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Animal Watch

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    Anneka meets two guardians of the Kangal - Carl Westfield of Zoetrope Kangals and top UK Kangal Expert Sheila Reed and discusses absolutely EVERYTHING you should know about this breed.
    Temperament, physicality, if they can kill a wolf and whether they are suitable as a pet or simply a working dog.
    Zoetrope Kangals: www.zoetropekangals.co.uk/
    Presented By Anneka Svenska
    Filmed by Dominic Houghton
    Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Volkan Köse

      Der eine ist niemals ein reinrassiger kangal!!!!!!!

    2. Grzegorz

      Beatufill dog breed. I wonder how they live with other animals in one house, one territory. For example rabbits, they are also very territorial. Can you tell something about it?

    3. 19ama3 a

      I thought they were Greek

    4. Machine Made

      Let your subscribers grow.......

    5. Ballermann

      Nice video but is he fr? In my grandparents village and near of it and generally in whole sivas they just use the 80 - 100 "kangals" as working dogs. Sry but this dude fr doesn't know what he's talking about cause that aint right at all ^^

    6. Rad Rosalie

      Those dogs are absolutely adorable. If I move to a homestead in the rural America I’m getting kangals to fend off the mountain lions and coyote and wolves

      1. D

        atleast 3 with spike collars for mountain lions

    7. father of yousef

      This is not Turkish They are kurdish shepard dog they originally from peshdar region from provence of sulamania just google on Pshdar dog

    8. Robert Queberg

      Watching these dogs interact with people that are kind and understand them is beautiful. It would be a true delight to be able to spend most of a day brushing these majestic animals. We have an English Shepherd, and a Duck Tolling Retriever, along with dog hair all around. Thank you for the wonderful show.

    9. Suzy H HATCH

      I am completely in love

    10. J Tulley

      My Kangal is so Beautiful . HE's a handful I tell you !! Anytime I hear " Anatalonia Sheppard " I correct people. THe Kurdish People also claim the Dogs and I have gotten in plenty of arguments about it on here :) I love my Kurdish friends and I love my Kangal . If you are wondering " could I have a Kangal ? " Ask yourself " Could I live with a donkey , with the mind of a three year old toddler " THey are SO SMART !!! And will get out of a hole like a mouse , its quite stunning really. BEautiful dogs and what a lovely interview with Shelia Reed , brings me to tears , she's beautiful :) THank you !!!!

    11. Davud Eliyev


    12. Eagles Network

      all turks are murderers. turk dong cant be any different

    13. Jake Nowell


    14. Jake Nowell

      put dog down then

    15. otoman avv

      He is a Turk

    16. N45441

      2:00 The first thing the reporter does is touch the dog's head. A dog she doesn't know or has ever met (apparently). This is as if someone unknown would start to stroke your hair first time you met. ALWAYS let the dog sniff you first. Never be the one initiate closer physical contact. Always let the dog come to you.

      1. D

        oh relax,they are Kangals,not german shepherds or belguim malinois. You would have to know the breed then you wouldnt make the comment

    17. Eric Matkowski

      Real fulgrown wn gray wolf would destroy any dog. It is 200 pounds killing machine with stamina.3 times like any dog can ryn 8 hrs without brake and in order to survive have to kill everyday

      1. D

        so easy to tell who knows and who doesnt know Kangal,,you are clueless

    18. Mustafa Kemal

      Kangal "Turkish tiger"

    19. vicky roy

      I have a question that is if u wanna answer Why am i so attracted to u?

    20. Santos Hernandez

      They are Anatolian Shepherds

    21. TR_ARDA

      hello ı m from türkey and ı have a kangal they are so strong dogs and theirs bite is 4.92MPa

    22. # Gaming

      You should talk chow chow

    23. Sudenaz Çelik

      Kesin ve kesin türklerden daha iyi bakıyorlar

    24. Şapkalı Maske

      Amq hiçmi rahatsız olan yok bizim kangalımız avrupalının elinde

    25. Mustafa Er.

      Kangal diye melezleri itelemişler europaya

    26. wizard Of life

      Check out the bully kutta..it a big boy

    27. Gbedu Mallam

      I was hoping to see another dog come by and see how they'll react.

