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    A MARRIED COUPLE who share their city apartment with their pet puma say that they consider the big cat a part of their family. Sergey and Marina Ross, both aged 32, live with their 2-year-old mountain lion, Irma in their apartment in central Moscow. They adopted Irma from a zoo one year ago, after hearing that they intended to put her down because they could no longer afford to keep her. The big cat initially did not allow Sergey or Marina to touch her - but after months of adjusting to her new surroundings, she has eventually learned to love and trust them. Now, the couple have regular cuddles with the 38kg cat and Sergey says that he sometimes even sleeps next to her. To follow their story, click here:
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Brooks Rice

      Definitely a wild animal still

    2. SKunKz Winz

      Why can’t the puma have a dope galaxy jacket lol

    3. Sasha White

      That's horrible. Let get be wild the way she is intended. So sad.

    4. Karl Pershing

      Call president Putin. Why ban?

    5. Milk and Kookies

      I better stop watching these kinds of videos before I have the thinking of getting a freakin’ hyena or something

    6. BrandedDisco Productions

      Of course they are Russian.

    7. Ami Khan

      Is that Messi’s girlfriend?

    8. frankwhite83able

      they dress as bad as the puma

    9. Willis clary

      When I saw Moscow Russia I broke out laughing

    10. nitin pathak

      Please release her to her natural habitat .. don't make this beautiful creature as ur pet .

    11. tgrooms AJ

      A wild animal living in a small apartment will make this cat extremely aggressive. Wft, buy a WAY bigger house atleast. If you can't, surrend her to Big Cat Rescue so she can live happy for once.

    12. Falloutfan 69


    13. aloha-rosy

      Irma pumpin y’all, y’all work for her

    14. zedword82

      The regular cat is like "get me outta here "

    15. Jacques Perreault

      People shouldn’t have a wild cat of any wild animal

    16. Meil :

      Cute cat. But let’s point out there coats or whatever it’s great

    17. Сергей Анатольевич Орехов

      Вот такие при этом режиме хорошо живут. Ничего, придём к вам домой и убьём и вашу зверюгу и вас.

    18. Сергей Анатольевич Орехов

      3:24 Я сам такое мясо не ем... И не потому, что не хочу, дорого.

    19. Justina Hamilton

      Yeah- she's amazing animal until she rips your face off....respect nature people

    20. OceanUndertow

      5:30 am... Me: making a pot of coffee Them: Walking the puma

    21. Alina Gluzman

      I wish they could have spoken russian

    22. skeleton king09

      Ya own so much animals

    23. geert

      She dont like people... so let her free you egoistic stupid russians

    24. Sp_ SINGH01

      mate i literally want to adopt a wild pet so tht i cn tell peeps tht thy are nt dangerous bt here in india cz of fukin constitution its strictly prohibited

    25. Kathy L

      I wonder what the state of zoos in Russia is that they just sell extra animals or give away animals because they are closing down or something.

    26. Kathy L

      Messi, now Irma. I wonder if scientists in Russia secretly bred domesticated pumas just like with foxes.

    27. Fozo - SV

      1 beast live in Russia nice Putin : hold my beer

    28. CJ

      Then one day you wake up in heaven and see the puma eating your corpse. Big oof man

    29. Brandon Calvilo


    30. G * 59

      *In Russia, cat walk you.*

    31. ソッキムセイン

      I think Irma and Messi should go on a date.

    32. steve k.

      The man stuck with 2 cougar,,,in the appt.

    33. Amberlea Winchester

      Omfl Imagine going to the park and thinking you’ve encoutered a mountain lion. Then you see two shortys going like “oh dw that’s my pet”

    34. Neil Lobo

      Do you know Messi?

    35. reyray

      In mother Russia we don't have cat we have puma

    36. Sarah Jane

      Applying for Russian apartment: Do you have any pets? "Yeah, a puma." Okay cool rent's due on the first of the month.

    37. Albertina Campbell


    38. *moon cat Playz*

      I hope there house cat is okay...

    39. Laykan Thee Alien

      *She is absolutely stunning* 🐆

    40. Paulina Dackiw

      These people are GREAT! At least there are some people with common sense and give wild animals a proper life! A life that ANIMALS DESERVE!!!!❤️ Also it IS cruel to keep wild animals in captivity unless you know how to take PROPER care of it! Now don't go running of to find you lion!

    41. Pankaj Tiwari

      Are dogs outdated on this planet these days?


      Did she say don't like black people 😮 B!

    43. Alice Wilde

      You can't even measure how stupid these people are.

    44. Alice Wilde

      Needs a longer lead. She will get really frustrated if they keep her so constrained.

    45. Allieariah Brown

      Did anybody else see that cat drag him down the hill

    46. stormy 1371

      so awesome!

    47. Jai'Lyn Perry

      Is it me that I could’ve sworn that she was thinking “ Omae wa mou shindeiru” to the camera crew @ 2:49 or I’m just tripping🤷🏾‍♂️

    48. Jimbabwe

      2nd russian couple with a puma on this channel

    49. Adora Belle

      True family pets don’t need leashes

    50. hanten10

      you are having the best job in the world. I wish I have a chance too ♥️

    51. Carter Mattson

      only in Russia

    52. Cornell Green

      In Russia, kitty has you for pet.

    53. catsarereallycool

      What a beautiful animal.

    54. Graham Wellington

      She's very beautiful! And it's wonderful that she has such wise and responsible people looking after her.

    55. Cribabi JK

      Literally i_am_puma

    56. Matt M

      Well i have a pair of pumas

    57. AudemarsontheWrist

      I don't like the whole leash thing. This cat needs to roam and jump around a lot more. The fact that it can't go around without a leash says enough for me. I've seen tigers kept as pets, but I didn't really mind because of the huge amount of freedom they had.

    58. Jenn

      She deserves more then an apartment, does not have to be in the wild but absolutly something that mimic's it

      1. 10 000 subs without a vid challenge

        You mean in a zoo where they would abuse her?

      2. Alice Wilde

        I agree, she needs to space to run about.

    59. Sap Sap

      These people are angels

    60. Wolf Girl

      shes so beautiful (the puma)

    61. Ash

      What do you do when guests come over?

      1. Ash

        Also, does your apartment complex allow Irma? I have so many questions and I am surprised that you guys answered me! Thanks!

      2. Ash

        @@Irma_pumacat Ok! That makes me feel better!

      3. @Irma_pumacat

        Fluffy Irma has her own room in case anyone is afraid. 🙏

    62. Valerie Lusaka

      They may have saved his life, but it would have been better to rehabilitate him in the wild.

      1. @Irma_pumacat

        Valerie Lusaka There was no such an option.

    63. Marc Swanson

      What a beautiful cat. I don't agree with the total ban but I do realize that there are many irresponsible people who should be discouraged from having exotic pets. For that matter, some people shouldn't have any pets at all. When a cat sleeps with you it should be viewed as a privilege. Their presence is comforting (providing the bed is big enough) and has a way of keeping bad dreams at bay.

    64. ZoeyMarcoBK

      That doesn’t seem like enough exercise

    65. Peyton Stout



      Two Cougars


      In Russia we dont own dogs we own mountain lions and polar bears



    69. Igor Sokolov

      Gorgeous beast:)