We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!



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    HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? On today's adventure, Nathan and I are off to the city of Palm Springs to stay at the new TACO BELL HOTEL!! 🌮 Come on our crazy journey of staying on opening night of THE BELL! We try secret food items that are exclusive to the hotel and meet the iconic chef who invented the Nacho Fries!
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    1. Benjamin Muñoz

      hello jefre i need your help to help me spread wherever the amazon is burning i need your help

    2. Regina contreras

      lol we brought "some" makeup

    3. ella ryder

      Lol Jeffree's energy reminds me of a kid on christmas

    4. GummylVXX Blaze

      Omg shane has got to make a video !!!!!!! Like this comment

    5. Angela Ardis

      Can I just say that your videos give me life. With all the bs I have going on I can lose myself and not be a struggling single mom I can be a makeup loving diva!! 🖤🖤

    6. Chubby Chabby Show

      I just got back from 114 degree weather

    7. cbn

      Idea, makeup challenge with Jeffre, Nate, Nate’s brother and Maddie.

    8. cbn

      Nathan is so cute, Baja blast hair and orange shirt, just ready to follow Jeffree to yet another crazy activity 😂, love the Taco Bell colors.

    9. Amberlyn Harris

      Can't believe I watched this without having Taco Bell in my hand. I'm dying for some now 🤤

    10. Andrea Gonzalez

      Someone send this to shane dawson 😂😂😂😂💙💜

    11. Nick Skull

      Your videos always make me happy!! Thank you for great content and just being you. 💋🖤

    12. Cool

      i dunno... i looked like a motel with taco bell food.

    13. Isabella Burrows

      Omg, it’s going to be 108 degrees why don’t I wear long sleeves and pants

    14. paraw xdr

      Jeffree: *gasps* There's a robe in here. NATE FIND THE ROBE.

    15. Courtney Thomas

      I wanna go here so bad!!😋😭

    16. L ï Â

      I love you jeffree! I wish I can meet you in real life that would be so nice! (>ω

    17. slay j

      Jeffrey u look good with makeup and no makeup

    18. Payton Greene

      17:06 thank me later

    19. Laraine Taylor

      Hey y’all. I’m a new youtuber. Show me some love ❤️

    20. Jennie White

      19:28 a wild francis dominic and patrick dougall appear !!

    21. Devil Babe

      Uuughhh I love my mom and dad. What icons 🥰

    22. ASMR Vin

      I'm disappointed that there was no actual bell in the hotel lobby

    23. FNTM_Sirsepticai

      After I watched this I went to the Taco Bell around the corner from my house 😂🌮

    24. ChAnel seven Oberlin

      I’ll rape him Jeff

    25. Tanialov4

      Nate looks like he could be the next joker that would be sick

    26. Lauren Rodriquez

      Jeffree I love your channel, I rewatch your vids over and over. I love the love between you and Nate, it makes me happy if nothing else in my life does. I'm 27 and struggling with a drug addiction. My mom is an alcoholic with borderline personality disorder. I'm struggling to find a state funded rehab in Houston, Texas. The waiting list is crazy long. I need help and it's so hard for me to say that. I can't pay for rehab. I work 2 jobs. I'm not asking for a handout. You built yourself up from nothing. You're a self made multi millionaire. I would pay back every penny if you could even just get me through the detox for Heroin. Please help me. I love you so so much. I understand if you ignore this. But you never know unless you try. This is me being desperate. I'm at my rock bottom I need help.

    27. Bullseye Clan Only

      I love how when Jefree said jesus take the wheel the next seen was him holding the wheel just made me laugh so hard :)

    28. Allie Wilson

      Dear Jeffree Star, I had a friend a long time ago. And I hate to be tragic, but I miss her so dearly. When she was in middle school, my friend Grace was diagnosed with cancer. I wish I could have talk to her more but it was my last year of middle school, and I was moving to a different state. I moved from NC to MA. I'm 20 years old now. But she passed away at 14 and I still think about her a lot. My point is, me and all of my old friends miss her very dearly. So I thought about this idea for a trend, but I don't want to make it look like charity work. Like it being a "make a wish." Like it could have like possibly a fundraiser but, I wanted to think about it as just a trend. I just want people to be happy. Especially with people who have cancer. I thought even when kids are very sick they want to feel happy too. So I was thinking a cosmetic makeover, for individuals who are battling it. It's life threatening, and they are having days that might feel rough. I noticed that lots of people (drag queens, people who are spunky, goth kids, just a bunch people who love wearing wigs and doing makeup and people who work in beauty communities might love to do that. And hey September is coming up and I think that's when people talk about breast cancer and all of these things, that have to do with these people. So why not we make them feel good about themselves! 😊 I think everyone should feel good about themselves. I feel that they should love themselves more. Because we are only human, and sometimes we forget that part. So I believe that we should help people and why not do it for a good cause! And depression as well. Because we struggle sometimes. It happens to all of us. I also really hope that this is already a trend... because it should be. ❤ P.S: to anyone thinking I typed too long. I'm sorry, if it was way too long. I just thought it was a good idea. That's all. Thank you, and peace be upon you. Your loving friend, Alexandria (but you could just call me... Allie. Thank you. 😊) xoxo

    29. Alberto Torres

      Why do you cause a lot

    30. Frederick Reyes Jr

      My name is Rosa i love to meet you both

    31. valeria hernandez


    32. Fiddle and Sticks Productions

      There is no Taco Bell in Ireland. I wish there was tho.

    33. HiitsmeSue wecker

      my fav brand of make up is" LA looks "

    34. Joana Villalobos

      Zach is a dad. wow.

