WE WENT BULL RIDING! (BADLY INJURED) w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer



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    TFIL goes to Gary Leffew's BULL RIDING SCHOOL just outside of Dallas TX. Elton suffers from his worst injury ever while we everyone learns to ride bareback horses & bulls. This might be the best video we've ever made. Enjoy!
    This is video THREE of TEN from our TFIL Texas trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Jay Walker & Corbin Reinhardt. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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    WE WENT BULL RIDING! w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer

    Published on 4 months ago


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      1. Donna Cannon

        Rip eltons balls

      2. ItsNunez

        I was the 1k like😏😏😏😏

      3. Thegecko Gamer

        R.I.P Elton’s groin.

      4. Hannah Smith

        3:50 elton, this is what you get for desiding to go bull riding.

      5. Jessica Rivera

        What do u think about texas.... My home sweet home

    2. Madison Mayers

      RIP Groin

    3. My_Bay_Jed

      Honestly I always recommend horse riding to everyone that gets the chance to do it, bull riding, not so much😂 I've been riding horses for 9 years and it's so much fun, I event and track ride (which means I compete in show jumping, dressage and cross country with my horse and I gallop race horses to keep them fit for racing). They're a lot safer than bucking bulls lol

    4. wadupmane arf

      RIP Groin

    5. _Homosexual _Potato_

      This is why we wear cowboy boots ya'll. Heels of a boot dig deep and help more. Also that was cute montage when Andrea was on the horse

    6. Bailey Lowry

      RIP groin

    7. david dobrik D_Boom

      Rip groin

    8. Caitlin Dunn

      rip groin

    9. Graham Evans

      Hi, does anyone know the song in the video from 0:00 to 0:25, and 13:10 to 14:14? I've been trying to find that track all week with no luck!

      1. Graham Evans

        Never mind, found it in the end, if anyone's interested, it is Wildflowers with Easton- Crazy for You

    10. x34skylar ellis43x

      Rip groin

    11. All Around Emma

      #ripgroin lol xx

    12. Ani Montefalcon

      Rip groin!

    13. brittany ritacco

      i would love to do that with you guys.

    14. O Grace

      RIP Groin

    15. Liana Swan

      Rip groin :’(

    16. wolf girl 09

      dude I am ten and I can ride horse better than Andrea

    17. Annika Robinson

      RIP Elton

    18. Lyn Abrahamson

      Seeing this made me remember how much I loved riding horses.

    19. Vagshaini Rasiah

      What is the song called at time 13:21

    20. Horse Lover

      Y’all who here was not and raised this way 😂

    21. Helen Stewart

      I don't even have any but its making my eyes water

    22. Kaylee Franks

      I love how they all freaked when andrea said she was gonna ride a bull.... they'd really freak if they knew I rode a bull at the age of 10

    23. Nathalia

      25:54 it legit is a steer not a bull. it has no testes

    24. sophie curtis

      do you have any idea how cruel Bull Riding is ?! It's excruciating pain for the horse or bull you ride because the only reason they buck is because the girth is so tight around them it's hard for them to breath and bucking relieves the pressure.

    25. Gacha Noodles

      RIP Groin

    26. Adison Ray

      RIP Groin

    27. The gaming pigeon 12

      He just lost 4 kids

    28. Chloe Nunn

      RIP Groin

    29. Riley Parkins

      11:14 look at corey

    30. AussiePinkFan1

      im scared of horses bc i fell of one and broke my foot in 2 places.

    31. Bekah Oldham

      its "im takin' the dog, dumbass"

    32. cosette gill

      i bull ride almost everyday yall this is old new texas girl

    33. Michael McGuigan


    34. Daniel Golden

      RIP Groin

    35. Angeluz Baron

      I always dream of riding a horse and bringing it to a gallop. Now I would want to ride that freakin bull as well. 😎

    36. Juliana Franco

      When Elton got off the horse No one: background: and with one nut I’m crying😂😂

    37. Everyone loves PICKLES

      I’m watching this right before I go horse riding. Edit: the horse I ride kinda looks like poncho

    38. Haily Stoudt

      i like how they wear theses clothes for a video ( btw y’all wore it wrong y’all need boots and y’all need a cow skin belt) but here in kansas we wear that an the daily.

    39. william fiedler

      Rip groin you will be missed

    40. V NotAfraid

      RIP Groin

    41. Nerf Crazy101

      that wasnt a real bull. that was a steer. they use those for kids.

    42. John Jones

      you guys cuss to much

    43. Ryland Brown

      RIP groin

    44. MK 19

      RIP Groin

    45. temptingcard 209

      Rip groin

    46. Tododeku04

      I musts know that that song was!! * Searches everywhere* Computer:No results for "Cruisin down the road no thought of getting old" in country song lyrics. Me:Damn it! T-T

    47. Matthew Luce

      RIP Balls

    48. Brandon Vandyke

      No more baby's for ealten

    49. Avery Smith

      My dad was gonna take me to his friends in Texas so they could let me ride a bull. We didnt go this year but this video makes me more scared and more excited.

    50. Emily Beavis

      I just want to say. No offence to TFIL or any of them because I know they aren't professionals on the subject, but as a horseback rider and animal lover I hate bull riding. This seemed like one of the best facilities I've seen but they still use the flank strap. This is a quote from PETA "The flank, or “bucking,” strap or rope is tightly cinched around the animals’ abdomens, which causes them to “buck vigorously to try to rid themselves of the torment." Plus animals are only meant to buck or kick if they are uncomfortable. A note for TFIL: Love your videos. Watched this anyway because I love you guys and Poncho!!

    51. Michelle Williams

      RIP groin

    52. every day Life with Brian Crowell

      RIP uncle Elton's groin

    53. the world of CODY wwe

      Either his own groin died or he ripped his groin

    54. the world of CODY wwe

      Rip groin

    55. Lexz

      RIP groin

    56. Matthew Chivers

      rip groin :/

    57. William John Keating

      # rip groin

    58. Mortal Unknown

      at 10:11, that girl is trying to hit on Jay

    59. Mortal Unknown


    60. Lucie Robinson

      When Corbin said lean with it rock with it all I thought of was holding onto you😂😂

    61. Squid Kid

      RIP groin🤣

    62. Ryder

      I remember the first time I rode a bull, except it was a cow and i was 7 and that's the story of how i started bull riding

    63. Livy Vallejo

      I love that Andrea has her own montage lol

    64. Jazmine. Lps

      Elton : you can even put her in the closet Andrea : I all ready came out of the closet

    65. jo Kershaw

      I WANNA Ride a horse

    66. Gav1n_ Vlogs

      R.I.P groin

    67. Skylar Harden

      rip groin

    68. Ruthie Marie

      rip groin

    69. Banks Flowers

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