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    Audio: Rooster Teeth Podcast Post Show #514
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    Animated by: Abby Duel
    Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Shadow wolf

      If I was the dad I would push all of them off the boat, if your drowning just call the cops

    2. Brainstormer623

      (0:36) If they're so intelligent, why are they using a marker on a chalkboard?

    3. Vin Nguyen

      Ironically the animator chose to use killer whales, which are actually classified as sharks.

    4. Zexus 4

      Lady: *Calls cops on whales* My faith in humanity: Am I a joke to you

    5. Perry J

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Whale Cops - Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures We live and breathe words. .... It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Reading your words, what you wrote, how you were lonely sometimes and afraid, but always brave; the way you saw the world, its colors and textures and sounds, I felt--I felt the way you thought, hoped, felt, dreamt.

    6. plageran

      "Ship Happens" i can't stop laughing for that XD

    7. P1K3L

      Why would anyone be afraid of whales?

    8. Julian Ortega

      Is no one going to talk about that dumb chick who called the cops on animals being animals?!?!?!?!

    9. Matthew Randell

      What was Gus' story at the end?

    10. Demphure

      last line was better than the whole video

    11. Harmony Morrigan

      Liking for Blaine at ths end. My god.

    12. Aidan Weiss-Rice

      I like how the video is called whale cops, and the thumbnail doesn't even have a whale in it

    13. Tribot 968

      Why does this story seem very familiar only to me?????

    14. John Dane

      U.S. Coast Gaurd. Could she have called them?

    15. Rhiannon Kimberley

      why is blaine's outro 200x funnier than the actual video lol

      1. Leopard Bra Brado

        I bet they had a W H A L E of a good time! Huehuehuehue!

    16. Buddy McWilliams

      I have a horrible phobia of police. I only call them when I know I can be somewhere else when they arrive. I can't fathom how someone could rely on them when scared, unless they have a vastly different worldview and experience set compared to myself.

      1. Leopard Bra Brado

        Oh I thought Blaine said Captain Holt at the beginning of the end and thought he was referencing B99 randomly but then I rewatched it and he said "I can hold" and I was like

    17. Fern and Bacon

      You gotta call the Rescue Rangers, they have a dolphin.

    18. Josh Russell

      If GTA's taught me anything, it's that not a single cop can swim.

      1. Gabe Puratekuta

        And that vehicles are ruined the second they touch the water

    19. Deep hug

      or grey whales.

    20. Alexandre Frechette

      0:13 niatpac instead of captain

    21. KingJohnMichael

      why are americans so stupid?

      1. Deep hug

        i feel like pointing out that the whales depicted in this cartoon are orcas and are not whales but large dolphins. in the video being referenced the whales are hump back whale

    22. Tachi Roci

      Land cops can't do anything about whales lmao

    23. killersushi99

      *Sounds like he was on a boat full of cry baby leftist.*

    24. Jame Andy

      If you have whales bothering you, you dont name the Cops....you name the Japanese. Just sayin.

    25. Leopard Bra Brado

      The whales wearing hats are so cute 😭

    26. Sir M.Chops

      If you have whales bothering you, you don't call the Cops....you call the Japanese. Just sayin'.

    27. Will Lacomis

      Boating Becky..... Whaling Wilma

    28. MidNiteParis

      Oh I thought Blaine said Captain Holt at the beginning of the end and thought he was referencing B99 randomly but then I rewatched it and he said "I can hold" and I was like oh.

      1. Leopard Bra Brado

        Japanese police would have if Gavin hadn’t convinced them to stop poaching

    29. Phantom King

      I bet they had a W H A L E of a good time! Huehuehuehue!

    30. ben stevenson

      I guide the vicinity fifty one invasion. Not motive I wanna go, however optimistically it will cleanse the gene pool a bit.

    31. CandidCamzy

      “Thanks for watching our content! That’ll be $120.”

    32. Knifer J

      Whale cops are the best cops! 🐳

    33. Marco Pohl

      i would have tipped the boat over...

    34. ArmaniCoat

      “we can’t do anything” 😂😂

    35. GreenBubbl

      I support the area 51 invasion. Not cause I wanna go, but hopefully it will cleanse the gene pool a bit.

    36. Metal Marauder

      funny that they replaced the non-dangerous humpback whales with orcas in this, which would actually be an understandable thing to fear. i mean they're called killer whales for a reason (even though they're dolphins not whales)

      1. Gabe Puratekuta

        Even though wild orcas are harmless?

