Upchurch the redneck truck scene

jdawg stan

jdawg stan

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    This video is soooooo funny 😂

    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Coffee Black

      Those 90s box models are gonna be well sought after. They're already classics. They will always be badass. Those box model Chevy trucks are what made me want a truck when I was a kid

    2. Kaptyk 82

      Gotta my dream truck to 1989 chevy cheyenne 2500 3000 dollars and new motor to lol

    3. michael Briley

      Do u piss when u shit, or do u make an extra move to protect ur ego roflol

    4. Ashton Rogers

      On my truck I have a faded rebel flag on my hood and the truck don't look the best but is runs great and it is a 1993 stepside chevy pickup 2wd 2 door and extended cab and heck I ain't even 16

    5. MrArcticman69

      "I'm trying chuck but all I see are airplanes." Lmao

    6. Aaron Brenneman

      I bought a 93 stepside 4x4. Whats the big deal there cool trucks. Never mind them haters church.

    7. Travis Tooley

      Hey, Upchruch I agree 100%. If people are hating on you for a $3,000 90 Model Chevy Silverado, I really hate to know what people would say about my Truck. It's a 1993 Ford Flareside 2 wheel drive with a Buck Knife in the glove box, a loaded toolbox and It cost me $300...That's Right $300. I hate these yuppy, prissy ass Guys who trick their trucks out so much that one microscopic piece of dirt get on the body or the rims it's the end of the world. No Joke one Time i actually seen a Dodge Ram with the wheel wells lit up, The grill was lit up, The Emblem in the grill was lit up, The Badge on the sides was lit up, The Tailgate emblem was lit up, American Forces Rims, 10' inch lift kit, lights under the lift kit, Led light bar on Roof and Bumper, The Mirrors where lit up and the Running boards where lit up too. I was thinking to myself if he broke down the tow truck will have no problem finding him

    8. David Hurd

      This shits funny! My dream truck 95 k1500..and I spent 3k on it..all original with XD black out rims..keep it real skin

    9. Reid Harris

      I’m 18 and I got me a 2002 Tacoma, 4banger, 5 speed with a 3 inch lift and 32s , 2016 Toyota Tacoma rims and 233,910 miles on it and it’s still running strong , not my dream truck but hey I still like driving it every day , my dream truck is a 91 dodge dw250 Cummins turbo diesel on 36s

    10. Harvey Wright

      Which Facebook profile is the real upchurcg

    11. Cornbread

      My dads truck was $3000. A 97 F150

    12. Caitlyn Merrill

      That’s the truth

    13. carl Whetzel

      Very true upchurch

    14. Heavy Set Airsoft And Gaming

      Yee yee brother lookin at a car collection with a big dip in my lip

    15. The Pomp King


    16. Heathermae O

      That bit about the drive thru gets me every time

    17. Alex Manning

      All I see are fucking airplanes!!

    18. TRIG_GERED Playz

      This is art

    19. Bo Jack

      thats a nice truck

    20. RIPSAW500

      Years back I had a 1997 Chevy ext z71.. some one side swiped me in a 2012 Subaru and it totaled the Subaru. Only put a golf ball size dent between the cab and bed .

    21. Joshua Chadwell

      Upchurch nice truck don't listen to the haters they just no right

    22. Zombie Killa

      I got me a 1st generation 1986 gmc c10 pickup truck.

    23. Chris Cold

      And these dipshits put their Instagram and Snapchat names on their windows. Just dumb as hell.

    24. OxyloveYT

      I want a 1984 k10 Chevy Silverado 🇱🇷

      1. Impiousmember

        I'm looking for a 77 or 78 Silverado

    25. Richard Wright

      My dream trucks a 79 f250 on aluminum bullet hole rims

    26. Riley Hollingsworth

      I got 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 stepside

    27. The Zakaria Fam

      I would rather drive his truck instead of a sissy car

    28. Collin Mehlenbacher

      Haha ba ba let's roll down the windows

    29. Landon Craig

      thank u man u make this nation what it is

    30. bryer evans

      My dream car is a 1978 Dodge Charger and my dream truck is a 1980 Dodge 12 valve Cummins btw I’m 13

    31. Mariah Ames

      90's ain't square body

    32. boosted_rt13

      :59 let’s put lights in the wheels 😂😂😂

    33. Blake Stanbery

      Shit I bought a 1971 f250 for 1000 and it’s my dream truck and I’m happy I don’t give a dad what anyone else thinks

    34. Cooper Beason

      Ok I have a 94 ford ranger truck I just turned 16 should I wait on getting a bigger truck?

