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    Just a normal home.. but when you see the basement its mind blowing...
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Paul Cuffaro

      How cool is this! Epic Fish Collection😎 Hope you enjoyed👍🏼 Remember hit that like button!

      1. Bruce Bragg

        Paul Cuffaro THIS WAS ON MY BIRTHDAY 🎂!!!!

      2. Juan Antonio Bermudez

        Hi paul i like your videos so much i am just a kid but i love fish and dogs keep up the good work

      3. Ryan Stroud

        Paul and everyone else who enjoy fishing look up PETA AT OCEANSIDE PIER HARASSING FISHERMEN ON 6/16/2019 on US-new!!!!

      4. supreme supreme

        Your the best but my flower Horn just died 😭

      5. Angler A.J.

        Great vid Paul! Keep grinding!#Cuffarofam

    2. AhemAhem

      1st tank seems overcrowded.

    3. Anonymous Parry

      did u know joe the fish guy was filming you

    4. Adam Hanley

      Tanks are so small. Not good.

    5. Muka Penyok

      Ohh goshhhhhh the camera shaking to much fuck

    6. ElemenohpeeHD

      when you got more money than you know what to do with

    7. Colour!this!world! Spraydopebrothas

      Poor babies be vegan

    8. Pablo Shacone

      Never seen Cubans 😂😂

    9. Mamta Singh

      you are really dope. Please get a stingray to your dope collection.

    10. bbmaktiger

      how do you deal with humidity ?

    11. Bluehipp0

      very nice setup

    12. kitkatcoco67

      U ruined this video with ur shitty camera work !! Ppl need to take a dramaine for motion sickness b4 watching this shit !

    13. Ralph Mckinney

      Jit rude as fuck😅. Was this about what Jit didn't know 🤔.

    14. Aurelio Maximo

      Congratulations! Hi from Brazil! Do you know about aquaponics? Is it possible to make a video of one in the US! Thanks, regards...

    15. Sanju Devi

      Madhar chod

    16. Gayle Puou

      I love the set-up!

    17. Michael Broski

      Tim is a beast!

    18. Bonzaras

      Cool setup. 😎 Looks well maintained. 👍🏽

    19. sanny samet

      Thks for sharing this video

    20. MichaelArmyStrong Ryan

      Awesome setup and collection. My dream. Can't wait to someday get back into fish keeping. Thanks for sharing.

    21. Ravi Shankar


    22. Santosh kumar sharma

      This ending was so amazing and the back ground and the way it was written subscribe that all was dop dude and you used this song from a very long time ago and you legend keep up the great work thanks for teaching me and inspiring me once more tank you

    23. Abdurahiman Parappurath

      paul u should have a basement like that

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    25. R ziti

      Your filming sucks. But your video is nice

    26. Andy Hartman

      His fish will be safe if there’s a tornado

    27. Ryan Rom Tech

      Good luck with your change fish tank water.🤣

    28. Renata Sk

      You dance too much with camera- I get dizzy. Fish are gorgeous. Would like to see more fish than dance...

    29. Pijush Ghosh

      Very good boka choda

    30. JinSoul

      cmon, they're all cichlids


      He got a whole fish store in his house

    32. Anthony Kiran

      Good fish bad video cover

    33. Peter Csigo

      I wouldn't want to be his fish feeding the fish every four days it's just not optimal whether he win awards or not!

    34. JustMissKailey K

      Your a pretty cool youtuber I wish I can show u a pic of my baby Oscar it’s the luv of my life , I’m enjoy your content and I’m learning a lot I am also experienced in the fish world But I haven’t done it in awhile Anyways I just wanted to say hi , bye for now

    35. Tittylovwr

      How’s Greg dick taste

    36. Mason Rueger

      This guy who owns the tanks I sold my huge red tail shark to him at an auction in Champaign!

    37. J A

      cichlid world

    38. ElectricBlue Aquatics

      He’s right very rare to get true electric blue jack Dempsey to full grown... they are so delicate and grow so slow... those bunch he had in that tank weren’t quite top quality electric blue gene but the one in the tank on its own definitely top quality genetics for sure.

    39. Белогоръ Ѩ

      Зебс ребята!👍🏻

    40. Derrick Clater

      Love the set up keep up the good work 👍🔥

    41. The Human Steroid

      That's amazing

    42. Andrew Holst

      hi paul

    43. Hhh Ggg

      all video super cool fish collection👌

    44. kimberly beery

      Love your videos keep up the good work. I got a pond in my back yard because of watching your videos.

    45. GaMeR GuYz

      paul plz help me how do you change big fishes and acqurium water make vedio plz heeeeeellllloppp

    46. Heksa Putra

      Have you ever review "arwana" Indonesia

    47. Learning Here


    48. Patshhi4

      Wow, Tim put a ton of work into his basement. It looks really professional. His fish are beautiful. I’m glad we got to see his awards too.

    49. Aquarismo Hobby Diversos. freitas

      Great video us-new.com/online/video-oQGjw5hMRf4.html

    50. Jesús domingo Celis espinosa

      Good nay saludos desde CD Nezahualcóyotl estado de México acuario celis te felicita por este programa así tengo mi acuario desde hace 35 años y lo estoy re modelando para que se vea wonderfull, congratulaciones

    51. Mike McGrath

      You are the type of people that simply should not own fish. A pacu in a tank filled with big cichlids? Its too bad none of the big animal abuse agencies come after fish people who irresponsibly keep massive fish in a too small a home.

    52. tom bob

      Great video ricky :)

    53. Cichlids 65

      Your hair makes me nauseous,I can’t watch

    54. Keith McGee

      Outstanding Fish Room!

    55. Caden Kaai

      Imagine what would happen if we were him and we had to feed the fish

    56. steve james

      every living thing should have access to natural light. these fish are just prisoners to keep this twat entertained

    57. TheDiamondNukes

      paul learn to just stfu once in a while and let this guy jus show you his collection without your commenting to one up him. the every 5 seconds "yep" acting like you know everything he saying and dropping facts to be cool why dont u fucking kill yourself and do yourself a favor omg i wish i could choke slam the fuck out of ur dumb ass edit: jus wanted to say one more time i fucking hate u edit #2: holy fuck u made me do another edit, take a look at 7:29 he jus tries to one up him all the time "i actually have 5 of those" like shut up and fucking leave no one cares about u. your jealous he has a dank setup and yours is fucking trash

    58. Mike Helford

      Tim - great fish room! Thanks Paul, have been wanting to see Tim's fishroom for a while, great video!

    59. chirantha pasan

      green terror

    60. Dsaturday Fwight

      Wasnt that impressed but his house is insane lol

    61. jeff edwards

      Receding hairline

    62. Richard Gale

      No angelfish

    63. jprp999

      Never shine lights in a fishes face.

    64. NeuroticTruth

      That quick pan away from the aquarium co-op frame hahaha

    65. Nicktheboss 635

      8:21 that look like a happy fish

    66. Juan Antonio Bermudez

      Hi paul i am from the philippines and i like your videos so much keep up the good work

    67. Caleb Barton

      Paul plz go back to the spot with thousands of walking catfish and exotics.

    68. Ducati Parts

      What is the monthly electric bikl

    69. Shane 0_28

      I liked the video because I want to live in Greg's house.

    70. audithyaa kings

      My new pet channel so good