WE WENT BULL RIDING! (BADLY INJURED) w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer



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    TFIL goes to Gary Leffew's BULL RIDING SCHOOL just outside of Dallas TX. Elton suffers from his worst injury ever while we everyone learns to ride bareback horses & bulls. This might be the best video we've ever made. Enjoy!
    This is video THREE of TEN from our TFIL Texas trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Jay Walker & Corbin Reinhardt. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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    WE WENT BULL RIDING! w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer

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      1. Thegecko Gamer

        R.I.P Elton’s groin.

      2. Hannah Smith

        3:50 elton, this is what you get for desiding to go bull riding.

      3. Jessica Pearson

        What do u think about texas.... My home sweet home

      4. Crazy Horse Girl Shea

        RIP groin

      5. Mmc Mmc


    2. Skylar Meloche

      *elton explaining how he crushed his balls* andrea: i’m so glad i’m a girl. 😂😂

    3. jelly wjilly

      Are we not going to talk about the whiteboy in the cowboy hat he was FINE !!

    4. Jolly Gorilla

      Y’all should do derby’s

    5. Brayden Swatzell

      Rip groin

    6. Cadyn Bracely

      i like how he admits he had tiny testicles

    7. Michael J.S.

      Definitely from LA.

    8. ROBLOX Ace53467

      When Elton said his balls are bleeding I instantly thought in my head I didn't know males could have their periods

    9. ROBLOX Ace53467

      R.I.P Elton's balls and children

    10. ose ose

      RIP Groin

    11. Arkansas Dippin Bros

      Time to get on some PRCA bulls

    12. Preston Kimble

      Rip groin

    13. Daniel M

      For people who’d barely/never ridden before they were doing great at the horse part!

    14. Kyrsten Brummond

      rip groin

    15. Lorraine Tundra wolf

      I ride and own horses and this video is the best rhing ive ever watched

    16. C L

      RIP groin

    17. WilsonScooterBlueberry Love

      Riding a horse like that without a helmet is sooo dangerous! You can’t just slap someone, with no experience and no helmet, onto a horse and make them canter in a very tight pen! It’s ridiculous! As an equestrian, I can see so many red flags in this situation...

    18. Sam Spencer

      RIP groin

    19. Jose Castro


    20. Quinntin Mcclarnon

      My mom was thrown off a horse and shattered her wrist and has a titanium plate in her wrist and she lost a lot like a lot of blood

    21. Columbia FN

      RIP Groin

    22. sara

      Looks so fun

    23. Shelby Webb

      Anyone here actually ride horses and broncos 😂

    24. EquusHeart

      Guys... I love you, I think you're awesome... But as a horse person... GET THOSE HEELS DOWN!

    25. Monkey D. Luffy

      rip dick

    26. Sarai kendall

      Rip Groin

    27. Stephanie is lit

      Rip groin

    28. thick thighs n pretty eyes

      the cowboy that was helping them with the girl is cute💀

    29. Finn 71801

      For never riding a bull before they did pretty decent

    30. Gena Carman

      RIP Groin

    31. Ashley Kennedy

      Found your guys channel cause of Andreas name in the title , best decision to watch this ever , you guys are funny as fuck 😂😂

    32. Ashley Kennedy


    33. Keen Swaner

      Trust me I know

    34. Keen Swaner

      Tearing a groin is worst than that

    35. Jamie Power

      Y don’t u hold on with 2 hands ?

    36. Loran Macy

      Rip Groin

    37. Natosha Bejarano

      RIP groin 😂😂 first time doing a sprint, tore my groin and STILL got 3rd... then cried to my dad lol

    38. Jaymie Mariele

      ... so are we not going to talk about that mysterious cowboy @ 22:05 trynna chase the bull? ok 😂

    39. Natalie Paige

      RIP Groin

    40. Dakoda King

      r.i.p your groins

    41. Jessica DeMeyer

      I have a horse named jellybean

    42. Jessica DeMeyer

      Me a cowgirl 😍 👇🏻 Like if a cowgirl or boy

    43. Jessica DeMeyer

      Welcome to the world I live in I rode horses since I was 5 and I'm 10

    44. Cheyanne Boyd

      This was so funny to watch and compare to because my dad is a professional bull rider

    45. Dariy Plays

      .r.i.p. Elton’s groin

    46. Abagail Baker

      RIP Groin

    47. Jerry Dawson

      At 10:10 she calls him Hershey

    48. Jose Cuellar

      “Rip groin”

    49. Ruth Treminio

      RIP Groin

    50. sunflower bxbby

      Who else thought chase was cute

    51. Mariah Slick

      Why is tfil Films To Inspire Change but it should be to films inspire change

    52. Commander Cam 151

      RIP Uncle Elton's nuts

    53. Lee j Cator

      You guys are great so funny Cheer me up so much

    54. ‘ Wølfy.Røzeʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      When Cory tried to get on the horse I thought he was gonna fall off the other side 😂😂

    55. Kat Brown

      Literally everyone: who’s the cute cowboy? Me: riding horses is my happy place I wish I could go with them 😩😩

    56. Min Suga

      Just letting y'all know Woman are actually built way better for riding bulls because their hips break differently than men's do. Also being shorter is also preferred for bull Riding. Being to tall could actually damage you meaning your head could meet the bulls head.

      1. l i l y y :D

        god, have i found my calling??

    57. Jacelly Rodriguez

      #RIP Groin

    58. Rectum My

      23:24 rip tailbone, i felt that

    59. blood shot

      Yo I do that eavery weekend sense I was 7

    60. Savannha Johnson

      Rip groin

    61. Nicole Payton

      Omfg I fell off my couch

    62. its.nysha

      10:10 sis really said mr.hershey

    63. Jacque Price

      i could do this easy i do this for a living and im a girl

    64. Sarah Kelly

      New nickname for buddy boy THe NuT CraCKer 😂

    65. Sarah Kelly

      Elton: You crushed it on the simulator, you’ll be fine Me: You *crushed it* too 😂

    66. Sarah Kelly

      2019 Corey Scherer First person to ride a test bull while hitting the wow

    67. Baylee Rose

      dude the cowboys @ needs to be dropped asap

    68. Hailey Cureatz

      RIP groin.

    69. Kaitlyn Boyles

      Where’s the helmet? It’s so important to wear a helmet especially since I had a very close friend of mine who died after falling off of one and landing the wrong way. No matter what speed you are going it’s so very important. Horses are such unpredictable animals, and can spook. Granted you were on a lead rope, however I can guarantee that the horse can rip the rope out of that woman’s hands if it wanted to. It’s just some words of advice because you all are so amazing and I would hate to see one of you hurt.

      1. Kaitlyn Boyles

        Min Suga It’s optional to have a helmet on, but if a horse is full on cantering then it’s just a safety concern. I’m surprised they let them ride without a helmet because it’s a liability thing. If you don’t wear a helmet you are taking a 50 50 chance because like I said horses are unpredictable

      2. Min Suga

        What I've seen most Western riders don't wear helmets when riding horses.

    70. Shae Brown

      rip groin