    35. Luke Carcerano

      You tell em upchurch! My dream truck is my fuckin plow truck half the year, a beat ass 74 k25 with two different kinds of doors and oil on the goddamn floor!

    36. Virginia Railfan67

      I want a Ford truck from 1962

    37. rebel ram 01

      My dad had a 1979 f150 4x4 with 351 c but he sold it I like to find it and buy it back my dream truck

    38. Jon Kapler

      Squar bod

    39. Nicholas Snodgrass

      Trucks that are lower in the back are generally prerunners. IF done correctly. It’s actually quite functional. Long travel in the front creates and softer and less damaging landing off jumps

      1. T.R.B F.T.P

        No no and no

    40. Heavy Set Airsoft And Gaming

      😂 true

    41. Jesse Frye

      That's what im saying badass ant colorful it's not a rainbow

    42. Jeremy Steadman


    43. Jeremy Steadman

      Let’s go put lights underneath are wheels

    44. Davey Cartensen

      I wanna get a 95 GMC 1500

    45. Brian Stilwell

      LMFAO I feel the same way boe

    46. da real Jaydogg 419

      Chevy for life

      1. M7 Machines

        Bilderbear Group fuck them they wouldn’t give a fuck if I was in that position so why should I care about them fuck em

      2. Bilderbear Group

        Way to look out for your brothers in the uaw or aka America's middle class. America First!!! Fuck gm

      3. M7 Machines

        Bilderbear Group idgaf where they’re made I like chevy I buy chevy

      4. Bilderbear Group

        Yeah the old ones but these new Chevy trucks are Chinese part assembled in Mexico all while closing down American factories

    47. Davey Cartensen

      Thats a bad ass truck fuck the haters

    48. Coty Marks

      Fuck them man I got a 93 Chevy k1500 and I love it

    49. Geof_McNiel

      I love the older trucks (1998 and older). My truck is a 1995 Chevrolet Silverado z71. These trucks I love, why? If I hit a deer and I'm going 60 mph, all I'm gonna need is a new grill, bumper and maybe headlights. Trucks made from 1999 to present: hit a deer at 60mph, totaled.

      1. Redneck Baller

        99 was the same body style as 98's if it the 99 wasn't a 99 and a half. And 2000 and older 1tons where still OBS to.

    50. John Perry

      A real truck, no doubt I just wish they still are made today

    51. Texas Fishing Chronicles

      96 bronco xlt 9 inch lift oj white

    52. Michael Hochstetler

      I have a 95 chevy k1500 no big shiny wheels nothing fancy just 35s on stock rims

      1. twisted machines

        I got a 98 chevy 1500 stock rim with mud boggers had to cut a little bit of fenderwells out but that's our little secret😉

    53. Logan Lewis

      I want a 97 f250 ext with a rough country level kit with custom tires and wheels and new headlights

    54. Cassidy Taggart

      His man is funny

    55. Carleigh Kremer

      Don't let people put you down

    56. Jamie Sager

      I like your truck

    57. Ronny Farmer

      For sure your my dad

    58. CJNG

      Hell yeah 🤣🤣🤣

    59. Jesse Duke

      From a Ford guy, run wat u brung! Its fine truck! U only live once, u should get things u like & enjoy them!

    60. Austin Kelley

      I want a 1999 Chevy z71 with stright pipes and rough country lift kit

      1. Z71 Brian

        Austin Kelley that’s what I got but mine is a 2002

    61. Domonique Pauling

      😂😂😂 that boy said they be having rainbow lights like there driving to a gay parade 😂😂😂

    62. I think about MilleniumForce In the Shower

      My dream truck will always be a 97 F350 with the 7.3, and I ain't gonna rice the fucker out either. Stock exhaust, maybe a little lift, stock wheels, and some off road (not fucking insane mudding tires) tires. Also gonna throw a brush guard on the front. I'm gonna put some miles on that fucker, and out it to work, like it was made to do.

    63. Joshua Simons

      Scottsdale my dream trucks

    64. Kamyron Singh

      That is actually a nice ass truck anyone hatin on ur dream truck can shove a dick in their mouth!! Hahaha

    65. Nick Boyd

      Man nice truck long as it made it from point A to point B i was happy my dream car 69 dodge challenger first vehicle was an 86 ford bronco 2 with 4x4

      1. Dylan Clere

        Nick Boyd hope you meant charger because the challenger didn’t come out until 1970

    66. Chris Sisk

      I love your new truck I love the same trucks and the spare bodies

    67. firebird trans am 1982


    68. Connor Shortridge

      I love rat rods

    69. Jeramiah Cobb

      Yeah he right but american force wheelis are still nice

    70. Mary Gibson

      I love your truck