Types Of Fans

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    Here are some different types of fans hahah not really this video is very extra
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    1. Maria Radovic

      They were so "tattoless" 😂💞

    2. Jason Bailey Fint

      Hahaha. Cool video. I love it when Grayson says “not directed at any of you”, lol. Of course this video of “types of fans” is directed at the Dolan Twins fans. Let’s be real and honest, there are some perfect examples in this video. But, Grayson and Ethan handled it with humor and grace, trying not to offend some of their more rabid(and crazed)fans.

    3. EmilyPlayzRoblox

      roses are red violets are blue i’m on a dolan twins marathon and so are u

    4. Jalyn B.

      The Stan is a stalker movie in a whole

    5. Mert Racaza

      The investigator one is literally me on Ethan and Emma lol

    6. Mert Racaza

      If you are a Taylor Swift fan, you will absolutely relate to the investigator one😂

    7. Ella Korbel

      Ethma shippers be Like 3:28

    8. Kayla Fourie

      Update : investigator fans shipping ethan and the girl from the cub sports music video

    9. 𑁍𝓭𝓸𝓵𝓪𝓷 𝓽𝔀𝓲𝓷𝓼𑁍

      Ethan as a girl: wait.....Susie peaches and Grayson both ate food today...THEY ARE DATING

    10. Fancybutterjell Xx

      Anyone still watching this in 2020??

    11. Devi DiCicco


    12. deepika kant

      Yea you look like shit 😂

    13. Ailar Tz

      4:42 Grayson STOP lying! U guys have the CRAZIEST “fans” everrrrrrr!

    14. Samantha Checkley

      love youuu

    15. Evelyn Garcia

      LMFAO I was dying on the fake fan

    16. Melissa White

      Why does underwater girl Ethan look like an ethereal, otherworldly mermaid from the deep? Because when I'm underwater I look like a corpse.

    17. Kristin B

      😂 Dude! 🤣

    18. Miss Marin

      Why are all the fans girls and no boys?

    19. Gia Gianna

      It’s 2019 almost 2020 and I’m still dying laughing watching this ... my babies have grown sm omg they are 20 🥺🥺

    20. Vishnu Vardhan


    21. allie watson

      me falling for the dolan twins like: 1:06 12/14/19

    22. Sleepy.K1ddo

      1:31 Every sims character

    23. Stephanie Jeppesen

      3:27 definitely not joking

    24. Lilly Bear

      Lol I love this series

    25. Josabet Aguilar

      One of my favorite parts “ The Investigator “ I’m dying the whole time 😂 it’s good

    26. Josabet Aguilar

      Oh my gosh I can’t with them 😂

    27. Hi T

      watchin this vid cs it’s Tuesday/Wednesday n they’re in Australia rn🥺

    28. Esther Simmons

      4:57 'i like you' So cute!

    29. stephanie williams

      Lol that's great

    30. Mara W


    31. Sunflower Guchh

      I always wonder where they were in Australia 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    32. Jaiden McKenna

      anyone else feel hurt when they said they like us and not love us haha idk

    33. Elise Fraser

      The sad part is that "the investigator" type of fans is not exagerated at all. I have seen how far some fans are willing to go...

    34. cicilia

      is anyone else having a dolan day ? just spending ur whole day watching the twins ?

    35. cicilia


    36. Burnt Chicken Nugget

      Types of fans: box fans, ceiling fans, hand fans, computer fans, cooling fans...

    37. Nallely Posada

      4:19 the subtitles lol "hmm seems kind of piss piss"😂😂😂okay🙂

    38. Nicole Young

      The investigator fan had me spooked... actually, all of them had me spooked lol

    39. WIZ* Sone

      The Grayson twins 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Lyss Thatcher

      "You're Dolan and Grayson!" "Wait you guys are the Grayson twins, right?" So Grayson's name is Grayson Grayson?-

    41. Ilona Mihaela Artene

      "The investigator" cracked me up =)))))

    42. SkylarThe Pirate

      The just a picture fan was funny..I thought when "she" pushed Ethan away by the face 😂😂

    43. SkylarThe Pirate

      "I just want to say we appreciate you guys and we like you alot" Me:Wow Dr.Phil you're words are a treasure 😐

    44. Ttinisha Pankaj Bajaj

      The just one picture killed me😂😂

    45. Charley_ Moss

      I’m coming back here after seeing their most recent video and now knowing they weren’t happy at this time😔 they faked it for us...

    46. sara steingrim

      Why (havent?) i seen this? 🤔

    47. Kvkono Aviko

      Wish it was longer

    48. Sarah Johnson

      Wow they look like they’re in Australia

    49. DynaGirl Rex

      Ethan: Can I pet you? Can I pet you? Aww :( Me: Heart melts

    50. Holly Stevenson

      2:28 Ethan is hot as a girl 😂💕

    51. Hemi Chan

      1:56 The cockatoo in the background is so kawaii ;-; I’ve always wanted one lol I sound so weird

    52. Kazz 1123

      This high key made me uncomfortable and glad I’m not one of those types of fans

    53. 김Daniellè

      Every fandom has the investigator fans

    54. Sophia Avelin

      Stan = sasaeng 🤣

    55. Christa O.

      Okay but hi Graysina with black curly wig lmaoo. Loved the picture part and that hair looked surprisingly good on him. 2:55

    56. multi.edits


    57. Kashmeka Sublal

      Lol you now when the end when the girl was there it just hit me with IT how can relate

    58. Camryn Styles

      It really be like that tho

    59. jessie crooks


    60. GalaxyCat 123

      3:55 What every conspiracy theory comment says after

    61. Tracey Jeanne

      The just a picture one really cracked me up 😂😂 all of these are so on point lmaoooo

    62. Tracey Jeanne

      I can’t even pick my fav one they are all so funny 😂😂😂

    63. Tracey Jeanne

      HAHAHA omg all of these were so on point 😂😂 this video has me cracking up I literally just watched 3 times in a row

    64. Michela Frediani

      ... They're dating

    65. Ariel Liz

      They jinxed themselves without knowing about it. Still, we just to be chill fans (I'm still chill cause I don't have money or time to ever meet them in the future or take a photo with them despite seeing them since I was 15 😌😂) now its a weird combination of the stan/investigator that makes me concerned.


      I feel sorry for Ethan in the “it’s just a picture” one


      Can I ask why they are bear foot

    68. Ri’anna Price

      5:09, your very very very welcome 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. kyla warner

      who’s here after the „Ethan and Dolan“ tweet 🤣