Venom, King of The Micro Bullies Fathers 250 Pups | TRULY



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    THE WORLD’S most famous micro bully - Venom - has become one of America’s most valuable dogs thanks to his ability to produce lookalike, muscular pups. According to owner Matt Siebenthal, Venom has up to three stud services per week, and each puppy is sold for around $8000. In a year Venom’s puppies in combination with his Stud Service can easily generate sales of over a million dollars, with Matt struggling to keep up with demand. Venom has gained fame worldwide for his unmistakeable bodybuilder physique and lives with his owner Matt Siebenthal, Matt’s wife Deanne and their son Christian in Lake Worth, Florida. Venom’s ability to produce puppies who look exactly the same as him has led Matt and Deanne to launch Venom’s own line, called Venomline, with Venom’s fame helping the American Bully became one of the fastest growing breeds in 2018.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Sav Atl

      These breeders trip me out with the high price value they say there bully is worth. Then they will say it's hard to put a price tag on a family member but the dog was only brought to make money in the first place

    2. tina n

      his mouth is massive

    3. fun fun weekend

      you can Cleary tell he'd sell him for 2 million dollars 😂😂😂

    4. Bray Bray

      Albino for 10 million

    5. •Sammy •

      ADOPT!! Animals should not be designer wear.

    6. Danny H

      "That's life changing money but I wouldn't sell him." Then you sir are am idiot. This little freak beast was presumably bred into existence to make money so sell it and make the money because he wont live long.

    7. Danny H

      This short legged noisy toad should not be allowed to bread.

    8. Alin Ardelean

      Well they look great but about the health problems, i'm wondering comparing to english bulldogs, how are they in this stage of the breed ???

    9. cmossburg0284

      Compared to alot ot the exotics out there he is actually bred very well. Just because he is pocket doesnt meen he will have a bunch of health problems. You can have pocket dogs that perform perfectly. Its when you pack to much weight or go to the extreme end of shortining the muzzle.

    10. Jay Gonzalez

      Sad to say but this dog will die early

    11. Ashten 11


    12. redmination red

      They r very danger


      Snow is the most beautiful dog ive ever seen

    14. Apex Warrior

      Venom vs Hulk we all know who will win

    15. Cash Bullies

      He is gorgeous new sub here

    16. Greg Maxim

      And no one offered him 2 million don't let this idiot fool you

    17. Greg Maxim

      Sorry but Marlon's hulk is still far bigger, stronger and cooler

    18. PITBULLTIME pitbulltime455

      No! Pitbull is beast dog breed ever!

      1. PITBULLTIME pitbulltime455

        Yea pitbull is beast!!

    19. olteanu alexandru

      2 mil dolars for what? the dog is strugle to movie not speaking about running

    20. slickrick1214 slick

      There ok but I have problems with birth and THERE not a american putbull crossed brrd me I wouldnt own one not my type of mixed dog

    21. J J

      HULK still the beast

    22. TrikeBoy Gaming

      Chunk I’m worth 2million dollars Hulk I’m worth 1trillion Chunk FUDGE!


      Very Good Looking 🤙

    24. Terrell Scaife

      Yo this stuff is gone too far, but what is the real american bully?? The huge ones's or these things ??? They have to make up some kinda standard

    25. ivan moreno

      You guys are destroying the propósit for pitbull bred.

    26. Kaitlyn zen_butterfly6

      This is so sad. The things some humans do to animals for "looks" is completely appalling. It is truly disgusting, if someone started breeding/genetically modifying humans to be tiny or some other ridiculous alteration they would be prosecuted and regarded as monsters and yet humans can do these things to animals. Same goes for cropping their ears, if a human cropped a human babies ears they would go to prison for life or get a death penalty in some states but it's ok to do it to a fellow sentient being. Which also have feelings, and intelligence and are really not so different than humans at the core. Mind blowing the double standards and the lack of moral alignment society has. People claim to be animal lovers but do things like this or eat other animals with no regard for the consequences for the victim and no regard for the other life.

