J’essaye d’apprendre cette chorée mais elle est vraiment difficile je doute que j’arrive a faire correctement les pas 😂

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    while bts stay away from the ground as possible txt stays close to the ground as possible lol♥️🤣

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    1. Kim Pierce

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  68. V

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    1. N B E

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    1. N B E

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    1. uwu

      White shirt is soobin (leader), gray shirt is Yeonjun (eldest), navy blue and red shirt is beomgyu, black shirt is Taehyun, and yellow hoodie is Kai (maknae/youngest)

  71. Lyn Bueng

    I just can't take my eyes off on Taehyun wow this baby dances so lively i love him so much.. So much talents for that tiny body

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    1. Kim Pierce

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    2. uwu

      It’s supposed to be like that, it’s Morse Code from the teasers and stuff

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    1. Lejla Tiganj

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    1. Kim Pierce

      TXT don't have a fix positions

    2. Soobiniee

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    1. annaaxaxa l

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