Venom, King of The Micro Bullies Fathers 250 Pups | TRULY

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    THE WORLD’S most famous micro bully - Venom - has become one of America’s most valuable dogs thanks to his ability to produce lookalike, muscular pups. According to owner Matt Siebenthal, Venom has up to three stud services per week, and each puppy is sold for around $8000. In a year Venom’s puppies in combination with his Stud Service can easily generate sales of over a million dollars, with Matt struggling to keep up with demand. Venom has gained fame worldwide for his unmistakeable bodybuilder physique and lives with his owner Matt Siebenthal, Matt’s wife Deanne and their son Christian in Lake Worth, Florida. Venom’s ability to produce puppies who look exactly the same as him has led Matt and Deanne to launch Venom’s own line, called Venomline, with Venom’s fame helping the American Bully became one of the fastest growing breeds in 2018.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Adrian Bedolla

      I swear to god people haven’t learned their lesson from the english bulldog

    2. B M

      0:47 yeahh can we leave now?

    3. Jaden Galloway

      Well if he has that many offspring and they sell for around 8k that 2mil right there 🧐

    4. Parish Bananarific

      so cruel what they do to breed these type of dogs. did u know they cant breed without mans help? some have to be born c-section cuz the heads are too big. they also need super special diets cuz they get allergic to so many things. I could go on.

    5. Super Mario

      I want to buy dog like this but no money xD

    6. Laura Carter

      The name is just the cutest miniature size pitbull ever

    7. Laura Carter

      If I could give you $10 million for that dog I would

    8. charles Receski

      Chunk is hilarious

    9. IndieKaylee

      but why

    10. HBK Customs

      These pigs cant breathe

    11. Wolfy Poison

      Chucky babies!!! 😍😍😍


      I prefer dogs that can run and jump.

    13. Teng Xiong

      Thats a nice bully. Would love to get one.

    14. Litzy Villegas

      Hulk is better than that dog ok and hulk is strog

    15. SxryptS

      Savage looks like cray cray bro :))) love it

    16. Carla Broderick

      Ban ear cropping.

    17. TheYoung Ghost

      0:46 probabbly thinking about the lasts night dream

    18. 109367

      Basically a pitbull with dwarfism, great

    19. Chef C

      Poor lil guy.

    20. GatorBull Productions

      Ion think exotic dogs are excepted into the bully world because of health problems.

    21. Dick Tator

      Kate I bet you will love these pocket bullys

    22. Yvette Blount

      Please end ALL dog/animal breeding. Loving dogs, including bulldogs, die in shelters everyday. Adopt. I adopted a beautiful pitbull from a shelter and he is great with people and other dogs. He even plays with my chihuahua. Dogs are not a fashion statement. They are meant to be loved, not bred.

    23. Yoman Isaac Buhay

      I love these dogs and I love your passion for them

    24. Quetzally Vazquez-lee

      Talking to you Kelly Johnson!!!!!!😉😈👿👹

    25. Quetzally Vazquez-lee

      If you have nothing nice to say about Venom/Chunk shut your piewhole

    26. Quetzally Vazquez-lee

      I would like Venom/Chunk but his family needs him

    27. Diondre Baker

      For 2 million he know he would’ve sold venom. Magic sold for 750k but his owner wasn’t tripping he already had plenty of his offsprings.

    28. My YouTube Life!

      So its basically a miniature pitbull.

      1. Document Debby

        With issues

    29. alex mack

      Straight up garbage. What on earth can this mongrel be good for? No prey drive. No fire. Wont bite butter. These designer muts are a disgrace to all bulldog ancestry.

    30. LifeWith Me


    31. LifeWith Me

      Hulk the dog hulk is fye to

    32. Chris Rubio

      God freekin ugly... Looks like they all hav down syndrome... Sad

    33. Michael Conner

      8k a puppy they aint chunk he go make more the 2 million of that dog if he aint already

    34. ALBERTO8OH5

      This disgusts me genetically modifying dogs

    35. Elle A Dolls

      English bulldog body with the head of a pit. Everything is squished and compacted. Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a smaller version of the pittie. I guess they want the maximum muscles.

