We're All in This Together (HSMTMTS | Disney+)

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    Together, together come on let's do this right! Nini, Ricky, Gina, EJ, and the rest of the cast perform the final number in the musical! 🎶 Watch the cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series perform “We're All in This Together” in the official music video!
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    1. Centure Prince


    2. Redemptiou

      900th comment! We got the comments up because *WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!*

    3. Kaila Ganzon

      Ej had no right to be that pretty

    4. Hannah Irre

      I would like danforth to be black. Still watching the old hsm.

    5. Tyrant _FN

      When Ricky pushed no I to the front I don’t care what u say that was Joshua basset not Ricky even though Ricky is sweet not as sweet as josh

    6. Danna Arredondo

      Wey estoy esperando a q salgan en México

    7. en ti ti

      no srr i miss the old troy

    8. WhatUp Pup

      This is an ABOMINATION to the og HSM!!!😡🤬🦞

    9. Hessa Aldereih

      Believe me every teen in this video were living their dreams

    10. ILoveCookie

      I need like 20 seasons

    11. rismasftr

      Disney really knows the way to our hearts by putting Ricky and nini as thumbnail for mostly of the hsmtmts content

    12. ALI SHAN

      Ricky: I’m nervous Nini: same! Big red: you’ll be fine.. Carlos: don’t worry Big red: ITS STARTINg! *Gina, EJ, Kourtney, Ashyln dance* Seb: Come on nini! Nini: WILD CATS STAND ALONG! *ricky runs on* Gina: YEa Nini: hit it big red *big red puts a song on* *nini starts singing* Nini: I love you! *nini and Ricky kiss*


      WAS THIS MUSICAL LIVE ??????????

    14. Erick D

      so what is this? I am 23 now and I have mixed feelings about this.. I love how new generations pay tribute to such an amazing movie, but makes me sad cause I watched the premiere of the original movie as a kid and wowww time really flies...

    15. Ethem and Amina Playz

      It doesn’t really go like that

    16. Daniel Van Hoven

      When the started do the original dance, I was bursting with happiness

    17. Kenzel Idalia

      I see Catriona ti the girl in red dress 😍

    18. The Dreamer

      I am so glad that Seb, a gay character got to play Sharpay. I love the LGBTQ+ representation and I hope that season 2 gets more of it.

    19. kayla estra

      To everyone saying the og is the best: That wasn’t the point of the series, they’re paying homage to the original and bringing in a new generation into the legacy. It’s not a remake, it’s a spinoff and a really good one too.

    20. Emily Kira

      I just wish we had heard the full version of "Stick to the Status quo". They just started in the middle of the song.

    21. Raisse Miranda

      Onde assistir??

    22. Anthony Mendez

      This is kinda THE BEST.

    23. Frank Conca

      I love this show

    24. Makayla James

      This is good, but nothing will ever top the original HSM

    25. Natalie Angel

      The people who liked this video did not grow up watching the OG high school musicals and it shows

    26. 。。Vanilla Kweem 。。

      Who agrees that’s there should a Broadway Musical of this series

    27. kelly li

      This song said I’m lonely in so many languages I need to get a life lmao

    28. Alex Coronel

      Netflix baka namannn😂

    29. Samuelle Edar

      when he made her bow again fjierofhnweruihcfnueri

    30. FangirlForShips

      I was scared at first but they did the original justice

    31. mine 007

      Mrs. Darbus u r still gorgeous!!!

    32. Isaac Schneider

      I'm not gonna say i'm appointed, but im not dissappoined either

    33. Vuthipong Wiwattanaseri

      I love to see disney reboot the movie with this cast.

    34. Ell Tf

      No que asco xd desgraciaron toda la esencia de HSM

    35. Ally .M


    36. The Llewelyn Davies Boys

      The transition at 0:51 is absolutely perfect

    37. Tess Morris!!

      I haven’t watched the series, but as a huge fan of the original, I approve 🥺

    38. Keira Flaherty

      I wanted more if Seb as Sharpay I needed it and I didn’t get it 😔

    39. Monique's Gallery

      I freaking love EJ!! I love how he stretches his arms 1:20-1:23 when Nini and Ricky enters :(

    40. Roberta Aldin

      oq fizeram com o meu high school musical???

    41. Hey fxr!

      Dios me siento una anciana :'c Al ver que hacen una versión, remake, fan movie no se, de la peli que marcó mi infancia

    42. Tony Pacheco

      Hate on me whatever you want, nothing will replace the original

      1. kayla estra

        That wasn’t the point of the series, they’re paying homage to the original and bringing in a new generation into the legacy.

      2. Itunu Adeniji


    43. Kenny B.

      What tha hell is this

    44. Tirtza Xiomara

      Siento indignación. Sin ofender pero lo odie:)

    45. Eshal Rizvi

      olivia looks so cute in the iconic red dress!!

    46. Salvador Barajas

      I am mad that they did not fo it in the theater at the school

      1. Salvador Barajas

        @m13laball I know but still

      2. m13laball

        Salvador Barajas Because it burned down lol

    47. Random Videos

      I love High School Musical since I was 3 and Im wishing that time If I can be a high school student and now I can't believe that I'm graduating Junior high now.

    48. Steve Adams

      Is it just me that I think Joshua looks like Tom holland.

    49. Chris Michelli

      The only thing i hated about this is the ms jen thing. She says the line and everyone claps. Like why though? Lol they have no idea why that happened lol

    50. Binh Hoang

      I am sorry, I learned by heart the whole dance moves. So this looks weird lol

    51. Ravina Ferrer

      The camera works are getting bad cmon Disney u cna do better

      1. kayla estra

        Ravina Ferrer it’s supposed to be mockumentary style, hence the “choppy” movements, it’s supposed to look like someone is holding a camera and moving without knowing what will happen next

    52. Niveditha Jayakumar

      The original one was better

    53. Wannabe Stache

      I miss this show!!!

    54. skz에우게

      Ta re bueno el que hace de troy ahre

    55. Irene

      What is this?

    56. Raquel Burillo

      Que manera de destrozar una gran pelicula

    57. Lydel Guado

      Sorry but the original one is the Best...😭💖

    58. ren dez vous

      She looks like catriona

    59. Fede


    60. bomm Hurley

      Boreddddd!!! Troy come back please

    61. Afonso Snow


    62. Melissa Mcknight

      anyone else get emotional when nini and gina bring ms jenn on to say the line that was taken from her or is that just me

    63. C S

      OG is still better ( just saying)😐

    64. Marc Mazza

      Wtf did I just watch! 😂😂 I’m just glad I saw the original one!!

    65. Paula M

      Okay I get it.. nothing beats the original but they did a WONDERFUL JOB! I am enjoying this series and I think it's cool they wanted to put this together for the younger generation especially and to keep the high school musical legacy. I'll definitely watch season 2.

    66. Allison Borjas

      The dude who played Ryan should of played chad he looks almost like him 😂😂

    67. Belén Castro

      xv What is this????

    68. Mike Garrido

      This made some republican puke.

    69. ashlyn tjandra

      This is how many show squeaks there were | v

    70. maya thomas

      And everyone was trashing this show Bc it would never live up to the movie...look at it now