    28. Anestis Besiri

      Also a bear killer we have two kangals to hunt and when a bear shows up they can easily kill it

      1. Anestis Besiri

        @coldskin1 it depends how u raise them

      2. coldskin1

        Hell no maybe a juvenile bear thats been shot

    29. Jenelskie Majiks


    30. Zagolina 12

      You don't understand shit about dogs and animals

    31. Baran Pehlivan

      They are not totally Orginal Kangals they looks hybrid wheb they run their tails should looks like rolling and they should have meaty jaws and big chest they looks like hybrid with street dogs

    32. X Y

      Kangal is not like your lab dogs. It is a natural dog. Sivas's Kangal will fight for you to the end.

    33. Ruben Martinez

      This guy said the kangal in Turkey are not kangal he is full of shyt and doesn't know about the breed how about you interview a breeder from Turkey instead of a guy who thinks he knows

      1. Ruben Martinez

        Ok bro your lame go cry to someone who cares

      2. D

        @Ruben Martinez its true,,,people who are not as smart as the dog they own should give them to someone else and spanish people are too hyper to understand this breed

      3. Ruben Martinez

        @D your gay

      4. D

        @Ruben Martinez ,,spanish people should not have Kangal,too hyper for this breed

      5. Ruben Martinez

        @Golden State warriors your gay

    34. K_R_A_L

      this kangals to fat thay are not anymore kangals we call kangls which dogs living on the mountain together sheeps and kill wolves cayote and wild pigs what you have in this videos just city dogs thay never see wildnes a real kangal groweup in turkey mountain than is a kangal not on the couch sleeping

    35. Zeeshan Niazi

      They aren't the real Kangal, if you wanna see real Kangal than visit Turkey.

    36. Kurdish Spartan

      kangal is kurdish dog not turkish

    37. Man Jaovisidha

      I really love this breed of guard dog, but I am not sure they will easily take to the hot and humid weather in Thailand. They are also not found for sale here, unfortunately.

      1. Man Jaovisidha

        myseroota88 You are a 100% no education moron!

      2. D

        thats because you eat them there

    38. R T

      Tough, strong, cute! This doggo has everything what we want to doggo😍

    39. Budun Atabudun

      Kangal = love

    40. hah ha1

      it's not kangal it's kurdish shepherd or we can say pshdar dog but the turkish and iranians stoled the dog from kurdistan and they call the dog kangal

    41. Artiom Kuceriavenko

      Imagine trying to rob his house

      1. D

        someone broke in my house with my 149lb male there,,he held him by the thigh for 4 hours,he told the cops everytime he tried to get away the bite got harder.. 4 hours till i got home,then we both mauled that motherfucer

    42. Steve Carter

      Love these dogs

    43. jay stone

      good looking dogs , if I had them i would spoil them .

    44. manuel kabayao

      can i have a kangal...? :( thats too ecpensive here in phillipines

      1. D

        promise not to eat him?

    45. azem badr

      hhhh🤣🤣🤣not Real kangal.....yoj are stupide ...british man you went tou titch the turkish pepole hou is the reale kangal......

      1. D

        let me tell you something,,If I ever wanted to see Kangals chained up to wooden boxes all day long I will go to Turkey ,,we treat them much better than you treat your own dogs so shut up

    46. primOO

      Only ... and only when im with my beasty out for a walk . I see the true energy of people. Ppl are weak.. and afraid..

      1. D

        anyone who uses kangal to stroke their ego is a fool

    47. Cihan Ugur

      You crop the ears because when dogs fight they Usually go for the ears. Plus I heard they hear better when they are cropped. Just what I been told.

    48. Kadir Küçük

      Kangala o tasma takılırmı finoya dönmüş köpek kangal dediğin köpeğe ya halat bağlarsın yada zincir amk

    49. Zain Asif

      Something about there name, u know wolf killer, makes them sound kind of u know, unpredictable

    50. Dinner-fork tongue

      The kangal looks and behaves a lot like a large, healthy mongrel. To the surprise of nobody who knows how outstanding mutts are.

    51. Arif demircioglu

      Stop bying Kangal . They Are NOT for sale . They love sivas thats Why they move to sivas in old times , they Love snow they love cold. They love to protect there home against the wolves in turkey . Stop Kangal import !!!

