VAN LIFE Hawaii | Showering in our Tiny House On Wheels!

Living ZEAL

Living ZEAL

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    We are a family of four (the two of us & our two cats).... we loooove our animals, can ya tell? ;) We have been living in a bus conversion for a year and a half, and it has been the time of our life!! After traveling in our first tiny house on wheels for a year, we decided to move on to a new vehicle due to the limitations of that bus home. We're from Colorado, and even though our bus was a 7.5L International Turbo Diesel.. it's age (1995) and lack of suspension made it challenging to visit many places in the Rocky Mountains and in similar high altitude environments. After much deliberation we decided to sell our bus and move to Maui to try out #BusLife on an island for a few months. We're currently still in the midst of this adventure, but plan to return to the states and continue traveling very soon. We honestly thought that we needed to be grounded after a year of traveling, but being planted in Maui has made a couple things abundantly clear to us. Number One - We LOVE this #BusLife #Vanlife community and miss the freedom it allowed us. And Two - Perspective is everything. All the "difficulties" of living and traveling on the road full time pale in comparison to the actual experience that it provides. Adventure, peace, solitude and freedom to choose our days, our lives, for ourselves. it's a beautiful thing. thank you so much for watching our videos and being a part of our journey :)
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Annette Shirley

      Good luck Kidz....hanging with you guys no matter what! You've got this....dreaming big on a little island in the middle of this great big ball of opportunity!!!

      1. Raees Khan

        @Living ZEALx

      2. James Dean

        I like Bonnie and Clyde.

      3. Living ZEAL

        We loved this comment so much we pinned it! Thank you for seeing the beauty in all of this & for encouraging us along the way 😊🙏🏼

    2. Leopoldo Torrez

      You gays good morning you gays anjoy life

    3. Nicolas Fisher

      Only here for ass

    4. ZoZo Professor Of Everything

      Wow this video has way more views than all your others!! I wonder why?Lol it's be bare feet on a beautiful woman..strange but true..there's a lot of ppl with a foot fetish and this proves's the same with a lot of similar channels and videos

    5. Joe Morrow


    6. Erick Avila Gomez

      Bonito video Saludos desde Monterrey México.

    7. Pavao Špigelski

      Ovo je prevara, jer nije prikazana scena sa minijature.

    8. Joshima M

      Dirty feet are not clickbait my dear. No matter how tiny your underwear is

    9. Cj Skelton

      Can't believe Steve Merchant found himself a women!!!

    10. NERD creations

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    11. John P

      Another click-bait. This is weird, a girl living in a van with some guy at the best hippy style, sounds like any father's dream.

      1. caligorii

        John P nah a fact. Doesn’t matter you keep clicking on the video and giving them money that’s all I care about lol. You’re taking the bait if that’s the case.

      2. John P

        ​@caligorii No need to argue.A click-bait is a click-bait.

      3. caligorii

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      4. caligorii

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      5. John P

        @caligorii Don't worry darling, the thing is that everyone here clicked because of the as* in the thumbnail but you.

    12. High Overlord Snarffie Beagle

      Hey, tell your girl that she doesn't have any polyps in there. I went a head and did a proctology exam on that thumbnail you had. Seems strange picture to choose but you did.

      1. Living ZEAL're weird, we live in Hawaii and are always in our swim the thumbnail is about her dirty feet.

    13. Joseph Gracey

      Say aloha to my friends Nate and Tia in the blue Chevy Astro van. I left Maui a year ago after a 2 1/2 year stay and I bet we have either met but for sure you know many of my friends. Injoy, love seeing your video. I stumbled across it. Mahalo. Keep it Pono.

    14. Yildirim Cenk E

      3:09 wow, great 👍👍👍

    15. TRiGONA iTAMA

      very inspiring epizode madam/ sir...take care always 'new fans here"

    16. H.Kemal ALTIN


    17. Autarky Bear

      I hate myself a bit for clicking on the video because of the thumbnail, but I can't help it. My brain just sees ass and my dick takes control. Besides that Van life in Hawaii seems cool..

      1. Living ZEAL

        Autarky, if the rest of the world were as honest as you, we wouldn't have so many problems. Thanks for watching

    18. Warren Kawamoto

      Awesome! The first shot looked like you were at Olowalu

    19. David Baker

      Lov you guys starting my build. I am 67 keep on keeping on

    20. eddiequest4

      She showers while wearing clothing? How odd. ;-)

    21. overland xplorer

      Shameless thumbnail! Lol

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    23. ๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻

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    24. Fed Up

      I think it interesting that all you tubers are SO desperate to get likes, subscribers, views. And when youtube cuts your pay or changes the payment platform the only way to get more views is to go into soft porn (see the thumbnail) To get more views. There is no better investment, no better return on investment and no better time investment than a full time job ..

      1. maitreyaishere

        The audience base is large enough to call out anything. At least this youtube series appears organic unlike some other van life series.

