1. Private Martin

    I'm sure BTS is proud of TXT.

  2. Lui Luia

    Who's your bias?

  3. bangtshook여름

    i couldnt tell which one has dance experience or is the best dancer bc they all are im crying :((((

  4. Nachuu Pino

    I want to congratulate them because they are very young and do wonderful things, I admire them a lot. Greetings from Argentina. And soobin do not say you're the ugliest because you're perfect

  5. Sou Uma B-Army

    Ameiii Mas parece música de corno ;-;

  6. Prabashi Wanigasinghe

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words!!!!👍👍👍👍🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Lil Pen

    와 퍼포먼스 진짜 엄청나네요 좀 투머치인것 같음..

  8. ᄋᄋ

    빅힛 진짜 배운 변태다...아니 안무하나는 겁나 잘짜.....어떻게 저렇게 안쉬고 딱딱 칼군무...크...솔직히 걱정 좀 됬었는데 음ㅎ 걱정은 헛짓이였던걸로..ㅎ

  9. Ma. Quenie Elano

    i am so addicted now

  10. sTrOnGpOwEr tHaNkEu

    i look like an idiot trying to follow their dance steps😂...Because its hella hard😂...

  11. 머블

    와 ! 노래랑 춤 중독성 오진다!... 와 못 들은 사람은 있어도 한번만 들은 사람은 없을듯 ..

  12. hao 's lover

    Soobin - white t-shirt Yeonjun - grey long-sleeved shirt Beomgyu - white sweatpants Taehyun - black t-shirt Huening Kai - yellow hoodie

  13. Consti

    Medyo matagal tagal na rin tong lumabas pero ngayon ko lang naisipang panoorin kahit palaging rekomendado ng youtube. Tae dapat pala pinanood ko na dati. Asteeeeeeggggg!!!! ORAGON kamo pareng! 😍😊😊💕

  14. Kim Bella

    All I see is hair flying everywhere😂❤Why is my Baby the only one in white pants?😂Did they say "You know what. Lets wear blank pants and not tell Beomgyu" Also, do they have shirts under their shirts?😂That's too cute

  15. Lillianine Eileen Livena

    At ~0:27 Soobin lifts his shirt and I have a feeling that in a few years when they don't have t-shirts under clothes he's going to show his abs

  16. Indri Octaviany

    That so amazing... You all is the best We always support you TXT ❤ 사랑해 All member

  17. Ali Casnali

    soobin 😍😍😍😍

  18. When TXT is life but BTS is lifer

    am i the one who notice that also ITZY's iconic pose is like a crown too? i guess i'm only the one.

  19. Fanara z_z7131

    TAEHYUNG 😘😘😘

  20. 숄뀨링

    흐어어어엉ㅇ 겁나주아♡♡

  21. マツオタモツ


  22. ijin hit

    *Someone tell me why I expected a chaotic dance practice*

  23. rose ann ordonez

    Best dance ever!!

  24. iCoffu Pan__


  25. What เเว้


  26. huyền A.R.M.Y


  27. Azam Othman

    Watch my dance cover 🔥

  28. Ximena Romero

    0:55 Ya los shippeo

  29. Aya Ay

    that handworks are legend

  30. NCBB AlexC

    Namjoon is 8 years older than Huening Seokjin is 10 years older than Huening Yoongi is 9 years older than Huening Hoseok is 8 years older than huening Jimin is 7 years older than Huening Taehyung is 7 years older than Huening Jungkook is 5 years older than Huening OOF LOOK AT THATT

  31. Taylor Smith

    I love how they fall so gracefully at the end. like if I did that I would land on my head.

  32. Vương Nguyên HP


  33. Iris Flores


  34. Lerry Ibañez

    I love the choreographer

  35. J Hope for Life

    Im addicted to this song and everytime I hear it it makes me remembers all the Good things that happen to my life this is really one OF the best songs I heard ON my life

  36. 丸テナ

    何故こんなに激しい動きなのに髪が崩れないのか。 私なんて小走りしただけで爆発的なのに。 あ、TXTだからか

  37. ARMIE Blink

    I want to ask something......[AT FIRST ,DON'T TAKE IT WRONGLY]... Now TXT is one of the popular group!...yeah it's true they r talented n cute!😘😘😘😘....BUT IF U R AN ARMY THIS Q FOR U!!!! BTS OR TXT???....FOR ME BTS.🤗

  38. 민언니

    저 노란색 옷 입은사람 이름이뭔가요?? 장기자랑으로 이춤을추는데ㅠㅠ

  39. Zahra Beentang

    Soobin hyung💕 please dont be so handsome i cant sleep😅

  40. Iftikhar Ali

    Nice 👍🏻 omg 😮

  41. Tống Hàn Mii

    . 💓

  42. Novan Dwial

    I love you txt

  43. celeste vergara

    I really really love this txt I love you so much

  44. Hai Dang Vu

    I feel Taehyun and Boemgyu look alike Jungkook and Taehyung, my bias is Taehyun

  45. Aisyah Channel

    They have shirts under shirts, so y'all could not see their abs. LEGENDS 👏

    1. ARMIE Blink

      This comment is corrupted 😅😅😅😅😅

    2. ARMIE Blink

      So cute !

  46. Isabelle Taylors

    I'm sensing jimin vibes *cough cough* yeonjun

  47. 빈레슬라임

    수빈이 무슨색 티셔츠인가요...?

    1. bts Onlyfor


  48. Mila S

    Great work! We are same age, so let’s try our best!!!

