VAN LIFE Hawaii | Showering in our Tiny House On Wheels!

Living ZEAL

Living ZEAL

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    We are a family of four (the two of us & our two cats).... we loooove our animals, can ya tell? ;) We have been living in a bus conversion for a year and a half, and it has been the time of our life!! After traveling in our first tiny house on wheels for a year, we decided to move on to a new vehicle due to the limitations of that bus home. We're from Colorado, and even though our bus was a 7.5L International Turbo Diesel.. it's age (1995) and lack of suspension made it challenging to visit many places in the Rocky Mountains and in similar high altitude environments. After much deliberation we decided to sell our bus and move to Maui to try out #BusLife on an island for a few months. We're currently still in the midst of this adventure, but plan to return to the states and continue traveling very soon. We honestly thought that we needed to be grounded after a year of traveling, but being planted in Maui has made a couple things abundantly clear to us. Number One - We LOVE this #BusLife #Vanlife community and miss the freedom it allowed us. And Two - Perspective is everything. All the "difficulties" of living and traveling on the road full time pale in comparison to the actual experience that it provides. Adventure, peace, solitude and freedom to choose our days, our lives, for ourselves. it's a beautiful thing. thank you so much for watching our videos and being a part of our journey :)
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    1. Annette Shirley

      Good luck Kidz....hanging with you guys no matter what! You've got this....dreaming big on a little island in the middle of this great big ball of opportunity!!!

      1. Raees Khan

        @Living ZEALx

      2. James Dean

        I like Bonnie and Clyde.

      3. Living ZEAL

        We loved this comment so much we pinned it! Thank you for seeing the beauty in all of this & for encouraging us along the way 😊🙏🏼

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    7. Misa Misa

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    23. D X

      You showered twice but didn't use any soap. Interesting. With the one piece bathing suit on, you don't wash the other parts of your body?

    24. Happys Trails

      Dig the channel. Subscribed. Check out mine if you get a chance 🤙🏽

    25. Jessica Young

      You could do a complete video series on her cute feet...

      1. Ghost fucker

        Jessica Young we clicked for similar but different reasons

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    27. Franklin Blunt

      I am also enjoying Apple's & peanut butter. I fondly remember my times on Hawaii. I must return. Although you are on Maui, that area reminds me of a place between Hilo & Kona.

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    39. Brianna Cumming

      Looks like a great way of life to just relax and smell the flowers.

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    53. Flower

      I could not live in a camper van that did not have a toilet cabinet complete with shower. Sorry but I like to be able to soap up. Only the young. Well I am sixty... lol ..but we live in our Hobby 660 VIP but it has a shower and a Truma 6 combi boiler that gives us lots of hot water. Anyway enjoy yourselves whilst your young.

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        The dirty feet make it awesome and real. Bus/van life isn't all sunshine and rainbows. You walk in from the ground into your home and your feet will be dirty!

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      1. Living ZEAL're weird, we live in Hawaii and are always in our swim the thumbnail is about her dirty feet.

    65. Joseph Gracey

      Say aloha to my friends Nate and Tia in the blue Chevy Astro van. I left Maui a year ago after a 2 1/2 year stay and I bet we have either met but for sure you know many of my friends. Injoy, love seeing your video. I stumbled across it. Mahalo. Keep it Pono.

    66. Yildirim Cenk E

      3:09 wow, great 👍👍👍

    67. LiKOD sa PAYAG SESSiON

      very inspiring epizode madam/ sir...take care always 'new fans here"

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    69. Autarky Bear

      I hate myself a bit for clicking on the video because of the thumbnail, but I can't help it. My brain just sees ass and my dick takes control. Besides that Van life in Hawaii seems cool..

      1. Living ZEAL

        Autarky, if the rest of the world were as honest as you, we wouldn't have so many problems. Thanks for watching

    70. Warren Kawamoto

      Awesome! The first shot looked like you were at Olowalu