What it’s like raising baby peacocks

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    Our 2 baby peacocks (peachicks) are now 5 weeks old. We’re moving them to a bigger area in the chicken run and talking about what it’s like to raise them. Becky talks about her pregnancy & we winterize the meatbird chicken tractor.
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    We bought Peacock hatching eggs: us-new.com/online/video-4Bs3H1F_64M.html
    A second try at peacock hatching eggs: us-new.com/online/video-b_X6Donj_Wo.html
    What if our PEACHICKS don’t hatch?: us-new.com/online/video-cJR3Xy4Xygc.html
    Every peachick needs a friend: us-new.com/online/video-vCdIf82OIDY.html
    5 PEACOCK eggs didn’t hatch. Let’s Investigate: us-new.com/online/video-4VO13ui4Nzw.html
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Cary Rhea

      I think Jake and the pea chick look alike. Maybe it's your spirit animal.... :)

      1. Joy Suga


      2. Cary Rhea

        Julian Mendoza wizard... LOL

      3. Julian Mendoza

        Santa!! Jk

      4. April Leal

        Congrats 🎉🎊🍾🎈

      5. White House on the Hill

        +Cary Pettit - you win the internet today 😀

    2. Abhinav Bharadwaj

      Javan peacock

    3. Dr.RahulPreet Singh

      I am vet....Very nice video and hygenic for birds

    4. Luka Thawng


    5. Angelica Glizzy

      awesome raining boots awww cute peacock are so cute awesome to see the kids helping parents 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 awesome video of the farm wow so many animalz

    6. Angelina Rovinski

      I'd be interested to know how many birds you have total

    7. Izuku Midoriya

      Hey, I’ve been thinking..I can’t make or have an incubator for my quail eggs, so I was wondering if you could give me some tips from: Your Biggest Fan

    8. Sarah Lonie

      Sending a toy for the boys as a gift .... let me know when you get it ... love from Scotland ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️ thank you for sharing your awesome times with us 💕

    9. sohail qureshi

      Waww lovely. .congratulations for the birth of your peachicks..they are cute and beautiful. ..I too feel that one is male and other one is female. ..but mostly male are colorful and female are white. .so I think we still need to wait for five to six weeks of time to know the exact gender. .anyway wish you all best for your peachicks and wish you all the best for your future kid. ..good wishes for the mom. I really enjoy your each and every video. .God bless you all. .thanks for the video. .

    10. alison coelho

      pretty peacock babies...and you have to wait for the spiked melon to be a bright orange color in the rind and you can eat the seed but the best part is the jelly. from eight months in the future and i love watching your animals and your family grow

    11. Walldirt 2007

      Name the duck: Chocolate

    12. Juxxx

      try to hatch chukar partridges someday

    13. Patrick Tuli Martin

      That fruit you opened at 7. It’s native to my country. We call it a Kiwano here and it’s ripe when it turns a bit soft and at times it turns an orange color. We have it exactly like it is and swallow the seeds. It’s perfect for people who want to stay hydrated but aren’t really into drinking water. Farmers here even offer the fruit to livestock during the dry months. I’m from Namibia 🇳🇦😊

    14. Ibrahim Ali Roblox

      I once had 2 peachicks as small as chicks but sadly they died the next day 😭 then I had 4 peacocks one of them was stolen from my house the rest died a year after 😭

    15. Leone Dolliver

      I love to see how gentle your boys are with the chicks! Good boys!

    16. Bleach Clorox Is the beverage of Gods

      Awww the lil chicks have tiny mowhawks

    17. Nik Denton

      Call the duck ferdanand like off babe lol 😂 x

    18. Killer Bunny

      i remembered B.F.G..

    19. H Y

      I have 11 eggs in my backyard which were laid by several peacocks. The first one laid on May 12. But they didn’t come back frequently. I just want to know.... will the peacock come back to hatch the eggs? Or the eggs can hatch themselves if outside temperature is high enough? Or need to find others to hatch for them? Please kindly give me some ideas. Thanks!

    20. GINGER PIE

      I am so happy your chicks are doing so well!!!! Peace and love to you all

    21. Cadence Keese

      Chickens love the inside of a jelly melon. Our chickens devour them.

    22. PineappleProductions

      How much does it cost to own as many animals as you do?

    23. Akash tudu

      I like your videos very much keep going 😉

    24. Carol Reid

      We have people in town that have peacocks that are free to wander... They don't go in the road when cars are coming... Another family has free range chickens, they live on the highway, & the chickens go to their house when cars come. I've seen many parks, zoos, etc. have peacocks wandering loose. I've seen the make low flights too, so doubt they're clipped. It would be kewl to see more of the pea chicks, & would be good for them to be handled more too. I know they're older now, but it's still good to spend time with them, so they bond and feel comfortable around humans.

    25. Abe Olivares

      Are meat chickens for food? Just wondering :)

    26. Mike Anderson

      I just started watching your videos and have tried to watch them in the order they were made. I think you guys have an awesome little family. I like how you teach your kids where food (including meat) comes from. I also like how you have made the peachick episodes seem like a mini series cuz like everybody else... I want to know how they are doing!!! Lol

    27. lisa dalrymple

      I live on our family farm in NC. My great uncle loved raising peacocks as a hobby. They were pretty much free range & you’d see them all over the place. As a kid it was such a treat coming across the tail feathers when walking around, had a nice collection. Sadly, he passed in the 80’s. But we’ve still got a wild flock of the peacocks that migrated into the farm woods. Amazing how good they are at avoiding predators like coyotes, foxes, etc. My home is about 1/2 mile away & takes me back down memory lane to hear them calling in the evenings. I get a kick out of visitors hearing them & trying to figure out what tha heck it is😂 Just found your channel clicking around YT & subscribed, marathon watching, great job!

