We Share Our Home With Two Bobcats | BEAST BUDDIES



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    COUPLE have two wild bobcats in their home and even sleep in the same bed as them - and use the toilet. Melissa and Mick McAllister from Melissa, Texas have two pet bobcats, Gypsy and Monaco. A bobcat is an elusive wild cat found in the forests, swamps and deserts of North America. They are roughly twice the size of a domestic cat and have large paws, tufted ears and a bobbed tail.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Paper Mario

      “Hello, we are being held captive by two bobcats!”

    2. Erik Silva

      Very cool!

    3. Laeadern

      I had a military macaw that was similar in attitude. He could bite hard enough to crush my hand with ease, but never did....maybe try large birds.....lol

    4. Michelle Hall

      Bobcat:lady why u butt up wth

    5. RD Patterson


    6. Scrotum Monster

      3K peta activists saw this video 😬

    7. Amir Sattari

      Are they declawed? Hope not otherwise it is so barbarian

    8. Moochie Orsini

      Awesome 😎 😍

    9. By The Sea

      Wild animals need to be in the wild and free, not kept in captivity and domesticated.

    10. FAIL

      They already owned any other animal? Sounds like they just get what comes to mind, have a bit of fun and then give them up?! Seems like the want attention trough those animals. Also they didnt really teached them how to play, they bite way to hard, thats not because they are bobcats, thats because they didnt teach them. My mother used to breed cats over 10 years and ive seen alot, how they lern and behave and its rly just a teaching thing.

    11. Randell Darcky

      Wild animals can make some of the greatest pets, if You know what You are doing. Not everyone will qualify. You are doing a fine job.

    12. Trius

      Too much talking.

    13. John Smith

      I had a housecat and I couldn't handle _those_ scratches.

    14. eldangeroso68

      This is not cute or funny, it's 100% wrong to keep wild animals as pets just because you're rich and you can.

    15. Stu Mac

      Lovely cats.

    16. Joseph Sokoloski

      Very beutiful house, wife and oh yea, Kitties..

    17. M WJ82

      Couple of broken bones in your hand...that’s enough and off to the zoo they go! I do not get these people who have to own these kind of animals

    18. Clairey

      Nice couple, nice kitties :)


      They should be out free in the wild. So dad for the cats.

    20. First Last

      Year later. Are you still alive?

    21. sassulusmagnus

      Wild animal. Bad choice for a pet.

    22. Naseem Shanboor

      its a waste of investment to have good home and beautiful cats but no kids

    23. AR T

      Got kids?!?

    24. fernanda de la luz

      She linda looks like Sandra Bullock

    25. Me Innit

      I wonder if any are called bob.....?

    26. Lindsay DeClute

      Wow that’s incredible!! They are absolutely stunning!! God bless all 4 of you and best of luck♥️😁👏 (gorgeous home too!)

    27. Jackson Wheeler

      cheetah or bobcat?

    28. j js

      u dont play with cats with your hands, you use a toy so they know not to bite your hands but thats all i see in the video so basically youre dumb pet owners

    29. Will Beecher

      Those are awesome! Bonus they use toilet. I doubt you will be using a walker/cane in their lifetime unless you have accident...

    30. Sodom 1611

      Sandra Bullock ?

    31. Chal Goode

      too white

    32. J

      I came to see bobcats not their owners

    33. aj worth

      Pees in the toilet lol

    34. Jack Woods

      I don't recommend "playing" with any cat, much less a bobcat. They have gobs and gobs of prey instinct as it is and I would rather supress that than cultivate it.

    35. Theron Brawley

      Love you guys for taking are of these special kitties.

    36. D Nice

      Wait broken bones 🦴 in hands !!!!!!!! no thank u

    37. LightningBolt

      Binaural is the autocorrect for bubsy

    38. Firstname LastName


    39. i’m not lay the sequel

      bruh and i thought i was unique for having a pet snake

    40. Ibrahim Khan

      If these couples have a baby, these bobcats gona think its another special meal owners got me cuz they are trained to eat soft meat and all organs

      1. Ibrahim Khan

        @Kats Foil Hat wait for the babies

      2. Kats Foil Hat

        Ibrahim Khan they have two grown adult children

    41. Seanachie's Court

      Nooooo the video is over i need moreeeee

    42. jordan pax

      This is exactly what domesticated cats should be fed as well. Not that short of commercial cr%p wet and dry food

    43. J P

      The cats gunna run a train on the girl

    44. Katie Eckler

      I wonder how they are with guests

    45. eveliene schneider

      Realy nobody own a cat.Even a wildecat!!!!

    46. ajbfwb

      I can't even stand to get bitten and scratched by a domesticated kitten. Hard pass. I used to have a neighbor with an edutainment wildlife show, largely for kids. She kept prairie dogs (among many other wild varmints), and they sent her to the emergency room on more than one occasion from pretty serious lacerations. I hope they perfect an animatronic pet soon, that can double as security.....but I won't be an early adopter - "This just in - a local resident was torn into 6 distinct pieces earlier today when their animatronic pet chimp snapped due to a faulty software update....."

    47. Sheila Allen

      Bobcats are beautiful you are so fortunate to have two

    48. Lyrix Diego

      White ppl must be stopped 🤦🏾‍♂️

    49. Xxx ddD

      I have cat it act like bobcat maybe it a bobcat

    50. C Maybe

      Looks like a normal house cat, literally is the same size as my cat.

      1. MyTJoMoon

        Uh, no. "Literally" it is not, unless you also have a bobcat.

    51. nyreekrikorian

      They're gorgeous! I lost two of my chickens to a bobcat years ago, so I have love and hate feeling toward them. I also lost one to a hawk and I also love those majestic birds.

    52. Royal Royal


    53. martinezandy15

      As long as they don’t have a baby in the house👶🏻

    54. Hope Constance

      Whoa. I tried to let one in the house when I was 3-4 years old and my dad went out and got 3 dogs the next day.

    55. fessells ahmed

      They are adorable cats and great people to look after them

    56. Freaking Alex_gaming

      2:22 rule number 1 Never pet a cat while she is eating😅😂

    57. Kayla Smith

      Imma head out

    58. John Milks

      Yikes 😅😅

    59. Kacy Harrison


    60. Just Some Guy

      They look like they have a nice lifestyle , exotic pets , lovely house

    61. Default User


    62. sherrymarkin

      They are beautiful! I was also glad you answered the one question everyone has about where they go potty.

    63. Vladimir Ciric

      Ahhh life’s good 😉

    64. Steve Shane

      A cat that pees in the toilet!?....I might actually start like cats hah

    65. Myballsitchsomethingfierce

      Phoenix Marie?

    66. ComeAtMeBro

      Oh no

    67. Trenton lies

      People are scared of pitbulls But pitbulls are really sweet those bobcats seem sweet 2

    68. the way the truth and the life

      I'm glad Sandra Bullock loves Cats.

    69. MaLinda Venegas

      Does anyone else get sandra bullock vibes?

    70. Louis rodriguez

      That’s not a pet I’m sorry