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Jason Nash

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    Carly and Erin played my Vlog Squad Celebrity lookalike game!! Tickets are still available to my San Jose show April 28th: improv.com/sanjose/comic/jason+nash/
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Jason Nash

      Check out Round 2 here!!: us-new.com/online/video-kFmBIVl_ERc.html

      1. Kristella Perez

        Dude I feel like they r just liking Jason’s vids bc he’s on David’s vlogs JUST LIKE JASONS VIDS THEY ARE GOOD AND PROBABLY BETTER THAN DAVIDS but in the same time Jason needs David

      2. Dakota Boda

        Jason Nash hewo

      3. Francis Williams

        David dobrik looks like dane cook well David's first vlog video's....

      4. abigail pink

        We love Jason, we stan Jason

      5. Mimic 13

        Your intro scares me

    2. kuskoz


    3. Let's go Planting!

      Baby Jason Nash and baby yoda

    4. Abrahammie Velarde

      That's such a bad picture of Corrina! Jason did her dirty 😬😂

    5. Kabu_ Ops

      We are just going to act like that actually wasn’t David

    6. Esben Lund

      I hate these things because people wil say "they have the same nose" but they dont lookalike at all. Taylor's swift and that girl Erin does not look anything like eachqother

    7. Riya Parashar

      Liza Koshy & Kiana Madeira

    8. Carol Tassin

      Carly, How can you say "One Direction" is better than "The Beatles"????????????????

    9. Mia Pokorny

      “Eminem!!” Lmao 😂

    10. jadder coronado

      Erin looks like the chick from resident evil

    11. David Hale-Mowry

      “Eminem” I’m ctfu😂

    12. Derek Smith

      How is 1D their Beatles when 1D are British

    13. Jacob Carlson

      I appreciate that Erin and Carly didn't try to influence each other during the reveal sections. 🙏

    14. Austin Head

      Jeff looks like matt lafleur

    15. tiff any

      Im binge watching your vids and im loving it😁

    16. HabitsRabbit

      I feel Bruce looks like more Andy biersack than Mikey day

    17. sebas

      nah erin looks like an avatar

    18. Aoife Ferry

      erins jawline could cut glass lmao

    19. Brady E


    20. KuKuVlog

      I’m letting these ads play for you homie

    21. Jordan Bober

      Love you Jason.

    22. Were the Avocados at

      Carly got 🎂🎂🎂

    23. letmejustsay

      How many people looked up an old photo of Frank Sinatra ?

    24. THE OSIRIS

      I don't like egg, cake, cupcakes, and donuts

    25. MrMizt

      Where was Nick and Joanna hill

    26. kateskatexd _


    27. Bele zavala

      I scared when David appear cause i was so scared of the similar with the real David🤣🤣🤣🤣

    28. Hamster momma

      My mom is older than Jason

    29. My NaMe iS sPiCy

      Not even joking I did this and I looked like Emily Willis the p*rn star ;-; not saying I watch that but she has appeared on one of David’s videos that’s how I found out about her

    30. Luna Aguirre

      He is the one who sing 7 year

    31. Detective Loki

      Most of this yes’s should have been a HARD no!

    32. FungHole

      carly is so pretty bro

    33. Hector Garibay

      David looks like the dad from Honey I shrank the kids...lol

    34. Pinkflamytangopenguin

      *“i can buy so much froyo with that”*

    35. Corena Garoutte MAKING BUBBLES

      You just gambled on you tube lol.

    36. Lucas Godsk

      How could you not know who Lukas Graham was?😂 he is sooo goood

    37. ash

      2:07 27,000 dollars this is not david's vlogs hhahaa

    38. ash

      im watching you to gewt myself happy and it is working ily jason and erin and carly

    39. yodabtch21

      Jeff is hotter then Taylor by farrrrr

    40. cvrlv

      Cześć, David Dobrik from Poland!

    41. isaiah trujillo

      Erin ain't that cute tf

    42. Reece Hosking

      Dom looks like NF

    43. Julie Miller

      Jason time for a new intro

    44. subham mishra

      Zane and joaquin phoenix? Brandon and heath ledger?

    45. Finch Lynch

      Natalie looks like she could be Olivia Munn's little sister. Erin looks like if Anne Hathaway and Milla Jovavich meshed their DNA.

    46. Tyeler Wright

      that picture behind Erin looks creepy no matter how i look at it

    47. Magda Łęczycka

      Poland, yaaaaaas 🤩

    48. kralle

      Lukas Graham i Danish

    49. marley garrigus

      yall should really check out Alex Warrens youtube channel because he is literally just like david and im not even joking lmao its crazy how much he sounds and laughs like david and his vlogs are also just like davids too

    50. Bob Clark

      Jason looks like matthew perry

    51. Patrick Bateman

      15:10 lol The "comparatively" wasn't really necessary, but ok.

    52. Galaxy Gaming

      she says interesting to much

    53. xXxSlizzyxXx

      She called Carly a bitch on 6:43pm

    54. Dj Gonzalez

      Luckily he wont have to wait that long to rest

    55. Oskar Nyckelgard

      This seams so unprofessional, but it’s better then any other video like this😁

    56. Aidan Emerson

      Rip juice wrld

    57. Elisia Townsend

      I'm not blaming you because I'm over weight but...... I do think its bullshit you all only go up to 2x. 💩👋

    58. Arjun Jaikishore

      watching this on 2x speed when they are laughing is so funny

    59. niklas johansson

      Rest when dead yes indeed you look like you havent slept in weeks

    60. L ZEE

      Boyan Slat look alike for David Dobrik

    61. Luis Ruiz

      Yo y’all are so Awkward and boring with out David

    62. Jared Jacknow

      Do a video with Charlie and Carly (and Erin)

    63. Cheryl Grant

      One Direction is our Beatles 😂😂😂

    64. Gamer 8967

      I would say Natalie and Adelaide Kane

    65. Daniel Mendez

      Jason is only funny on David’s vlogs

    66. Fish KISSer

      I think it was not a Doppelganger! It's FAKE!!! It was david himself

    67. Joshua Alvarenga

      You forgot Alex

    68. ava zinmerman

      That david "look alike" is david they have the same teeth same hair same nose same everything

    69. night wolf

      At first I actually thought that was david

    70. agathe m

      heath looks like josh dun from 21 pilots!!