    28. Lisa Pelarske

      Name your male pea chick Donny (after Osmond who was peacock on the Masked Singer)

    29. Thomcrib

      Peacock wing feathers are really good for archery arrow flights.You could sell the molted ones on ebay.

    30. George Coolidge


    31. julie scribellito


    32. Fatima Akhtar

      I have a question so we have two peacocks one female and the other one is male. The male peacock is 4yrs old and the female one is 3yrs old and pregnant. We had a female peacock last year which died after she breaked her egg. We don't really have a big cage for the peacocks so where should we keep the egg away from the peacocks so they don't break it again?

      1. Fatima Akhtar

        And how should we keep the egg save before it hatch?

    33. Krystal Karlish Gamba

      Is Bamboo still around? Will they all be introduced? (I know they are different animals, but will they be able to fill together?

    34. Mymindmaywonder

      Wait till the jelly Mellon is red ❤️

    35. Joey Cage

      I used to keep peacocks , they take ages to get their plumage, about a year. Mine were terrible flyers too, always escaping and getting into trees or roofs

    36. Saman Iqbal

      Very nice so cute peacocks baby.

    37. Natalie

      Have you guys ever tried imprinting on chickens, turkeys, peafowl, etc.? I know they will consider you their mother and you would probably need to spend a lot of time with them, but... It would still be a very cool experiment I'm sure. (:

    38. Caoimhe Doyle

      How come he says peacock on the subtitle but in the vid he says peachick

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Caoimhe Doyle - more people are familiar with the name being "peacock." We just call them peachicks since we don't know their gender yet.

    39. Terri Wilson

      and please please handle peachiks so they can love you back. their eyes are so precious.

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Terri Wilson - we tried to early on, but they are just too big and wild now. Trying to hand feed them everyday, but they're still scared of us.

    40. Terri Wilson

      I think the broody hens and surrogate mommies need a special mommy's day gift. like. ...WORMMMMMSSSS!!!

    41. sajith njarakkadan

      How Mach days pe cocke Huctch day's 40 day?

    42. iskandartaib

      Meaties? ^_^ And jelly melons. Can't say I've ever seen (or eaten) a jelly melon, though.. Kiwi fruit were originally called "Chinese gooseberries" until New Zealand started exporting them, I think. This made me look up jelly melons on Wikipedia - apparently they're related to cucumbers (and also melons, because melons are related to cucumbers, too - I never would have guessed..). There's some description of how it's eaten, adding some sugar and/or salt makes it taste better, and the skin can be eaten, too (and has a lot of vitamin C). It's apparently one of the few sources of water in the Kalahari Desert.

    43. fo girl

      More peacock vids

    44. Joy Suga

      Gabble gabble.. the turkey got me knock out lol

    45. Sebastian McKenna

      I wish my family was like this 😢

    46. Meg Spitzer

      You do realize that peacocks are actually dinosaurs, right?

    47. Total Bananna

      I love your channel! You guys are awesome, though I have to say, your farm looks very fowl!

    48. Gabrielle McCoy

      chicken in the freezer???🤨

    49. King Whyvern Dragoon

      Wait, if baby peacocks are called pea chicks, and full grown males are called peacocks, what are females called?

      1. King Whyvern Dragoon

        Are they called peafowls or peahens? Please tell me!!!

    50. JoAnne Weiss

      If anyone thinks they need a therapist, come try this channel first ..you guys are my happy place & relax me every day😻😻😻

      1. White House on the Hill

        +JoAnne Weiss - aw, thanks!

    51. Shakeer Petties

      Cool animals you going to have pigs

    52. seashell and luna

      Feed your jelly melon 🍈 to the peacocks or peachick

    53. Reid Luckett

      A good name for the duck would be sky

    54. Thepurplekirin Kirin

      Is worth having peacocks so far?

    55. Gordon Freeman

      Duck name, Hazel.

    56. Angie Kelley

      You should name the duck Jemima.

    57. Cc Caplin

      With the spikey melon. It’s supposed to be a bright orange

    58. Gulhux

      Call Them peachoks

    59. Marla Honert

      How about Percival?

    60. Aaron Webb

      If you ever get pigs they absolutely love those melons.

    61. dhruv bhargava

      Both are male as feather on head indicates that both are peacock

    62. Emma Figueroa

      I thought the white peacocks were female

    63. Ami Leopard

      I put some baby chicks outside to sunbathe. I put them in a dog kennel. I flipped it upside down so I could slide the bottom tray out when I need to feed them. And somehow a hawk got into the cage. It was crazy. It only killed one chick. But it couldn't get out. It was huge. Anyway we had to get it out which was a pain cause it was stuck in there.

    64. dani raj


    65. Christine Addy

      I saw you eating the 'Jelly Fruit' as you called it. I have seen them as a dark yellow and called 'Horned Melon'. Very tasty and sweet.

    66. Piney Haven Homestead

      Great Video! I love Peacocks. **HUGS & PRAYERS**

    67. Britney VanS

      Do you have an albino? I have a ilbino bunny

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Britney VanS - nope

    68. Elle And Josh

      drags on so much just get to it already

    69. Wahyu Nurasman

      do you have this one? us-new.com/online/video-M6k_cWjtgj8.html

    70. Ahmed Elsheikh

      I subscribed and liked your video because of its message. This is how life should be. Simple, healthy, cooperative and family. May God bless you all!