    35. Roxanne Flores

      I’m totally going

    36. Pashtana Numan

      Jeffre said she is only gonna on a little makeup then he puts my makeup on

      1. alisuo toko

        plastic straws? we dont know her

    37. Ririchio Shiraken

      Я не понимаю, о чём он говорит, но я кайфую от его мимики, телодвижений и голоса...

    38. Neshika J

      btw the girl with the same car as you is Christine Quinn, she's on Netflix (selling sunset) she's a queen

      1. alisuo toko

        Lmfaoooo 10:07 I've never seen him any more serious I'm dead

    39. Maria Salazar

      AHH that eyeshadow.. gorgeous

    40. Derek Mason

      Hi, bb gurl - so I just learned that Millie Bobby Brown (11 from Stranger Things!!!) just came out with her own skincare products called "Florence" - please review that shit, henny!!! ty

    41. Jim Cornette


    42. Taylor Ramirez

      Ok I’m sorry but Californians couldn’t survive in Texas heat. The other day it was 110 degrees and I’m an athletic trainer so I was on the turf for four hours for football practice. I’m moving back to California 😂

    43. Aredolfo Solano

      Nigga u gay af. I like that shit 😁

    44. Claire Holden

      Love Jeffree to bits! Love the use of non plastic straw! Please help with the Amazonian Forest Fire!!

    45. Vicki Porter

      JeffreeStar, Hey Jeffree, It's me again, Grandma Ladybug, your new granny subscriber, lol. So I have totally been binge watching your videos and LOVING THEM! MY Daughter needs new makeup, so we are going shopping next week for Jeffree Star. Should we go to Ulta or Sephora? I have used Mary Kay Cosmetics for eevveerrrrrr, lol. Jeffree, I know make up can be pricey, do you have coupons/discounts? You show so many products, what should we start out with. We in Tucson, Arizona on the Air Force Base. It is hot as Hades here. Sometimes, I feel like my make up just melts down my face. I have very dry skin, due to a health issue, but man, when it is 118 degrees out, maybe blush and mascara, lol. But, Jeffree, you have shown me another world Girl! And, I am ready for a change! Have you ever been to Tucson? I would like to get some advice from you. I live with my daughter, her husband and 2 daughters. So I am lucky to be with my kids. My 6 year old granddaughter is confused about her sexuality. Can you give me some tips to help her get through this time. She does not make friends easily and she is being bullied. She is being bullied because she is a beautiful little girl, and this beautiful little girl wants to be a Prince, not a Princess. Her Mom(my daughter) and Dad are horrified. My 1st born granddaughter will probably end up living with me and I don't care if she sits or stands to go to the restroom. I try to talk with her about, but she is not getting that from Mom and Dad, so she is very confused. And while I am ready to be there when her little world goes crazy, I will be there. But I totally need real advice, so I am prepared. Jeffree, you are my girl crush, lol, I love what I see of your personality. You have a great sense of humor, and I love that you have a potty mouth, lol! That is my only vice, yes, I too, have a potty mouth. That is our little secret, lol. I, somehow hope, that you are able to give me some advice on my granddaughter.

    46. Call Me Snake

      Plz stay longer so I can see you!

    47. NahidPlayZYT Miah

      What part of LGBT is Jeffree?? Not to be rude but I thought he was gay but then in another video he was talking about getting his period....

    48. Lauren R

      Yay the rich lux setting spray !!!

    49. I am Law

      Hiya jefree just a quick question........u dont have to give me a answer incase of privacy but....do u identify as Male or female xxxxxx

    50. Marco Teoli

      Lauren Godwin saw you guys at the hotel

    51. Joanna Elenes

      Lmfaoooo 10:07 I've never seen him any more serious I'm dead

    52. bebekinz

      plastic straws? we dont know her

    53. monica hocevar

      Yous are so adorable together

    54. Genesis Clark

      now i’m hungry.

    55. Dakota anglin

      Watermelon crush is so good. When I moved out to Utah I tried it and got to love it!!!

    56. End of Kitties Rainbow

      Jeffry are you taller than Nate ??

    57. Joanna Davis

      Nate’s commentary is why I’m here

      1. Charioteer4Real

        I'm not sure why, he doesn't seem to talk much. Mostly just nods in agreement and makes silly faces. Dry and boring personality. I love Jeffrees energy though.

    58. Sarah Barron

      You need to post more often , I’m bored refreshing over and over again hoping you post lol 😐

    59. Erika Rivera

      19:23 did anyone else see Nate grabbing Jeffers butt literally couple goals🥺😍

    60. Caira Rose

      Can you try Millie Bobby browns skincare line??

    61. Kendra Cooper

      Like for a Chickfila hotel

    62. Дарья Гиренко

      дайте субтитры пожалуйста

    63. Gabi Enriquez’s

      Legit was about to eat my phone 😂🥵🌼🍯

    64. FutureCrazy CatLady

      It makes me smile when I see how happy you and Nate are! 😀

    65. Katie Bowers

      “Nate find the robe!” Crying😂😂

    66. Helin Tan


    67. Candice Bell

      I know your team will probably check this but I'd really love it if you spoke about what's going on in the Amazon right now. It's devastating and media hid it until it became so bad. You're one of my favorite influencers and I've been following you on your journey since Myspace days. I'd love to see you try to get your followers in on it.

    68. Anelisa Boqo

      Did you know that Lauren Godwin was at The Bell Hotel

    69. Lily V

      I love how u take us with u on ur travels...Y'all r so funny! 😂😘

    70. Ava Marchese

      Thanks a lot now I have to go to fucking Taco Bell today ughhh I never tried the cheese fries they better have them !