VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 16

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    Niko, Clint, and Wren sit down to discuss the films Twister, They Shall not Grow Old, Interstellar, and The Polar Express.
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    Published on 6 days ago


    1. Cscott 5

      Hey Corridor Crew do you have any tips for people starting out with CGI/VFX and any good beginning starting programs for VFX

    2. Amith Nair

      You guys should react to Peter Berg's film Battleship

    3. The Red Knight

      All your videos are of you guys talking about your merch store. Just shut up and create your content. Its so funny how channel who grow fast, turn into these fake ass merch machines.. money is no everything and certainly not worth throwing away you honor

    4. FRANK P

      Love to see your take on “Chronicle”

    5. JG

      Do Evolution please !

    6. Dec Watton-Smith

      Please do the irishman

    7. Liam J. Dowler

      Irishman please

    8. Amith Nair

      I’d love to see you guys react to Peter Berg’s film Battleship.

    9. ajzjxjhxxy

      You need to do something on The Mandalorian, even touch on it. I can some of it's CGI, but some parts I don't know if it's practical or not

    10. ToxicWaste OfSpace

      PLEASE do the cgi in Romeo + Juliet. I know it's not much but most people don't notice it.

    11. TheSeeker

      Benjamin Button. 😐 Does the CGI hold up??🤔🤔🤔

    12. H.E. Pennypacker

      Can you react to the de-aging effects in The Irishman?

    13. Lucky 13 Productions

      React to Travis Scott's 'Highest in the Room' music video!

    14. Daniel Ryan

      could you do a reaction to the darth vader hallway scene in rogue one or the bar fight in the mandalorian?????

    15. Mexican Panda Entertainment.

      Explain how the effects were done for Mary Poppins

    16. Rishabh Lakhotia

      Beast from "The beauty and the beast"

    17. Raphael Kottakal

      Hey crew! Check out the VFX on 'The Tick'. Thought there was a big change from season 1 and 2. What do you guys think?

    18. Fredy Fonseca

      If you did Polar Express you have to do Beowulf

    19. huttio srreu

      US-new: Content for kids is bad Corridor Crew: 12:20

    20. Mikael Bergene

      Check out the CGI in "The Mummy Rebirth"! :D

    21. Ethan WBS

      Was just watching the walking dead and it jas some pretty poor vfx.

    22. Nathan T. Rousseau

      Honestly if an entire video was dedicated to Interstellar I'd be so about it. Like the engine they created for the black hole based in real physics! The inside of the black whole itself. Just the whole movie is a master class.

      1. huttio srreu

        Can you guys look at the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London?

    23. Frostfall Gaming

      The night gallery “the phantom house” intro. Really nice cut/image replace through a mirror. 1973

    24. bodie brock

      You guys definitely need to do a “stunt man reacts” to the 1 vs 10 fight in IP man.

    25. Advance493

      I love Interstellar to death

    26. Mitch willis

      Spy kids

    27. Jermel Barnes

      React to the opening scene of Hancock?

    28. Scott Moseley

      Corridor Crew-Niko, Please buy yourself a better mic or something. You sounded muffled this whole video.

    29. Justus Larson

      Please, please react to this us-new.com/online/video-YOixMAO5DxA.html

    30. John Jogerst

      You guys should react to the Meneo deceleration scene in The Expanse.

    31. SHaYien

      Do attack on titan live action movie ^w^

    32. Halo mannen

      The "they shall not grow old" movie is so great! It's so fucking well made!!! The historians and the other people working there asses of for this!!!

    33. NecklessWhale:3

      You guys should do go go gadget

    34. Reilly McLean

      Sam finally snapped at the end

    35. Tobiah Howell

      I have a video idea. Since you guys are CGI experts. Maybe you guys could take a look at paranornmal videos and see if you can debunk them as a bit of CGI. Like the “Manchester poltergeist caught on CCTV” video of an office ghost moving chairs and open filings cabinets.

    36. Josh Carson

      i thumbs upped it before i saw the video. you guys are that awesome!

    37. Alex Leavell

      Can you guys look at the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London?

    38. Lord Zordid

      Today they take building psychics for granite.

