Unbelievable Oil Fishing | Boy Catching Eel From a Hole With Fishing Oil

Fishing BD

Fishing BD

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    Today was showing you just unique fishing method. Pooja using some fishing well to catch in fish from deep hole. Eel Fish looks like snake and they live in the deep of a hole. But they have no poison and they cannot bite. Some professional fishermen catch them only by hand. But hand fishing is dangerousbecause there would be live snake in the hole. So we are using fishing oil in the hole and after waiting some time eel fish are coming out from there and thus we are catching them
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Ideas in Action

      Its Unbelievable situation i never seen before

    2. Sharon Page

      Is he pouring in milk?

    3. Scopie

      why dont use a Hauge vacum cleaner?

    4. 来田

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    5. Kaylee Johnson

      The only thing they know how to say is "very nice Eel fish" wtf

      1. Furret Boi

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    8. Mim-Lord

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    9. zakie05 Ree

      100% fake... And those eels are the rearing one..

    10. Soulless Primate

      so many in just one, hole. i think "WOW VERY NICE ELL FISH" is the only english he knew

      1. Soulless Primate

        @Ayden Ngo hahah..yup!

      2. Ayden Ngo

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    11. Din Gallo

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    12. xAnescox

      Parece un acto cruel. Con que fin lo harán...

    13. Diane McIntire

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    14. Puff C

      And.....I clicked on another weird eel video 🤦🏽‍♀️😅

    15. Brenda fuentes

      Good job bro never stop

      1. シSweGamerD06

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    16. Cooking With sreydath

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    17. Spicy boi’s Aviation

      Omg why do those eels live in mud?? 😱

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    22. xX_DIRE_Xx :L

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    24. Fish Cutting

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    27. Angela Guevarra

      Catching that fish is very slippery but hey at least he catch some

    28. NGUYỆN TV

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    29. Ben Crawford

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    30. Cuong Cuong

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      1. rachelle Pierre

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    31. Brent Ralph Bautista

      So how the hell does this work? Someone please explain how.

      1. Brent Ralph Bautista

        @Emmanuel Kaska thanks buddy

      2. Emmanuel Kaska

        Brent Ralph Bautista - the liquids extract oxygen out of the water causing them to leave their hole

    32. Jawed Nawaz

      I love 💖 this so much I watch it everyday

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    34. Rescue Animals Kh

      Wow ! Good idea for Catching eel fish

    35. EJ

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      1. Yeng Xiong

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    39. Louise Gelia

      How could he poison the water??

    40. Kate Gonzalez

      This is horrible he is making the fish throw up 🤬😠☹ who could watch this and be Entertained

      1. Kate Gonzalez

        @telxynz telxynz there are millions of other types of other foods all around the world...😑

      2. telxynz telxynz

        33million people's are.....plus tf is wrong with fish throwing up...they are food...

    41. best villela

      What is that purple stuff and white stuff

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    43. Leandro Pereira

      Quem comeria isso Sim(comenta) Não(like) Eu não

    44. Michael Thompson

      Why won't ANYONE say what the purple and white stuff really is??

      1. Free Mind 222

        Michael Thompson it’s coconut oil and blueberry extracted juice. Together they has septic effect on fish as soon as it touches the gills.

      2. yOsHi _

        Im pretty sure its not fishing oil and its some harmful chemical that deprives the eels of oxygen so then they come up to the surface. And im pretty sure its super harmful to the water or some shit like that. I saw it on a different video that was just like this and the comment section was pretty against the technique they used. So yeah.

      3. Michael Thompson

        If I'm not completely satisfied with this "fishing oil" is there any guarantee that this "company" offers for my money back

      4. Michael Thompson

        @TNT Tawuk who makes it and where can I purchase some?

      5. Michael Thompson

        Is this "fishing oil" harmful or fatal if swallowed? If this "fishing oil"comes into contact with skin or eyes of a human...what's the maker recommended to do?

    45. saray_gacha 2

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    49. Carlos Portillo

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