Turner goes yard twice in Dodgers' win | Game Highlights D-backs-Dodgers Game Highlights 8/11/19



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    Condensed Game: Justin Turner crushed a pair of homers and Hyun-Jin Ryu tossed seven scoreless innings to lead the Dodgers to a 9-3 win
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Marian P

      Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesdaily Step 3. Enjoy! Turner goes yard twice in Dodgers' win | Game Highlights D-backs-Dodgers Game Highlights 8/11/19 If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. This could mean losing girlfriends, wives, relatives and maybe even your mind. It could mean not eating for three or four days. It could mean freezing on a park bench. It could mean jail. It could mean derision. It could mean mockery--isolation. Isolation is the gift. All the others are a test of your endurance, of how much you really want to do it.

    2. Mami Burger

      Lmao. As soon as Ryu leaves, The D-backs start to score!

    3. Rafael Hernandez

      I really dont care so why is this in my recommended

    4. Troll osu

      Turner : homerun maker

    5. ah N


    6. math4u수학이

      우리 현진이 너무 자랑스럽다~!!

    7. 13th Exit


    8. Justin


    9. I have to wait 90 days to change my name

      Turner played amazing 👍🏿

    10. Eric Cartman

      #46 on trending

    11. Jason Kano

      His Korean fans call him "Ryu ttung(류 뚱)" instead of his real name. "Ttung(뚱)" means fat in Korean. So, I guess it becomes "Fat Ryu" in English. Btw, he likes this nick name.

      1. 80's Nostalgia Guy

        Ryu was my favorite character in Street Fighter 2.

    12. Franklin Parrado Fuentes

      Yesterday, 2 air force soldiers died: Military accident in Colombia in my channel

    13. Quirk

      I feel bad for underrating Ryu even with his era being so low. This guy is actually what makes the team look good. And i feel the trust Ryu has for his defense is very respectful! The defence actually says they love playing behind Ryu.

    14. Jose Casas

      WE L❤VE L.A.☝️👥👤👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥👥🌃🌃🍺😎😀☝️😂🍻🤣🍻😄😃

    15. chris mm

      As korean, I'm just wondering what American people think of Ryu

      1. 80's Nostalgia Guy

        We love him. Actually, there many Korean people who live in Los Angeles. There is even an area in Los Angeles called "Korea Town".

      2. Walgreens27richmond

        He's nasty

    16. Eric Cartman

      #40 on trending

    17. Wil Rodriguez

      Did the Arizona radio guy say "here starts the comeback" after the one homerun? Your team has been trying to comeback against the Dodgers for 7 years. Your team talked trash on Friday after squeaking out a win and all the Dodgers did is come back and pimp slap you on Saturday and Sunday. Know your place D-Backs.

    18. Alex Stanton

      Justin is da man with the beard! Go dodgers! :D

    19. Jose Casas


    20. Jose Casas


    21. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      Dodgers want nl west

    22. Rachelle Langer

      Ryu is sick

    23. Dave Litman

      Hate the way MLB edits these condensed games now. Spoils all the drama. The video headline gives it away first, then they change the play by play call on every play to the most positive “homer” call, so you know the outcome before the play even happens. Way too much thinking going on here.. Just pick one broadcast, tell us who played who, and let us enjoy the drama of watching the highlights unfold.

    24. Wil Robles

      I hide for cover when the Dodger bullpen comes in.

    25. 나상인

      The dodgers are 17-5 in Ryu's 22 starts. Now that's an Ace.

      1. 陳雲林圭介

        我看到了 I See it 17/22>0.7 我來自臺灣 I come from Taiwan ,but I respct ryu hyeon jin

    26. Anthony Juarez

      So Ryu is getting Cy Young and Beli is getting MVP

      1. Johnny Hernandez

        naw ryu is getting both

    27. D Rodriguez

      after the last game this is a good look for JT

    28. chiefmegadeth

      We got smashed today. Ryu was in beast mode. Our new pitcher set the tone for this game. Good Stuff Dodgers.