    27. Shadow Dancer

      This dog doesn't have the mobility & beauty of a husky.

    28. Tristan Dreyer

      Do the math. 8k a puppy times 250 is 2million. There good.

    29. Miguel gonzalez

      2 millón Your kidding right??

    30. chaos-deadly2

      His pull out gang weak then

    31. lil goku x savage Šævægę

      Fury got pretty eyes

    32. Sarka64 aj

      What if this breed will be breeded with shiba inu? Omg i cant imagine that xD

    33. Jerry B

      Venom is skipping Leg days at the gym...

    34. ikaanwe

      Looks like a turtle

    35. SuperSonicGoldens

      I wouldn't sell him for 2 million either,he sells the puppies for 8k each,his breeding buisness would go under

    36. Celest Clark


    37. FANG

      The guy who created the Labradoodle just said he regrets doing that. These weird breeds should not be. They are not being created for utility needs but for the look. Every time someone buys from a breeder a shelter Dog dies. Do not buy from a breeder. Rescue from a shelter! I hate dog breeders!

    38. Raknar

      They look awful, will die soon and it's unfair to them. Such cliche americans.. Europe sees you like that

    39. Freakypenguin

      I want one :S

    40. Alex Sington

      we need a Maury episode with Venom

    41. Isadora Coates

      This breed is so docile and sweet in person. I love microbullies/any pitbull

    42. Spectre 22

      This should be illegal let nature be nature

    43. Eddie Hutchence

      You can tell they do it for the money rather than the animal. 8k for a single, inbred, unhealthy puppy. No thanks

    44. Love Me Please!!!

      Looks rather ugly

    45. James Callahan

      He calls venom chunk cuz it probably ain’t venom it’s his kin breeders always paper hang there dogs

    46. Josh _101

      So ugly

    47. World of Haze

      0:47 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂 that “ yeah “ had me dyin. But Venom is a beast!

    48. Sonny Valentyne

      Animal abuse.. Pure and simple.

    49. Malik Tez444

      Would’ve sold that Mf Quick for 2Ms

      1. Malik Tez444

        The owner won’t even see that “at once”😂😂😂 he played his self

      2. FANG

        Isn't it time for you to use some more drugs?

    50. Exzayt G

      That dog looks like my gym teacher

    51. marin vlasic

      Ugy muts, apbt !

    52. Jude Lagcao

      2 million is a lot of money but this Shorty Is very important to the family. so just keep it don't sell it

    53. Silver Eagle 777


    54. Spike The Troublemaker

      The man's trying to make a living.....what if you had venom? I'm pretty sure you would have done the same thing if you were offered 2mil for your dog

    55. soflyguy92

      Cute dog. Probably not the best type of dog to breed though.

    56. Serg Gla

      The ultimate manlet dog.

    57. Grizzly

      Amazing looking dog! What's the stud fee?

    58. psy cho

      ugly dog

    59. Diaz Diaz

      Hey a frog!!

    60. MatJustChillin

      Loss my pocket Bully named Dave some months ago He was so fresh I want another he was nasty tho 😂when he shook his head spit flew everywhere.

    61. remshot1998

      What is wrong with you people? You are trash for doing this to a dog. You don't deserve to own a dog. It is unhealthy and damages the dog with genetic deformities. Learn the lesson from what happened to the English Bulldog. You should be charged with animal abuse

    62. LizardMane

      These dogs are not worth 8k wow disgusting

    63. avian cypress

      Just clone it and then sell the clone

    64. EpicCharizard1


    65. Lerae Bizzelle

      Cute but I'm low-key concerned about the legs

    66. Brandon Tyson

      He looks good brother keep up the good work

    67. Jay Mariano

      I have a puppy like this😩❤️and she looks just like fury

    68. madison taylor

      It’s the bull dog all over again these people pay all this money for health issues poor dogs

    69. y_15243

      Imagen if hulk from ddk was there venom would of been dead

    70. X Fan

      My chiweenie think he’s a pit lol