Umbrella Academy's Tom Hopper Reads Cringeworthy Dad Jokes | Laughing Fit | Men's Health

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    Tom Hopper plays a superhero on the new Netflix series "The Umbrella Academy" but in real life he's a dad. We asked him to share some of the best superhero dad jokes, in this latest comedy short from Mens Health.
    Tom Hopper Reads Superhero Dad Jokes |Laughing Fit| Men's Health
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. thechristenedone

      He looks like a mix of Tom Brady and Bear Grylls.

    2. Buchanan Winchester

      Jesus. I'm screwed

    3. Jeff Bitler

      Fitness. Nutrition. Humor. Making us men healthy one video at a time. THANK YOU!

    4. Erik Atlas

      Oh gawd... Tom, dignity... Try dignity

    5. armando carrillo


    6. Timeless Fitness

      😂😂😂💪 Well done