Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Oct 7)

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    Our WWE RAW review as Simon miller talks about Bobby Lashley in Rusev’s bed with Lana (yes you read that right), the Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman confrontation, Becky Lynch and Charlotte vs Kairi Sane and Asuka and Lacey Evans vs Natalya in a Last Lady Standing match.
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. bbsy1

      I haven’t paid attention to the announcers in years lol

    2. KTJ’s Toy Show

      That is wired

    3. Conor Condon

      mike tyson and mayweather yhrew worked punches so why not furry

    4. Janakin617

      Honestly I am surprised creative haven't had Nakamura spit green yet because they think all Japanese wrestlers have to spit green.

    5. Mounir Maziri

      I like reigns the best

    6. Matt S.


    7. GamingGuru 579

      At least Asuka and Kairi Sane got more TV Time

    8. pubg boy

      Kisko kisko Roman reigns passed he O like Kare 👍👇

    9. K B

      I'm going to complain about this every week until it happens. Put Tom Phillips on Raw as lead commentator and drop this Vic Joseph joker!

    10. Arjun Swaminathan

      Does nobody realize that this is the second time they had a show where the whole show was based on someone asking for an apology from someone else. ( Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns. Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman. )

    11. Messi Goat

      I gotta admit it but natalya vs lacey evans was good

    12. Craig MiLLeR

      What has Happened to raw. Turned into a low budget crappy wrestling show. Guess I will watch AEW.

    13. Andrew Holka

      15:05 stonks

    14. Nate D

      Up for the cooking show bit

    15. together for a better life

      I guess pining Nicki and Becky harder than pining naya jax at least she s wining again

    16. Ongoingpiano 1220

      This man looking like Johnny sins ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    17. fabs1887

      Was i the only 1 laughing when i saw Braun picking up Fury like its nothing.? It literally looked as if Fury was some mannequin that needed relocation...

    18. Chi Sasa

      If it says WWE: It gets a Brown Down.

    19. Badol Rana


    20. PonyPlays2014

      I don't know how the green mist can even work because as soon as the referee sees the green around and in the mouth of Asuka and all over her opponent, he should disqualify her because there is no way to cover that up. The red mist could be blood but green?

    21. Sharon Sinclair

      Nobody wants to see Bobby Lashley and Lana together I hate this storyline but I LOVE Rusev being push but they should of did this storyline Vince did the same thing with Enzo but he and her wasn't together. He trying to be with her and at least he got his beat up. Why does Lana have to be in this types of storylines and everyone knows Rusev and Lana really love each other so this is why this storyline not going to work.

    22. pk_1

      RAW Is always trash just delete the show already

    23. ryan marr

      So lana is a cheating this the best bullshit wwe can come up with?

    24. Dan Hurd

      I know why they used the stock porn background music because Lana that's why

    25. Her

      Can’t watch wwe anymore ever since I seen AEW 😂

    26. doliio volay

      I love how the fans cheer AEW at WWE shows. I wish all the best to AEW 🙂

    27. The Cheeseburger_666

      watching a pig taking a shit is more entertaining than raw is bore

    28. Sean STRYKER

      the staying up late analogy....

    29. The War Room Podcast

      Simon as a high level boxer I’m sure Tyson knows how to pull punches.

    30. OneManCast

      *When a scrub like Apollo Crews gets more time than The Fiend.* FML.

    31. OneManCast

      No, the main event, for the last time, was the only good thing about HiaC.

    32. Liam4Life

      Yes, watching that lashley segment was the most awkward experience of my life also. I was watching with my dad

    33. Matthew Wilson


    34. Arkofthewild

      I want to watch a full cooking show episode of Simon Miller and perform EXACTLY what he says and see what I end up with. In this short segment (8:19), I would have got... lovingly grated cheddar cheese in a sieve! And for someone who loves cheese more than life itself, this DOES sound like the promising start of a delicious dish!

    35. ArseCrayonGaming

      Susan G Komen Tyson Fury Saudi Arabia Wow, it really is support a shithead season in WWE.

    36. Donnie Jefferson

      I feel like I'm the only one truly loving the Rusev stuff. It perfectly fits into that mold of cheesy nonsense that will turn into two big dudes smashing into each other that I love. I just hope it can rival Roman vs Braun or the classic Lashley vs Braun tug of war. Those are probably my two favorite wwe things from the last couple years

    37. Khris 1873

      I didn't watch raw i will only watch sd

    38. SMDoktorPepper

      Jerry Lawler was REALLY bad all night. Had to turn it off.

    39. Richard Miller


    40. Rob Russo

      "You know what cheese is deal with it" ha!

    41. Potty Mouth

      War Machine !!!

    42. Peter Rodway

      Thank you Simon

    43. adnan prottoy

      Joker clip in my channel

    44. romanticDrip

      Is Becky Lynch/Charlotte the new Cena/Orton from 2008/2009?

    45. Brody Brown

      Thumbnail looks like it came of Pornhub

    46. Andrew K


    47. MajPeaches

      "Hey Rusev! I'm in your robe and in your house... so is this camera crew"

    48. Sebastian Melerine IV

      You should do a cooking show. To funny.

    49. Moha Vielfraß

      Delicious Dishes with Simon Miller - make it happen

    50. TheAwesomeHeel

      This show was boring!

    51. Ufo_ _Shadow

      I love how wwe makes a good storyline and then ruin it so quickly

    52. RC CH


    53. Christopher Spasoski

      One of the worst Raw in months.. Asuka and Sane turning into Japanese yelling heels, down, Brown down, Asuka Down

    54. Welder boy

      We hate coal burners


      He got T-REX arms dude your flexing too much bro

    56. The Real Bacon 64

      Parents: *watches lashley segment* Parents: CLOSE YOUR EYES JIMMY

    57. cj arruda

      of all the guys to go have u pick a home recker plus a idiot

    58. Prestige Shogun

      How was this RAW any good? It was probably the worst one of all time.

    59. Benny Pradda

      WWE would be better if it wasn’t scripted

    60. Jake Wheeler

      I was at RAW and when the camera wasn’t on Rusev he was very obviously trying not to laugh about the whole Lana and Lashley thing

    61. Hemant Kerketta

      8:19 epic simon miller 😄

    62. Two Random Auzzies

      "Then every single member of the Human race was in the ring" 😂👌

    63. Mikkos Josey

      Why do I want to tickle you? Are you ticklish?

    64. Holmesy87

      Anyone else see Braun Strowman make a Lobster sandwich thing on BA? It was marvellous.

    65. Cordero Martinez

      Wrestling is dead 💀 😆

    66. Matt Blankenchip

      Did the guy talking put his arms down once? Mute it and put on some Tool...trippy

    67. BUNDLEofSTIX831

      oh my god, i hit the cooking segment and lost it. haha

    68. Nice Top

      Лысый из браззерс

    69. PelicanFly_ FlyPelican

      Simon... the Bob Ross of cooking?

    70. Michael Smith

      The fact that Simon gave this show more ups than downs is why I can't take his reviews seriously. That show was atrocious