    36. Eva Von Haus

      I myself prefer the standard original 30lb to 60lb APBT. Nothings nicer than the original.

    37. AWG _

      Genetic nightmares, bad conformation, and awful behavior? Shut up and take my money.

    38. Jose Simuanga Simuanga

      nice venom

    39. DooDoo Man

      Lol at that old guy going by "Sgt" like he's a doctor or a senator

    40. Matt G

      Love all dogs and these American Bully breeds look beautiful, but they are Style over substance unfortunately.

    41. Flying Duck

      I don't know how I feel about a pit bull named savage.

    42. Elite Punch

      250 offsprings, 8000$ = 2 Million You are just making money out of Venom, Cumon man have some heart!

      1. Rick Cooke

        He doesn't GAF about that dog other than the money he can make off it

    43. P S

      LOL....too much free time

    44. Dr.Pepper

      sorry wouldn't pay 8000 for any dog

    45. sputnikalgrim

      I’m no breeder but these dogs look inbred. It usually takes years to breed properly I thought. These dogs look like they’re ok. Does anyone have any data about how long they actually live and what the breed problems are? My guess is trouble breathing is a huge one. Meh what do I know.

    46. Taryn

      I hope these "breeders" know that these aren't actually american bulldogs. Also, the only reason your dogs are getting "fat" is because you feed them nasty processed kibble and they cant digest it properly. Jesus christ.

    47. Ava The Avocado

      *Hulk Has Left The Chat*

    48. Perfect Solutions

      These are cute.

    49. Noah G.

      French Bulldog: "You don frighten us English pig dogs! Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!"

    50. Jamaal Jean

      Damn how much does he need to pay for that child support money

    51. jame

      You’re telling me you didn’t sell him for 2’million... wow

    52. Big Dummy

      Poor dog looks like a pot belly pig. Some people are out their rabid a$$ mind to pay $8,000 for these designer dogs! They are cute, but damn.🐖

    53. Jonas Hansen

      Breeding for a dogs look, is just straight op cruelty.

    54. Oh hi Mark

      0:00 pause... Oh hell no.

    55. lil sausage

      Poor dogs, like they dont understand that breeding dogs like that can have major health consequences for the dog, but they just want the money

    56. Russian Bot

      I got my lil girl for $2,000 👍🏻 $800 for shipping


      1:38 ayee

    58. sudin gurung

      We r venom

    59. Justin Graham

      Cute dog but gay as hell owners

    60. Paul G

      They would do good at Cruft's, the Parade of Mutants.

    61. Mason Williams

      God dammit. Why cant they be short and healthy. Come on I want that to live forever. It's too much to handle man. I'm going to go cry

    62. icecreamsandmich cherry

      People should stop mixing dogs it isn’t healthy

    63. Nick Hernandez

      Does this dog have aids?

    64. Mel Yatsko

      I disagree with cutting their ears. Animals should NEVER be put through pain, etc for vanity. Its selfish.

      1. Green Paladin

        They are also put through pain when they are spayed and neutered. Should we not spay/neuter our dogs? You can make the argument that spaying/neutering decreases the dog population but so does simply keeping a female dog away from other does when she is in heat or keeping a male from going after a female in heat.

    65. Andres Verduzco

      Hulk plus venom =chunk

    66. Leslie Browne

      pitbulls scare me. my question is how aggressive is this particular breed? how are they with small children and small dogs?

      1. Green Paladin

        It all depends on the individual dog. If you are so worried, then get one when it's a small puppy, but get one from a reputable breeder that temperament tests their dogs.

    67. Gavin Eicholz

      Pause at the beginning 😆

    68. Lex Talionis

      Venom vs Hercules

    69. Sargent Schultz

      Luis vuttion dog collar

    70. Bobs Todd

      It's all about the money