you're coming from buddy and you guys are all right and my books.

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Jacky Waldon - I understand. It's never easy. But that's why we started doing all of this... to grow our own food.

  22. Armando Ebk

    You need to get🐎🐑🐏🐄🐖🐐

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Armando Ebk - yep. yep. yep. oh yeah. yep. and yep.

  23. Ava pardoe

    He looks like Tk from chicken girls

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Ava pardoe - is that a show?

  24. Enrico Castaneda

    Great guys you will break 25k in no time. Love your videos such a wholesome family and channel. Only a few months ago when I first subscribed you guys where a few thousand.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Enrico Castaneda - thank you! Yep, it's been going a little crazy lately!

  25. Allen Troxel

    I recently started watching your videos. You are so nice.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Allen Troxel - thank you, Allen!

  26. Elaine Gardiner

    I noticed you chasing the chickens in order to cull them. I saw on another, video a lady was using a long handle fish net. The kind that caught fish off of the hook. She swing the net in front of the chicken as it can by. I hope this could help.

    1. Elaine Gardiner

      @White House on the Hill these days I am all for saving steps.

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Elaine Gardiner - nets are good, getting my exercise in is better 😀 I'll do it as long as I can still catch them.

  27. adaleen the fox dragon

    Ooooooo I'm early can you show us how the peacock eggs are doing??

    1. White House on the Hill

      +adaleen the dragon - one week till they hatch! Next video on that coming next week.

  28. Chris Ketchum

    All my friends are chickens..... lol on Halloween I’m gonna be a rooster and I’ll walk my RIR around with me #crazychickenlady

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Chris Ketchum - that's great! We dressed up like that last year! us-new.com/online/video-tm3tmBBBn3I.html

  29. XxsparklexXxgachaxX And aaryloxgaming

    Do an update on the peacock eggs pls 😍😍

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Katie Tuffnell - we will, next week is hatching week

  30. Lunatic Lizard

    When are you gonna do another video on the peacocks

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Lunatic Lizard - next week... when they should hatch!

  31. Corey Dewhurst

    To Blessed to be Stressed Jake I have these Days to 😂😂you’re videos are getting better and Better my You’re boys are growing Becky you’re veg ate great I’m so glad I’m coming into Spring in Australia 🇦🇺 love you guys ❤️❤️❤️🙏🇦🇺😀😀😀🐝🐝🐝🐝

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Corey Dewhurst - lucky duck. Getting a little colder here everyday!

  32. Corey Dewhurst

    Great Intro I got it 😂😂

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Corey Dewhurst - thanks, Corey!

  33. steve holton

    When All your friends are Turkeys, it is OK to be a Cannibal and eat your friends for dinner frequently as long as you continue to make New Friends for future dinners.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Steve holton - a cannibal eats their own kind. They're not humans. They are very friendly, but they are bred to provide meat.

  34. Cluck N Bark Ranch

    We are hoping next year, after learning this year on meat birds, to raise a few turkey ourselves. Want to be more comfortable with the processing, ya know, starting on the small birds lol.

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Cluck N Bark Ranch - yep, same process as a chicken, just 20 lbs bigger! It can be a little tricky, but very much worth it.

  35. Lisa Booker

    What I love most about your videos, besides them sweet little boys 😉, is the honesty and REALNESS!!! You’re a REAL ALL AMERICAN FAMILY!!! You eat and live as healthy as you can. Growing what you can yourself, exercising. But you also have ice cream, hot dogs, chips, etc., once in a while!! You’re showing that’s it’s ok be “normal.” To learn as you go and, do the best you can wherever you are in life. No judgment or harsh comments about not living as you do, or not being further along in the journey. I truly appreciate that! TFS. God Bless you all. ~Lisa ❤️

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Lisa Booker - very much appreciated, Lisa. We agree... no reason to get stressed out over being perfect or leaving that stuff out to look perfect.

  36. Priya Malhotra

    Give an update to the peachins

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Priya Malhotra - one week till they hatch

  37. Solrac

    I like the title of the video! while feeding the turkey's your talking to the camera that someday you will bucther them at thanks giving.. lol😅😅😅

    1. White House on the Hill

      +solrac angeles - they are very friendly. But yes, they will serve a purpose for our family.

