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Vampire Weekend - Sunflower ft. Steve Lacy (Official Video)

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    Sunflower/Big Blue available everywhere now:

    Harmony Hall/2021 available everywhere now:
    Filmed at Zabar’s and Barney Greengrass, The Sturgeon King
    Thanks to Jerry, Freddy and everyone who came by.

    Sunflower in the morning
    Standing in the garden
    All before you wake

    No power can compel you
    Out into the daylight
    Let that evil wait

    Strange thought upon the pillow:
    “What day demands a date?”
    Well I don’t know

    Sunflower in the evening
    Standing in the garden
    Taking up that space

    No power can compel me
    Back into the daylight
    Let that evil wait

    Strange thought upon the pillow:
    “What day demands a date?”
    Well I don’t know
    Written by Ezra Koenig
    Produced by Ariel Rechtshaid & Ezra Koenig

    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Colin Nielsen

      Bring fun music back!

    2. Sophia Johnson

      jonah baby


      Kids are like hey it’s the guy from the bee movie

    4. madi h

      Is it just me or do they have a Beatles vibe about them

    5. Tanya Chavez

      Hold up is that Steve lacy 💕😭

    6. Cup Of

      Don't Forget to return that camera Jonah, or the media club will have your head!

    7. Tango Official

      I thought that was Jerry

    8. Average Sophie

      two of my favorite artists . thank u

    9. Joshua Russell


    10. YERMO

      sick ass song, wack ass vid

    11. James Finlay

      Jerry Seinfeld?

    12. Weekend at Barney Loss'

      Can anyone recommend any songs from other musicians that are in a similar style to this?

    13. Courtney Moore

      Ezra...with my love for his Apple Music show ‘Time Crisis’ + Steve Lacy = instant click and likes!

    14. Tanda Mutiara

      Fuck you Jonah Hill I'm having nausea now

    15. Villa xoxo

      a collab I never knew I needed

    16. Fausto Diego Maidana

      Absolutely loved the song, but i dislike the video

    17. Baraa Fuad

      The melody of the song is a amazing

    18. kat !!

      the cinnamontography...... *chef’s kiss*

    19. BrEeZe NoVa

      What genre of music is thie

    20. M Lev

      Modern version of The Advent of Panurge. Great stuff from VW.

    21. cat bell

      when i tell you i saw the title and screeched

    22. Michael Obiabumuo

      song's been on REPEAT the past week.

    23. dragonball slayer326

      I love how jerry Seinfeld is in this

    24. dragonball slayer326

      I cant believe this is directed by Jonah hill himself

    25. Maryam Amanda

      That's all?

    26. Maryam Amanda

      Semua lagu nak nama sunflower ni dah kenapa pls la

    27. Helios

      It sounds as if vampire weekend went to India or something like the Beatles did . Lol

    28. Jared Smith

      How does this song sound like late-era Beatles AND southern hip-hop at the same time

    29. miniruss123

      LOVE this!!!! &&& not a huge vampire weekend fan

    30. Rafael Huber

      Haha my Brain, very cool Number !

    31. della xox

      Im here cause of Zach try guy 😂💜💜

    32. V_Simone

      Can’t wait to hear Baio nail that fucking bass line live

    33. Hapito

      I need more

    34. livelovehatebitchlove

      Is steve lacy finna release an album though🤔 Jk this song is a a trip though💕

    35. vimla karnatak

      Directed by Jonah fucking hill

    36. Bruce

      n i c e

    37. sick sad girl

      big fan of steve lacy but this song was kinda boring :/ the vid was pretty but why tf was jerry seinfeld there? weird shit

    38. Mario Torres

      I came

    39. Thibaut Vandame

      thank god for zabars!

    40. Scort

      This is the strangest collaboration of artists that I could not have ever imagined; I'm thankful it happened. Steve Lacy is a protege, do give his music some listenin'. I am still just so taken aback Jonah Hill directed a Vampire Weekend music video featuring Steve Lacy. Life is awesome.

    41. Gabby Mehler

      I see your ocean's eleven cuts and i appreciate them.

    42. Mila Leela

      I am kind of ashamed to love it so much !!!!

    43. Timothy Wagner

      Jonah Hill Directing a Vampire Weekend Video... whoa... dig the sounds

    44. Rave Moments

      Obsessed with this song and The Golden Pony - Deeper Dreams 💙💙

    45. Su Kitil

      thanks for the headache jonah

    46. Sean Michael

      This is what all the hype was about? I love the people that worked on this project but this was very underwhelming.