    29. Orange turd

      If trash jansen closed, score would be 9-8.

    30. Bleda Diaz

      hahhahahah D-hags hahhhaahahha what a joke! GO and get a real Uniform CLOWNS! hahahhahhahahaha 19 games back Holy Shxt. RYU is KING! Monster game.

    31. Carl Hsieh

      Dodgers need to do something about kenley Jensen, can't trust him as closer in the play-off

    32. JDeppFan2272

      Justin Turner's swing is just so smooth and he doesn't force anything. And Ryu is the for sure the Cy Young winner, I don't care what anyone says about it being "close". A starting pitcher having an ERA under 1.50 in 2019!!!! Crazy!!!!

    33. jacob bogner

      Ryu means "Ace" in Korean

      1. Nick Vargas

        @80's Nostalgia Guy it actually means dragon in Japanese I looked it up

      2. 80's Nostalgia Guy

        Ryu means Street Fighter in Japan.

      3. 박성현

        Ryu means willow tree in Korean actually

    34. 게임스나이퍼게이머


    35. Daniel Berri

      ASTROS #1

    36. RobotoMon

      When Ryu and Smith are together, you know it's an easy game. Everytime Ryu pitches, everyone else hits so much better.

    37. 이홍규

      Ryu's ERA is now down to 1.45. He's having a historical season. He should be a front runner for the MVP. Give credit where its due!

    38. planetzito

      Ryu finally gets run support to pickup a WIN. Ryu should be leading MLB in WINS, but either BP screws up or Run Support was MIA other than today. 1.45 ERA = RYUdiculous!

    39. Timeoftroubles

      Pitching was amazing, but don’t sell that defense short. The defense was beautiful. Bellinger gonna make it to 50?

      1. 80's Nostalgia Guy

        I hope he does. I have a couple of his baseball cards.

    40. DietGokuri

      Bring back Sadler

    41. jake diaz

      MVP for Cody🤩🤩🤩

    42. jakegetscake

      Jesus being a dbacks fan is hard I bet

    43. Mike Vega


    44. Leon S. Kennedy

      October Bullpen Kolarek Sadler Floro Kelly Maeda Urías May Not included Garcia Alexander Ferguson Chargois Caution: Kenley kenley kenley Starting rotation 1. Kershaw 2. Ryu 3. Buehler 4. hill 5. Gonsolin

    45. piggy小豬

      lalalalalala~ dodgers win!~

    46. Dodger Blues

      Chargois Ferguson Garcia Should not touch a ball in the playoffs

      1. Felix Blacksher

        Might have to add Jansen to that list, or at least not in the 9th inning.

      2. Anthony Juarez

        Dodger Blues Yeah

    47. Jose Doe

      Next up on the menu, fresh Marlin Tacos with a cold Modelo. Go Doyers!

      1. Anthony Juarez

        Jose Doe Ayee

    48. D B


      1. wANG woo

        ,두유노 싸이?

    49. Reign of Error

      The Dodgers own the NL.

      1. Anthony Juarez

        Reign of Error For Sure

    50. Alex Torres

      I really like will Smith.

      1. Anthony Juarez

        Alex Torres Fresh Prince of LA👑

    51. Timothy Park

      Keep it going Ryu!!! Cy Young baby!!!

    52. JSUNshreds

      Dont worry about the bullpen friends.. all I gotta say is, between Maeda, Urias, May and Gonsolin, we got #4 and bullpen covered

      1. Erick Ortiz

        @JDeppFan2272 they are not favorites for the world series. The Astros are. And if the bright spot of the bullpen is Baez than that is not a good bullpen at all. Baez will end up being on the roster but if hes the most consistent one out of the bullpen than that is not a scary looking bullpen haha

      2. JDeppFan2272

        @Erick Ortiz Agreed with everyone but Baez. Baez has only given up 1 run in his last 10 games. He is doing wonderful right now and has been one of the few consistent arms in the bullpen. This is why I say the Dodgers didn't need to make a big move at the deadline and why they are still the heavy favorites for the World Series. Their Bullpen and all the options they have for it is underrated... Roberts just needs to learn to stop putting in the crappy players, like Yimi, JT, Ferguson, and he needs to learn what players are best for a specific situation.

