Two Headed Turtle! Mata Matas! Baby Gators! Rhino Igunanas! and MORE!! Reptile Farm Tour

Tyler Nolan

Tyler Nolan

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    Hey guys!!!!!
    Once again Thank You to Everyone who had positive feedback on my Cobra Bite video !! It was not an easy thing to share! Here is a little tour of the Underground Reptiles Farm that I worked at growing up ;)
    Hope y'all enjoy!!!
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    1. rebecca woolfield

      Flight videos please! She’s so pretty! Can’t wait until all her feathers are grown back, what a site to see

    2. CapnAce79

      Tyler, we need more guys like you in this state

    3. Talie Bagley

      I really want a bigger tank for my two ball pythons but I can’t find any online Wthhhh

    4. Dos Morningstar

      One of my favourite of your videos

    5. Dee thomas


    6. Dee thomas

      I like your repties

    7. Sharon Barrett

      Super great video as always.

    8. Debra Hall

      By the middle of October Tyler have 2 Monitors...

    9. nijaad88

      Damn that rhino iguana's older than me bruv

    10. Barbara Weekley

      Gators are my favorite a d lizards that was a really cool turtle never seem them before

    11. Krista hathaway

      22:20 water looks bad not clear looks brownish and gross you need to tell him to clean water dish out I know we won't see this in your videos with your animals because you keep them clean in water everyday that water looks like it has been changed in a long time

    12. Krista hathaway

      Is that Brian Turtle oh my God that's Brian's turtle from B&B

    13. Krista hathaway

      Man you can tell that bird just loves him you can tell that he is a very good owner for his animals he takes very good care of them look at that bird and how much she loves that dude it is just so special to see

    14. A. Creel-Starr

      10 yrs worked at UR & been 10yrs since worked there. Bio says 1988?

    15. Brittany Deremer

      My snake has the funniest personality I love him

    16. heather landskron

      Great video.!!! Hi Tyler.!!! I hope all is well. Have a good evening. I love your channel and videos.!! Say hi to your girlfriend, Chandler, your nephew and your brother. You might like "Wild Charles" and "Florida's wildest " does animal videos on US-new.!!! Cute gator, turtles and others animals.!!!!

    17. Brooke Sprinkles

      talking about tattoos early on in this video. i cant stop looking out for your knee coheed and cambria tattoo. its super dope man. huge fan of your snakes and a huge fan of that band. i also live in swfl and would love to get tatted by you -AJ

    18. danielle gentry

      I have always wanted a skunk but I'm new to Florida so it is amazing to know that I can own one if I do want too

    19. Tiffany Delgado

      I have a video idea. I havent seen ALL of your videos so I'm not sure if you have done a video about it but you should do a video showing what all of your pets eat and how much it costs monthly to feed all of them

    20. Ringo Zergz

      That two headed snapper looks like the one that Brian Barczyk got.right?

    21. Allison B

      Is there anything more adorable than 2 heavily tattooed/modded guys that not only love and are great with animals but also kids? Love all your videos I went back and finally watched them all can’t wait to see more!

    22. Steve Connor

      Nice video Tyler I order from Underground Reptiles all the time for tarantulas scorpions snakes and lizards I'm glad I got a tour of the store and farm

    23. Rob Cline jr

      did you see the video about free handling nerd new England reptile did you were mentioned in it you should go check it out if you haven't seen it

    24. rebekah

      I’ve decided you Tyler are my perfect man.

    25. bmxer1997isaac

      Did the snapper go to brian barcyck?

    26. John Chase

      Kevin's Black Dragons are Awesome but the price tag is INSANE.

      1. Tyler Nolan

        Worth it

    27. D'Amber Cooper

      Thank u for making the videos.. I just lost my mom and I couldn't watch for a few days.. So tyler and gf.. Thank u guys for keeping my mind off her passing.. Hopeful I'll come to Florida once u open your new shop!!

      1. D'Amber Cooper

        Thanks I really appreciate it!! You keep the videos coming.. Your channel is the first one that i have gotten to watch grow first hand and I love it.. I love how u love all animals. If I ever make it to south Florida im coming straight to your shop for my moms tattoo.. 😄

      2. Tyler Nolan

        Sorry to hear that keep your head up and I hope you feel better soon!

    28. James Estrada

      Croc monitor 👌

    29. xerravon

      Loved the bonus video! Seems like the safest (for the feeder and the snake) way! Besides, the rodent dies either way!

    30. xerravon

      I lived in Deerfield Beach for about 10 years, and all over the area. I had a house on SE 4th Ct east of hwy 1. I miss it big time!! I'm in Missouri now....

    31. Miss T

      *Nooooooo, why do people allow things like the front of their house, street number, their car makes, models and rego plates become public property forever. This is how people get doxxed and harassed - some morons have nothing better to do than to spend their lives destroying other peoples out of pure jealousy..........*

      1. Miss T

        @Tyler Nolan oh really? No problem then. So long as you know. I just had a friend go through hell with prostitutes and the like banging on his door day and night for 2+ weeks cos some peanut didn't like his channel and found his address. That turtle is just awesome though!