    47. Patamus2

      Time Crisis to a t


      Any cinematographer will respect this video Especially me being a huge Steve lacy / vampire weekend fan this is huge!


      Jonah hill is the goat for this video

    50. Stephanie Rising

      I kinda like this song

    51. Davin Lewis


    52. Carollia

      Like the song, but the video makes me dizzy, I get that they want to be innovative, but there are other ways to do, I think that all those NYC shoots have been wasted

    53. Tons of White babies


    54. Chelly Rivas

      Awww loving it very original 👌🤔thank Kato

    55. Karla Williams Ricketts

      Yes let them think about what they did....dabda Then acceptance will be grand or better yet organ piano

    56. TamalesKlientes

      Someone pls explain why on earth is every single song named 'Sunflower' so freaking goood

    57. dayshawna

      ugh, i LOVE steve lacy

    58. TheEllenMellon

      Seceret hopes that this song would be twice as long on the actual album dashed ****

    59. Tripp Azure

      . good job mr.hill , i can dig it

    60. juara satu lomba indie2an se jabodetabek

      Fuck I just saw kamaal william's salaam video and now I stumbled upon this now I need panadol pusing

    61. spirit phelps

      “Oh sure”

    62. TeddyBeyer Staingiona


    63. Victor Yee

      i not know,,, why camera is do turn turning around but i am like

    64. Reyna Morales

      Why is it that me when I try to sing along to bohemian rhapsody lol

    65. Michael Stuart

      Well I'm dizzy now

    66. Miked lalala

      It’s a song about nothing!

    67. Ros Nawati


    68. itheuser First

      Has a bit of a Zappa vibe in parts.

    69. New Alternative 40 Chart

      "Sunflower" is #4 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week.

    70. Dre Orozco

      I read a comment that said this song had Beatles vibes and this video screams Rubber Soul-vibes. The title card and color scheme is too on-point. LOVE.

    71. Pedalpunk57

      I thought it would be a cover of Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee but it's something original and sounds like an old song by The Beatles or something!

    72. Albert Normal

      Warning: May cause motion sickness :{ Nice song though.

    73. Ruth Naranjo

      I came here for my king Jonah and I think I'm gonna stay, this shit good af

    74. BUFFY chicken

      This song sounds like vampire weekend got rolled up in a katamari

    75. WERQ DJ

      I like the song, i love steve lacy. This video is pretentious and dizzying.

    76. Kamil Henri

      Everyone: “Avengers: Endgame will be the greatest crossover of the century” Vampire Weekend, Steve Lacy, Jonah Hill & Jerry Seinfeld:

    77. beatriz sanchez


    78. pixi

      when u add a song to ur favorites before u even listen to it

    79. TeenfoFeena

      This song gets me so amped uppp

    80. Kevin


    81. gŁitches

      Very original name *cough*not like it’s been used two other times*cough

    82. trublgrl

      So I guess someone finally bought that spinning gimbal camera mount they've been trying to get rid of at B&H.

    83. fana406

      HELL NO!

    84. sweet tazdingo

      that was not a very good music video



    86. John Berkley

      There should be a health warning on vampire weekend tracks because they are so addictive

    87. Maxi Santos

      This gives me Superbad's vibes!!

    88. Andefenci Addi

      I expected more from all 4 of them . 6/10 at best >_> . Steve Lacey was really just for clout lmao .

    89. Pillsinmyshoes

      I don't really like it, and I love both of you guys so I'm pretty disappointed tbh, this was sad. It felt lazy and boring. Bye.

    90. del0373

      Nope 👎🏽

    91. P F / Dad Reacts

      Sunflower > Sunflower

    92. MRFKontesSEO

      THE SUNFLOWER SAGA Vampire Weekend vs Post Malone vs Rex Orange County

    93. Opening Ceremony

      Please can someone write down here the final joke being told to Seinfeld. I don't understand what that man is saying. Thanks 😊

      1. 11Dubs30

        Jerry I got a pitch for you.... ....oh great, that's what I come here for (super good and quick comeback because he's just saying, I just want a sandwich). "(.....unknown word) getting locks on a bagel."

      2. 11Dubs30

        Yeah what was it?

    94. jcwynn

      What The Beatles would sound like if they were still making music today

    95. Justin Billie


    96. Ire Podolski

      Why does this feel like Russian Doll

    97. Kat M

      very spinny very interesting

    98. Yung Trace

      Steve thooo

    99. Ronald Bibi

      i don't like this new vampire weekend direction

    100. Efren Gonzalez

      LMAO they made the Seinfeld meme into a real thing