      3. Testimonies

        JSUNshreds actually they are most likely going to rely on joe kelly since he is a dominant pitcher in the post season

      4. Erick Ortiz

        I think everyone would expect too much out of them and that's friedmans fault a bit cause since he didnt do anything at the trade deadline, the next options were these youngsters. Again, the pirates asked too much for Vasquez but I refuse to believe they couldnt get someone else for some other prospects. Braves didn't give up much for shane greene either

      5. Erick Ortiz

        Hopefully the young guns will be poised and ready because it's a different animal during the postseason. But honestly, any one is better than yimi, Baez, JT, etc. I just dont see any of those young guns being lights out if they even do make it. (You know how Robert's is)

    53. baronvg

      This should’ve been a sweep.

      1. Swerve

        baronvg yeah we need to learn that Jansen isn’t a closer

    54. Anthony Perez

      Great game..the boys in blue putting in wrk ..GO DODGERS..LOVE..L.A..🤘🤘🤘💯💪

    55. Miguel Sanchez

      And the come back it's way lol

    56. Joe dud

      3 times worl series and dodgers my team its going to loose dam bullpen puta madreeeeee

    57. Koon Jay

      Ryu finally got a win lowest era

    58. Anthony Green

      Big blue bullpen is completely a joke. They can never go out clean. This is the only reason they won't win a ws championship. FO has let the fans down by going after guys that non major league material.Go BIG BLUE!

    59. X Espinal

      El mejor equipo De La MLB DODGERS 💙

    60. Pedro Rivera

      Justin Turner.. best home run trot in Major league baseball!

    61. Mario Alberto

      WS Astros vs Dodgers.

    62. 지돌이

      As a Korean, I’m sooooooo proud Ryu struggling for Cy-Young.

      1. 지돌이

        Jose Carranza Umm... not translating My intention to say is like Zach. haha.. :)

      2. Zach Bechthold

        Jose Carranza the first sentence is supposed to end after Ryu. I think struggling meant like fighting for the cy young

      3. Jose Carranza

        지돌이 Ryu is not struggling, bro. Something wrong with the google translate app.

    63. F Eng

      1.45? Are you serious?

    64. Andrew Lion

      dbacks win 1 game against the dodgers in this 3 game series and the fans go crazy acting like they won the world series and now quite like crickets 🤫

    65. Jason Aguilar

      Ryu MVP unstoppable definitely MVP

    66. Desmond Ciauri

      Why Ryu gotta be mean to the D-Backs doe? They are trying to win WC doe.They need to go back to their pool doe.Be nice to your division friends...be nice

      1. Desmond Ciauri

        Flyin Pig Music no I’m healthy 🙂.Thanks for da concern doe.That’s being nice.

      2. Flyin Pig Music

        Are you having a stroke?

    67. Deshawn Clementina

      u deserve that D backs nobody mess with dodgers fans! and their teaM

    68. yLeprechaun

      Take that ya slimy reptiles.

    69. Swazey

      This is literally just dodger highlights lmao

    70. john p

      Ryu has just shown art of pitch at every inning. He did this all season long. He not only deserves Cy Young Award but also MVP. If Dodgers goes to World Series, he will pitch at least two or three games. I think he will show what the MVP of the World Series is through the mastery of his pitching. Go Ryu!

      1. 80's Nostalgia Guy

        Will be a tight race between him and Bellinger. And if Will Smith had started the season earlier, he'd probably win ROY. What a time to be a Dodgers fan.