  49. Mharjorie Aguirre

    are you guys even real? THAT. WAS. SO. SMOOTH.

  50. 에취

    와 안무 빡세다;;ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. Angelie Faith

    Can't wait for the official fandom name ❤

    1. KPOPER The MultiFandom

      NAVY Is the fandom Nation's Ability for Victory for Youth meybe

  52. glovemusic ;

    O nome disso é *TALENTO*

  53. ICE l Nakano

    Geez!! So cute . I love you ♡

  54. 아조씨의비밀칭구

    노래랑 춤 진짜 안어울리는데 애들은 춤 진짜 개잘춤 미친... 로봇인거같음 대박

  55. Raisa Mickey

    Adorei o feijão nem eles

  56. You Love

    Ok men

  57. Wolfy Galaxy :3

    You guys are really cute and you make it look easy when is really difficult 😢

  58. berry blue

    관절 다 나가겠다ㅏㅏ 진짜 잘추긴하네ㅔㅔ 춤추는 기계같아ㅏㅏ

  59. lamb june

    So Taehyun’s poncho thing got me thinking. They were probably told (or chose) to wear big things because not only are they underage, they’re a new group, and yall know how people go sexualizing them fast. Then i saw that soobin had double shirts, and the rest had sweaters, and in yeonjun’s case, a tucked in sweater. So im guessing they were avoiding a shirt lifting up. So good job big hit. I didnt see any weird comments sexualizing them. or maybe they just like oversized layering but what do i know

  60. lamb june

    why does beomgyu remind me of renjun at 0:17

  61. Karencîlla y Rôbêrtîtô


  62. 조현목

    It is art

  63. Ashley Martin

    Honestly they don't even look like they debuted they look like they are just having a comeback ❤️

    1. Kim Pierce

      Right!! Once again BigHit put together another amazing group

  64. Minh Văn

    Quay xaq thế nhìn thấy mẹ j

  65. Sleep Sasaki

    Idk but i imagined bts on their dance e.e


    La coreografía es buenazaaaa🖤 Me di cuenta que tienen algunos pasos parecidos a algunos de bts jsksks

  67. crxstxlyn

    let's wear black pants and dont tell beomgyu

  68. jeon jungkook

    No me gustó pero solo le doy like porque quiero que cumplan sus sueños like si quieres que cumplan sus sueños 😘😍👍

  69. Tia Sy

    Hit replay and like a thousand times

  70. Melanie Abigail Escalante Rubio

    Que genial coreográfica y esa sincronización excelente 👍😸 💖

  71. Megan Otani

    I absolutely love them all but taehyun stans where you at🤔I love my lane

  72. Megan Otani

    The choreo is so different and ik it’s supposed to be different from BTS but it’s interesting. My first thought was that they were trying for Astro (which is rly similar for most of the time) but then sometimes it seems kinda like seventeen and wanna one. Absolutely love it, keep working hard boys❤️❤️

  73. Megan Otani

    Actual dancing legends💗

  74. Return Fire

    The group has a 6th member, Kai's hair.

  75. Vick Marshmallow :3

    Esses garotos transbordam fofura! :3 ❤_❤

  76. That one not so emo kid

    *excuse me what the fuq meme* *pikachu gasp meme*

  77. J

    노래랑 춤이 좋아서 요새 계속 듣고있는데 좀 씁쓸하네. 춤을 추는데 여자아이돌들은 짧고 바싹붙는 치마나 입혀놓으니까 이런 춤은 잘 못추지 싶어서... 다리를 자유롭게 활용하니까 이렇게 예쁜 안무가 나오는데

  78. Jeon Solmin

    Tomás es mi compañero y se paree muchísimo a hueningkai 😍❤encima de que se parece a un coreano su piel es Blanca dedos largo una boca tipo color rosa Dios me recuerda mucho a kai😍❤💜desde la primera vez que lo vi a Tomás vi algo diferente dije el se parece a alguien y pensé después me acordé

  79. Albanely Abreu

    I need to learn this coreo😍❤️

  80. 몬진슙홉짐태국

    안무진짜 지렸다..역대급

  81. Mikee Lapira


  82. Alex Delgado

    Entonses BTS y TXT tienen diferente lugar para practicar,separdaos??

  83. raiza santanasantos

    Cade os comentário brasil

  84. fabiola carellli

    Bts no te telent😂

  85. fabiola carellli


  86. YURUKI ᅡᅦᅢᅦ


  87. YURUKI ᅡᅦᅢᅦ


  88. 방탄개사랑함BRH

    춤 진짜잘추네


    My little babies. T-T

  90. Astrid Avelarde

    Ther so cute I love BTS TXT and BLACKPINK

  91. Cutie筱悠

    The difference between TXT and BTS BTS: Only wears a shirt TXT: Wears shirts underneath a shirt You know what’s the point right 😂

  92. マツオタモツ


  93. Mia cute


  94. okrosie !

    I've seen a lot on on point sync in kpop but y'all...they dance like they were all programmed to do this like woah...

  95. Tiegan

    The sound of them slapping the floor at the end was satisfying-

  96. Jung kook Élí nå


  97. Salty Tae

    Ya’ll thought 😂

  98. Mateo Candelaria

    I don’t like them bc they are bts’s brother group tbh, I mean sure they got publicity from bighit but it’s your desire to choose if u like txt or not and I love bts so much. And txt too, they are princes.

  99. PurplePinkBlueDragon

    Let's all where sport pants with stipes and not tell Beomgyu

  100. Belén Riera

    Naaa wuacho se zarpan de coordinación