Upchurch “Fallen” ft. My Mama (OFFICIAL AUDIO) #upchurch #fallen

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    This is the second and last song I’ll be leaking off the new album “Parachute”. The album will release on September 24th can’t wait to see what y’all think about this one ❤️⛪️🌾 we want to dedicate this song for everyone that believes in us and who tags along with us, we love y’all. 🙏🏼
    Produced by Thomas Toner

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Eric Stodgel

      Skinz= family no matter of blood or color

      1. billy 2


      2. Maya Watson

        Amen to that💞💞💞💞💞

      3. Apple_Butter1244

        Amen to that brotha

      4. Matthew Kratz

        I agree

    2. Leann Wilson

      You just destroyed country music 🎶 in one song.

    3. David Wilson


    4. wyatt backen

      My son is still little and every time we listen to upchurch he starts to dance

    5. Rainebeau Ott

      U. Sir. R very talented. I like everything u put out. U make me laugh, cry, and mash out like a rock star. U have something for every mood inside of me. Thank u for ur talent. When there is nothing in my day that can possibly lift me up ur music does it for me.. again thank you please don't stop bc if u did I would probably go out of my mind never getting to hear ur voice again. Btw I like all ur videos not just the ones u sing in. Like I said u have something for every mood like ur car fuckin video. Oh yeah I was laughing so hard I was crying.

      1. Rainebeau Ott

        Also tell ur mama I think her voice is beautiful. She officially has herself a fan.

    6. Steve Chrisman

      Hell Yes great song and great sound, I like it alot !!!

    7. Dale Kelly

      First I'm a fan but I lost my mother this past Father's Day. I just want to say this is a really special song. To me I wish she us were still around so I could tell her I love her I truly miss her everyday.

    8. Aaron bowers

      i missed out on getting tickets for your april 11 show in Kentucky, hook a brother up. is there any other way to get tickets.

    9. Eli gragg

      Who else does a song with their mom?? Upchurch, you are good as hell!! Keep it up skin!! RHEC!!

    10. Tennessee Native

      1.4k people who disliked what the hell is wrong with you there is absolutely nothing you can bitch about this is a top notch song💯. Upchurch keep doing what you do 👊💯😎

    11. James Hoffman

      I am not sure what to say but I not a hater and I understand you now I don't understand rap and I am a very short temp person and I'm a fan son tell old man hay I love all of u

    12. Heather Medford

      Thank you for putting this song out. It spoke loud to me, I could honestly close my eyes and feel it in my soul. Your momma is gorgeous and has a beautiful voice, y’all make the world bright together. God bless y’all. Best of luck for 2020!

    13. Jay-gotti Simmons

      I got to see upchurch and CarlyR preform at Mii 1st concert ever it was well worth the experience#plus got a ton of great fuggin pics of them🤟🏽 Edited: or should I say videos ps Ryan them whiskey 🥃

    14. Sean Frohlich

      This is considered music?

    15. Kimberly Cooper

      😭😭😭😭😭😭🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘this is amazing

    16. Frank B

      The best track ever to Grace the south. Holy shit I shed a tear for this shit brother!!!! I wish I could have done something like this with my mom. Grown man cries. Thank you !

    17. bradly diehl

      never heard you do a song with your Mom, and let me tell you Ryan that this song is so beautiful that i cant stop listening to it. Hope to hear more with you and your Mom.

    18. BLUDSHOTiZ

      Just listened to this 5 times in a row. Shit slaps 🤘

    19. Heather joi

      your mom has a beautiful voice. i see where you get it from.

    20. Robert Lucarelle

      That is a awsome looking truck

    21. jeep playlist

      Good shit!

    22. Tactical Pine cones

      Shout out to all the beautiful wonderful ladies out there who are bustin their ass full time as mamas. Y'all are the greatest blessings in our lives.

    23. Josh Cooley

      Man I just found out/heard about you like two weeks ago. Since then I haven’t got to watch a lot of your videos yet but probably some of the most popular so far. But man from what I have been hearing from you is nothing but Greatness!!!!!! Hope your around for a good while doing what you do so everyone like me has a chance to hear you do the DAMN THING!!! Nothing but love dude. Great Job!

    24. Joe Levy

      Badass dude!, I could hunt with a dog like you ol son .

    25. Ashley K

      I think it's beautiful you sing with your moms. She has a beautiful voice. It's wonderful I love this song.

