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    A DARING mother and son duo have hand-raised 14 bears in their back garden. In the heart of Bearadise Ranch, Florida, Monica Welde and her son, Johnny IV, spend their days rolling around with bears that weigh up to 1,000lbs. The Welde family have looked after grizzly bears, black bears and polar bears for the last 91 years - using their license to provide for those in need of a home. But the family tradition came under threat last year when Monica’s husband, Johnny III, died of a heart attack just after he turned 60. But with the help of her son, a devastated Monica has put her loss to one side so she can concentrate on continuing the family legacy and caring for their beloved pet bears.
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    1. Tafari Boozer

      No one is coming on their property unannounced.

    2. Florida Crypto R

      I live within 45 minutes from here and went through college here. I never ever known this ranch was here at all. But in the general area, there is a ton of animal rescues but never once did I know of bears. I wonder if they give tours like many do? It would be a nice outing for sure.

    3. Wowzzer

      Him throughout school. So what do you do when you get home? Oh you know just feed the bears in my yard

    4. Elizabeth Omutiti

      Sorry mum for loosing your husband may his soul rest in peace.

    5. Nick 23

      I want some honey

    6. Terence Galland

      Ok thats great, but does this give a false sense of appearance to impressionable people who may believe that they can cuddle a bear willy nilly while out on a hike in the woods......wild bears are very dangerous predators stay away from them!!!🐯🐯🐯🐯

    7. Teun de Heer

      2:50 So THAT'S what happened after Brother Bear! XD

    8. Black Mumba

      Its all fun and games till...

    9. bala venkateshwar Betha

      So sweet of u mam Kudos to ur son Gutsy family

    10. Allie - A click bait # fortnite

      This is so cute

    11. Rajiv Kumar

      Bear food how much costs you

    12. Gyani Prasad Swain

      Greatd job.....well done😀😀😀😀

    13. Steven Hair

      I would put a bear in your care rather than release him or her into the wild. I am sorry for the lose of the husband and father, I am sure he is there in spirit.

    14. J Varado

      I wish some people would understand that as humans we destroy so many acres of natural land, having said that, sanctuaries like these need to exist in order for us to keep these animals from going extinct

    15. Nayan Mipun


    16. Shawn Archer

      That is amazing love them they are doing a great job

    17. Darlene Moore

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. Sorry for the loss of your husband.

    18. Rupam Paul

      You guys really doing great job...i wish i could part of it

    19. beers1968

      I'm normally against people raising wildlife animal's but this woman is 500% right about their habitats being destroyed. These bears are extremely Happy. You can tell by looking at them. They are loved and treated very well. Much respect and support to her and son. ❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛

    20. Francis Olinsky

      Who could possibly put a thumbs down? Beautiful story.

    21. John Roy Carreon

      Its more ok if you releas fish in the pond..so they will learn to catch food for they own..

    22. Adam Lees

      Bears are one of the most breathtaking and respected creatures in the animal kingdom. just seeing them up close to humans in this particular environment and setup brings home how huge and powerful they are.if they were rescued from certain death or suffering who can object to them having such a healthy life as this?.

    23. Susan Fuego

      “Are you playing with your tongue?” Lol sounds nasty if your a human. I’m more animal I love all animals so natural and free beautiful , gods a trip who thinks like this besides me? Like if you relate with my uniqueness.

    24. Susan Fuego

      We loveeeeeee you

    25. Aleks Martini

      I’m sweating watching this

    26. Kacey Le

      God bless you and your family !!!

    27. Xavier Ortiz

      They r a lot better off there than in the wild

    28. Leonor Pinero

      Those animals are better of in privet properties than in the wild. There's no safety out there dor them anymore. I am so glad there's people like you. I love animals and i wish i could do something like what you do. Bast and kind regards. I'm sorry for the loss of your husband. You have a wonderful son.

    29. pablo Jnr


    30. Frederick Prinz

      I love it. God bless, your son and your bears. Sorry for your loss.

    31. Brook Garretson

      Super awesome!!!!!

    32. A D

      Dam the son is fine!

    33. Paul Brown

      I think what you guys have done with these bears are amazing and extremely special ignore the ignorance. You guys are awesome. ❤ There will always be People out there that are bad apples that have nothing but negative crap, nonsense to say about anything and everything I just tell them they can kiss my but.😂

    34. santosh kumer prajapat

      Love can control them.


      All I read was “...Florida” enough said no explanation needed

    36. Arjun

      The husband looks more like a bear than the actual bears

    37. Rebel Oneal

      Just a matter of time..food for bears? Numb dumb asses, make great stakes for wilden bears..

    38. Bec Tonković

      Animal cruelty

    39. Simon Frayne

      Wonderful! Can people come and visit?

    40. ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ

      WE BARE BEARS! 😍

    41. Daniel Bovell

      Did the forger die of old age?

    42. Classic Dufferin


    43. Jay Arya

      God bless you guys... I wish I had chance to live my life like you guys...

    44. Eduardo Pinedo

      She's good my geez.

    45. Terrence Head

      She looks like a retired rockstar!!!!

    46. Leo Oh

      So how does she earn an income from this, facility tours?

    47. Precious Daughter

      I look forward to the paradise so that I can rub on bears🥰🥰🥰

    48. C L

      That is so freakin awesome

    49. Justin Moore

      White people

    50. Roger England

      I Thank God for the good you are doing. Keep doing what you do best, those Bears look as happy as can be. 😊

    51. Disorder Liberalism

      How do they make money?

    52. Melissa Todd

      That's awesome but I love black bears grizzlies are mean

    53. Julio Inostroza

      Imagine a crack head breaking in lol

    54. Mark Lester Alvendia

      I gonna get one cub

    55. Mia

      I think enclosures are great for endangered species. Housing random wild animals for your fantasy seems very selfish to me.

    56. Earth Man

      I can't have a bear but my Black Russian terrier is a lot like one. She lumbers along swaggering like a bear and she is just like those in the video. 21 breeds in a Black Russian, I think the Soviets put some bear in the mix. 😊

    57. Add fruelda

      thank you for taking care of god creation amazing people keep it up,,,,godbless

    58. Vaskar Gohain

      Lots of tons of love for the family.. From Assam,, India

    59. kerwin acibron

      someone cares for bears and someone hunt for bears., ahahahah useless

    60. Kazam K

      Be Hilarious and so funny if the bears eat there owners one day soon

    61. Kazam K

      Bloody Idiots, you can train them but you can never tame them.

    62. Lizzie JD

      What lovely kind people. The bears look so happy. You had a wonderful and kind husband and your son is the best. There isn’t anything like this here in England, I’m so so jealous!! You’ve made me happy from over the pond and from one woman to another, you are an inspiration.

    63. unique brain

      How do u recognize them all....they all look same

    64. இளைய காமன்

      Adorable kids😍

    65. jizzer408

      Totally awesome 👍. I too prefer animals over people,strange as it may be.

    66. Shellie Rodarmel

      Honey if I was you I'd never leave either I don't like people and these bears would be my whole life no problem!

    67. ILLzeee corner

      "Here in bearadise ranch have natural habitat.. grass, pond... and cage?

    68. Ken B. NPB

      That is a lot of work to keep them happy, Gr8 job!!!

    69. Night light

      This is reminding me about Timothy and his girlfriend. But Lucky they are not wild bears

    70. Scott Fox

      I want one.