      2. Living ZEAL

        Soft core pork bahahaha? Are you kidding me? We live in hawaii, a tropical island, this is how everyone dresses there... it's hot, my feet are dirty and we're in my bus for a video called "how we shower in our buslife hawaii.. you sound really prude and stupid leaving this comment, but we believe everyone should have s voice no matter how uninformed.

      3. Living ZEAL


    25. La Golosina

      Amazing 11 K View" Check Out 👉

    26. Ronald Worthy

      Cute couple .

    27. Keem Zero

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    28. YasQueen YesQueen

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    33. James Johnson

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    34. Izzy- Studio :3

      We all know why you clicked

    35. Tim Johnston

      Just being honest....I came for the ass shot.. I had a feeling it was just the usual click bait..hope you lose ppl over it..oh ya, and how about sucking on those toes with the looks of those feet?? jesus folks, just put up another pic

    36. ᴋᴀsᴇʏ ᴅᴀɴɪᴇʟs

      When you are desperate for views so you show your ass off😂

      1. Minx

        And Jennelle Eliana has over 11 million views (her second video) and no ass WAS INCLUDED

      2. Living ZEAL

        ...we have 2.5 million views, why would you think we're desperate? We also lived in hawaii and were in our bathing suits everyday... you seem a bit immature sorry to say...

    37. Jesus Reyes


    38. Vito Pasquu

      It's 03:11 am here when I saw the thumbnail. Then I watched the video, it was a nice bonus.👍

    39. Tony Stokes

      That 🍑 made me click on it.

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    41. Keira Sorrells

      The thumbnail is degrading and panders to the lowest people other than that good video

      1. Living ZEAL

        Thank you? Believe it or not that was a completely candid image and we were trying to show how dirty our feet get in hawaii, the bikini was a byproduct as was the ass shot. But hey, it's by far our highest viewed video soooooo.... (you are absolutely right about the type of people it attracts. 🤮) thank you so much for the honest comment, we really appreciate it Keira. 😁

    42. Freecamp Caywood Bushcraft Alaska

      Great video. Thanks so much for sharing this. I really enjoyed it. I hope that we can stay in touch

    43. Robert Bemister

      Pimping the bitch for views. Good job 👍🏻

    44. Zenlochas

      Might as well put a price tag on the thumbnail for how much money you make from this video

      1. Living ZEAL

        ....we've made $234 on this video... is that allot?

    45. Truck camping with George

      I can not believe you are using your butt to get clicks.

      1. Living ZEAL

        Well actually the picture is suppose to depict our dirty feet in our van in Hawaii, I just happened to be wearing a bathing suit, and I'm glad I was because 500k views, I'll take it.

    46. Andrew Berks

      It's not a thumbnail... it's a bumnail... let's be honest

      1. Living ZEAL

        Hahahaha love it.. it's super funny to me how nobody sees the incredibly dirty feet and the fact that we're in our van in hawaii. The verdict is in, butts take over lol... bumnail bahahaha

    47. rosskrem

      Did Dave get these two? Dave2D

      1. Living ZEAL

        That would be awesome!! We'd love a good d2d roast of living zeal! Great idea friend

    48. John Doe

      535k people clicked for the ass shit.... Well done

      1. John Doe

        @Living ZEAL 😂😉

      2. Living ZEAL

        Thank you mr doe ;)

    49. Kingjdm89

      Awesome if I had the money I’d have u guys build my Van house lol I’d have to get a van first just need to know how to do this

    50. Bondoæ Intiql

      Yes theirs bad spots to do dishes too.!

    51. Mrstellitlikeitis Just Us Gang Gang

      Beautiful spot

    52. Izzu


    53. Miguel Cuco


    54. Encyclo Collab

      I have clicked only for the Ass/feet picture!!

    55. Nicholas Granat

      Simple is beautiful!

    56. Nicholas Granat

      Good luck t o ya!

    57. Kathleen Henson

      Put some clothes on. I refuse to watch you in a bikini. You aren’t that good.

      1. Living ZEAL

        Were in Hawaii.....

      2. Living ZEAL

        Lol what?

    58. leterbuck2001

      Working a job (you do know what that is right?) wouldprovide you the option to buy a shower with hot water/soap and no-spoiled apples ...

    59. leterbuck2001

      You two appear to be in major need of a bar of soap and lots of hot water.

    60. James Reeves

      I loved your video and shower setup was awesome

    61. gém ail

      Ça aime la totomobile

    62. Rick jobling

      Yes.. we wanna see the nitty gritty to .. to much bubblegum and unicorns will give ya diabetes.. gotta have the good with the bad ..bad make good so much gooder ...anywhos i really appreciate you guys takin the time to do this .. jolly good carryon toodle pips ..😁 shalom

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    64. sam caliphso

      How do you stay cool in summer ?

    65. beo minh

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    67. Yacin Rayan

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    68. Yacin Rayan

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