    26. Dustin Williams

      This song keeps me going

    27. Steven Beebe

      I feel more than falling more like no matter how hard I try for my family something keeps knockin me back down almost want to give up

    28. Dakota head

      your music helps a lot thank you keep up the great work your doing

    29. Kenneth Hale


    30. jamiejr082709

      Mikee The

    31. Billy Blansett

      Damn your mama's gorgeous.

    32. jason padavich

      i am your biggest fan

    33. Shana Steele

      This song probably has to be my favorite ❤️🌄🤟look unto the hills always god is so good 😊

    34. MrMisir

      When does momma upchurch's album drop?

    35. Shawna's Triangle

      Absolutely love you and your mama ❤️ I hope to hear more of her in your songs. This is so sweet 💕 #upchurch

    36. Kimberly Martin

      This is a beautiful song ryan and your momma has a wonderful voice she raised a great person and love her heart keep the great songs coming 👏👏👏

    37. Michael Saunders

      Still listening to this song in 2020 this song has helped me through a lot especially today your a legend church I hope I get to meet you one day skin #rhec

    38. Chris McQueary

      Ryan Upchurch this song is amazing brother i lost my momma February 2019 when this Gem dropped and you featured your momma i was truly blown away god damn i wish i could call my momma im from Michigan congrats on breaking records at the machine shop keep doing big things and making great music thank you

    39. Layken Jones

      We should all love each other hate or no hate at least love and stick together family is better than yourself

    40. Tammy Delsite

      Damn good song church

    41. Bill Nuwer

      Love you all and hope your day is as good as mine

    42. Jennifer H

      I love this song.

    43. Glenda Saucier

      This one made me cry!

    44. Chris Patty

      I’m from that mason dixie line. Make more music with her if you haven’t.Especially after this song. Even if you never release it.. I’d love to have old songs with my momma man. She was apart of my legacy.

    45. Stephanie Tims

      This song says so much...#deepashell Love the fact he sings with his momma 🖤🖤🖤

    46. Shane Chappell

      I know your a busy man my brother but if you ever get a chance you could make my baby girls dreams come true by just saying hi she loves you like family brother keep working love ya Church

    47. Shane Chappell

      My daughter Autumn showed me an my wife this song shes your biggest fan church much respect iv played guitar an sang for years but doin it with mama would make it so special love ya church

    48. W Walker

      Damn bro! You're killing them. You're on a nother level. Too bad everyone thinks they can school you. When you've started a hole new world. Love the hick hop. Can't wait to see what you have next.

    49. Michael Nobles

      Ppl like me been jamming you for no reason just like your music

    50. Michael Nobles

      Plz don't fall victim to these sinners bro

    51. Melissa Golden

      Why wouldn't anyone love this song, some people no longer have a mother.

    52. Chevy Hartley

      keep going

    53. Charles Morris

      Love your music upchurch .I know it might not be your style but I'm sure many of your fans would agree .love to see your take on something from AC/DC . Like dirty deeds or sin City .I think that would be awesome to put bars on

    54. Wayne Minnick

      love this song

    55. Mike Youtube

      It should have been “You’re fallin’.” Or “You’ve fallen”

    56. Brandon H

      I like this song, I think you should make more music like this, smooth and catchy.

    57. Nicole Hunter

      I'm falling churchy =/ love this song


      Listen to this whole song not just the beat but the the words. This is one great song Ryan & Mrs Upchurch blasted this out the park. #RyanUpchurch Thanks Skin

    59. Caeden Emerald

      Your mom is hot

    60. Morgan Myers

      well we know mama didn't raise no fuckin bitch...she raised a very respectful gentleman...who deserves the world and keeps my head and a lot of others heads above water.... we love you Ryan! thank you for everything

    61. Josh Ginn

      UPCHURCH love your skill man!!!!!

    62. Kayla Stacy


    63. C.A. Long

      Mad respect to Ryan’s momma. And by extension... Ryan. Momma Upchurch, you made him. Rock solid. Fine job. Everyone call your mom and tell her you appreciate her. Everyday is Mother’s Day.

    64. Derron

      This song deserves a grammy

    65. Nicholas

      family 4 life every last one of yall

    66. Nicholas

      this song is straight fire

    67. Lucifer's Daughter

      When there is no one there to make the leap and fix the leak...

    68. MrcaleyGT

      This is my mom song 👍❤

    69. Kiera Sommerville

      Your mom is so good at singing