    37. scottyboy

      i feel like pointing out that the whales depicted in this cartoon are orcas and are not whales but large dolphins. in the video being referenced the whales are hump back whales or grey whales.

      1. scottyboy

        but not about orcas being dolphins thats a fact

      2. scottyboy

        sarcasm btws

      3. scottyboy

        please fix this video because it makes me feel smart and better then you

    38. Oscar Gomez


    39. MarGameZ l Animation Machinima & Gaming

      We all know after that phone call the first words out of her mouth was, "i wAnT tO sPeAk tO yOuR mAnAgEr"

    40. Thread Bomb

      THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!!!!! Best bit of this video

    41. Rikudō Sennin


    42. Mr Yuk

      and so she called the cops?... 🤦‍♂️ why didn't she call the Ghostbusters?

    43. Ryan R

      That's Zane for ya

    44. Creed Of The Machine

      Japanese police would have if Gavin hadn’t convinced them to stop poaching

    45. BelieveInMatter

      The whales wearing hats are so cute 😭

    46. Thomas D

      Whale cos, you mean the Coast Guard?

    47. TraficHat


    48. Bruce Aitken

      So sad to hear about your bird invasion. Probably foreign birds (I've never seen a bird recognize international borders, have you?). Better call ICE.

    49. Iniquity Effect

      should have called the Japanese

    50. JAMZ JUICE

      I expected whales taking roosters teeth.

    51. Eric D

      I have to say, I thought Blaine would go with clouds but he went with birds, nice.

    52. wrpen99

      I hate to break it to ya'll but you know the coast guard exists, right? And this is pretty much their exact reason for existing, to help people stranded near the coast?

      1. X A

        Being sensible and taking a moment to think things through doesn't seem to be the strong suit of the majority or RT/AH. People can laugh because nothing ended up happening, and because nothing did happen they ignore the fact that something could've. Nature is nature. Good luck to the average joe trying to control the situation, or even survive, if something did happen out there without receiving outside assistance, which also does not spontaneously appear in an instant when needed. Bunch of nitwits on a bandwagon because it makes them feel cool and better than. I'm cool with the levity, but not the degradation.

    53. FateGaming :D

      Someone came in with a report of Orcanized Crime

    54. RICKEYDD

      yo mama is so dumb she was in the middle of the ocean then called the cops because a shark was trying to attack her

    55. Lugialuvr

      Those animated Orcas are adorable. Can we get it as a shirt? They’re so cute.

      1. Lugialuvr

        @Martha Speaks I know they're cute too, but the little animated ones are just adorable!

      2. Martha Speaks

        Look at real life ones

    56. Andrew B


    57. 10GaugeManiac

      Capturing Orcas Police of the Seas

    58. DeuceDrop

      to be fair, orcas are way more dangerous than sharks

      1. DeuceDrop

        @X A well the point of the story is that she called cops to handle something they clearly couldn't, i was just saying orcas are worth being frightened of. i did not know they were really humpbacks.

      2. X A

        some people said that in the story they are actually humpbacks (but RT isn't skilled enough to differentiate), which I believe are much larger than orcas, so it may have been a matter of surprise and proximity due to their size and being in, someone else also said, a bay where she likely didn't expect their presence and probably didn't have any real knowledge regarding them other than some whales are "killer" and whales have sunk boats before (though it is rare).

    59. nytemarish

      how dumb do you have to be, you're the one who went out on the boat in the first place lmao

    60. Eric Cartman

      #32 on trending

    61. Kitty745Kat

      I thought Burnie was exaggerating...

    62. Taishawn Foster

      My day was made when I saw the whale cops in their police hats

    63. Ryan Fenn

      Those aren't whaleeesssssss. "killer whales" should be called orcas, because they're just really big dolphins.

    64. Noy Telinú

      Feed her to the whales. Disgusting

    65. Star Espeø

      That was easily the best outro on any RTAA. good job Blaine

    66. UNOMAN101q

      People. Just people sometime.

    67. Koko Beans

      It’s cause the whales are black

    68. Malin Maria Wikmark

      Orcas. Are not. Whales. Its not even orcas in that OG video. I get that they're called killer whales, but they're dolphins. Portraying them as whales is spreading ignorance. And yes, I am fully aware I'm way too passionate about this.

    69. Jesus Baby

      shoulda called the Navy Seals.

    70. Loganatorexit

      We need more like personal story times, everyone is getting old no more stories about doing crack in a porta potty