      2. Tyler Nolan

        My address is public information with my animal permits… It’s not hard to look up anybody on Google and find out their information… The good thing I live in Florida if somebody comes to the house they will be shot;)

    32. Sean Glancey

      I honestly think the live kill feeding is really cool to watch. I mean it’s only natural right it’s nature. People need to stop being so sensitive enjoy it for what it is

    33. Sean Glancey

      I honestly think the live kill feeding is really cool to watch. I mean it’s only natural right it’s nature. People need to stop being so sensitive enjoy it for what it is

    34. Cody Dody

      Did the guys at Underground sell the 2headed snapper to Brian Barczyk ? Just saw that he made a video about getting one and the body structure looks (from what I could see) identical.

    35. avaorchid

      cats are crepuscular but do tend to take on their guardians or environments schedule because they like being served lol but seriously they still retain that sun rise and set livliness

    36. Hanna Andre

      Your so freaking cute with your nephew !! Deff would be a great dad

    37. Hanna Andre

      Lmfao "put him put him back in tha tha water" 😂😂😂😂

    38. pharmfreshgirl

      I worry you are going to have a stalker try and find your house! Be safe!!!

    39. Matthew Griffin

      If Don King was a chicken lol

    40. Matthew Griffin

      That shell is bad ass and they stike quick as hell

    41. Lynette Maskiell

      Is that the only two headed turtle


      Awesome videos bro !!! Keep up the great job!

    43. you tube8

      Pancake tutles lol so funny and cute I want one and ge skunk sssssooooooo sweet

    44. you tube8

      A feeding video would be good with touruk please yr channel is awesome

    45. you tube8

      Love your videos xxx

    46. HarvardRocker

      Black dragons are so cool!!!

    47. john rosciolo

      Little man saying come on to the tortoises was the cutest bro

    48. Heidi Yi

      A day in the life of a macaw

    49. TrillBill870

      I wanna tat from u, I love ur work 💯💯💯 do u do portraits?

    50. Tony Espelage

      Tatt looked great, love the rich colors. Favorite part of this video was you sharing your opinion of people killing iguanas and gators for fun or profit. There’re the type of people who swerve to hit turtles and snakes, fuckers. Congrats on the new shop with your brother, who has a wonderful child.... c’mon turtle, it’s lunch time time. Beautiful

    51. Natalie

      the dog under the table @4:15 lol

    52. gem pantera

      I would wait till you definately know which type you want then youre not going to go 'awww i wish id have waited and got this one etc' 🦎🐊 💚

    53. Angel Momma's Bodyguard

      You got a much prettyer one at home lol

    54. Silver Scalez

      Such a cool video! Great to see the UGR family and farm. Super dope crew🤟

    55. Angel Momma's Bodyguard

      What do you do with your gaters let them go after awhile?

    56. Angel Momma's Bodyguard

      All of the above do them all in one video i just love watching your fam.

    57. Nicholas Vazquez

      Black throat or melanistic water monitor

    58. Jason Smith

      You wanna get bit? Well then you can’t hold him. I was dying

    59. Angie !!

      Love your videos!!! You have such a passion for animals!!!

    60. Lauren Morris

      This was one of my favorite videos of yours! Your nephew is adorable. Gotta love tough looking tattooed guys feeding cute tortoises with a two year old! I really wanna go there! Keep up the awesome content! Love ya!

    61. Robin Backus

      I looooove that Haze just mimics you guys!! It’s adorable! I watch your videos with my 2 year old nephew and he loves them!

    62. Shelly B

      The ones that eat live where they wild caught or breed in captivity?? Its also crazy how fast the mouse dies with the cobra vs the other snakes!!! Can u make a video n let us see what the venous does to the mouse n how long for the different types of snakes?? I hate seeing them die kinda but it is the circle of life n good enrichment for the snakes like u said that's they only way I can watch it!!

    63. Shelly B

      It so adorable how much lil dude looks up To you he copies everything you say so cute he wants to be just like his awesome uncle!!! I also love how u teach him about the animals and let him love them!! U are so cute kissing all the animals even the skunk!!!

    64. Michael Shurak

      Yea his names ... something Flare and he’s always posting hunting shit which I don’t mind but he’s shooting these iguanas , skinnining them, looking for pregnant females so he can eat and cook there eggs like are you kidding me.,. And if you look at the comments he receives and the shear outrageous number of views , likes and followers he has doing it so it opens up a bigger question,, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH The AMERICANS/ PEOPLE OF TODAY.. to be boasting about it and actually liking and watching that shit,, like you said Tyler there’s a way to do things and that’s just sad.. I know there a problem in Florida but there’s also a serious problem with feral cats and dogs in this country as well,, you going to start taking videos of bow hunting cats shooting them in the face... I don’t think so and if so I don’t want to be a part of a country that is okay with that, that’s just me beinghonest

    65. Mike Sullivan

      Did that turtle go to Brian ?

    66. FatalSilence Sol0Q

      how much did you charge BRIAN BARCZYK. lol

    67. kaide1020 Holter

      Don't meet people like this in Cali. You guys are awesome.

    68. onlyjuan100

      I love how Hayes copies everything you say, it's so cute!

    69. Noah Trabeaux

      Definitely wait for the croc monitor