Wale - Love... (Her Fault) (feat. Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]



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    Director: Spike Tey
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    "Wow...That's Crazy" out now: Wale.lnk.to/wowthatscrazy
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Johnnie Moore


    2. Johnnie Moore

      Addicted to this song way to start 2020 ...so dope

    3. Tia McClain

      Bryson Tiller is so handsome Love...

    4. Amanda P

      This beat is hard.💃🏽

    5. Melanin Vibez

      Damn that chocolate girl bad😭🍫💕

    6. Madison Baker

      am i the only one who never seen bryson tiller without a hat lol😂?

    7. cottan candy212

      Society: rap is better Rap: drugs depression murder Rnb: love rapsoul royalty calm rhapsody

    8. Andi B

      B. Simone.. Bae 😍

    9. Cherry Red

      B. Simone Yaaaassss Bitch! I loves her !

    10. Anyla Thomas


    11. Lexi Candy

      No, this video is not going through *AUTHENTIC* *VIEWS* *DOT* *COM* !!! I love how Wale keeps using dark skin women as her love interest in music videos.

    12. rinah chanel

      i love this song so much, helps e get over my old relationship

    13. Safari Arizona

      @SimoneB asking him why he would do that... cause he a snitch @BrysonTiller🤣 fucking up everybody vibe

    14. Amanda Forrester

      For Lauren 🤍

    15. Tee Bandz

      This my shit

    16. Playboy Ozzie music

      I like this new flavor in these rap video for 2020 i see that rappers got dark skin vixens in they videos salute for finally embrassing black beauty it's give it so my flare as well wale good song as always 💪💪💪

    17. Kalisia King

      this my songgg

    18. Uniquea Hill

      Im sorry but what did wale say besides love dot dot dot

    19. Tom Dekle

      Im forever a Wale fan, I hate how slept on he is smh. This man puts out meaningful hits and good R&B tunes💯

    20. Erica Blue

      Shout out my baby father and all the real fathers taking care they kids and keeping they baby mama strong. Love u baby 4 Life

    21. unbothered scorpio

      Why Bryson Tiller don't make his own music anymore?

    22. Lebohang Hoaeane

      Wow 5.4m views 🤔 this song underrated 🙄. Wale and Tiller brought it to the table

    23. 904Sua HUNCH0

      B simone 💙

    24. Anthony Magallon

      Is it me or do jermih and Bryson tiller sound similar

    25. juan dixion

      Illuminati ass niggas

    26. Brianna Renae Cooper

      I love this song

    27. Vaeh Vaeh

      The beat is hard

    28. Music Lover

      Anybody see B. Simone tho🥵🥵



    30. TheReal MrsVirgil

      Wale you may wanna leave her alone cause she got a drinking problem 😂😂😂

    31. Tierra Douglas

      livest song out right now no capp

    32. A1 Woman

      I can't stop listening to this song 🎼🎼🎼💕💕🗝💕💕💕

    33. retro b


    34. Angel Ramirez

      The 1.8k who disliked it has no taste in music whatsoever

    35. Kendra Morgan

      B simone and Bryson tiller are actually believable as a couple in this video lol.

    36. Silent Chivalry

      Simone 😍

    37. King Bitch

      One thing I've always loved about Wale I'd that he always shows his appreciation for the brown and dark-skinned Gals 💓Thank you cause we need that

    38. Sherae Jones

      Love this 😍

    39. April Grant

      I love how wale put beautiful dark skin female in the video love my black queens 👸 this song is 🔥

    40. Genie Mememe

      Wow black girls in a hip hop video.

    41. Paris Brenayy

      I LOVE how Wale uses CHOCOLATE WOMEN 🥵😍. And not these lightskins like most rappers

    42. Neshon Music


    43. Neshon Music


    44. Neshon Music


    45. Tana Tate

      I love me some wale 😍

    46. Blue Dude

      So this girl is actually Lulu simmons? I knew it

    47. Elizabeth Keller

      It’s gggggggggggoooooooooooo

    48. JR TV


    49. Spanky Adams

      Fire 🔥

    50. Kendra boo

      I love an Island man just my type.....awe my dude just cooked now that's a good man

    51. 08Two1

      This song is ight this song really ain't that good

    52. Jasmyn Tobias

      bryson sooo fine good lordttttt

    53. Leslie Brooks

      I love you 😘❤️💕 is your time of day to start the day with you I love 💕 you love your family too much to be

    54. Leslie Brooks

      Koby is the morning time I will have w I will do the way you everyone doing u I know

    55. Leo The Indigo Mer Goddess 29

      Bryson still crying 😢 I see 👀😂

    56. DunShae Brown

      Bryson Music is So Boring Too Me , Everything sound the same

    57. Shermta F

      The black girl in the video is beautiful 😍

      1. Redapachy

        Shermta F 😊😊us-new.com/online/video-f5KaiGc3PpQ.html

    58. Latoya Ethridge

      We get to see beautiful dark brown skin women💕 that’s wassup Wale!

      1. Redapachy

        Latoya Ethridge 😊🙏😌us-new.com/online/video-f5KaiGc3PpQ.html

    59. Latonia West West


    60. Carrie’s Corner

      Who’s the dark skinned girl? she’s too pretty

      1. morgan dubose

        Carrie’s Corner @misslulusimmons

    61. habana Clip

      Baby... Bryson... Let them flannels go!

    62. Zachary Taylor

      Y u follow every female dats fine as fuck...

    63. Fatboy Sims


    64. it_ alexanderthegreat

      I play this song like a 1000 plus time

    65. MHC19

      The lead girl reminds me of JT from City Girls. I love this song.

    66. Danita Randolph


    67. David Chinique


    68. Kiersten Johnson

      So refreshing to see Tiller

    69. Ray Hope

      Been with wale back then and I’m still here with him now

    70. Latoya Mathews

      Them drinks, tha MF Devil!