Upchurch “Fallen” ft. My Mama (OFFICIAL AUDIO) #upchurch #fallen

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    This is the second and last song I’ll be leaking off the new album “Parachute”. The album will release on September 24th can’t wait to see what y’all think about this one ❤️⛪️🌾 we want to dedicate this song for everyone that believes in us and who tags along with us, we love y’all. 🙏🏼
    Produced by Thomas Toner

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Eric Stodgel

      Skinz= family no matter of blood or color

      1. Donald Denney

        I love up church it's assume rock hard 🔥🤘💪🎧💪 my family love it 😉its the best song ever ❤️ I would play it over and over again ❤️👩‍🎤

      2. Donald Denney

        I love this I would play this over and over again 😍❤️ Rock hard

      3. Malaki Switzler

        HELL RIGHT!

      4. Just Mystic

        Ain't that the truth

      5. Goof Troop777

        AMEN skinz

    2. Joe Hall


    3. Scott O

      My life would be so much shittier without your music in it.

    4. brian balla

      nice one heck yes

    5. Christa Adams

      Great song!! I'm ready for upchurch to make more videos!! I was watching them every night and I haven't seen any lately! Where did you go skin??

    6. Morgan Sentic

      Yo church man, have a serious question for ya skin! Heart this or reply if any upcoming sold out shows/tours to come to ya people in the big 2020!!?🤓👌🤘👀👀

    7. Brandon Glenn

      Upchurch thank u for all the music uve made it really helps me get threw my hard times u are a real one I wanna be just like u when I get older thx skin

    8. Sara Gonzalez

      Upchurch I miss my mom so much she's passed please please hold your mom and never let go no matter what ok because it hurts tell this day thank you for this as I cry and think of my mom I feel like I'm falling and I feel empty inside so bad

    9. Daniel Napier

      You have saved my life church. If it wasnt for your music every single day I would break down. Thank you for everything you do for everyone let alone me brother❤🙏

    10. SmallTown 13

      Love this song but where is upchurch? No video in over a week! Does anyone know if he’s okay???

      1. James Fuson

        New album comes out in a few days. He's been posting on Instagram he's fine. Just holding out for the album release

    11. Aaron Stanton

      Spotify man!!!!

    12. Scott Steinfeldt

      Yo you should check out outlaw videos wow

    13. kevin w

      Man is this your newest video? I'm not sure! We need some southern rock!!!! Please....

    14. Midz1991

      My Best Friend's Dad Just Died And This Song Made Me Feel Better He Was The Other Dad I Never Had Thanks For Cheering Me Up

    15. Joshua Hagerman

      Feel like this song was written just for me thanx my Tennessee bro much love from WVA! ...CHURCH!!!RHEC!!

    16. jacob moore

      Another perfect song from ryan upchurch himself. Good job man.

    17. Maddy Holt

      We need more music with momma church, she’s amazing!

    18. jay draws

      I love this song

    19. Arthur Morgan

      @Ryan Upchurch you are awesome!!🤘🤘🤘👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    20. Bryson Adam Brooks

      Fuckin love this song RHEC when I was in the army reserves I would blast his songs all the way to Greenville TN to my unit from NC kept me awake and loved the music

    21. jay draws

      This song my me think of my past life so I started to tear up

    22. Justin Bivens

      Hey upchurch. I thought id leave a comment explaining something to you. I misjudged you honestly man. I know better than to look at the surface and the surface only but I didnt do that with you. You gained me as a sub not from this song but from another video I watched but by the way I love this song. I may not like your choice in words when you make reactions and other videos but you clearly have a good heart. Sorry I misjudged you amd I hope you get to see this.

    23. Nadene Boyd

      Damn, this makes me wanna cry.

    24. Lexy Crutcher

      This is so amazing. You should do more songs with your mama. She has a beautiful voice and it makes this song even better cause of the type of bond you two share.❤

    25. Colyn Carey

      This song helps me though my bad times thank you so much church

    26. Bob Bobs

      Yo brotha this song hits deep today im usually the one saying shit will work out but i been thru so much tragedy n pain in my life from my pops killing my mom and himself had alot of friends who have died more of those than i have left and ive seen myself start to fall because of the weight of it all but Somtimes we hear someone or somthing that clicks in your head and makes you feel and see things differently well any way bro been a fan for a cpl years now my girl and kids to brotha but anyway thanks bro you dont know me but you definitely helped me out more than you know

    27. Crazy Gummy Bears :3

      My boyfriend plays this song non stop to our little baby girl

    28. john wesley

      check this out its awesome

    29. KD

      Great song to smoke a joint to Thanks man love your shit , The Rap game in Scotland ain't that great but there's some decent stuff kicking about , Don't think our accent was made for rapping or even speaking for that matter but so many of us love rap , im trying spread your genre and im getting good feed back from people

    30. Jazmayne Villarreal

      Yessss church❤❤❤❤❤

    31. jeff b


    32. CamoMom 9602

      Awe another great one! I love that you had your mama in it. LOVE RYAN Always got it on even when driving. Wish you'd come out to Washington State so we could meet ya :)

    33. nroc15

      When will this be available on Spotify etc...