  38. Homestead Wannabee

    So you have 2 push mowers... one cuts grass and one is your free gym membership! I too love vertical veggies :) Blessings :)

    1. Homestead Wannabee

      To go with your golf shoes hah! Wonder if the mower would have been easier to push with them on... ummm. By the way, I enjoyed how you revealed "White House on the Hill" in the intro. I'll never learn those tricks, but sure enjoy them. :)

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Homestead Wannabee - I need to get a scythe!

  39. 50 shades of green

    🥒🌹🐓🐔🍓 good day to you guys !! thanks for sharing another awesome update on the homestead !! 🍓🐔🐓🌹🥒

    1. White House on the Hill

      +50 shades of green - we appreciate it!

  40. Liz Papa

    Born and raised in Missouri, I sure do miss how green it stays all summer long. Thanks for another great video😊

    1. Liz Papa

      I’m in Northern California now. My parents and a couple siblings are still there near Branson. I miss the rain and the thunderstorms.

    2. White House on the Hill

      Liz Papa • Where are you at now?

  41. Yulisa Gorgonio

    I which I can see one but I got to form you 😅😃

  42. K Flan

    turkeys and little boys and sprinklers....makes you smile!

    1. White House on the Hill

      K Flan - The things that make us happy!

  43. Yulisa Gorgonio

    OMG awww

    1. White House on the Hill

      Yulisa Gorgonio - Thanks!

  44. Dotty

    What breed are the ducks at the first of the video?

    1. Dotty

      I love that color of them. I am used to seeing black and white muscovies and didn't think of that lol.

    2. White House on the Hill

      +Dotty - they are muscovies... we hatched them out from eggs sent to us from a viewer

  45. PS

    The shots of your children running through the sprinklers was so precious to me. So wonderful that y’all are creating these beautiful memories with/for them. It kinda made me emotional. I am so grateful I have memories similar to these with all 4 of my siblings. PS. Great job on the edit. Thank you! 🙏🏽

    1. White House on the Hill

      PS- thanks for watching!

  46. Mischa Brandon

    This vid made my day better😁

    1. Mischa Brandon


    2. White House on the Hill

      Mischa Brandon - Glad to hear that!

  47. Mike Dishman

    The sprinkler brought back a million memories.

    1. White House on the Hill

      Mike Dishman - that's fun!

  48. Joe Serrano

    When all your friends are.....Beautiful Turkeys, and chickens and ducks, and maybe a kitty or a big fat toad,......life on a Homestead can be hard at times, but at the end of the day, the week, month and year, you reflect on it all and you know it is TOTALLY WORTH THE EFFORT! LOL...those rotten tomatoes or tomatoe worm munched on ones are a big hit with the chickens and ducks, reminds me of a video of a YT friend in Thailand where he fed watermelon to his flock, the title was 'turning watermelon into eggs', here with ya guys we should replace watermelon with 'tomatoes'! Becky got a great break into town, your boys had the time of their lives running through the sprinkler, barefoot and WET! Reminds me when I'd go barefoot back in se Utah, oh but the hot asphalt was murder on the feet, yet somehow we managed to cross it o.k., better going barefoot on a grassy ground! :)

    1. White House on the Hill

      Joe Serrano - yes, a good day on the farm!

  49. Amy Bode

    Who else likes their little kids, they outside and don't look like they've seen the internet, they are who I want to be and I'm like 14 years old

    1. Amy Bode

      @White House on the Hill oh ok, I still admire how nice and outdoorsy they are

    2. White House on the Hill

      KillerMermaid_Pika Girl - Thanks, but they watch US-new videos too.

  50. Back to Basics Homemaker

    The boys were so cute, helping Jake push the mower! Becky, you looked AMAZING after the trip to town!

    1. White House on the Hill

      Back to Basics Homemaker - Oh thanks!

  51. Mariella Potter

    Hay I neeeedddddd help I have 1 kaki campbell drake that has ripped the feathers off of my ducks back in between her wings and neck. She is laying.I have 2 other females and they are laying but he dose not breed them at all. He started abuses her like 9 weeks before she was laying. She was the last one to lay.What should I do?

