What Happens When You Freeze Dry Candy?

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    In today's video we're testing out several different types of candy and food in our freeze dryer. Skittles, ice cream sandwiches, gummy worms, Milky Ways, and others. What will they do?
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Foxbell


    2. David Triick

      WTF man now I want freeze dried skittles. where am I supposed to get those?

    3. MonkeySlaves

      he's so cute and geeky

    4. H.R. Pufnstuf

      Try nerds, jaw breakers, red vines, bit o honey, and jelly beans.

    5. Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid

      When you bit into the caramel, I heard a massive clump of cotton candy and I want some so badly. Everything in this looks too tempting.

    6. Nick Hoy

      Cotton candy,twinkies,donuts

    7. Autumn Hafel

      Do licorice or twiddlers

    8. tcOrange

      freezed dried children when?

    9. Logan Gallagher Vlogz

      Can you please try to freeze dry a Banana

    10. CrackInTheCrust

      Freeze dry, Shrimp Fried Rice...please

    11. chicken nugget girl

      How about freeze dry cheese cake

    12. Camryn Plumbo

      tooth paste and cake

    13. Apple User 2

      Libtard destroyed

    14. Leo Scollo

      Please try Out Toffifee! It's a German Candy with many different layers. I Bet the results would be stunning :D

    15. A very angry crow E

      The way you sat caramel offends me on a personal level

    16. Karina Gutierrez Diaz

      You should Freeze dry chips and cheetos 👍😂

    17. tawhai webby

      can you put freeze dried salt water taffy in candy floes maker

    18. Hyperz

      Freeze dry hot caramel

    19. Cookie Simmer

      freeze dry water with cotton candy in it

    20. Sean Scanlon

      Freeze dry a stretch Armstrong

    21. EliteAndrey

      Are you guys married?

    22. Roger Russell

      Freeze Dry NERDS

    23. Nathaniel Mininger

      I have been a supporter for a long time. Please freeze dry gas and diesel.

    24. R. Reptile

      Try, Coca Cola love you guys

    25. PinkshmmerTV

      water melon or cotton candy or home made-store bought cake

    26. Smooth Industries

      That is most certainly not a proper milkyway, milkyways are blue wrappers with that white stuff inside

    27. Lucy Gam3r

      What I don't get is how they have so much sweets in front of them and they aren't tempted to eat it.

    28. ph4ntomski11s Gaming

      Try to freeze dry pizza and burgers.

    29. Džore Držić

      Try to freez dry cheetos, HCL acid, cat?

    30. UltraFluffy

      Try freeze dry Licorice then smash it into dust then put it in the Cotton candy Machine

    31. cupcakeforever100

      Freeze dry some Reese’s cups 😋

    32. My Equine Life

      try to freeze dry chili heatwave doritos and salsa dip and sea if it still tastes the same

    33. Gabyo

      Freeze dry a toddler

    34. Zahra Ahmed

      Freeze dry cotton candy

    35. ArtisticApple

      What kind of milky way is that????? They look more like mars bars 😬😬

    36. Ayriana Cool

      Dry freeze boba tea

    37. Reem Abdulaziz

      I want you to try cake different to cake

    38. Muhammed Yilmaz

      Freeze dry food like pizza.

    39. Usual Weirdo

      Pecan pie

    40. McPlayer8t

      Freeze dried ice cream!

    41. SilvaLuna

      Funny, in germany, those milky way is called "Mars" and milky way is a completely different chocolate bar with white filling in it 🤔

    42. M_eHh %6geh

      Why don’t you put other liquids into a Nebulizer Edit:like this so that TKOR will see

    43. FusionBlast

      Wait.. anyone wonder why they have so many kids nappy’s?

    44. Blazey Girl

      I heard a fact that patatoes are 80 percent water so can u freeze dry a patato

    45. Maddie

      That's not a Milky Way. Why is your Milky Way not a Milky Way?

    46. Magnus Berg

      try putting things that expand in a small box of plastic iron and wood and see if they can burst them open

    47. Ravster P

      Try freezing drinks

    48. koushi jee


    49. Dervish

      Freeze dry popcorn kernals!

    50. Daniël Brouwer

      Freeze dry dry ice

    51. まるまるむむめまる。


    52. c17h19no3

      I wanna know what all the diapers are for, do they have kids or somthing

    53. Jodie Snelling

      It is called crunchie

    54. pigeon dove

      When the Taffy was cut in half, I thought bathbomb, then they put one in water and it acted like one

    55. ninja gamer420

      Do beef jerky

    56. 007Zombiekiller x

      Air heads

    57. Sqandile Nhleko

      Not hating but it's pronounced, NUUUUUUUUUGAAAAAAAH

    58. Microsoft Jackson

      Nate it’s called a crunchy the Australian honeycomb covered in chocolate candy

    59. may

      Maybe try freeze-drying popcorn, I wonder what would happen?.

    60. Darth Javaga

      What dose salt water taffy taste like, last time i tried one i was little and my body aaid no to it because it had eggs

    61. Kristinus Vincent

      Someone should made a pack of those Crispy gummy worms

    62. dragon cat

      freeze dry lava :p

    63. Blue Lizard


    64. booka kreinhart

      hello and welcome to my recommendations

    65. Burnt Chickennugget

      Try to freeze dry popcorn! Either it won't change at all or it will change a lot

    66. SAXGaming

      try Gatorade

    67. Gacha_Galaxy

      freeze dry gushers!

    68. Nightshadow 12

      -i figured out how to do this- _-also this-_

    69. Nightshadow 12


    70. Git Funkt

      How dare you stand where he stood