      1. D

        oh please if i wanted to see kangals chained to boxes all day long id go to Turkey,,,no worries,they are ours now as well and we treat them much better than you do there

    52. Onur O

      Old lady explained well. Shes heart is lovely more than any explanations so thats what is importand for me and its nothing about any dog.

    53. Rafael Abreu

      I had two Portuguese dog breeds very similar, that also known to kill wolfs : 1- cão de gado transmontano (cattle dog transmontano) 2- Rafeiro Alentejano My grandfather had other Portuguese breed dogs known as well for killing wolfs: 1- Serra da Estrela dog

    54. Adrumpf Twittler

      I have an Anatolian. Samson is just like these beasts, except for color. He's the best dog I've ever had.

    55. Julius Adams

      I think some human beings just don't have common sense to leave the wildlife alone there is NOBODY in this world can read a mind of a animal as well as another human so why would anyone want to mess with a wild breed animal and bring them in as a pet you can never predict what they are thinking this is why there is such tragic in some people's lives because they made that fatal mistake messing with the wildlife thinking they can bring them in as pets when they should have just leave them alone let them be free let them live their life we as humans have enough problems in this crazy out-of-control world why mess with this wild life please leave the wildlife alone we humans have caused enough problems in this crazy out-of-control world

      1. D

        wtf are you talking about

    56. Zuber Maniyar

      How and where can I buy big sized kangal puppy pair in India, how much do I have to pay for them

    57. عراقي وفتخر


    58. Hacer Demir

      Ben kurtları seviyom

    59. Luci Ano Rodriguez

      Bu gurbetçi kangallar en azından memleketine geldiğinde çakma guccilerle altın zincirlerle hava atmaya çalışmıyor

    60. Mecnun Kaçar

      Kangal 💪❤❤❤❤❤

    61. Kusher

      Kangal is from Afghanistan no turkey

    62. Alessandro Curcio

      Il kangal turco ha bisogno di molta stima

    63. Cliff Thompson

      You know what blows my mind. These animals can specifically attack certain animals. Their home recognition training is incredible. Not to attack the heard but to attack the other predators. How the f*** do they do that? And not to mention they are absolutely beautiful specimens of canis lupus descendants..

      1. D

        they are trained that way from puppies,trained by older dogs not people,,,They do not need people at all like normal dogs... they are raised with sheep at 12 weeks of age and the sheep accept them as their own..They know to protect sheep and chase off wolves and yes there are some Kangal that are wolf killing Kangal that will chase wolf into the night in high mountains until they dispatch of them.....very calm dogs until they are not,then you've never seen a dog act like this,,pure savage

    64. OCC

      It is said that a single kangal dog can kill a pack of 3 wolves

      1. Mike S

        That may be a tall task, though the European Wolf is MUCH smaller than the North American Grey Wolf, the latter of which can result in a male weighing well over 150 pounds of solid muscle. No domestic dog would stand a chance against a beast like that. That said, a Kangal is a tremendous all-around breed.

    65. Herfolk Wendelgrim

      Anatolian Kangals are very intelligent and loving. The exact opposite of Turkish people.

      1. Alp Sarnıç

        @mh akyıldız wolf un çoğulu wolves kardeşim

      2. mh akyıldız

        Kangals don't love wolfs. We don't love dogs like you. They are exactly like Turkish people.

      3. Alp Sarnıç

        What you say can only tell us about you... I am sorry for you

    66. Luis Angel Carmona

      Is a good dog, but I love and I will love wolves all my life, and I'm pretty sure that 1 on 1 kangal vs wolf, the wolf kills and eats the kangal for sure 100 %

      1. D

        when I read these comments im certain you have never seen or know what a kangal really is

    67. moonthegoon

      God damn wolf killers that’s a epic namd

    68. H.E.A Hüseyin Ertürk

      There are not kangal

    69. Zey Yıl

      İn one of the TV documentary, its said that, kangal could understand 300 words, and their DNA is not same with dogs or wolfs, they are different kind of animals among them

    70. Ardiana Kim

      Kangals belong to Shepherds and Shepherds ONLY.Since this breed started to exist the only thing they ever did was protect sheep from Wolves and bears,and their owners from thieves.If you socialize them while they are still puppies they are not agressive,but they still don't want to do anyrhing else but run and protect sheep.People with Hookahbars who only keep them to flex and get more costumers belong in a cage with some mentally ill Albanian Shepherds.PERIOD.