    34. Nick Hollon

      Bring mama back we need more of this

    35. Owen James

      Damm so glad I found your music I keep pumping it all the way in the uk- skin from across the pond! #CREEKSQUAD

    36. Luke Huston

      Your one of my favorite artists. Can you take time to check out redcon 1. Military veteran rap group. PTSD, COMBAT VETERAN, STOLEN VALOR are some of the videos

    37. Gary Tamborski

      Yoo this is a fantastic song and all but Huston we have a problem ur buddy outlaw is going crazy he died his hair and lets just say he’s not acting normal u should reach out to him and like help him out old outlaw is wat we come to see if he not gone be normal idk wat to do

    38. Exoextreme94

      I hit liked before I even got 10 seconds into the video cause I know not only is it gonna be good but look who it features

    39. Kentuckygirl42O

      Damn Church! Got tears in my eyes! Mama church has a beautiful voice!! Y’all did a good job on this song! Love it!! ♥️

    40. Jay Green

      Where you at skin hope all's good with ya waiting on your hilarious videos

    41. dankskrilla !

      Dope song, some real shit, please check this out,us-new.com/online/video-FspX0LA8KOs.html

    42. Sledge Main

      This track was incredible. Love mommas vocals. 👍

    43. Victoria Dunn

      Tell your mama she has a beautiful voice!!

    44. Victoria Dunn

      You two need to do more songs together!! 💕 Love it!

    45. Ampz

      Yo you should post more songs like this this song is amazing I look up to you I was in Tennessee the other day I was hoping I saw you lol

    46. bman classics

      Letting my US-new family know skin we are getting hit hard in southeast Texas my hemi may have already been claimed say a prayer for us!!!!

    47. LIL AIZY

      NEW SONG BY AIZY CALLED "I'M LIKE YOUR UPCHURCH HERO" LYRICS.... i wannna be like upchurch wanna be cool ive played the game and i still dont rule Full combo, look what i did Stadium’s rockin and i dream that i did Standing ovation coming from the crowd wrote another song i play it loud! i made it! imade it!! Now they know who who i are i practiced so long to be a hick hop star i played it, i played it! i started out at zero i got what it takes to be like your upchurch hero oh your upchurch hero In my room for hours and days wear me down tryin to get this fame So many buttons that under my control im an expert and now it shows im on my way to fortune and the fame Hear all the people as they shouting out my name facebook.com/reallilaizy/videos/380476736229380/

    48. Will Hodge

      I love your music. #badass🤘🇺🇸

    49. Brady Babin

      Hey church is this gonna be on the album with no one told us??

    50. Pizzaly a Turtle

      Love it, keep it up church🤙

    51. Landyn Bazile

      Another awesome song

    52. Travis Myers

      Rlly good song! Big fan cant wait to c u in concert again. Keep up the good work upchurch

    53. yota slinger74x

      Thanks to you an your mama Church man✊

    54. Carrie Boyer

      This is something you will cherish for ever dear ! Family is everything no matter what

    55. Josh Blake

      Best song since rollin stoned 🤘🏻

    56. Justin Koch

      Love this song ryan upchurch my rating is 10 outa10.

    57. Afflicted66

      This one will climb fast...Great sounds from Mama Upchurch..

    58. Creek Squad

      Yo skin do more songs with your mama she a good singer plus u both sound dam good amazing job skin u always speak the truth much love keep up great work skin p.s fire ass song 🔥🔥🔥

    59. Ross Eldridge

      Cool dads may be cool, but can't ever compare to a great mom

    60. Stephen Mulvey

      Love it brother. Much love from the desertbilly

    61. Terrie Dockery

      “Because tomorrow is not a promise it’s a blessing” so true CHURCH.

    62. Carol R

      I wanna hear some church on 102.3 wclg wv I'm gonna start requesting they play some.

    63. Carol R

      Mama Church has a beautiful voice 💜💜💜

    64. Russell Rasmussen

      If you disliked this song you are part of the problem!!!! Thank you 🙏 Ryan!!!! 💯as always!! How can anyone dislike something so positive!!! This was beautiful y’all!! Thank you bubba and momma church!!!

    65. N O U

      Definite banger

    66. Nathan Slaton

      Upchurch I want to thank you for your music man. It has really helped me decompress from everything in my life. This song is absolutely amazing, me and my wife are expecting our first baby in January. I will play this song for him once he's born and teach him to always respect his momma. I wish I could shake your hand and thank you for everything that you have helped me through. I hope this comment finds you well.

    67. Goins Kyle

      This is an amazing song brother you and your momma did great it reminds me of my momma today is her birthday, she gained her wings five yrs ago, cherish the days with her

    68. N

      Hey Ryan idk how often you read these comments. But you’ve been my favorite artist for about two years now. You just get it. The way you have a voice for all the good ol boys and gals out here just hits me. And the fact you make a song with your momma, the blessing that made you, just speaks volumes to your character. I just wanna say thank you for always lifting me up through your music and always being yourself. Keep being awesome skin!

    69. Timmy Midgley

      Thanks for the great music Upchurch. Honestly it helps me out a lot when I have a bad day. I just crank it up and drift away from the chaos

    70. Brandon Teipelke

      Awesome released on my birthday