    39. Corey Miskell

      React to Pixar and Disney animated films! Some of the VFX in Frozen 2 are bonkers good

    40. Ebad Ebadi


    41. Michelle Xu

      Hi! This is a random request, but I just discovered there's this virtual Instagram "Influencer" lil Miquela and she makes music too?? Can you do CGI react to one of her music videos (Automatic or Money)?? Like is she fully CG or do you think there's a model that's being motion captured?

    42. Elai Dankiest

      REact to Dinosaur in 2000. That would be pretty quite interesting:/

    43. Molly Fuller

      wow that world war 1 film is absolutely fascinating!

    44. Tyler Wilson

      Please react to a family friends film it’s called “Ankle Bitters” the guy who made the movie wrote, directed and starred in the film. He also was on the Walking Dead as Carols husband in the first season.

    45. bird-blogger

      ahh happy belated birthday niko!!

    46. Eirik Folkedal

      Oh! Can you react to His Dark Materials?

    47. Joshua Thornhill

      Thank you for addressing the point of when theres motion capture being used, there's a team of animators behind it that have to spend hours cleaning it / adjusting / fixing it / re-animating parts to work. It's never just mocap - Done.

    48. - TheHoodedOne -

      It would be great to react to the scene in the first spider man movie where peter chases the person that killed uncle Ben

    49. Pascual Moreno

      Transformers, 101 dalmatians, dinosaurs from Disney and also who framed roger rabbit

    50. Bearded Bjorn

      Could you guys react to the CGI card shuffle in Allied? Looks so damn goofy.

    51. RTV_Falcon

      React to ra-one.

    52. Ben Parker

      How about they watch the airport scene from “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”

    53. JJ Binks

      Hey Corridor Crew! I really enjoy your 'VFX Artists React' series. I would really appreciate it if you reacted 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' and its sequels, (especially the third movie: 'Honey We Shrunk Ourselves'). Thanks. JJ Binks - Gungan General and Junior Representative for Naboo.

    54. Tm-Rocket BlackC

      Star Wars Force of Darkness Fan Film, it s so great

    55. Dust

      Could you do "A Scanner Darkly"? Quite an interesting film

    56. The TITANS

      React to Ra.one it is a Bollywood movie

    57. rapha

      Would you react to Mary Poppins? (the classic, I don't know if the remake already launched) I would love to see you guys comment about the making off of that movie, it was made in 1964 and the special effects are great!

    58. Kia Romanov

      Please react to the Sherlock Holmes fight ring slow mo scene

    59. P L

      Check out the opening scene of the TV show Pushing Daisies circa 2009. A boy and his dog run through a fake field of flowers then the dog..... well, you should watch and comment: us-new.com/online/video-p7pP5bCV0Rg.html

    60. Taran Perez

      I'd Love to See the rainbow six Hammer and Scalpel trailer its soo good us-new.com/online/video-C61bhu8eI3o.html

    61. spyrg

      Hey guys, can you check us-new.com/online/video-Rn4rkWNdXCE.html cool video and share your opinion ?

    62. אשל גורביץ'

      Hi guys, please please please react to the 6th episode of "watchmen", it's a bit long but it has a continuous scene of like 40 minutes and I have to know how they pulled it off. It's amazing, and it seems practical, though the camera keeps moving.

    63. iplayinv3rtd

      Please do any of the harry potter movies!!

    64. Arthur Leung

      i thought they lifted the copy right on happy birthday song earlier this year......

    65. Kent Lee

      “They just used Trap Code Particular” HAHAHA

    66. Yoon Johnny

      Do some Mortal Kombat reactions! Scorpion vs Johnny!

    67. Tanner Thomason

      All of the landscape shots from The Good Dinosaur. I swear they just used real shots but it looks so damn good!!!!

    68. ViperTech

      May I suggest Call Of The Wind Trailer? They're using a CGI dog!!!

    69. Adam White

      You guys should check out Hero starring Jet Li. Not a ton of CG (as far as I can tell), but it's a really visually interesting movie that uses color to tell a story from different perspectives.

    70. Jessie Acosta

      I really want you guys to do a VFX video on the film Splice please!!!