    1. Mariella Potter

      Thank you I appreciate it

    2. White House on the Hill

      Mariella Potter - I would separate that duck out for a little while to protect it.

  52. Osprey Momma

    Nice video of your day and family and animals.

    1. White House on the Hill

      Osprey Momma- thanks!

  53. jemmasmom1

    You all have the prettiest birds.

    1. White House on the Hill

      jemmasmom1 •Thanks!

  54. DIYCameraGuy

    It may have been a frustrating day but it was beautiful to watch.

    1. White House on the Hill

      DIYCameraGuy • thank you!

  55. Back to Eden

    I really like growing the purple pod pole beans. They still turn green when you cook them, but they are much easier to see on the vine when you're picking them! I imagine your kids would think they were fun, too.

    1. White House on the Hill

      liselfwench2 - We love the different colors, we will look for those, thanks!

  56. Maserati23

    Those 2 kids are so happy to live there with there mom and dad 😄

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Epic Most - we have a lot of fun together

  57. Ron Hooks

    What an environment!!! Superb!!! Brings back so many memories! Thank you! Peace and love from SWF!!

    1. White House on the Hill

      Ron Hooks - Thanks!

  58. Maserati23

    The shots that he takes are amazing

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Epic Most - thank you very much!

  59. p0xq


  60. Tanvir Khan

    Very nice

    1. White House on the Hill

      Tanvir Khan- Thanks

  61. MicrOtter kawauso

    Yeah, who needs friends when you have TURKEYS.

    1. White House on the Hill

      Fresh! Sans - That's funny!

  62. exotickeeper

    🎶all my friends are turkeys,dont you know..🎶Haha

    1. White House on the Hill

      exotickeeper - Thanks!

  63. Farm Alarm

    What was wrong with the *old* *purse?* 😂😂👍👍😛

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Corey Dewhurst - thanks, Corey!

    2. Corey Dewhurst

      Ohh my if there is any Mum that Deserves A new purse it’s Becky!!! Oh my she is Such a good Mum 👍🇦🇺❤️❤️🐝

    3. Donald Miller

      Farm Alarm , Almost trying to talk with a teenager. Where did you go ? Reply , out. What did you do ? Reply , nothing . Who were you with ? Reply , friends . Again , what did you do ? Reply , nothing . How boring it must be to be a teenager .

    4. Farm Alarm

      @White House on the Hill too much money ! Lol

    5. White House on the Hill

      +Farm Alarm - it was a sad looking bag... she stretches them pretty far!

  64. Sophia sksksks

    Awww❤️❤️ Love you guys! I wish you the best!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Sophia’s World - thank you!

  65. Edie Koller

    Wow loved all your fowl ...I especially the ducks!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Edie Koller - thank you, Edie!

  66. Raspberry_Coke_float ::::::::::::::::::

    Aw turkeys are cute

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Raspberry_Coke_float :::::::::::::::::: - glad you like them!

    2. Raspberry_Coke_float ::::::::::::::::::

      All 😂 but the breasted whites are cuter in my opinion ❤️

    3. White House on the Hill

      +Raspberry_Coke_float :::::::::::::::::: - the little ones (Royal Palms) or the big ones (Broad Breasted Whites)?

  67. JayneMarie

    The simple joys in life... Running through the sprinkler until you shiver...

    1. White House on the Hill

      +JayneMarie - oh yeah!

  68. Jodi Young

    How wonderful. Here birdie, birdie, birdie. 🤣🐓🐔🦃 love your veggies too. 🍅🥒 It would be amazing to have fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving. Your boys are such a ray of sunshine even on cloudy days!

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Jodi Young - thanks, Jodi! We're pretty excited about the good food, too!

  69. Keziah Kisner

    AWWW THIS IS MEEE #notificationsquad I love you

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Keziah Kisner - thank you so much!

  70. Hot Dog French Fries

    I love how those kids just have been consitently harassing the cat. What a tolerant animal

    1. White House on the Hill

      +Eowyn Croyle - our cats are pretty friendly. Someday our kids will respect them. It's a struggle.