We flew fans to Ibiza and they went crazy... (HOSPITAL)



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    Published on 29 days ago


    1. NELK

      Season 3 Premiere Shotgunning Beers in Church???

      1. Max Niethammer

        Did you kick out 905 shooter?

      2. Ultra_Food

        Nelk don’t do that that’s messed up

      3. Take Flight

        NELK shotgunning beers in church will be the downfall of your channel. Have some respect.

      4. Stamina Macca

        And wear a Jewish shirt, like on that movie “The Night Before ft. Seth rogan’. Haha would be gold

      5. Stamina Macca

        Dare u.

    2. Sean hil

      Can you guys come to australia

    3. Clifford Johnson

      Nelk wya?

    4. rhys moon

      Bruh post a new video

    5. David Shiels

      That dog would b great for public pranks where you yell its name and shit

    6. Angel Ruva

      I don’t fucking understand y 90 left

    7. Jaqz / Ontvrio

      Boys I’ve been waiting, a whole month with no nelk, I’m craving the send

    8. Criptin

      Until we start unsubbing they aren't going to realize the mistakes they are making by not uploading. Comon guys lets show them next time be smart and have some backup content to drop while they are busy fucking off.

    9. Criptin

      So you help make Steve famous now you have to piggyback off of his content. Wow the boys suck these days.

    10. HailChrisler

      yo where the vids

    11. CM Love

      Next prank should be y’all going to the beach as wild life workers and pretend people layin on the beach are beached whales and pretend to get them back into the water 😂😂

    12. Joseph Barbalich

      So you guys are gonna just stop uploading Wtf

    13. brooks coulter

      Post a new vid

    14. Josh T


    15. Bucks Man

      To all y’all sorting by newest first saying they fell off and they ain’t back from vacation they just posted a prank on Instagram so hopefully we’ll get something soon for US-new

      1. Criptin

        Proof they abandoned their original fanbase for the clout.

    16. big balls

      where TF is season 3 at?!?

    17. Slim Shady

      When are you assholes gonna get back from vacation?

    18. Brendan Holden

      Steve said niga

    19. Jake Hickman

      Rip 905

      1. Criptin

        When is the funeral?

    20. RottenWay2Die

      HOL' UP am I the only one who sees that Jakob looks like Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots??

    21. I dawged Yo Bitch

      I would love to live the life of the nelk boys

    22. Army Boi


    23. Joshua Roberts


    24. James Lemon

      Do some prank call videos (Kijiji ads and calling into work sick) ... classics. It would be perfect for new followers to see videos like that. I commented a year ago about making longer videos like episodes which you guys followed and they have been the highlight of my monday nights. Keep going boys, much love from Okotoks, Alberta. RIP 9-0

    25. Kyle Toews

      Fuck boys start putting content out again

    26. Brandon Munro

      You guys really fell off man

    27. James Bogue

      Did I look this lame back in my party days?

      1. Criptin

        That would be a difficult feat to accomplish lol

    28. Recruit_Life07

      Where you pricks at, c'mon boys upload

    29. ac

      nelk isn’t the same anymore

    30. Lazy Shallow

      When are y’all planning on posting another video?

    31. NoMo

      Well I guess this is the end of the consistent nelk uploads ☹😐😑😶

    32. Franky Martinez

      its been 4 mondays, wheres the content, ladies😫

    33. Whuts Uhp

      Release content or I’m unsubbing

      1. Criptin

        doooo it already

    34. Alex Skripnik

      Liver has left the chat

    35. Dougie Fresh

      Steve is the shit, man I could teach u kids some stuff. I once ate a whole sheet of acid at a dead show, played hacky sack with the Dead. %100 never lie.

    36. Cody Daily

      Where tf are the new videos

    37. john doe

      I thought 3 weeks

    38. Jose V.R.

      We demand more pranks from back in the day eh

    39. Willy G Rags

      Who else thinks the quality of the videos has dipped low

    40. Willy G Rags

      NELK having a hard time with the uploads huh boys? 🤔

    41. Willy G Rags

      This video sucks

    42. Timothy Wagner

      On God US-new sucks big time when nelk isn't uploading

    43. Jay Hernandez

      I can out drink Steve

    44. Criptin

      You have two hours to post a video or the boys are going to raise some hell on you guys for being half senders as of late. =]

    45. Ian Jordan

      Where can we link in Canada I just got my passport

    46. Ian Jordan

      Sick boys

    47. moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo

      i drink every day nd would be wary about drinking with these guys....it would be fun but damn ur livers must hate u

    48. Keve Collins

      Free 90

    49. Used Burrito

      U guys are dicks to 9-0

    50. Garren Randall

      Where the fuck you mfs at???

    51. Dougie Fresh

      Why's 905 a Nelk Boy? Dude is the poster boy for depression. Fukn downer, smile u shitbag.

      1. Flippin Cars

        He's not anymore. He got kicked

    52. Dry

      PLEASE I'm trying to buy a whole set of Corona tuxedo!!! Where can i buy from?

    53. Bruce Evans

      How much blow was ingested during the making of this vlog??!! Lol

    54. andrew beaty

      Nelk was better b4 905 left. Don’t @ me

    55. Nick Hupaliwskyj

      Who else thinks the kid who broke the bottle over his head is retarded

    56. Eric Tejada

      so do they just rent out air bnb's and get lit ??

      1. TF2Player

        Nobody: NELK walking into an airbnb: Hooooly fuuuuck boys!

    57. Charles campbell

      Anyone else going threw nelk withdrawals

      1. Charles campbell

        Deal lol content is content.

      2. N8c3z8nr N8x22z9yb4

        @Charles campbell how about 5os cans

      3. Charles campbell

        Steve's new challenge , drink 6o cans of Campbells chicken noodle soup 🤷 ps love you guys, full send.

      4. N8c3z8nr N8x22z9yb4

        Kinda but can't go 20 minutes without a campbells chicken noodle

    58. Rumman Nasiri

      It’s been 4 weeks Kyle 😩

      1. N8c3z8nr N8x22z9yb4

        Too cheap to hire a camera guy

    59. Jordan Weber

      What song is that at 12:30

    60. Garrison Tippett

      They're pranks were shit and repetitive this is more of the cuff. Better content easier watching

      1. Criptin

        Nope its trash now =(

    61. Jake Steel

      Where tf is Nelk it’s been almost 4 weeks

      1. TF2Player

        Season two ended and they're taking a break. They were going non stop for awhile. Give them a break. Literally.

    62. Erick Escareno

      Bring the old pranks back like this shit

    63. Captain Baros

      R.I.P 905 🌹

    64. robtheredrocker

      miss u guys, hope u got a lot of jerk offs in over the last few weeks


      6:26 half sender alert

    66. Boiled Cement

      When they said the dogs name I fuckin lost it

    67. Criptin

      Search Pornhub for "905 Shooter Leaked Masturbation Video" and you will start to understand why he was kicked.

      1. Bryson H.

        Gay much??

      2. Tyler Flex

        Criptin just seems it lmao

    68. Clout Tower

      It's been 3 weeks you fucks. Drop another video

    69. Criptin

      Jason should try his hand at Chaturbate. Might just be able to make a living jerking that mini corndog for his half-sender fans. :)

    70. Monalisa O

      Niga Soo cute😍😍⭐, o my dayss