WE WENT BULL RIDING! (BADLY INJURED) w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer



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    TFIL goes to Gary Leffew's BULL RIDING SCHOOL just outside of Dallas TX. Elton suffers from his worst injury ever while we everyone learns to ride bareback horses & bulls. This might be the best video we've ever made. Enjoy!
    This is video THREE of TEN from our TFIL Texas trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Jay Walker & Corbin Reinhardt. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
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    WE WENT BULL RIDING! w/ Andrea Russett & Corey Scherer

    Published on 7 months ago


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      1. Nova 624 V

        RIP groin

      2. JanieTheePrincess California

        OMG I love you all so much ❤️ Elton Corey Corbin Andrea and Jay and I really love your videos so much you always make me smile so much you are so amazing and wonderful people you mean so much to me I truly appreciate all of you and love you all so much ❤️ ( ALSO R.I.P. GROIN )

      3. Donna Cannon

        Rip eltons balls

      4. ItsNunez

        I was the 1k like😏😏😏😏

      5. Thegecko Gamer

        R.I.P Elton’s groin.

    2. Jesse Milton


    3. Ava Mcevoy

      The song said girls are hot the beers are cold hey well the song wasn’t liying about this one girl at my school


      Rip groin

    5. hannah b

      RIP Groin lmao

    6. I love Life

      RIP groin

    7. WhiteMoon 45

      Not to be rude or anything but I’m 11 and can ride a horse better than Andrea

    8. Aurora Wilson

      If corbin had jays body damnnnnn that would be cute

    9. WolfyDrawing

      RIP groin

    10. Razor81705

      RIP Groin

    11. Brittney Gardner

      R.I.P. Groin

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      RIP groin

    13. Darlene Rider

      R.I.P. groin

    14. catalina barron

      my grest grandpa did this as a job and the way he died is beacuse he got hornd by a bull this sport is not a game

    15. Emilee Blanton

      RIP groin

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    17. Chanel Seangbouakham

      Rip groin

    18. Angelic CrossScar01

      Y'all should have went to the stockyards in fort Worth Texas!!! 😜💖💋

    19. Jordan Thompson

      Rip groin

    20. Bryce Saccoman

      Rip Groin

    21. Alanna_ Wana

      RIP Elton's Groin Like if he needs a new groin XD

    22. Serenity Love

      Everyone else on the bull: *stays on for 5 seconds* Elton on the first try: *falls off right away*

    23. Alex Tapia

      How u gonna go to Texas and not have boots

    24. Kensey V

      Corbyn riding a horse: Elton: “my balls hurt when I laugh”

    25. Izzy Magizy

      Rip groin

    26. Mr. Bluey

      Did anybody notice the purple shirted lady was racist to Jay by calling him mr Hershey? Reply if so

    27. Mason Thomas

      Rip Groin

    28. birgir btb

      RIP groin

    29. Layla Hickman

      ''rip groan''

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      RIP Elton's Nutsack

    33. Jonah Turpin

      Rip groin

    34. Kailah Meissner

      Okay but where is that cute cowboy named chase’s @ tho

      1. Kailah Meissner

        Nvm I found it😂

    35. Chris Fay

      RIP Groin

    36. Amethyst Daughdrill

      "RIP" Groin

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      Rip groin


      RIP Groin

    40. Raegan Steele

      RIP groin

    41. Chloe Mitchell

      Elton: “what are we gonna say on three?” everyone: *shouts* Corey: “AppleBeese”

    42. Salma Munoz

      I wasn’t even riding it and I was scared for them and I live a ridden a horses not a bull

    43. Badger Bittinger

      I lost my shit when the farm girl called jay mr Hershey

    44. Kolby Sarrels

      rip grion

    45. AceLikesCoffee

      Gosh wish I were Andrea she;s so pretty and inspiring

    46. Mikayla Mcguigan

      there is a horse named bull so there is a bull named horse

    47. Mikayla Mcguigan

      RIP Grion

    48. Kristen Kosel

      just saying Corbin put his hands back when he fell of the bull he could have got baldly injured any one else ?

    49. Logan Lightfoot

      that's my hometown boys


      {\__/} ( • - •) / > > -- Hug?

    51. Elijah Villalobos


    52. FoxFob

      Rip groun 😂😂

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      Rip groin🤣

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      Rip groin

    56. Otaku_Power4332

      RIP Eltons groin

    57. Tarls Fogarty

      **thats how the first time feels having sex, i was scared shitless and all by myself**BAHAHAHAH

    58. sam girard

      10:11 she called jay mr hurshey

    59. Brayden Bennett

      Rip groin

    60. Thirza Loenhorst

      RIP groinnnn

    61. Llexy C

      R.I.P groin !


      Good ole Gary Leffew. I went to his bull riding school a long time ago and now I'm making a name for myself

    63. Claudia Winters

      I laughed my head of when jay was on the bull idk why

    64. Raydgeen Marie Fletcher

      “Go off boo boo go off” lol I loved that from Jay😂

    65. bri McCall

      My little brother loves the bull riding simulators so there was this one time where he stayed on it for so long he was kicked off of it like the person who controlled it kicked him off...... he’s seven.

    66. angela felix

      this video was made after my Birthday and i love bull riding!

    67. The Burroughs

      RIP groin elton literally you ripped your groin

    68. Nova Olympian

      RIP groin! Sorry that happened to you specifically Elton!

    69. Itz Poppie

      Um..... mr Hershey ok??

    70. Victoria Maria Olesen

      Rip Groin