Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We handcuff ourselves to each for 24 hours...
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    1. John

      Is it better than being apart for a week tho? They made a video of that

    2. Reagan Wilson

      You said it I be like oooh y’all HOT

    3. KaylaSue33

      I’d gladly be handcuffed to Grayson all day any day 😍👅

    4. XxBisexualGachaGamerxX

      i would soo handcuff my buddy that did that with me lmao

    5. Jazmine Magahis

      You could've cut the sides of the shirt, make strips lengthwise and like tie them together

    6. Queen Deja

      6:19 he's tickling me with his toes

    7. Nolan Dolan

      Ethan: does anyone else just rub the milk and it’s gone Me:yes Ethan: where does it go? Me: on your hand

    8. LARRY FLynn

      That was funny guys to Watch

    9. ღAlexia Aestheticღ

      18:44 😂😂

    10. Garvit Khanna

      Anyone watching in 2021

    11. Helena Franklin

      Nobody Absolutely nobody Eathan from the floor: gOoD MoRnInG EvErYbOdY

      1. random dolan


    12. Greta Basagirskaitė

      21:37 thank you, Ethan

    13. KaGe Frost

      Why r they on opposite sides of the bed every cut

    14. Aesthetic Queen

      Her:*put her hand on greayson* Me:*smile drops* yaaw TAKE YOUR HAND THE FUCK OFF!

    15. Lucy K

      The dislikes are the people who gave you the ticket

    16. Jamie-lee Wilson

      Grayson is literally me at night with my little sister. Don’t touch me, come near me, breath down my neck, nick all the quilt 😂😂😂☠️

    17. Hosie Witness

      Twins fall back: Grayson:that was stupid....but it made me giggle🤣

    18. Victoria Delgado

      Did anyone notice when they were sleeping the switched the hands they were cuffed on and sides of the bed???

    19. Madi Grigsby

      18:46 Me falling for the twins 😂

    20. Kay Kay

      Ethan is over here like Jesus help me please it’s too early

    21. macyn logan

      I literally can NEVER!!! Trust yoga instructers idea y.

    22. Seenya B

      I related way too hard with 13:16

    23. fabb4i2

      There are so many videos like that, but this is the best. 😂

    24. Grace Herold

      why is grayson's llaugh in 4:49 so freaking cute? 2020 anyone

    25. LastfistaWWWesten

      I don’t know why I comment this now but always I though you older sister was James Charles

      1. LastfistaWWWesten


      2. LastfistaWWWesten

        Thinking she’s a girl

    26. animal queen

      Who is watching this video at 1:04am on a school night

    27. Teresa Solorio

      Who is watching in 2020 just me ok

    28. Ayanna J

      Ethan mocking Grayson at 8 mins is the funniest thing ever I rewatch that part like 100 times

    29. Luka 420


    30. Bridie Bri

      Ethan: When i spill milk on the table i just rub it off does anyone else do that?? Also Ethan: WHERE DOES IT GO!?

    31. FiftySetChemistry

      Why does he have two sinks

    32. fabb4i2

      17:53 This looks different lol.

    33. helene netten

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s very funny when they’re fighting

    34. Pink Squink

      18:46 😂😂

    35. Chunk Sawastuk

      6:28 omfg💀

    36. viggonicholas

      It basically looks like you're holding hands

    37. Cheyenne M


    38. Mia Chivers

      16:48 that is legit the cutest thank you ever I watched it over and over again for some reason And wait the *we did it!* at the end reminded me of Dora for some reason lmao

    39. itz_annalea 1244

      January 2020 anybody Dolan twin marathon anyone?😂😂

    40. Butta Waffles

      Ripping grayson's shirts is a dream of mine

      1. Connor Cox

        Butta Waffles Yes same

    41. Laci Morris

      it made me giggle

    42. General DSG

      Eathan's catchphrase is"im board!!"

    43. haaaiii

      7:56 why am i laughing so harddd 🤣

    44. binge watching

      imagine being a sex shop worker and seeing to identical hot brothers walk in 😂

    45. Allie H

      Just saying they swapped arms during the night or something cause in the start Grayson was on the left and Ethan was on the right from my point of view and the clip when Ethan was talking while Grayson was asleep Ethan was on the left and Grayson was on the right. But they switched back in the morning Grayson is on the left again and Ethan is on the right. So something happened and they took off the hand cuffs. But not trying to hate I love u guys ur the best you tubers ever but I had to point it out. I’m not hating on anyone I’m just saying unless it was from a different angle I don’t know but love u guys

    46. Cameron Rowe


    47. MTS wilde

      Who else is still watching this in 2020?

      1. Olivia Guy


      2. Connor Cox

        MTS wilde Yes I am

    48. Kryptonite

      When y’all went to the s*x shop..imagine one of your fans coming up to you...there would be many questions

    49. abbie kriskey

      7:43 my mom pulling me out of bed for school

    50. MTB Girl

      2020 anyone?

    51. sara martineeez

      8:55 💀💀💀

    52. itz_ mizzu

      I cant stop laughing when your doing poses 😂😂😂

    53. Hannah Geldenhuys

      Grayson is like the mom doing laundry and the dishes

    54. Hi it’s Eric duh Ye

      Ethans voice changed from begging and 13:08 like whattttt

    55. Hi it’s Eric duh Ye

      7:55 and 7:59 😂

    56. Hi it’s Eric duh Ye

      5:23 camera man can turn it off!!!!

    57. NADINEmunyo ka

      0:28 ughhhhh

    58. Elin Davies

      Does anyone remember the video when e' mocks gray for saying "urite" instead of all right, they both said it continously in this video when they do something successful

    59. DA Boss

      Ethan : I’m bOrEd IM a bored OI IM BORED

    60. Xavier Allen

      Can u do a reaction to like Are U Super Cereal videos thanks

    61. •jalynee•

      January 2020?

    62. Amelia O'Connor

      Jan 1st 2020? Anyone

    63. josh mccormick

      Noice video but you guys kept switching the hands that were cuffed, when you guys were sleeping

      1. Tatiyana Edwards

        no they didnt it just looked that way

    64. Gabriella Rossi

      I literally started choking when they were in the s*x shop and Grayson said "I got this rope"! Lol!

    65. Zoé Janssens

      Normally I write down what moment I found funniest but I was crying laughing the whole video long.😂😂😂

    66. andrea chappell


    67. Areeba Imtiaz

      Why is noboday talking about 26:36😂😂

    68. Lauren Mayfield

      Dang I’m so sorry Grayson.

    69. Stephanie Jeppesen

      no one: dora: 24:33