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    As Tyson Fury gets ready to return to the ring, we asked the lineal heavyweight world champion, to give his expert opinion on famous boxing scenes. And his answers didn't disappoint.
    Tyson Fury Criticizes Famous Boxing Scenes | Expert Opinion | Men's Health
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. The One who Doubts the Plan

      wtf! this deserves million views

    2. RedLightMax

      I keep thinking that he's Jason Statham after a bulk.

    3. docmontecristo

      Raging Bull?

    4. MadMan's Creatives

      That Million Dollar Baby scene has Lucia Rijker in it, so obvious it looks realistic.

    5. Vicki

      The Man, The Myth, The Legend.. Tyson Fury the Gypsy King 👑 there isn’t a man born from their mother that could beat Tyson.. mark my words Fury will go down in history as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time!

    6. John O'neil

      micky O'Neill ha ha ha lol big up tyson fury every one big respect 💯💪💪💪☝👍☝👍

    7. FightWorld

      Give this man a job at commentating would to love to hear his insight on fights 😅

    8. Skittle Boy's aka. Skittlz Nation

      Skittle Boys is in the comments! This was awesome!

    9. alcott devalte

      Fury should do movie commentary, can't understand how they forgot to show raging bull and hurricane.

    10. Azarul Ahmed

      Watching Fury doing an ad for men's health magazine reminds me of Jackson Storm entering the car race against lightening McQueen and retiring him in the Cars movie. Is this the end of Anthony Joshua and Fury taking over? How must AJ be feeling seeing Fury doing all these ads and stuff?

      1. Azarul Ahmed

        @Provocateur 01 good point

      2. Azarul Ahmed

        @Vicki agree 💯

      3. Provocateur 01

        @Vicki im fairly green to boxing and i've heard the whole 'doesn't matter if you're fat stuff' but when there is such a disproportionate difference between two boxers i don't believe that joshua was at least not holding back. Hearn wants AJ to making him money in the long run, and continue all those sponsorhips. Although fury is probably the more honest fighter, he doesn't sell like AJ does. Him losing to ruiz delays him fighting deontay or fury that much longer... if he lost to fury or wilder that could be it for joshuas career... if he got floored by one of them... much better to take a beating by someone who isn't going to cause sever damage to you especially when you forecast yourself as having a long boxing career. There's only so many bronze bombers a man can take.

      4. Vicki

        So pleased to see Fury on top after all.. he is the real champion.. never had a speeding ticket let alone any criminal convictions unlike aj’s drug dealing convictions

      5. Vicki

        Provocateur is mental.. Joshua got exposed and will lose to Ruiz again in the rematch

    11. turtleninja

      Iv never smoked a cigarette between rounds before but never say never 😂 legend

    12. Tony Xie

      is Tyson Fury his real name? I bet he punched his way out of the womb.

      1. Vicki

        The One who Doubts the Plan 😳no way!

      2. The One who Doubts the Plan

        his name was based on mike tyson.

      3. Vicki

        UCTV Boxing I stand corrected

      4. UCTV Boxing

        @Vicki Luke is his middle name lol not his first

      5. Vicki

        Tyson was born 6 weeks premature and weighed 2 lbs he wasn’t supposed to survive.. he’s gone on to be one of the best heavyweights of all time.. the man is an inspiration and legend

    13. Elyssa Aquino

      Who is your money on, Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury?

      1. judgementday 666

        Aqu the white man oviously Lol what about you?

      2. Manny Rodriguez

        I have my money in Andy Ruiz lmao

      3. Vicki

        Elyssa Aquino fury seven days a week and twice on a Sunday!

    14. Corrosive

      Creed didn't win the fight ...so Haha.. u were wrong I feel so satisfied catching him on that one

      1. Corrosive

        @Vishal Parihar thanks my guy

      2. Vishal Parihar

        Congratulations , you've achieved a massive feat in your life .

    15. HandsomeSexGod

      That voice. Sounds like you shout a lot😂 I love you man 💪 keep winning